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Lisa Frueh, Yuexin Li, Michael Mather, Qigui Li, Sovitj Pou, Aaron Nilsen, Rolf W Winter, Isaac Forquer, April Pershing, Lisa H Xie, Martin J Smilkstein, Diana Caridha, Robert F Campbell, Richard J Sciotti, Mara Kreishman-Deitrick, Jane X Kelly, Brian Andrew Vesely, Akhil Vaidya, Michael K Riscoe
ELQ-300 is a preclinical antimalarial drug candidate that is active against liver, blood, and transmission stages of Plasmodium falciparum. While ELQ-300 is highly effective when administered in a low multi-dose regimen, poor aqueous solubility and high crystallinity have hindered its clinical development. To overcome its challenging physiochemical properties, a number of bioreversible alkoxycarbonate ester prodrugs of ELQ-300 were synthesized. These bioreversible prodrugs are converted to ELQ-300 by host and parasite esterase action in the liver and bloodstream of the host...
September 19, 2017: ACS Infectious Diseases
Prabuddha Manjula, NuRI Choi, Dongwon Seo, Jun Heon Lee
Objective: POU class 1 homeobox 1 (POU1F1) mediates growth hormone expression and activity by altering transcription, eventually resulting in growth rate variations So we aimed to identify chicken POU1F1 polymorphisms and evaluate the association between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and growth-related traits, and logistic growth curve parameters traits (α, β and γ). Methods: Three SNPs (M_1 to M_3) were used to genotype 585 F1 and 88 F0 birds from five Korean native chicken lines using a PCR-RFLP method...
September 18, 2017: Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
Shiqi She, Qucheng Wei, Bo Kang, Ying-Jie Wang
Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) have unlimited expansion potential and the ability to differentiate into all somatic cell types for regenerative medicine and disease model studies. Octamer‑binding transcription factor 4 (OCT4), encoded by the POU domain, class 5, transcription factor 1 gene, is a transcription factor vital for maintaining ESC pluripotency and somatic reprogramming. Many studies have established that the cell cycle of ESCs is featured with an abbreviated G1 phase and a prolonged S phase. Changes in cell cycle dynamics are intimately associated with the state of ESC pluripotency, and manipulating cell‑cycle regulators could enable a controlled differentiation of ESCs...
September 13, 2017: Molecular Medicine Reports
Mario Chico-Fernández, Marcelino Sánchez-Casado, Juan Antonio Llompart-Pou
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 5, 2017: Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Jacinta L Simmons, Carly J Pierce, Fares Al-Ejeh, Glen M Boyle
Melanoma tumors are highly heterogeneous, comprising of different cell types that vary in their potential for growth and invasion. Heterogeneous expression of the Microphthalmia-associated Transcription Factor (MITF) and the POU domain transcription factor BRN2 (POU3F2) has been found in malignant melanoma. Changing expression of these transcription factors as the disease progresses has been linked to the metastatic mechanism of phenotype switching. We therefore investigated the effects of MITF and BRN2 expression in melanoma growth and metastasis...
September 7, 2017: Scientific Reports
Hong Yan Zhu, Guan Yi Cao, Shi Ping Wang, Yu Chen, Guo Dong Liu, Yu Jie Gao, Jian Ping Hu
Increasing evidence suggests that POU domain class 2 transcription factor 1 (POU2F1) participates in carcinogenesis and cancer progression via promotion of cell proliferation and metastasis; however, the functional role of POU2F1 in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is largely unknown. In this study, we determined that POU2F1 was significantly up-regulated in HCC tumor tissue and cell lines. We demonstrated that POU2F1 over-expression promoted HCC cell proliferation, colony formation, migration, and invasion, while silencing of POU2F1 inhibited these malignant phenotypes...
2017: American Journal of Cancer Research
André Luiz Sá, Rafael V Sampaio, Nathália Nogueira da Costa Almeida, Juliano Rodrigues Sangalli, Karynne Nazaré Lins Brito, Fabiana Fernandes Bressan, Joirge Dores Rissino, Simone do Socorro Damasceno Santos, Flavio Vieira Meirelles, Otávio Mitio Ohashi, Moysés Dos Santos Miranda
Somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) success is partially hindered by the low epigenetic reprogramming efficiency of the donor cell. Previous studies suggest cellular heterogeneity among donor nuclei in regard to reprogramming potential, which precludes comparison among different strategies to increase cloning success. In this context, we evaluated the effect of using clonal cell populations (CPs) of bovine adult fibroblasts established by single-cell plating in SCNT. Different CPs were evaluated in regard to proliferation rate, senescence level, and chromosome stability, as well as for POU5F1 (POU class 5 homeobox 1) mRNA expression levels...
