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Carles Soler, Jesús Contell, Lorena Bori, MarIa Sancho, Almudena García-Molina, Anthony Valverde, Jan Segarvall
This work provides information on the blue fox ejaculated sperm quality needed for seminal dose calculations. Twenty semen samples, obtained by masturbation, were analyzed for kinematic and morphometric parameters by using CASA-Mot and CASA-Morph system and principal component (PC) analysis. For motility, eight kinematic parameters were evaluated, which were reduced to PC1, related to linear variables, and PC2, related to oscillatory movement. The whole population was divided into three independent subpopulations: SP1, fast cells with linear movement; SP2, slow cells and nonoscillatory motility; and SP3, medium speed cells and oscillatory movement...
September 30, 2016: Asian Journal of Andrology
Nathan D Rudd, Hao Wang, Erika M A Fuentes-Fernandez, Simon J Teat, Feng Chen, Gene Stephen Hall, Yves J Chabal, Jing Li
We have designed and synthesized an isoreticular series of luminescent metal-organic frameworks (LMOFs) by incorporating a strongly emissive molecular fluorophore and functionally diverse co-linkers into Zn-based structures. The three-dimensional porous networks of LMOF-261, -262 and -263 represent a unique/new type of nets, classified as a 2-nodal, (4,4)-c net (mot-e type) with four-fold, class IIIa interpenetration. All compounds crystallize in body-centered tetragonal crystal system (space group I41/a). A systematic study has been implemented to analyze their interactions with heavy metals...
October 13, 2016: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Aude Paquet, Bertrand Olliac, Manuel-Pierre Bouvard, Bernard Golse, Laurence Vaivre-Douret
BACKGROUND: Altered motor performance has been described in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) with disturbances in walking; posture, coordination, or arm movements, but some individuals with ASD show no impairment of motor skills. The neuro-developmental processes that underpin the performance of neuro-psychomotor functions have not been widely explored, nor is it clear whether there are neuro-psychomotor functions specifically affected in ASD. Our objective was to focus on the semiology of motor disorders among children with ASD using a neuro-developmental assessment tool...
2016: Frontiers in Psychology
Lily Lee, Jessica Dy, Hussam Azzam
OBJECTIF: La présente directive vise à fournir des conseils concernant la prise en charge du travail spontané intrapartum, normal ou anormal, à terme, chez les femmes en santé, ainsi que des conseils relatifs à la prise en charge de la dystocie lors du premier et du deuxième stade du travail, pour favoriser l'accouchement vaginal et optimiser les issues de la grossesse. DONNéES PROBANTES: Des documents publiés ont été récupérés au moyen de recherches effectuées dans PubMed et la Cochrane Library, en octobre 2011, à partir d'une terminologie appropriée et contrôlée (p...
September 2016: Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada: JOGC, Journal D'obstétrique et Gynécologie du Canada: JOGC
Malika M Morar, John P Pitman, Willi McFarland, Evan M Bloch
BACKGROUND: Historical estimates have attributed 5% to 10% of new human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) to unsafe blood transfusions. Although frequently cited, the validity of this statistic is uncertain or outdated. Recent estimates suggest blood transfusion's contribution to new HIV infections in the region may be much lower. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: We searched the peer-reviewed and gray literature for quantitative estimates of the specific contribution of unsafe blood transfusion to the proportion of new HIV infections occurring in SSA...
September 23, 2016: Transfusion
Timothy Rowe
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 2016: Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada: JOGC, Journal D'obstétrique et Gynécologie du Canada: JOGC
Pilar Santolaria, Carles Soler, Pilar Recreo, Teresa Carretero, Araceli Bono, José M Berné, Jesús L Yániz
This study was designed to analyze the sperm kinematic and morphometric subpopulations in the different fractions of the ejaculate in normozoospermic men. Ejaculates from eight normozoospermic men were collected by masturbation in three fractions after 3-5 days of sexual abstinence. Analyses of sperm motility by computer-assisted sperm analysis (CASA-Mot), and of sperm morphometry by computer-assisted sperm morphometry analysis (CASA-Morph) using fluorescence were performed. Clustering and discriminant procedures were performed to identify sperm subpopulations in the kinematic and morphometric data obtained...
