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global sustainable development

Valerie A Luyckx, Marcello Tonelli, John W Stanifer
Kidney disease has been described as the most neglected chronic disease. Reliable estimates of the global burden of kidney disease require more population-based studies, but specific risks occur across the socioeconomic spectrum from poverty to affluence, from malnutrition to obesity, in agrarian to post-industrial settings, and along the life course from newborns to older people. A range of communicable and noncommunicable diseases result in renal complications and many people who have kidney disease lack access to care...
June 1, 2018: Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Thomas Dietz, Jennie Auffenberg, Andrea Estrella Chong, Janina Grabs, Bernard Kilian
The data presented in this article are related to the research article entitled "The Voluntary Coffee Standard Index (VOCSI). Developing a composite Index to Assess and Compare the Institutional Strength of Mainstream Voluntary Sustainability Standards in the Global Coffee Industry" (Dietz et al., 2018) in press) [1]. The VOCSI presents the most detailed comparison all major voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) that currently exist in global coffee production. This Data in Brief contains the database that we have generated to set up the VOCSI...
August 2018: Data in Brief
Cong Lv, Ping Wang, Longxue Ma, Mumin Zheng, Yang Liu, Fuguo Xing
Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1 ), which is mainly produced by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus , is the most toxic and hepatocarcinogenic polyketide known. Chemical fungicides are currently utilized to reduce this fungal contaminant, but they are potentially harmful to human health and the environment. Therefore, natural anti-aflatoxigenic products are used as sustainable alternatives to control food and feed contamination. For example, eugenol, presents in many essential oils, has been identified as an aflatoxin inhibitor...
2018: Frontiers in Microbiology
Goodman Sibeko, Peter D Milligan, Marinda Roelofse, Lezel Molefe, Deborah Jonker, Jonathan Ipser, Crick Lund, Dan J Stein
BACKGROUND: There is a shortage of trained mental health workers in spite of the significant contribution of psychiatric disorders to the global disease burden. Task shifting, through the delegation of health care tasks to less specialised health workers such as community health workers (CHWs), is a promising approach to address the human resource shortage. CHWs in the Western Cape province of South Africa provide comprehensive chronic support which includes that for mental illness, but have thus far not received standardized mental health training...
June 14, 2018: BMC Psychiatry
M Mirtl, E T Borer, I Djukic, M Forsius, H Haubold, W Hugo, J Jourdan, D Lindenmayer, W H McDowell, H Muraoka, D E Orenstein, J C Pauw, J Peterseil, H Shibata, C Wohner, X Yu, P Haase
Since its founding in 1993 the International Long-term Ecological Research Network (ILTER) has gone through pronounced development phases. The current network comprises 44 active member LTER networks representing 700 LTER Sites and ~80 LTSER Platforms across all continents, active in the fields of ecosystem, critical zone and socio-ecological research. The critical challenges and most important achievements of the initial phase have now become state-of-the-art in networking for excellent science. At the same time increasing integration, accelerating technology, networking of resources and a strong pull for more socially relevant scientific information have been modifying the mission and goals of ILTER...
June 1, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Taeho Kim, Jihoon Lee, David W Fredriksson, Judson DeCew, Andrew Drach, Solomon C Yim
This study provides an engineering approach for designing an aquaculture cage system for use in constructed channel flow environments. As sustainable aquaculture has grown globally, many novel techniques have been introduced such as those implemented in the global Atlantic salmon industry. The advent of several highly sophisticated analysis software systems enables the development of such novel engineering techniques. These software systems commonly include three-dimensional (3D) drafting, computational fluid dynamics, and finite element analysis...
2018: PloS One
Cara E Brook, James P Herrera, Cortni Borgerson, Emma Fuller, Pascal Andriamahazoarivosoa, B J Rodolph Rasolofoniaina, J L Rado Ravoavy Randrianasolo, Z R Eli Rakotondrafarasata, Hervet J Randriamady, Andrew P Dobson, Christopher D Golden
Subsistence hunting presents a conservation challenge, by which biodiversity preservation must be balanced with safeguarding of human livelihoods. Globally, subsistence hunting threatens primate populations, including Madagascar's endemic lemurs. We used a classic conservation biology tool, population viability analysis (PVA), to assess the sustainability of lemur hunting in Makira Natural Park, Madagascar. We identified trends in seasonal hunting of eleven Makira lemur species from household interview data, estimated local lemur densities for a subset of species in populations adjacent to focal villages, and quantified extinction vulnerability for these populations, based on species-specific demographic parameters and empirically-derived hunting rates...
