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Internal medecine

Jovana Arsenijević, Erin Schillberg, Aurelie Ponthieu, Lucio Malvisi, Waeil A Elrahman Ahmed, Stefano Argenziano, Federica Zamatto, Simon Burroughs, Natalie Severy, Christophe Hebting, Brice de Vingne, Anthony D Harries, Rony Zachariah
BACKGROUND: Pushed by ongoing conflicts and pulled by the desire for a better life, over one million migrants/refugees transited Balkan countries and arrived in Europe during 2015 and early 2016. To curb this influx, European countries instituted restrictive migration policies often characterized by building of razor-wire border fences and border closures. Among migrants/refugees who received mental health care in Serbia while travelling through Balkan countries to Northern Europe, we assessed the prevalence and patterns of violent events experienced including physical trauma...
2017: Conflict and Health
Patricia M Schwerdtle, Veronique De Clerck, Virginia Plummer
Introduction An appreciation of the experience of Ebola survivors is critical for community engagement and an effective outbreak response. Few qualitative, descriptive studies have been conducted to date that concentrate on the voices of Ebola survivors. Problem This study aimed to explore the experiences of Ebola survivors following the West African epidemic of 2014. METHOD: An interpretive, qualitative design was selected using semi-structured interviews as the method of data collection...
February 20, 2017: Prehospital and Disaster Medicine
Ana Maria Henao-Restrepo, Anton Camacho, Ira M Longini, Conall H Watson, W John Edmunds, Matthias Egger, Miles W Carroll, Natalie E Dean, Ibrahima Diatta, Moussa Doumbia, Bertrand Draguez, Sophie Duraffour, Godwin Enwere, Rebecca Grais, Stephan Gunther, Pierre-Stéphane Gsell, Stefanie Hossmann, Sara Viksmoen Watle, Mandy Kader Kondé, Sakoba Kéïta, Souleymane Kone, Eewa Kuisma, Myron M Levine, Sema Mandal, Thomas Mauget, Gunnstein Norheim, Ximena Riveros, Aboubacar Soumah, Sven Trelle, Andrea S Vicari, John-Arne Røttingen, Marie-Paule Kieny
BACKGROUND: rVSV-ZEBOV is a recombinant, replication competent vesicular stomatitis virus-based candidate vaccine expressing a surface glycoprotein of Zaire Ebolavirus. We tested the effect of rVSV-ZEBOV in preventing Ebola virus disease in contacts and contacts of contacts of recently confirmed cases in Guinea, west Africa. METHODS: We did an open-label, cluster-randomised ring vaccination trial (Ebola ça Suffit!) in the communities of Conakry and eight surrounding prefectures in the Basse-Guinée region of Guinea, and in Tomkolili and Bombali in Sierra Leone...
February 4, 2017: Lancet
Martin Desmeules, Marie-Claude Thifault
In recent years, we have worked with many psychiatric records kept by the Archive Services of the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal (IUSMM). The proposed article is focused on the February 12th 1959 document Assemblée des médecins located within the records of six illegitimate children admitted to the Hôpital Saint-Jean-de-Dieu in the late 1950s. Our study, inspired by the work of historian Roy Porter and his approach from below, contributes to the historical discourse seeking to incorporate patient's voices, in this case, a gang of young offenders identified by a life course shaped by repeated institutional experience...
December 0: Santé Mentale Au Québec
M Samson, B Terrier, O Mangin, L Mouthon
OBJECTIVE: To make an inventory of training of Internal Medicine in France. METHOD: This study was conducted between May and September 2015 with coordinators (interviews of 45minutes) of local Internal Medicine training and fellows (online questionnaire). RESULTS: All coordinators (n=28) responded to the interviews. Local training of Internal Medicine exists in 86% of regions (3.1±3.1hours/month) and an interregional training in all interregions (34...
November 23, 2016: La Revue de Médecine Interne
Gerlant van Berlaer, Francisca Bohle Carbonell, Sofie Manantsoa, Xavier de Béthune, Ronald Buyl, Michel Debacker, Ives Hubloue
BACKGROUND: In the summer of 2015, the exodus of Syrian war refugees and saturation of refugee camps in neighbouring countries led to the influx of asylum-seekers in European countries, including Belgium. This study aims to describe the demographic and clinical characteristics of asylum seekers who arrived in a huddled refugee camp, in the centre of a well-developed country with all medical facilities. METHODS: Using a descriptive cross-sectional study design, physicians of Médecins du Monde prospectively registered age, gender, origin, medical symptoms and diagnoses of all patients presenting to an erected field hospital in Brussels in September 2015...