August 23, 2017: Cellular Reprogramming
Luis M Valor, Beatriz Rodríguez-Bayona, Ana B Ramos-Amaya, José A Brieva, Antonio Campos-Caro
Plasma cells (PC) represent the heterogeneous final stage of the B cells (BC) differentiation process. To characterize the transition of BC into PC, transcriptomes from human naïve BC were compared to those of three functionally-different subsets of human in vivo-generated PC: i) tonsil PC, mainly consisting of early PC; ii) PC released to the blood after a potent booster-immunization (mostly cycling plasmablasts); and, iii) bone marrow CD138+ PC that represent highly mature PC and include the long-lived PC compartment...
2017: PloS One
Mireia Ferreruela, Joan Maria Raurich, Ignacio Ayestarán, Juan Antonio Llompart-Pou
PURPOSE: To describe the incidence, causes and associated mortality of hyperlactatemia in critically ill patients and to evaluate the association between lactate clearance and in-hospital survival. METHODS: Retrospective cohort study of patients with hyperlactatemia admitted to the ICU. Hyperlactatemia was defined as a blood lactate concentration ≥5mmol/L and high-grade hyperlactatemia a lactate level ≥10mmol/L. Lactate clearance was calculated as the percentage of decrease in lactate concentration from the peak value...
July 24, 2017: Journal of Critical Care
Liqun Yao, Shenqiu Wang, Jakub Orzechowski-Westholm, Qi Dai, Ryo Matsuda, Chie Hosono, Sarah Bray, Eric C Lai, Christos Samakovlis
Grainy head (Grh) is a conserved transcription factor (TF) controlling epithelial differentiation and regeneration. To elucidate Grh functions, we identified embryonic Grh targets by ChIP-seq and gene expression analysis. We show that Grh controls hundreds of target genes. Repression or activation correlates with the distance of Grh binding sites to the transcription start sites of its targets. Analysis of 54 Grh-responsive enhancers during development and upon wounding suggests cooperation with distinct TFs in different contexts...
July 31, 2017: Development
Sophie Baranovsky, Estelle Jumas-Bilak, Anne Lotthé, Hélène Marchandin, Sylvie Parer, Yosr Hicheri, Sara Romano-Bertrand
BACKGROUND: Water networks in hospitals are frequently contaminated by Opportunistic Premise Plumbing Pathogens (OPPPs) leading to fitment of antimicrobial filters on water points-of-use (POU) in order to limit patients' exposure. AIM: to assess the spread of OPPPs through secondary water routes (outside the plumbing system) in an adult haematology unit in which 52 out of 73 water POU were high-risk for patients and protected by antimicrobial filters. METHODS: An observational audit identified 6 secondary water routes for which bacteria tracking and typing were performed in 315 surface samplings...
July 28, 2017: Journal of Hospital Infection
Kelly M Malloy, Anna M Pou
Survivorship encompasses the entire therapeutic, psychosocial, functional, and financial experience of living with and through a cancer diagnosis. The period of survivorship starts on the day of the cancer diagnosis and lasts until the end of the survivor's life, regardless of the cause of death. The National Cancer Institute's Office of Cancer Survivorship expands the term "survivor" to include, importantly, caregivers, family, and friends close to the survivor who also live through this period.
August 2017: Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America
Laura Martín-Torrijos, Miquel Campos Llach, Quim Pou-Rovira, Javier Diéguez-Uribeondo
The pathogen Aphanomyces astaci Schikora 1906 is responsible for the decline of the native crayfish species of Europe, and their current endangered status. This pathogenic species is native to North America and only colonizes aquatic decapods. The North American crayfish species have a high resistance to this pathogen, while species from other regions are highly susceptible. However, recent field and laboratory observations indicate that there might exist some populations with resistance against this disease...
