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George hoffman

Matthew P Hoffman, Erik N Taylor, George E Aninwene, Sakthivel Sadayappan, Richard J Gilbert
Contraction of muscular tissue requires the synchronized shortening of myofibers arrayed in complex geometrical patterns. Imaging such myofiber patterns with diffusion-weighted MRI reveals architectural ensembles that underlie force generation at the organ scale. Restricted proton diffusion is a stochastic process resulting from random translational motion that may be used to probe the directionality of myofibers in whole tissue. During diffusion-weighted MRI, magnetic field gradients are applied to determine the directional dependence of proton diffusion through the analysis of a diffusional probability distribution function (PDF)...
October 2, 2016: Microscopy Research and Technique
Chad A Krueger, Jeffery D Hoffman, George C Balazs, Anthony E Johnson, Benjamin K Potter, Philip J Belmont
INTRODUCTION: The effect of dedicated resident research time in terms of residency program research productivity remains largely unknown. We hypothesize that the quantity and quality of a residency program's peer-reviewed publications (PRPs) increase proportionately with the amount of dedicated research time given to residents. METHODS: Three residency programs (P1, P2, and P3) were examined. P1 has a mandatory research year for all residents between postgraduate years 3 and 4...
September 16, 2016: Journal of Surgical Education
William A Grobman, Corette Parker, Pathik D Wadhwa, Marian Willinger, Hyagriv Simhan, Bob Silver, Ron J Wapner, Samuel Parry, Brian Mercer, David Haas, Alan M Peaceman, Shannon Hunter, Deborah Wing, Steve Caritis, Sean Esplin, Matt Hoffman, Jack Ludmir, Jay Iams, Emily Long, George Saade, Uma M Reddy
Background The aim of this study was to determine whether racial/ethnic differences in psychosocial measures, independent of economic status, exist among a large population of pregnant nulliparas. Methods Between October 2010 and September 2013, nulliparous women at eight U.S. medical centers were followed longitudinally during pregnancy and completed validated instruments to quantify several psychosocial domains: Cohen Perceived Stress Scale, trait subscale of the Spielberger Anxiety Inventory, Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale, Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support, Krieger Racism Scale, Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, and the Pregnancy Experience Scale...
August 8, 2016: American Journal of Perinatology
Nancy S Ghanayem, George M Hoffman
OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this review are to discuss the technology and clinical interpretation of near infrared spectroscopy oximetry and its clinical application in patients with congenital heart disease. DATA SOURCE: MEDLINE and PubMed. CONCLUSION: Near infrared spectroscopy provides a continuous noninvasive assessment of tissue oxygenation. Over 20 years ago, near infrared spectroscopy was introduced into clinical practice for monitoring cerebral oxygenation during cardiopulmonary bypass in adults...
August 2016: Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Rachel Lord, Keith George, John Somauroo, Mike Stembridge, Nikhil Jain, Martin D Hoffman, Rob Shave, Francois Haddad, Euan Ashley, Helen Jones, David Oxborough
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to use novel area-deformation (ε) loops to interrogate the interaction between the right ventricular (RV) and left ventricular (LV) mechanics following a 100-mile endurance run. METHODS: Fifteen participants (mean body mass, 70.1 ± 8.8 kg; mean age, 40 ± 8 years) were recruited for the study. Echocardiography was performed before the race, after the race, and 6 hours into recovery. RV and LV area and longitudinal ε were assessed using standard and speckle-tracking echocardiography...
September 2016: Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography
Amalia Sertedaki, Athina Markou, Dimitrios Vlachakis, Sophia Kossida, Emilie Campanac, Dax A Hoffman, Maria De La Luz Sierra, Paraskevi Xekouki, Constantine A Stratakis, Gregory Kaltsas, George P Piaditis, George P Chrousos, Evangelia Charmandari
BACKGROUND: Germline mutations of the KCNJ5 gene encoding Kir3.4, a member of the inwardly rectifying K(+) channel, have been identified in "normal" adrenal glands, patients with Familial Hyperaldosteronism (FH) type III, aldosterone-producing adenomas (APAs) and sporadic cases of primary aldosteronism (PA). OBJECTIVE: To present two novel KCNJ5 gene mutations in hypertensive patients without PA, but with ACTH-dependent aldosterone hypersecretion. DESIGN AND PATIENTS: Two hypertensive patients without PA, who exhibited enhanced ACTH-dependent response of aldosterone secretion, underwent genetic testing for the presence of the CYP11B1/CYP11B2 chimeric gene and KCNJ5 gene mutations...