September 13, 2016: Asian Journal of Andrology
Ismail E Uysal, H Arda Ülkü, Hakan Bağci
Transient electromagnetic interactions on plasmonic nanostructures are analyzed by solving the Poggio-Miller-Chan-Harrington-Wu-Tsai (PMCHWT) surface integral equation (SIE). Equivalent (unknown) electric and magnetic current densities, which are introduced on the surfaces of the nanostructures, are expanded using Rao-Wilton-Glisson and polynomial basis functions in space and time, respectively. Inserting this expansion into the PMCHWT-SIE and Galerkin testing the resulting equation at discrete times yield a system of equations that is solved for the current expansion coefficients by a marching on-in-time (MOT) scheme...
September 1, 2016: Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics, Image Science, and Vision
Alexandra I Mot, Jeffrey R Liddell, Anthony R White, Peter J Crouch
Most cells grown in glucose-containing medium generate almost all their ATP via glycolysis despite abundant oxygen supply and functional mitochondria, a phenomenon known as the Crabtree effect. By contrast, most cells within the body rely on mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) to generate the bulk of their energy supply. Thus, when utilising the accessibility of cell culture to elucidate fundamental elements of mitochondria in health and disease, it is advantageous to adopt culture conditions under which the cells have greater reliance upon OXPHOS for the supply of their energy needs...
October 2016: International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Yiji Li, Xinghua Su, Guofa Zhou, Hong Zhang, Santhosh Puthiyakunnon, Shufen Shuai, Songwu Cai, Jinbao Gu, Xiaohong Zhou, Guiyun Yan, Xiao-Guang Chen
BACKGROUND: The surveillance of vector mosquitoes is important for the control of mosquito-borne diseases. To identify a suitable surveillance tool for the adult dengue vector Aedes albopictus, the efficacy of the BG-Sentinel trap, CDC light trap and Mosquito-oviposition trap (MOT) on the capture of vector mosquitoes were comparatively evaluated in this study. METHODS: The capture efficiencies of the BG-Sentinel trap, CDC light trap and Mosquito-oviposition trap for common vector mosquitoes were tested in a laboratory setting, through the release-recapture method, and at two field sites of Guangzhou, China from June 2013 to May 2014...
2016: Parasites & Vectors
Jiří Lukavský, Filip Děchtěrenko
In everyday life, people often need to track moving objects. Recently, a topic of discussion has been whether people rely solely on the locations of tracked objects, or take their directions into account in multiple object tracking (MOT). In the current paper, we pose a related question: do people utilise extrapolation in their gaze behaviour, or, in more practical terms, should the mathematical models of gaze behaviour in an MOT task be based on objects' current, past or anticipated positions? We used a data-driven approach with no a priori assumption about the underlying gaze model...
July 26, 2016: Attention, Perception & Psychophysics
Vivian C McAlister
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 2016: Canadian Journal of Surgery. Journal Canadien de Chirurgie
Christoph Geck, Heijo Scharff, Eva-Maria Pfeiffer, Julia Gebert
On a large scale test field (1060m(2)) methane emissions were monitored over a period of 30months. During this period, the test field was loaded at rates between 14 and 46gCH4m(-2)d(-1). The total area was subdivided into 60 monitoring grid fields at 17.7m(2) each, which were individually surveyed for methane emissions and methane oxidation efficiency. The latter was calculated both from the direct methane mass balance and from the shift of the carbon dioxide - methane ratio between the base of the methane oxidation layer and the emitted gas...
October 2016: Waste Management
Christin Naumann, Augustin C Mot, Nico Dissmeyer
In order to determine the stability of a protein or protein fragment dependent on its N-terminal amino acid, and therefore relate its half-life to the N-end rule pathway of targeted protein degradation (NERD), non-Methionine (Met) amino acids need to be exposed at their amino terminal in most cases. Per definition, at this position, destabilizing residues are generally unlikely to occur without further posttranslational modification of immature (pre-)proproteins. Moreover, almost exclusively, stabilizing, or not per se destabilizing residues are N-terminally exposed upon Met excision by Met aminopeptidases...