November 24, 2016: BMJ Open
François-André Allaert, Eric Benzenine, Catherine Quantin
OBJECTIVE: The study was designed to describe the hospital incidences and annual hospitalization rates for venous thromboembolic disease by age and sex in France and the United States on the closest possible methodological bases. METHODS: French statistics are from the PMSI MCO (Programme de médicalisation des système d'information de médecine, chirurgie et obstétrique (French national hospital discharge register)) national database. These are compiled for each calendar year by collating résumé de sortie anonymisé (RSA, anonymous discharge summary) files forwarded and validated by health establishments with admissions in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, and odontology...
October 4, 2016: Phlebology
P Morlat
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 2016: La Revue de Médecine Interne
Sodiomon B Sirima, Bernhards Ogutu, John P A Lusingu, Ali Mtoro, Zakayo Mrango, Alphonse Ouedraogo, Jean Baptiste Yaro, Kevin Omondi Onyango, Samwel Gesase, Ernest Mnkande, James Samwel Ngocho, Isabelle Ackermann, François Aubin, Joelle Vanraes, Nathalie Strub, Gwenaelle Carn
BACKGROUND: WHO recommends combinations of an artemisinin derivative plus an antimalarial drug of longer half-life as treatment options for uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum infection. In Africa, artemether-lumefantrine is the most widely used artemisinin-based combination therapy, whereas artesunate-mefloquine is used infrequently because of a perceived poor tolerance to mefloquine. WHO recommends reconsideration of the use of artesunate-mefloquine in Africa. We compared the efficacy and safety of fixed-dose artesunate-mefloquine with that of artemether-lumefantrine for treatment of children younger than 5 years with uncomplicated P falciparum malaria...
October 2016: Lancet Infectious Diseases
Miguel Trelles, Barclay T Stewart, Hamayoun Hemat, Masood Naseem, Sattar Zaheer, Mutallib Zakir, Edris Adel, Catherine Van Overloop, Adam L Kushner
BACKGROUND: On October 3, 2015, a United States airstrike hit Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) Trauma Centre in Kunduz, Afghanistan. Our aim was to describe the care provided and estimate the health burden averted by surgical care at the hospital. We also report the benefit rendered by the Trauma Centre to the health of the local population prior to its destruction. METHODS: All operations performed in an operating theater at the Trauma Centre from its opening on August 30, 2011, to August 31, 2015, were described...
July 9, 2016: Surgery
Marielle Bemelmans, Saar Baert, Eyerusalem Negussie, Helen Bygrave, Marc Biot, Christine Jamet, Tom Ellman, Amanda Banda, Thomas van den Akker, Nathan Ford
INTRODUCTION: Counselling services are recommended by the World Health Organization and have been partially adopted by national HIV guidelines. In settings with a high HIV burden, patient education and counselling is often performed by lay workers, mainly supported with international funding. There are few examples where ministries of health have been able to absorb lay counsellors into their health systems or otherwise sustain their work. We document the role of lay cadres involved in HIV testing and counselling and adherence support and discuss approaches to sustainability...
2016: Journal of the International AIDS Society
Morten Rostrup, Jeffrey K Edwards, Mohamed Abukalish, Masoud Ezzabi, David Some, Helga Ritter, Tom Menge, Ahmed Abdelrahman, Rebecca Rootwelt, Bart Janssens, Kyrre Lind, Raido Paasma, Knut Erik Hovda
BACKGROUND: Outbreaks of methanol poisoning occur frequently on a global basis, affecting poor and vulnerable populations. Knowledge regarding methanol is limited, likely many cases and even outbreaks go unnoticed, with patients dying unnecessarily. We describe findings from the first three large outbreaks of methanol poisoning where Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) responded, and evaluate the benefits of a possible future collaboration between local health authorities, a Non-Governmental Organisation and international expertise...
2016: PloS One
C Piérard-Franchimont, T Hermanns-Lé, G E Piérard, S L Piérard
Skin colour is important for interindividual relationships considerations, as well as for the assessment of some physiopathological aspects. Its subjective assessments varies among observers and according to light. By contrast, an objective approach, both qualitative and quantitative by analytical measurements, has been available for some years. Its application in routine clinical settings is possible. The aspects are dependent on the incident light wavelengths. Accordingly, a series of skin diseases, but also ictera, uremia, anemia and hemochromatosis are possibly assessed in the field of internal medecine according to variations of skin colors...