June 13, 2016: Clinical Endocrinology
Christopher J D Wallis, Georg Bjarnason, James Byrne, Douglas C Cheung, Azik Hoffman, Girish S Kulkarni, Avery B Nathens, Robert K Nam, Raj Satkunasivam
OBJECTIVE: To determine the effect of disseminated cancer on perioperative outcomes following radical nephrectomy. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective cohort study of patients undergoing radical nephrectomy for kidney cancer from 2005 to 2014 using the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program, a multi-institutional prospective registry that captures perioperative surgical complications. Patients were stratified according to the presence (n = 657) or absence (n = 7143) of disseminated cancer at the time of surgery...
September 2016: Urology
Kristen Labovsky, George Hoffman, John Scott
We describe the rare case of an infant with congenital diaphragmatic hernia, unilateral lung agenesis, and unpalliated single-ventricle physiology. Infants with congenital diaphragmatic hernia and parallel circulation are at risk for maldistribution of systemic and pulmonary blood flow. Optimal perioperative management should include an assessment of the ratio of pulmonary to systemic blood flow (Qp:Qs). Traditionally, arterial and systemic venous oxygen (SvO2) saturations are needed to calculate Qp:Qs. However, in this case, SvO2 measurement was not feasible...
July 1, 2016: A & A Case Reports
Kathryn L Taylor, Richard M Hoffman, Kimberly M Davis, George Luta, Amethyst Leimpeter, Tania Lobo, Scott P Kelly, Jun Shan, David Aaronson, Catherine A Tomko, Amy J Starosta, Charlotte J Hagerman, Stephen K Van Den Eeden
BACKGROUND: Due to the concerns about the overtreatment of low-risk prostate cancer, active surveillance (AS) is now a recommended alternative to the active treatments (AT) of surgery and radiotherapy. However, AS is not widely utilized, partially due to psychological and decision-making factors associated with treatment preferences. METHODS: In a longitudinal cohort study, we conducted pretreatment telephone interviews (N = 1,140, 69.3% participation) with newly diagnosed, low-risk prostate cancer patients (PSA ≤ 10, Gleason ≤ 6) from Kaiser Permanente Northern California...
August 2016: Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention
Scott P Kelly, Stephen K Van Den Eeden, Richard M Hoffman, David S Aaronson, Tania Lobo, George Luta, Amethyst D Leimpter, Jun Shan, Arnold L Potosky, Kathryn L Taylor
PURPOSE: We determined the clinical and sociodemographic predictors of beginning active treatment in an ethnically diverse population of men with low risk prostate cancer initially on observational treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We retrospectively studied men diagnosed with low risk prostate cancer between 2004 and 2012 at Kaiser Permanente Northern California who did not receive any treatment within the first year of diagnosis and had at least 2 years of followup...
September 2016: Journal of Urology
Erik N Taylor, Matthew P Hoffman, David Y Barefield, George E Aninwene, Aurash D Abrishamchi, Thomas L Lynch, Suresh Govindan, Hanna Osinska, Jeffrey Robbins, Sakthivel Sadayappan, Richard J Gilbert
BACKGROUND: The geometric organization of myocytes in the ventricular wall comprises the structural underpinnings of cardiac mechanical function. Cardiac myosin binding protein-C (MYBPC3) is a sarcomeric protein, for which phosphorylation modulates myofilament binding, sarcomere morphology, and myocyte alignment in the ventricular wall. To elucidate the mechanisms by which MYBPC3 phospho-regulation affects cardiac tissue organization, we studied ventricular myoarchitecture using generalized Q-space imaging (GQI)...
