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Ladan Mansouri, Anna Nopp, Stefan H Jacobson, Britta Hylander, Joachim Lundahl
BACKGROUND: A high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and infections in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) arises partly due to a high inflammatory state and aberrations in immune cells function. Following in vitro stimulation of leukocytes with different T-cell mitogens, we observed a lower level of interleukin (IL)-2 and IL-10 production in CKD patients. To gain more knowledge as to whether this is the result of an alteration in T-cell function, we investigated the T-cell subsets profile and cytokine production in hemodialysis patients...
April 6, 2017: Nephron
Dafna A Windhorst, Ralph C A Rippe, Viara R Mileva-Seitz, Frank C Verhulst, Vincent W V Jaddoe, Gerard Noppe, Elisabeth F C van Rossum, Erica L T van den Akker, Henning Tiemeier, Marinus H van IJzendoorn, Marian J Bakermans-Kranenburg
It has been shown that following exposure to mild perinatal adversity, children have greater susceptibility to both the negative and positive aspects of their subsequent environment. In a large population-based cohort study (N = 1,776), we investigated whether mild perinatal adversity moderated the association between maternal harsh parenting and children's hair cortisol levels, a biomarker of chronic stress. Mild perinatal adversity was defined as late preterm birth (gestational age at birth of 34-37 weeks, 6 days) or small for gestational age (birth weight between the 2...
April 2017: Developmental Psychobiology
Vincent L Wester, Gerard Noppe, Mesut Savas, Erica L T van den Akker, Yolanda B de Rijke, Elisabeth F C van Rossum
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Scalp hair is increasingly used to measure the long-term exposure to endogenous glucocorticoids hormones. Long-term cortisone (HairE) and cortisol (HairF) have been associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and psychopathology. However, little is known about the influence of the use of local corticosteroids and major stressful life events on hair glucocorticoids. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We determined HairE and HairF using liquid chromatography - tandem mass spectrometry in 295 adult participants of the population-based Lifelines cohort study (75% females, median age 42)...
February 27, 2017: Psychoneuroendocrinology
Natalia Ballardini, Anna Nopp, Carl Hamsten, Mirja Vetander, Erik Melén, Caroline Nilsson, Markus Ollert, Carsten Flohr, Annette Kuehn, Marianne van Hage
Availability of "exotic" foods is steadily increasing. In this report, we describe the first case of anaphylaxis to crocodile meat. The patient was a 13-year-old boy with severe immunoglobulin E-mediated allergy to chicken meat. When tasting crocodile meat for the first time, he developed an anaphylactic reaction. Cross-reactivity between chicken and crocodile meat was suspected to have triggered this reaction. Basophil activation and immunoglobulin E testing confirmed the boy's allergic reaction to crocodile meat proteins...
March 8, 2017: Pediatrics
P Canzi, M Manfrin, G Locatelli, P Nopp, M Perotti, M Benazzo
In recent years the increasing development of hearing devices has led to a critical analysis of the standard methods employed to evaluate hearing function. Being too far from reality, conventional investigation of hearing loss based on pure-tone threshold audiometry and on mono/disyllabic word lists, presented in quiet conditions, has been shown to be inadequate. A speech-in-noise test using a roving-level adaptive method employs target and competing signals varying in level in order to reproduce everyday life speaking conditions and explore a more complete sound range...
December 2016: Acta Otorhinolaryngologica Italica
Irene Jiménez-Guerrero, Francisco Pérez-Montaño, Carlos Medina, Francisco Javier Ollero, Francisco Javier López-Baena
The type III secretion system (T3SS) is a specialized secretion apparatus that is commonly used by many plant and animal pathogenic bacteria to deliver proteins, termed effectors, to the interior of the host cells. These effectors suppress host defenses and interfere with signal transduction pathways to promote infection. Some rhizobial strains possess a functional T3SS, which is involved in the suppression of host defense responses, host range determination, and symbiotic efficiency. The analysis of the genome of the broad-host-range rhizobial strain Sinorhizobium fredii HH103 identified eight genes that code for putative T3SS effectors...
March 1, 2017: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
J Brandström, M Vetander, G Lilja, S G O Johansson, A-C Sundqvist, F Kalm, C Nilsson, A Nopp
BACKGROUND: Treatment with omalizumab has shown a positive effect on food allergies, but no dosages are established. Basophil allergen threshold sensitivity (CD-sens) can be used to objectively measure omalizumab treatment efficacy and correlates with the outcome of double-blind placebo-controlled food challenge to peanut. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether individualized omalizumab treatment monitored by CD-sens could be an effective intervention for suppression of allergic reactions to peanut...