June 13, 2018: Conservation Biology: the Journal of the Society for Conservation Biology
Giovanna Raso, Clémence Essé, Kouassi Dongo, Mamadou Ouattara, Fabien Zouzou, Eveline Hürlimann, Veronique A Koffi, Gaoussou Coulibaly, Virginie Mahan, Richard B Yapi, Siaka Koné, Jean Tenena Coulibaly, Aboulaye Meïté, Marie-Claire Guéhi-Kabran, Bassirou Bonfoh, Eliézer Kouakou N'Goran, Jürg Utzinger
BACKGROUND: The global strategy to control helminthiases (schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthiasis) emphasizes preventive chemotherapy. However, in the absence of access to clean water, improved sanitation, and adequate hygiene, reinfection after treatment can occur rapidly. Integrated approaches might be necessary to sustain the benefits of preventive chemotherapy and make progress toward interruption of helminthiases transmission. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to assess and quantify the effect of an integrated control package that consists of preventive chemotherapy, community-led total sanitation, and health education on soil-transmitted helminthiasis, schistosomiasis, intestinal protozoa infection, and diarrhea in rural Côte d'Ivoire...
June 12, 2018: JMIR Research Protocols
Daniel Ramskov, Sten Rasmussen, Henrik Sørensen, Erik Thorlund Parner, Martin Lind, Rasmus Nielsen
Study Design Randomized clinical trial, etiology. Background Training intensity and volume have been proposed to be associated with specific running-related injuries. If such an association exists, secondary preventive measures could be initiated by clinicians based on symptoms of a specific injury diagnosis. Objectives To test the following hypotheses: (i) A running schedule focusing on intensity will increase the risk of sustaining Achilles tendinopathy, gastrocnemius injuries and plantar fasciitis compared with hypothesized volume-related injuries...
June 12, 2018: Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy
Gerard M Fealy, Mary Casey, Denise F O'Leary, Martin S Mcnamara, Denise O'Brien, Laserina O'Connor, Rita Smith, Diarmuid Stokes
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The aim of this discursive paper is to collate, synthesise and discuss published evidence and expert professional opinion on enablers and barriers to the development and sustainability of specialist and advanced practice roles in nursing and midwifery. BACKGROUND: Expanded practice is a response to population health needs, healthcare costs and practitioners' willingness to expand their scope of practice through enhanced responsibility, accountability and professional autonomy...
June 12, 2018: Journal of Clinical Nursing
Hayoung Song, Xiangshu Dong, Hankuil Yi, Ju Young Ahn, Keunho Yun, Myungchul Song, Ching-Tack Han, Yoonkang Hur
For sustainable crop cultivation in the face of global warming, it is important to unravel the genetic mechanisms underlying plant adaptation to a warming climate and apply this information to breeding. Thermomorphogenesis and ambient temperature signaling pathways have been well studied in model plants, but little information is available for vegetable crops. Here, we investigated genes responsive to warming conditions from two Brassica rapa inbred lines with different geographic origins: subtropical (Kenshin) and temperate (Chiifu)...
June 11, 2018: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Cagri Gulumser, Yaprak Engin-Ustun, Levent Keskin, Sevki Celen, Sema Sanisoglu, Selma Karaahmetoglu, Ayse Ozcan, Irfan Sencan
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to determine the epidemiological characteristics of maternal mortality due to postpartum hemorrhage, and to investigate whether national preventative measures of the Maternal Mortality Program have been successful in Turkey. DESIGN: A population-based cohort study. SETTING: Turkish National Maternal Mortality Data collected by the Turkish Ministry of Health. PARTICIPANTS: Women who died due to hemorrhage during pregnancy or after delivery within the initial 42 days, from 2012 to 2015, throughout Turkey (N = 812/146)...
June 11, 2018: Journal of Maternal-fetal & Neonatal Medicine
Kevan M A Gartland, Jill S Gartland
Strategies for biotechnology must take account of opportunities for research, innovation and business growth. At a regional level, public-private collaborations provide potential for such growth and the creation of centres of excellence. By considering recent progress in areas such as genomics, healthcare diagnostics, synthetic biology, gene editing and bio-digital technologies, opportunities for smart, strategic and specialised investment are discussed. These opportunities often involve convergent or disruptive technologies, combining for example elements of pharma-science, molecular biology, bioinformatics and novel device development to enhance biotechnology and the life sciences...