March 2016: Journal of the American Heart Association
Rachel Lord, Keith George, John Somauroo, Nikhil Jain, Kristin Reese, Martin D Hoffman, Francois Haddad, Euan Ashley, Helen Jones, David Oxborough
BACKGROUND: Prolonged strenuous exercise has a profound effect on cardiac function. The right heart may be more susceptible to this imposition; yet, right-sided chest leads have not been utilised in this setting. METHODS: Thirty highly trained athletes at the 2014 Western States 100-mile Endurance Run from Squaw Valley to Auburn, California (body mass 68 ± 12 kg, age 45 ± 10 years, 57 ± 15 miles per week) were recruited for the study. Pre- and post-race, a right-sided 12-lead ECG was obtained and data were extracted for P, R and S waves, J point, ST segment and T wave amplitude...
November 2016: European Journal of Sport Science
Matthew K Hoffman, Ozhan M Turan, Corette B Parker, Ronald J Wapner, Deborah A Wing, David M Haas, M Sean Esplin, Samuel Parry, William A Grobman, Hyagriv N Simhan, Stephen Myers, Tommy E Holder, Pamela Rumney, Christian G Litton, Robert M Silver, Michal A Elovitz, Alan M Peaceman, Stephen Emery, Brian M Mercer, Matthew A Koch, George R Saade
OBJECTIVE: To estimate whether ultrasound measurement of the fetal adrenal gland remote from delivery in asymptomatic women can accurately predict spontaneous preterm birth. METHODS: We conducted a prospective multicenter observational nested cohort study of asymptomatic nulliparous women with a singleton pregnancy to study adverse pregnancy outcomes. Between 22 0/7 and 30 6/7 weeks of gestation, credentialed ultrasonographers measured the width (width), length (length), and, when able, depth (depth) of the "fetal zone" of the fetal adrenal gland as well as the width (Width), length (Length), and depth (Depth) of the total gland...
April 2016: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Karyn A Goodman, Caroline E Patton, George A Fisher, Sarah E Hoffe, Michael G Haddock, Parag J Parikh, John Kim, Nancy N Baxter, Brian G Czito, Theodore S Hong, Joseph M Herman, Christopher H Crane, Karen E Hoffman
PURPOSE: To summarize results of a Clinical Practice Statement on radiation therapy for stage II-III rectal cancer, which addressed appropriate customization of (neo)adjuvant radiation therapy and use of non-surgical therapy for patients who are inoperable or refuse abdominoperineal resection. METHODS AND MATERIALS: The RAND/University of California, Los Angeles, Appropriateness Method was applied to combine current evidence with multidisciplinary expert opinion...
May 2016: Practical Radiation Oncology
George R Saade, Kim A Boggess, Scott A Sullivan, Glenn R Markenson, Jay D Iams, Dean V Coonrod, Leonardo M Pereira, M Sean Esplin, Larry M Cousins, Garrett K Lam, Matthew K Hoffman, Robert D Severinsen, Trina Pugmire, Jeff S Flick, Angela C Fox, Amir J Lueth, Sharon R Rust, Emanuele Mazzola, ChienTing Hsu, Max T Dufford, Chad L Bradford, Ilia E Ichetovkin, Tracey C Fleischer, Ashoka D Polpitiya, Gregory C Critchfield, Paul E Kearney, J Jay Boniface, Durlin E Hickok
BACKGROUND: Preterm delivery remains the leading cause of perinatal mortality. Risk factors and biomarkers have traditionally failed to identify the majority of preterm deliveries. OBJECTIVE: To develop and validate a mass spectrometry-based serum test to predict spontaneous preterm delivery in asymptomatic pregnant women. STUDY DESIGN: A total of 5501 pregnant women were enrolled between 17(0/7) and 28(6/7) weeks gestational age in the prospective Proteomic Assessment of Preterm Risk study at 11 sites in the United States between 2011 and 2013...