April 2017: Clinical and Experimental Allergy: Journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Luke Coburn, Hender Lopez, Benjamin J Caldwell, Elliott Moussa, Chloe Yap, Rashmi Priya, Adrian Noppe, Anthony P Roberts, Vladimir Lobaskin, Alpha S Yap, Zoltan Neufeld, Guillermo A Gomez
We used a computational approach to analyze the biomechanics of epithelial cell aggregates-islands, stripes, or entire monolayers-that combines both vertex and contact-inhibition-of-locomotion models to include cell-cell and cell-substrate adhesion. Examination of the distribution of cell protrusions (adhesion to the substrate) in the model predicted high-order profiles of cell organization that agree with those previously seen experimentally. Cells acquired an asymmetric distribution of basal protrusions, traction forces, and apical aspect ratios that decreased when moving from the edge to the island center...
November 7, 2016: Molecular Biology of the Cell
Ruoqing Chen, Ryan L Muetzel, Hanan El Marroun, Gerard Noppe, Elisabeth F C van Rossum, Vincent W Jaddoe, Frank C Verhulst, Tonya White, Fang Fang, Henning Tiemeier
Little is known about the relationship between the long-term hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis functioning and brain structure in children. Glucocorticoid in hair has emerged as an important biomarker of HPA activity. In this study, we investigated the associations of hair cortisol and cortisone concentrations with brain morphology in young children. We included 219 children aged 6-10 years from the Generation R Study in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We examined cortisol and cortisone concentrations by hair analysis using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry, and assessed brain morphometric measures with structural magnetic resonance imaging...
December 2016: Psychoneuroendocrinology
Hans Jürgen Hoffmann, Edward F Knol, Martha Ferrer, Lina Mayorga, Vito Sabato, Alexandra F Santos, Bernadette Eberlein, Anna Nopp, Donald MacGlashan
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: We review basophil testing by flow cytometry with an emphasis on advantages and disadvantages. RECENT FINDINGS: There are many tools available to assess the presence and severity of allergic diseases in patients. For 50 years, peripheral blood basophils have been used as tools to study these diseases. It is a very accessible cell that binds IgE antibody and secretes the classical mediators responsible for the symptoms of allergic reactions. In the last decade, an even more accessible methodology, using flow cytometry, has been developed to enhance the ability to use basophils for both mechanistic and clinical diagnostics...
July 2016: Current Allergy and Asthma Reports
Noera Kieviet, Silke de Groot, Gerard Noppe, Yolanda B de Rijke, Elisabeth F C van Rossum, Erica L T van den Akker, Koert M Dolman, Adriaan Honig
BACKGROUND: As a marker for poor neonatal adaptation (PNA) is lacking, the diagnostic process is difficult and includes invasive additional testing. AIMS: In order to develop a marker, it is essential to gain insight into the etiology of PNA. We hypothesized that the fetal cortisol level may play a role in this etiology. STUDY DESIGN: Non-randomized, prospective controlled study. OUTCOME MEASURES: We examined hair cortisol levels of infants exposed and not exposed to selective antidepressants (SADs) during pregnancy...
July 2016: Early Human Development
G Noppe, E L T van den Akker, Y B de Rijke, J W Koper, V W Jaddoe, E F C van Rossum
BACKGROUND: Childhood obesity is an important risk factor for premature development of the metabolic syndrome (MetS) at adulthood. There is need for understanding of the mechanisms underlying the MetS and obesity. Patients with Cushing's disease suffer from similar metabolic complications, leading to the hypothesis that inter-individual cortisol variation may contribute to the onset of obesity. In addition, glucocorticoid receptor (GR)-gene polymorphisms resulting in differential glucocorticoid (GC) sensitivity, have been associated with an adverse metabolic profile...
July 26, 2016: International Journal of Obesity: Journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity
Illene Noppe Cupit, Heather L Servaty-Seib, Sara Tedrick Parikh, Andrea C Walker, Ryan Martin
The current mixed-methods study examines how college students negotiate the grief process with the competing demands of college. Data were collected from 950 students at a regional comprehensive university and a research intensive institution. Quantitative findings revealed closeness to the deceased as a key positive predictor of mental health and academic difficulties and positive associations between changes in peer relationships and mental health difficulties. Qualitative findings showed that closeness to the deceased was associated with a greater sense of purpose in the college experience and findings suggested that institutions and their faculty encourage and exhibit more sensitivity about grief issues...
May 18, 2016: Death Studies
Gerard Noppe, Yolanda B de Rijke, Jan W Koper, Elisabeth F C van Rossum, Erica L T van den Akker
BACKGROUND: Glucocorticoid replacement therapy in congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is challenging, especially in children, because both over- and under-dosing may have profound and long-lasting adverse effects. Clinical follow-up parameters are largely nonspecific and slow to develop. Steroid concentrations in scalp hair may be a useful monitoring tool, as it provides information on both long-term steroid precursor and glucocorticoid exposure. AIM: We aimed to evaluate scalp hair steroid precursor concentrations as a monitoring tool for treatment follow-up in children with CAH...