June 8, 2018: Journal of Biotechnology
Ning Jin, Wei Ren, Bo Tao, Liang He, Qingfu Ren, Shiqing Li, Qiang Yu
The Loess Plateau, the largest arid and semi-arid zone in China, has been confronted with more severe water resource pressure and a growing demand for food production under global changes. For developing sustainable agriculture in this region, it is critical to learn spatiotemporal variations in water use efficiency (WUE) of main crops (e.g. winter wheat in this region) under various water management practices. In this study, we classified irrigated and rainfed wheat areas based on MODIS data, and calculated the winter wheat yield by using an improved light use efficiency model...
June 7, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Dipesh Pyakurel, Indira Bhattarai Sharma, Carsten Smith-Hall
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Combined quantitative and qualitative environmental product trade studies, undertaken in the same location over time, are instrumental in identifying plant species with commercial demand and explaining what drives temporal changes. Yet such dynamic studies are rare, including for Himalayan medicinal plants that have been large-scale traded for millennia. AIM OF THE STUDY: To (i) investigate changes in medicinal plant trade in the past 17 years, and (ii) identify the main factors driving changes, using a study of Darchula District in far-western Nepal...
June 6, 2018: Journal of Ethnopharmacology
Jong-Lok Yoon, Paul S Weiss, Nam-Joon Cho
Ongoing progress in inter-Korea relations suggests that a new era of peace could soon emerge on the Korean Peninsula. There is renewed hope for scientific cooperation between the two Koreas, along with broader engagements with other stakeholders. Key needs include managing the region's biodiversity and fostering economic progress with an eye toward potential unification. Herein, we introduce current efforts to preserve the biodiversity of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) through conservation efforts, while discussing how the DMZ question highlights a broader need to promote scientific innovation and economic development through mutual cooperation...
June 8, 2018: ACS Nano
Paul-Henri Lambert, Audino Podda
Over the past 20 years, education of scientists and public health professionals in Vaccinology has increased dramatically. There are now many international, regional, and national courses that provide education in vaccinology. The proliferation of these courses and the high number of applications submitted demonstrate the increasing and continuous need for improved education in this field since, generally, comprehensive vaccinology training is not offered to medical and/or biological sciences students as part of their Universities courses and consequently there is insufficient knowledge of vaccine topics among health-care providers...
2018: Frontiers in Immunology
Stephen B Smith, Takafumi Gotoh, Paul L Greenwood
The demand for beef as a protein source is increasing worldwide, although in most countries beef accounts for considerably less than half of total meat consumption. Beef also provides a highly desirable eating experience in developed countries and, increasingly, in developing countries. The sustainability of beef production has different meanings in the various geographical and socio-economic regions of the world. Natural resources including land mass and uses, rainfall and access to livestock feed, and the robustness of the economy are major determinants of the perception of beef sustainability...
May 31, 2018: Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
J Mahlangu, M Cerquiera, A Srivastava
The therapeutic options for people with haemophilia (PWH) have rapidly evolved in the last 5 years. Moving on from conventional plasma-derived and recombinant clotting factor concentrates (CFC), there now are extended half-life CFCs (~1.8× for FVIII and ~4.5× for FIX) to as well as several novel haemostasis agents administered subcutaneously (weekly to monthly) such as bispecific antibody which brings together FIXa with FX like FVIII, a liver-targeted siRNA against antithrombin which can reduce its levels enough to allow significant haemostasis and an antibody against tissue factor pathway inhibitor which then also enhances haemostasis...
May 2018: Haemophilia: the Official Journal of the World Federation of Hemophilia
Segun I Popoola, Aderemi A Atayero, Joke A Badejo, Temitope M John, Jonathan A Odukoya, David O Omole
Empirical measurement, monitoring, analysis, and reporting of learning outcomes in higher institutions of developing countries may lead to sustainable education in the region. In this data article, data about the academic performances of undergraduates that studied engineering programs at Covenant University, Nigeria are presented and analyzed. A total population sample of 1841 undergraduates that studied Chemical Engineering (CHE), Civil Engineering (CVE), Computer Engineering (CEN), Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), Information and Communication Engineering (ICE), Mechanical Engineering (MEE), and Petroleum Engineering (PET) within the year range of 2002-2014 are randomly selected...
April 2018: Data in Brief
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