2016: Methods in Molecular Biology
Hannah Glonnegger, Aline Beyle, Bernhard Cerff, Susanne Gräber, Ilona Csoti, Daniela Berg, Inga Liepelt-Scarfone
BACKGROUND: There is need for multidimensional quantitative assessment of cognitive driven activities of daily living (ADL) functions in Parkinson's disease (PD). OBJECTIVE: To determine whether there is an ADL profile related to cognitive impairment in PD assessed by the Multiple Object Test (MOT). We assumed MOT performance to be lower in PD patients versus controls and in PD patients with more severe cognitive impairment. METHODS: 50 PD patients with no cognitive impairment (PD-NC), 54 patients with PD-mild cognitive impairment (PD-MCI), 29 with Parkinson's disease dementia (PDD), and 40 healthy controls (HC) were investigated...
July 6, 2016: Journal of Alzheimer's Disease: JAD
Kameron K Clayton, Jayaganesh Swaminathan, Arash Yazdanbakhsh, Jennifer Zuk, Aniruddh D Patel, Gerald Kidd
The goal of this study was to investigate how cognitive factors influence performance in a multi-talker, "cocktail-party" like environment in musicians and non-musicians. This was achieved by relating performance in a spatial hearing task to cognitive processing abilities assessed using measures of executive function (EF) and visual attention in musicians and non-musicians. For the spatial hearing task, a speech target was presented simultaneously with two intelligible speech maskers that were either colocated with the target (0° azimuth) or were symmetrically separated from the target in azimuth (at ±15°)...
2016: PloS One
Leena Subramanian, Monica Busse Morris, Meadhbh Brosnan, Duncan L Turner, Huw R Morris, David E J Linden
OBJECTIVE: Real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (rt-fMRI) neurofeedback (NF) uses feedback of the patient's own brain activity to self-regulate brain networks which in turn could lead to a change in behavior and clinical symptoms. The objective was to determine the effect of NF and motor training (MOT) alone on motor and non-motor functions in Parkinson's Disease (PD) in a 10-week small Phase I randomized controlled trial. METHODS: Thirty patients with Parkinson's disease (PD; Hoehn and Yahr I-III) and no significant comorbidity took part in the trial with random allocation to two groups...
2016: Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience
Lex D de Jong, Andy Peters, Julie Hooper, Nina Chalmers, Claire Henderson, Robert Me Laventure, Dawn A Skelton
BACKGROUND: Increasing physical activity (PA) brings many health benefits, but engaging people in higher levels of PA after their 60s is not straightforward. The Functional Fitness MOT (FFMOT) is a new approach which aims to raise awareness about the importance of components of fitness (strength, balance, flexibility), highlight benefits of PA, engages older people in health behavior change discussions, and directs them to local activity resources. This battery of tests combined with a brief motivational interview has not been tested in terms of feasibility or effectiveness...
2016: JMIR Research Protocols
Başak Öztürk, Maarten Ghequire, Thi Phi Oanh Nguyen, René De Mot, Ruddy Wattiez, Dirk Springael
Carbofuran-mineralizing strain Novosphingobium sp. KN65.2 produces the CfdJ enzyme that converts the N-methylcarbamate insecticide to carbofuran phenol. Purified CfdJ shows a remarkably low KM towards carbofuran. Together with the carbaryl hydrolase CehA of Rhizobium sp. strain AC100, CfdJ represents a new protein family with several uncharacterized bacterial members outside the proteobacteria. Although both enzymes differ by only four amino acids, CehA does not recognize carbofuran as a substrate whereas CfdJ also hydrolyzes carbaryl...
June 17, 2016: Environmental Microbiology
Amir Bar, Satya N Majumdar, Grégory Schehr, David Mukamel
We study extreme-value statistics for spatially extended models exhibiting mixed-order phase transitions (MOT). These are phase transitions that exhibit features common to both first-order (discontinuity of the order parameter) and second-order (diverging correlation length) transitions. We consider here the truncated inverse distance squared Ising model, which is a prototypical model exhibiting MOT, and study analytically the extreme-value statistics of the domain lengths The lengths of the domains are identically distributed random variables except for the global constraint that their sum equals the total system size L...
May 2016: Physical Review. E
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