May 2016: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Surya P Bhatt, Nina L J Terry, Hrudaya Nath, Jordan A Zach, Juerg Tschirren, Mark S Bolding, Douglas S Stinson, Carla G Wilson, Douglas Curran-Everett, David A Lynch, Nirupama Putcha, Xavi Soler, Robert A Wise, George R Washko, Eric A Hoffman, Marilyn G Foreman, Mark T Dransfield
IMPORTANCE: Central airway collapse greater than 50% of luminal area during exhalation (expiratory central airway collapse [ECAC]) is associated with cigarette smoking and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). However, its prevalence and clinical significance are unknown. OBJECTIVE: To determine whether ECAC is associated with respiratory morbidity in smokers independent of underlying lung disease. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS: Analysis of paired inspiratory-expiratory computed tomography images from a large multicenter study (COPDGene) of current and former smokers from 21 clinical centers across the United States...
February 2, 2016: JAMA: the Journal of the American Medical Association
Marleen Welkenhuysen, Luis Hoffman, Zhengxiang Luo, Anabel De Proft, Chris Van den Haute, Veerle Baekelandt, Zeger Debyser, Georges Gielen, Robert Puers, Dries Braeken
Modulation of a group of cells or tissue needs to be very precise in order to exercise effective control over the cell population under investigation. Optogenetic tools have already demonstrated to be of great value in the study of neuronal circuits and in neuromodulation. Ideally, they should permit very accurate resolution, preferably down to the single cell level. Further, to address a spatially distributed sample, independently addressable multiple optical outputs should be present. In current techniques, at least one of these requirements is not fulfilled...
2016: Scientific Reports
Surya P Bhatt, Xavier Soler, Xin Wang, Susan Murray, Antonio R Anzueto, Terri H Beaty, Aladin M Boriek, Richard Casaburi, Gerard J Criner, Alejandro A Diaz, Mark T Dransfield, Douglas Curran-Everett, Craig J Galbán, Eric A Hoffman, James C Hogg, Ella A Kazerooni, Victor Kim, Gregory L Kinney, Amir Lagstein, David A Lynch, Barry J Make, Fernando J Martinez, Joe W Ramsdell, Rishindra Reddy, Brian D Ross, Harry B Rossiter, Robert M Steiner, Matthew J Strand, Edwin J R van Beek, Emily S Wan, George R Washko, J Michael Wells, Chris H Wendt, Robert A Wise, Edwin K Silverman, James D Crapo, Russell P Bowler, MeiLan K Han
RATIONALE: The small conducting airways are the major site of airflow obstruction in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and may precede emphysema development. OBJECTIVES: We hypothesized a novel computed tomography (CT) biomarker of small airway disease predicts FEV1 decline. METHODS: We analyzed 1,508 current and former smokers from COPDGene with linear regression to assess predictors of change in FEV1 (ml/yr) over 5 years. Separate models for subjects without and with airflow obstruction were generated using baseline clinical and physiologic predictors in addition to two novel CT metrics created by parametric response mapping (PRM), a technique pairing inspiratory and expiratory CT images to define emphysema (PRM(emph)) and functional small airways disease (PRM(fSAD)), a measure of nonemphysematous air trapping...
