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Takashi Shimbo, Paul A Wade
Covalent modification of DNA via deposition of a methyl group at the 5' position on cytosine residues alters the chemical groups available for interaction in the major groove of DNA. The information content inherent in this modification alters the affinity and the specificity of DNA binding; some proteins favor interaction with methylated DNA, and others disfavor it. Molecular recognition of cytosine methylation by proteins often initiates sequential regulatory events which impact gene expression and chromatin structure...
2016: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Jinhee Lee, Wataru Yoshida, Koichi Abe, Kazuhiko Nakabayashi, Hironobu Wakeda, Kenichiro Hata, Christophe A Marquette, Loïc J Blum, Koji Sode, Kazunori Ikebukuro
DNA methylation level at a certain gene region is considered as a new type of biomarker for diagnosis and its miniaturized and rapid detection system is required for diagnosis. Here we have developed a simple electrochemical detection system for DNA methylation using methyl CpG-binding domain (MBD) and a glucose dehydrogenase (GDH)-fused zinc finger protein. This analytical system consists of three steps: (1) methylated DNA collection by MBD, (2) PCR amplification of a target genomic region among collected methylated DNA, and (3) electrochemical detection of the PCR products using a GDH-fused zinc finger protein...
July 15, 2017: Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Vahan Serobyan, Hua Xiao, Suryesh Namdeo, Christian Rödelsperger, Bogdan Sieriebriennikov, Hanh Witte, Waltraud Röseler, Ralf J Sommer
Phenotypic plasticity has been suggested to act through developmental switches, but little is known about associated molecular mechanisms. In the nematode Pristionchus pacificus, the sulfatase eud-1 was identified as part of a developmental switch controlling mouth-form plasticity governing a predatory versus bacteriovorous mouth-form decision. Here we show that mutations in the conserved histone-acetyltransferase Ppa-lsy-12 and the methyl-binding-protein Ppa-mbd-2 mimic the eud-1 phenotype, resulting in the absence of one mouth-form...
2016: Nature Communications
Zhuangzhu Liu, Guobin Su, Xinfeng Guo, Yifan Wu, Xusheng Liu, Chuan Zou, Lei Zhang, Qianchun Yang, Yuan Xu, Weizhong Ma
BACKGROUND: Chronic kidney disease-mineral and bone disorder (CKD-MBD) is a systemic dysfunction of mineral and bone metabolism in people with CKD. Recent research shows that phosphate retention plays a significant role in the development of CKD-MBD. Compared with drug therapies, dietary interventions may be simple, inexpensive and feasible for phosphate retention. However, there is little evidence to support these interventions. OBJECTIVES: Our objective was to assess the benefits and harms of any dietary intervention for preventing and treating CKD-MBD...
September 16, 2015: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Hung-Chieh Wu, Lin-Chien Lee, Wei-Jie Wang
UNLABELLED: Mineral and bone disease (CKD-MBD), disorders of mineral metabolism, is associated with mortality and cardiovascular disease in dialysis patients. However, the associations among time average mineral values (P, Ca and PTH) and clinical outcomes are not well investigated. OBJECTIVES: This study examines the associations among mineral values and clinical outcomes from a single medical center. METHODS: Adult patients who initiate hemodialysis in Taoyuan General Hospital from 2008 to 2013 were enrolled...
November 2015: Renal Failure
Amro Masarwah, Markku Tammi, Mazen Sudah, Anna Sutela, Sanna Oikari, Veli-Matti Kosma, Raija Tammi, Ritva Vanninen, Päivi Auvinen
Low mammographic breast density (MBD) and increased hyaluronan (HA) synthesis have been shown to have adverse effects on breast cancer prognosis. We aimed at elucidating the background of risk associated with mammographic characteristics, MBD and HA and its synthesizing isoforms in an attempt to uncover potential underlying biological mechanisms. MBD and mammographic characteristics of 270 patients were classified according to percentile density (very low density VLD, ≤25 %; mixed density MID, >25 %) and the BI-RADS 5th edition lexicon...
October 2015: Breast Cancer Research and Treatment
Revekka Babayev, Thomas L Nickolas
Renal osteodystrophy (ROD) is a bone disorder that occurs in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients and is associated with 2- to 14-fold increased fracture risk compared to the general population. Risk of fractures is also increased in kidney transplant recipients especially within the first 5 years after transplantation. Fractures in CKD patients are associated with increased morbidity and mortality; thus, proper screening and management of CKD bone complications is critical to improving clinical outcomes. Tetracycline double-labeled transiliac crest bone biopsy with histomorphometry is the gold standard for the diagnosis and classification of ROD...