2017: PloS One
Ingrid Solanes, Ignasi Bolíbar, Maria Antònia Llauger, Meritxell Peiro, Pepi Valverde, Mar Fraga, Casimira Medrano, Teresa Bigorra, Montserrat Freixas, Iskra Ligüerre, Maria Antònia Pou, Leandra Domínguez, Carles Valero, Judit Solà, Jordi Giner, Vicente Plaza
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effectiveness of two management programs on patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). DESIGN: A study with a quasi-experimental design was used to evaluate the effectiveness of two interventions (I1, I2) for the care of patients with COPD after a mean follow-up of 31.2months. SETTING: Primary Care Centres in two Barcelona Health Areas and their referral hospitals. PARTICIPANTS: Patients with COPD selected by simple random sampling using any disease code corresponding to COPD...
July 20, 2017: Atencion Primaria
Metadel Adane, Bezatu Mengistie, Girmay Medhin, Helmut Kloos, Worku Mulat
BACKGROUND: The problem of intermittent piped water supplies that exists in low- and middle-income countries is particularly severe in the slums of sub-Saharan Africa. However, little is known about whether there is deterioration of the microbiological quality of the intermittent piped water supply at a household level and whether it is a factor in reducing or increasing the occurrence of acute diarrhea among under-five children in slums of Addis Ababa. This study aimed to determine the association of intermittent piped water supplies and point-of-use (POU) contamination of household stored water by Escherichia coli (E...
2017: PloS One
Sean Chun-Chang Chen, Shan Pou Tsai, Jing-Yun Jhao, Wun-Kai Jiang, Chwen Keng Tsao, Ly-Yun Chang
Previous studies have reported inconsistent results of the associations of alanine transaminase (ALT), aspartate transaminase (AST), gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) with incident type 2 diabetes (diabetes hereafter). We aimed to resolve the controversy by taking nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) into account. The study population comprised 132,377 non-diabetic individuals (64,875 men and 67,502 women) aged 35-79 who had two or more health examinations during 1996-2014. A total of 6,555 incident diabetes (3,734 men and 2,821 women) were identified, on average, over 5...
July 5, 2017: Scientific Reports
Jihang Chen, Hoi Shan Wong, Pou Kuan Leong, Hoi Yan Leung, Wing Man Chan, Kam Ming Ko
Mitochondrial biogenesis, which involves an increase in mitochondrial number and the overall capacity of oxidative phosphorylation, is a critical determinant of skeletal muscle function. Recent findings have shown that some natural products can enhance mitochondrial adaptation to aerobic exercise, which in turn improves exercise performance, presumably by delaying muscle fatigue. Ursolic acid (UA), a natural triterpene, is commonly found in various vegetables and fruits. In the current study, UA was shown to increase mitochondrial mass and ATP generation capacity, with a concomitant production of a low level of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species (ROS) in C2C12 myotubes...
July 19, 2017: Food & Function
Yao-Min Hung, Lichi Lin, Chyong-Mei Chen, Jeng-Yuan Chiou, Yu-Hsun Wang, Paul Yung-Pou Wang, James Cheng-Chung Wei
OBJECTIVES: To determine whether anti-rheumatic drug usage is associated with risk of coronary artery diseases (CAD) in incident Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) patients. METHODS: Data were obtained from the Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database. The study cohort comprised 6260 patients who were newly diagnosed with RA between 2001-2010. The study endpoint was occurrence of CAD according to the ICD-9-CM codes. We used the WHO Defined Daily Dose (DDD) as a tool to assess the drugs exposure...
2017: PloS One
Jason D Pou, H Devon Graham
BACKGROUND: Nasal tip amputation is a rare but difficult problem to manage. Nonmicrovascular nasal tip replantation is a valid and relatively simple repair option for moderate nasal defects, but tissue ischemia and graft failure occur frequently. CASE REPORT: We present the case of a pediatric nasal tip amputation from a dog bite treated with replantation within 5 hours. The 2.5-cm avulsed tip contained skin, cartilage, and mucosa and was replanted as a 3-layer composite graft...
2017: Ochsner Journal
Ensieh M Poursani, Majid Mehravar, Bahram Mohammad Soltani, Seyed Javad Mowla
POU domain proteins are an important family of transcription factors that regulates cell type-specific gene expression. One of the most crucial members of this family that maintains pluripotency and self-renewal of embryonic stem cells is POU5F1/OCT4. The OCT4 gene can generate several variants under different situations/cell types includes OCT4A that is the major factor sustains pluripotency in embryonic stem and embryonic carcinoma cells, and also OCT4B and OCT4B1, which are transcribed from a different potential promoter located in intron1 and are expressed in various tissues and cell types...
September 5, 2017: Gene
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