July 15, 2016: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
G Aad, T Abajyan, B Abbott, J Abdallah, S Abdel Khalek, O Abdinov, R Aben, B Abi, M Abolins, O S AbouZeid, H Abramowicz, H Abreu, Y Abulaiti, B S Acharya, L Adamczyk, D L Adams, T N Addy, J Adelman, S Adomeit, T Adye, S Aefsky, T Agatonovic-Jovin, J A Aguilar-Saavedra, M Agustoni, S P Ahlen, A Ahmad, F Ahmadov, G Aielli, T P A Åkesson, G Akimoto, A V Akimov, M A Alam, J Albert, S Albrand, M J Alconada Verzini, M Aleksa, I N Aleksandrov, F Alessandria, C Alexa, G Alexander, G Alexandre, T Alexopoulos, M Alhroob, M Aliev, G Alimonti, L Alio, J Alison, B M M Allbrooke, L J Allison, P P Allport, S E Allwood-Spiers, J Almond, A Aloisio, R Alon, A Alonso, F Alonso, A Altheimer, B Alvarez Gonzalez, M G Alviggi, K Amako, Y Amaral Coutinho, C Amelung, V V Ammosov, S P Amor Dos Santos, A Amorim, S Amoroso, N Amram, G Amundsen, C Anastopoulos, L S Ancu, N Andari, T Andeen, C F Anders, G Anders, K J Anderson, A Andreazza, V Andrei, X S Anduaga, S Angelidakis, P Anger, A Angerami, F Anghinolfi, A V Anisenkov, N Anjos, A Annovi, A Antonaki, M Antonelli, A Antonov, J Antos, F Anulli, M Aoki, L Aperio Bella, R Apolle, G Arabidze, I Aracena, Y Arai, A T H Arce, S Arfaoui, J-F Arguin, S Argyropoulos, E Arik, M Arik, A J Armbruster, O Arnaez, V Arnal, O Arslan, A Artamonov, G Artoni, S Asai, N Asbah, S Ask, B Åsman, L Asquith, K Assamagan, R Astalos, A Astbury, M Atkinson, N B Atlay, B Auerbach, E Auge, K Augsten, M Aurousseau, G Avolio, G Azuelos, Y Azuma, M A Baak, C Bacci, A M Bach, H Bachacou, K Bachas, M Backes, M Backhaus, J Backus Mayes, E Badescu, P Bagiacchi, P Bagnaia, Y Bai, D C Bailey, T Bain, J T Baines, O K Baker, S Baker, P Balek, F Balli, E Banas, Sw Banerjee, D Banfi, A Bangert, V Bansal, H S Bansil, L Barak, S P Baranov, T Barber, E L Barberio, D Barberis, M Barbero, T Barillari, M Barisonzi, T Barklow, N Barlow, B M Barnett, R M Barnett, A Baroncelli, G Barone, A J Barr, F Barreiro, J Barreiro Guimarães da Costa, R Bartoldus, A E Barton, P Bartos, V Bartsch, A 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T A Dietzsch, S Diglio, K Dindar Yagci, J Dingfelder, C Dionisi, P Dita, S Dita, F Dittus, F Djama, T Djobava, M A B do Vale, A Do Valle Wemans, T K O Doan, D Dobos, E Dobson, J Dodd, C Doglioni, T Doherty, T Dohmae, J Dolejsi, Z Dolezal, B A Dolgoshein, M Donadelli, S Donati, P Dondero, J Donini, J Dopke, A Doria, A Dos Anjos, A Dotti, M T Dova, A T Doyle, M Dris, J Dubbert, S Dube, E Dubreuil, E Duchovni, G Duckeck, O A Ducu, D Duda, A Dudarev, F Dudziak, L Duflot, L Duguid, M Dührssen, M Dunford, H Duran Yildiz, M Düren, M Dwuznik, J Ebke, W Edson, C A Edwards, N C Edwards, W Ehrenfeld, T Eifert, G Eigen, K Einsweiler, E Eisenhandler, T Ekelof, M El Kacimi, M Ellert, S Elles, F Ellinghaus, K Ellis, N Ellis, J Elmsheuser, M Elsing, D Emeliyanov, Y Enari, O C Endner, M Endo, R Engelmann, J