October 2016: Clinical Endocrinology
Ralph C A Rippe, Gerard Noppe, Dafna A Windhorst, Henning Tiemeier, Elisabeth F C van Rossum, Vincent W V Jaddoe, Frank C Verhulst, Marian J Bakermans-Kranenburg, Marinus H van IJzendoorn, Erica L T van den Akker
The aim of this study was to examine associations of SES and ethnicity with hair cortisol and cortisone and to identify potential child and family characteristics that can assist in choosing covariates and potential confounders for analyses involving hair cortisol and cortisone concentrations. Hair samples were collected in 2484 6-year-old children from the Generation R Study, a prospective cohort in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Measurements for cortisol and cortisone were used as the outcome in regression analyses...
April 2016: Psychoneuroendocrinology
J Vliegenthart, G Noppe, E F C van Rossum, J W Koper, H Raat, E L T van den Akker
INTRODUCTION: Low socioeconomic status (SES) may be associated with a high risk of lifestyle-related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. There is a strong association between parental SES, stress and indicators of child health and adult health outcome. The exact mechanisms underlying this association have not yet been fully clarified. Low SES may be associated with chronic stress, which may lead to activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA)-axis, resulting in a higher circulating level of the stress hormone cortisol...
March 2016: Psychoneuroendocrinology
Jan Schimpchen, Sabrina Skorski, Stephan Nopp, Tim Meyer
The aim of this study was to investigate the occurrence of repeated sprinting bouts in elite football. Furthermore, the construct validity of current tests assessing repeated-sprint ability (RSA) was analysed using information of sprinting sequences as they actually occurred during match-play. Sprinting behaviour in official competition was analysed for 19 games of the German national team between August 2012 and June 2014. A sprinting threshold was individually calculated based on the peak velocity reached during in-game sprinting...
2016: Journal of Sports Sciences
Dries Vandamme, Annelies Beuckels, Eric Vadelius, Orily Depraetere, Wim Noppe, Abhishek Dutta, Imogen Foubert, Lieve Laurens, Koenraad Muylaert
Alkaline flocculation is a promising strategy for the concentration of microalgae for bulk biomass production. However, previous studies have shown that biological changes during the cultivation negatively affect flocculation efficiency. The influence of changes in cell properties and in the quality and composition of algal organic matter (AOM) were studied using Chlorella vulgaris as a model species. In batch cultivation, flocculation was increasingly inhibited over time and mainly influenced by changes in medium composition, rather than biological changes at the cell surface...
January 1, 2016: Water Research
Daniel Memmert, Len Almond, David Bunker, Joy Butler, Frowin Fasold, Linda Griffin, Wolfgang Hillmann, Stefanie Hüttermann, Timo Klein-Soetebier, Stefan König, Stephan Nopp, Marco Rathschlag, Karsten Schul, Sebastian Schwab, Rod Thorpe, Philip Furley
In this article, we elaborate on 10 current research questions related to the "teaching games for understanding" (TGfU) approach with the objective of both developing the model itself and fostering game understanding, tactical decision making, and game-playing ability in invasion and net/wall games: (1) How can existing scientific approaches from different disciplines be used to enhance game play for beginners and proficient players? (2) How can state-of-the-art technology be integrated to game-play evaluations of beginners and proficient players by employing corresponding assessments? (4) How can complexity thinking be utilized to shape day-to-day physical education (PE) and coaching practices? (5) How can game making/designing be helpfully utilized for emergent learning? (6) How could purposeful game design create constraints that enable tactical understanding and skill development through adaptive learning and distributed cognition? (7) How can teacher/coach development programs benefit from game-centered approaches? (8) How can TGfU-related approaches be implemented in teacher or coach education with the goal of facilitating preservice and in-service teachers/coaches' learning to teach and thereby foster their professional development from novices to experienced practitioners? (9) Can the TGfU approach be considered a helpful model across different cultures? (10) Can physical/psychomotor, cognitive, affective/social, and cultural development be fostered via TGfU approaches? The answers to these questions are critical not only for the advancement of teaching and coaching in PE and sport-based clubs, but also for an in-depth discussion on new scientific avenues and technological tools...
2015: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
Vito Foderà, Valeria Vetri, Thea S Wind, Wim Noppe, Claus Cornett, Athene M Donald, Ludmilla A Morozova-Roche, Bente Vestergaard
Formation of superstructures in protein aggregation processes has been indicated as a general pathway for several proteins, possibly playing a role in human pathologies. There is a severe lack of knowledge on the origin of such species in terms of both mechanisms of formation and structural features. We use equine lysozyme as a model protein, and by combining spectroscopic techniques and microscopy with X-ray fiber diffraction and ab initio modeling of Small Angle X-ray Scattering data, we isolate the partially unfolded state from which one of these superstructures (i...
September 18, 2014: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
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