January 2016: Revue Médicale de Liège
Kamalini Lokuge, Grazia Caleo, Jane Greig, Jennifer Duncombe, Nicholas McWilliam, James Squire, Manjo Lamin, Emily Veltus, Anja Wolz, Gary Kobinger, Marc-Antoine de la Vega, Osman Gbabai, Sao Nabieu, Mohammed Lamin, Ronald Kremer, Kostas Danis, Emily Banks, Kathryn Glass
INTRODUCTION: The scale and geographical distribution of the current outbreak in West Africa raised doubts as to the effectiveness of established methods of control. Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) was first detected in Sierra Leone in May 2014 in Kailahun district. Despite high case numbers elsewhere in the country, transmission was eliminated in the district by December 2014. We describe interventions underpinning successful EVD control in Kailahun and implications for EVD control in other areas...
March 2016: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
K Batouche, I Mancini, B Filleul, D D Batouche
OBJECTIFS: Le but de ce bref rapport est de fournir des informations spécifiques pour la gestion de syndrome de sécrétion inappropriée d'hormone antidiurétique (SIADH) dans la pratique clinique en oncologie. MéTHODES: Nous rapportons un cas d'hyponatrémie sévère ayant entraîné une prise en charge en soins intensifs et en oncologie. RéSULTATS: Mme DJ 60 ans, aux antécédents d'HTA et tabagisme chronique, admise en janvier 2013 aux urgences de cardiologie pour une poussée d'HTA...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
N Benmostefa, I Baretil, A Bouchoucha, S Kouach, A Rouina, R Malek
OBJECTIFS: Le syndrome de Sneddon (SS) représente une cause rare d'accidents vasculaires cérébraux (AVC). La prise en charge passe d'abord par la prévention des facteurs de risque et repose surtout sur les traitements antithrombotiques. MéTHODES: Un cas rapporté. RéSULTATS: Patiente de 50 ans, mère de 5EVBP, aux antécédents d'une HTA et de 3 accouchements prématurés, a été admise en service de médecine interne pour pris en charge d'un phénomène de Raynaud sévère compliqué d'une ischémie du gros orteil...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
F Boussema, H Zoubeidi, F Daoud, Z Aydi, L Baili, B Ben Dhaou
OBJECTIFS: L'atteinte rénale au cours des maladies systémiques est fréquente et de présentation variable. Le but de notre travail est de relever les particularités cliniques, étiologiques, thérapeutiques et pronostiques de l'insuffisance rénale liée aux maladies systémiques. MéTHODES: Étude rétrospective menée au service de médecine interne de l'Hôpital Habib Thameur sur une période de 15 ans, colligeant 28 cas d'IR au cours des maladies systémiques. Le diagnostic de l'IR était essentiellement biologique...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
R Ben Dhia, Y Ben Ariba, N Boussetta, N Ben Abdelha-Fidh, F Ajili, B Louzir, J Labidi, S Othmani
OBJECTIFS: Les atteintes cardiovasculaires représentent la principale cause de mortalité des patients avec insuffisance rénale chronique terminale. La prévalence ainsi que l'évaluation des autres facteurs de risques associés de l'atteinte cardiaque est une étape importante dans la prise en charge des malades en préhémodialyse. L'objectif de notre étude était de décrire les caractéristiques échocardiographiques de la cardiomyopathie urémique. MéTHODES: Notre étude a été menée sur 16 patients hospitalisés entre 2013 et 2014 au service de médecine interne de l'Hôpital Militaire de Tunis colligeant 16 patients ayant eu une échographie cardiaque dans le cadre d'un bilan pré-hémodialyse...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
Y Ben Ariba, B Arfaoui, D Saadaoui, R Abid, B Louzir, J Labidi, S Othmani
OBJECTIFS: La polykystose rénale autosomique dominante (PKRAD) est la maladie rénale héréditaire la plus fréquente. L'hypertension artérielle est fréquente chez ces patients avec PKRAD avant même l'apparition de l'insuffisance rénale. Elle constitue un facteur de risque indépendant de l'évolution vers le stade terminal de la maladie rénale. L'objectif de notre étude était de préciser la fréquence de l'hypertension artérielle chez les patients atteints de PKRAD et de décrire leurs caractéristiques cliniques, biologiques et évolutives...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
E Gharbi, B Ben Kaab, T Jomni, S Bellakhal, A Mestiri, H Smida, M H Douggui
OBJECTIFS: Notre objectif était de déterminer l'influence des différents facteurs de risque cardiovasculaires sur la survenue de la néphropathie diabétique (ND). MéTHODES: Nous avons réalisé une étude monocentrique rétrospective incluant 147 patients diabétiques suivis dans un service de médecine interne sur une période s'étendant de 1997 à 2014. Il y avait 70 patients diagnostiqués porteurs de ND. Nous avons étudié l'incidence de la ND en présence des différents facteurs de risque cardiovasculaires...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
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