Erdmann, A Ereditato, D Eriksson, G Ernis, J Ernst, M Ernst, J Ernwein, D Errede, S Errede, E Ertel, M Escalier, H Esch, C Escobar, X Espinal Curull, B Esposito, F Etienne, A I Etienvre, E Etzion, D Evangelakou, H Evans, L Fabbri, G Facini, R M Fakhrutdinov, S Falciano, Y Fang, M Fanti, A Farbin, A Farilla, T Farooque, S Farrell, S M Farrington, P Farthouat, F Fassi, P Fassnacht, D Fassouliotis, B Fatholahzadeh, A Favareto, L Fayard, P Federic, O L Fedin, W Fedorko, M Fehling-Kaschek, L Feligioni, C Feng, E J Feng, H Feng, A B Fenyuk, W Fernando, S Ferrag, J Ferrando, V Ferrara, A Ferrari, P Ferrari, R Ferrari, D E Ferreira de Lima, A Ferrer, D Ferrere, C Ferretti, A Ferretto Parodi, M Fiascaris, F Fiedler, A Filipčič, M Filipuzzi, F Filthaut, M Fincke-Keeler, K D Finelli, M C N Fiolhais, L Fiorini, A Firan, J Fischer, M J Fisher, E A Fitzgerald, M Flechl, I Fleck, P Fleischmann, S Fleischmann, G T Fletcher, G Fletcher, T Flick, A Floderus, L R Flores Castillo, A C Florez Bustos, M J Flowerdew, T Fonseca Martin, A Formica, A Forti, D Fortin, D Fournier, H Fox, P Francavilla, M Franchini, S Franchino, D Francis, M Franklin, S Franz, M Fraternali, S Fratina, S T French, C Friedrich, F Friedrich, D Froidevaux, J A Frost, C Fukunaga, E Fullana Torregrosa, B G Fulsom, J Fuster, C Gabaldon, O Gabizon, A Gabrielli, A Gabrielli, S Gadatsch, T Gadfort, S Gadomski, G Gagliardi, P Gagnon, C Galea, B Galhardo, E J Gallas, V Gallo, B J Gallop, P Gallus, G Galster, K K Gan, R P Gandrajula, J Gao, Y S Gao, F M Garay Walls, F Garberson, C García, J E García Navarro, M Garcia-Sciveres, R W Gardner, N Garelli, V Garonne, C Gatti, G Gaudio, B Gaur, L Gauthier, P Gauzzi, I L Gavrilenko, C Gay, G Gaycken, E N Gazis, P Ge, Z Gecse, C N P Gee, D A A Geerts, Ch Geich-Gimbel, K Gellerstedt, C Gemme, A Gemmell, M H Genest, S Gentile, M George, S George, D Gerbaudo, A Gershon, H Ghazlane, N Ghodbane, B Giacobbe, S Giagu, V Giangiobbe, P Giannetti, F Gianotti, B Gibbard, S M Gibson, M Gilchriese, T P S Gillam, D Gillberg, A R Gillman, D M Gingrich, N Giokaris, M P Giordani, R Giordano, F M Giorgi, P Giovannini, P F Giraud, D Giugni, C Giuliani, M Giunta, B K Gjelsten, I Gkialas, L K Gladilin, C Glasman, J Glatzer, A Glazov, G L Glonti, M Goblirsch-Kolb, J R Goddard, J Godfrey, J Godlewski, C Goeringer, S Goldfarb, T Golling, D Golubkov, A Gomes, L S Gomez Fajardo, R Gonçalo, J Goncalves Pinto Firmino Da Costa, L Gonella, S González de la Hoz, G Gonzalez Parra, M L Gonzalez Silva, S Gonzalez-Sevilla, J J Goodson, L Goossens, P A Gorbounov, H A Gordon, I Gorelov, G Gorfine, B Gorini, E Gorini, A Gorišek, E Gornicki, A T Goshaw, C Gössling, M I Gostkin, M Gouighri, D Goujdami, M P Goulette, A G Goussiou, C Goy, S Gozpinar, H M X Grabas, L Graber, I Grabowska-Bold, P Grafström, K-J Grahn, J Gramling, E Gramstad, F Grancagnolo, S Grancagnolo, V Grassi, V Gratchev, H M Gray, J A Gray, E Graziani, O