November 2015: Seminars in Dialysis
Ranjita N Gowda, Rachel Redfern, Jihane Frikeche, Sudarshan Pinglay, James William Foster, Carolina Lema, Leslie Cope, Shukti Chakravarti
PURPOSE: Functions of antimicrobial peptidoglycan recognition proteins (Pglyrp1-4) at the ocular surface are poorly understood. Earlier, we reported an antibacterial role for Pglyrp-1 in Pseudomonas aeruginosa keratitis. Here we investigated functions of three other related genes Pglyrp-2, -3 and -4 in a mouse model of P. aeruginosa keratitis. METHODS: Wild type (WT) and each of the Pglyrp-null genotypes were challenged with P. aeruginosa keratitis. The eyes were scored in a blinded manner 24 and 48h post infection...
2015: PloS One
Vicent Esteve Simo, Fátima Moreno-Guzmán, Gemma Martínez Calvo, Miquel Fulquet Nicolas, Monica Pou Potau, Javier Macias-Toro, Verónica Duarte-Gallego, Anna Saurina Sole, Manel Ramírez-de Arellano Serna
INTRODUCTION: Cinacalcet has proved effective to control secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients on haemodialysis (HD). Some studies have reported an appropriate secondary hyperparathyroidism control and a better compliance after intradialytic use of calcimimetics. OBJECTIVES: To assess the effect of post-dialysis calcimimetics use on mineral bone disorders and calcimimetics gastrointestinal tolerability in our HD unit. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A 12-week single-centre prospective study in HD patients treated with cinacalcet (>2 months)...
2015: Nefrología: Publicación Oficial de la Sociedad Española Nefrologia
Henry H Cheng, Fabio Carmona, Erica McDavitt, Daniel Wigmore, Jeannette M Perez-Rossello, Catherine M Gordon, Frank A Pigula, Peter C Laussen, Satish K Rajagopal
OBJECTIVE: Critically ill children with congenital heart disease (CHD) are at risk for metabolic bone disease (MBD) and bone fractures. Our objective was to characterize a cohort of CHD patients with fractures and describe a Fragile Bone Protocol (FBP) developed to reduce fractures. DESIGN/SETTING: Patients who developed fractures in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) of Boston Children's Hospital from 3/2008 to 6/2014 were identified via quality improvement and radiology databases...
January 2016: Congenital Heart Disease
Emilio González-Parra, Álvaro Aceña, Óscar Lorenzo, Nieves Tarín, María Luisa González-Casaus, Carmen Cristóbal, Ana Huelmos, Ignacio Mahíllo-Fernández, Ana María Pello, Rocío Carda, Ignacio Hernández-González, Joaquín Alonso, Fernando Rodríguez-Artalejo, Lorenzo López-Bescós, Alberto Ortiz, Jesús Egido, José Tuñón
Chronic kidney disease (CKD)-mineral and bone disorder (MBD) is characterized by increased circulating levels of parathormone (PTH) and fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23), bone disease, and vascular calcification, and is associated with adverse outcomes. We studied the prevalence of mineral metabolism disorders, and the potential relationship between decreased estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and CKD-MBD in coronary artery disease patients in a cross-sectional study of 704 outpatients 7.5 ± 3...
September 2016: Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism
Yuanhan Chen, Zhilian Li, Xinling Liang, Min Zhang, Yusheng Zhang, Lixia Xu, Lihong Zhong, Wei Shi
The Hakka are a sub-ethnicity with unique diet customs in South China. This study investigated hyperphosphatemia in hemodialysis patients in relation to the current Hakka dietary customs and explored health education patterns for hyperphosphatemia control. Two continuous cross-sectional surveys were conducted among the local patients on dialysis. After the first survey, the patients with hyperphosphatemia were semi-randomized into regular (group 1) and individual (group 2) education groups. Regular health education was conducted for both groups...
2015: Renal Failure
Aaron T Smith, Dulmini Barupala, Timothy L Stemmler, Amy C Rosenzweig
The P1B-ATPases, which couple cation transport across membranes to ATP hydrolysis, are central to metal homeostasis in all organisms. An important feature of P1B-ATPases is the presence of soluble metal binding domains (MBDs) that regulate transport activity. Only one type of MBD has been characterized extensively, but bioinformatics analyses indicate that a diversity of MBDs may exist in nature. Here we report the biochemical, structural and functional characterization of a new MBD from the Cupriavidus metallidurans P1B-4-ATPase CzcP (CzcP MBD)...
September 2015: Nature Chemical Biology
Eugene J H Wee, Thu Ha Ngo, Matt Trau
BACKGROUND: Aberrant DNA methylation marks are potential disease biomarkers, and detecting both total genomic and gene-specific DNA methylation can aid in clinical decisions. While a plethora of methods exist in research, simpler, more convenient alternatives are needed to enhance both routine diagnostics and research. RESULTS: Herein, we describe colorimetric assays using methyl-binding domain (MBD) proteins for rapid and convenient evaluation of total genomic and gene-specific methylation from 50 ng or less DNA input in under 2 h...
2015: Clinical Epigenetics
Ahmed Orabi, Maria Bieringer, Arie Geerlof, Volker Bruss
UNLABELLED: The hepatitis B virus (HBV) particle is an icosahedral nucleocapsid surrounded by a lipid envelope containing viral surface proteins. A small domain (matrix domain [MD]) in the large surface protein L and a narrow region (matrix binding domain [MBD]) including isoleucine 126 on the capsid surface have been mapped, in which point mutations such as core I126A specifically blocked nucleocapsid envelopment. It is possible that the two domains interact with each other during virion morphogenesis...
September 2015: Journal of Virology
Andrea E Spencer, Stephen V Faraone, Olivia E Bogucki, Amanda L Pope, Mai Uchida, Mohammed R Milad, Thomas J Spencer, K Yvonne Woodworth, Joseph Biederman
OBJECTIVE: To conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis examining the relationship between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). DATA SOURCES: We reviewed literature through PubMed and PsycINFO without a specified date range, utilizing the search (posttraumatic stress disorder OR PTSD) AND (ADHD OR attention deficit hyperactivity disorder OR ADD OR attention deficit disorder OR hyperkinetic syndrome OR minimal brain dysfunction)...
January 2016: Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
Keith A Hruska, Michael Seifert, Toshifumi Sugatani
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The causes of excess cardiovascular mortality associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have been attributed in part to the CKD-mineral bone disorder syndrome (CKD-MBD), wherein, novel cardiovascular risk factors have been identified. The causes of the CKD-MBD are not well known and they will be discussed in this review RECENT FINDINGS: The discovery of WNT (portmanteau of wingless and int) inhibitors, especially Dickkopf 1, produced during renal repair and participating in the pathogenesis of the vascular and skeletal components of the CKD-MBD implied that additional pathogenic factors are critical, leading to the finding that activin A is a second renal repair factor circulating in increased levels during CKD...
July 2015: Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension
Shuqin Xiang, Shanshan Feng, Yuxiu Zhang, Jinjuan Tan, Shuang Liang, Tuanyao Chai
We identified key residues of TaHMA2, and the N- and C-terminal regions of the protein have different roles in its transport function when heterologously expressed in yeast. TaHMA2, a P1B-type ATPase from wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), plays an important role in heavy metal homeostasis in plants. A previous study showed that overexpressing TaHMA2 in rice (Oryza sativa L.), Arabidopsis thaliana, or tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) resulted in various responses to heavy metals. Here, we report the heterologous expression of TaHMA2 in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae...
September 2015: Plant Cell Reports
Shunsuke Miura, Akiomi Yoshihisa, Mai Takiguchi, Takeshi Shimizu, Yuichi Nakamura, Hiroyuki Yamauchi, Shoji Iwaya, Takashi Owada, Makiko Miyata, Satoshi Abe, Takamasa Sato, Satoshi Suzuki, Masayoshi Oikawa, Takayoshi Yamaki, Koichi Sugimoto, Hiroyuki Kunii, Kazuhiko Nakazato, Hitoshi Suzuki, Shu-Ichi Saitoh, Yasuchika Takeishi
BACKGROUND: Chronic kidney disease--mineral and bone disorders (CKD-MBD) are associated with vascular calcification and abnormal electrolytes that lead to cardiovascular disease and mortality. CKD-MBD is identified by imbalances in serum calcium (Ca), phosphate, and parathyroid hormone (PTH). Although the relation of phosphate and PTH with the prognosis of HF patients has been reported, the association of Ca with prognosis in patients with heart failure (HF) and CKD remains unclear. METHODS AND RESULTS: We examined 191 patients admitted for HF and CKD (estimated glomerular filtration rate <60 mL min(-1) 1...
August 2015: Journal of Cardiac Failure
Adalbert Schiller, Florica Gadalean, Oana Schiller, Romulus Timar, Flaviu Bob, Mircea Munteanu, Dana Stoian, Adelina Mihaescu, Bogdan Timar
BACKGROUND: End stage renal disease (ESRD) patients on renal replacement therapy (RRT) with diabetes mellitus (DM) have a higher mortality rate and an increase prevalence of vitamin D deficiency compared to those without DM. It is still debated if vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor or a prognostic marker for mortality in these patients. This study investigated the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and its impact on all-cause mortality in HD patients with DM. METHODS: Our prospective non-interventional cohort study included 600 patients on hemodialysis therapy (HD) (median aged 56, interquartile range (19) years, 332 (55...
2015: PloS One
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