G Grebenyuk, Z D Greenwood, K Gregersen, I M Gregor, P Grenier, J Griffiths, N Grigalashvili, A A Grillo, K Grimm, S Grinstein, Ph Gris, Y V Grishkevich, J-F Grivaz, J P Grohs, A Grohsjean, E Gross, J Grosse-Knetter, G C Grossi, J Groth-Jensen, Z J Grout, K Grybel, F Guescini, D Guest, O Gueta, C Guicheney, E Guido, T Guillemin, S Guindon, U Gul, C Gumpert, J Gunther, J Guo, S Gupta, P Gutierrez, N G Gutierrez Ortiz, C Gutschow, N Guttman, C Guyot, C Gwenlan, C B Gwilliam, A Haas, C Haber, H K Hadavand, P Haefner, S Hageboeck, Z Hajduk, H Hakobyan, M Haleem, D Hall, G Halladjian, K Hamacher, P Hamal, K Hamano, M Hamer, A Hamilton, S Hamilton, L Han, K Hanagaki, K Hanawa, M Hance, P Hanke, J R Hansen, J B Hansen, J D Hansen, P H Hansen, P Hansson, K Hara, A S Hard, T Harenberg, S Harkusha, D Harper, R D Harrington, O M Harris, P F Harrison, F Hartjes, A Harvey, S Hasegawa, Y Hasegawa, S Hassani, S Haug, M Hauschild, R Hauser, M Havranek, C M Hawkes, R J Hawkings, A D Hawkins, T Hayashi, D Hayden, C P Hays, H S Hayward, S J Haywood, S J Head, T Heck, V Hedberg, L Heelan, S Heim, B Heinemann, S Heisterkamp, J Hejbal, L Helary, C Heller, M Heller, S Hellman, D Hellmich, C Helsens, J Henderson, R C W Henderson, A Henrichs, A M Henriques Correia, S Henrot-Versille, C Hensel, G H Herbert, C M Hernandez, Y Hernández Jiménez, R Herrberg-Schubert, G Herten, R Hertenberger, L Hervas, G G Hesketh, N P Hessey, R Hickling, E Higón-Rodriguez, J C Hill, K H Hiller, S Hillert, S J Hillier, I Hinchliffe, E Hines, M Hirose, D Hirschbuehl, J Hobbs, N Hod, M C Hodgkinson, P Hodgson, A Hoecker, M R Hoeferkamp, J Hoffman, D Hoffmann, J I Hofmann, M Hohlfeld, T R Holmes, T M Hong, L Hooft van Huysduynen, J-Y Hostachy, S Hou, A Hoummada, J Howard, J Howarth, M Hrabovsky, I Hristova, J Hrivnac, T Hryn'ova, P J Hsu, S-C Hsu, D Hu, X Hu, Y Huang, Z Hubacek, F Hubaut, F Huegging, A Huettmann, T B Huffman, E W Hughes, G Hughes, M Huhtinen, T A Hülsing, M Hurwitz, N Huseynov, J Huston, J Huth, G Iacobucci, G Iakovidis, I Ibragimov, L Iconomidou-Fayard, J Idarraga, E Ideal, P Iengo, O Igonkina, T Iizawa, Y Ikegami, K Ikematsu, M Ikeno, D Iliadis, N Ilic, Y Inamaru, T Ince, P Ioannou, M Iodice, K Iordanidou, V Ippolito, A Irles Quiles, C Isaksson, M Ishino, M Ishitsuka, R Ishmukhametov, C Issever, S Istin, A V Ivashin, W Iwanski, H Iwasaki, J M Izen, V Izzo, B Jackson, J N Jackson, M Jackson, P Jackson, M R Jaekel, V Jain, K Jakobs, S Jakobsen, T Jakoubek, J Jakubek, D O Jamin, D K Jana, E Jansen, H Jansen, J Janssen, M Janus, R C Jared, G Jarlskog, L Jeanty, G-Y Jeng, I Jen-La Plante, D Jennens, P Jenni, J Jentzsch, C Jeske, S Jézéquel, M K Jha, H Ji, W Ji, J Jia, Y Jiang, M Jimenez Belenguer, S Jin, A Jinaru, O Jinnouchi, M D Joergensen, D Joffe, K E Johansson, P Johansson, K A Johns, K Jon-And, G Jones, R W L Jones, T J Jones, P M Jorge, K D Joshi, J Jovicevic, X Ju, C A Jung, R M Jungst, P Jussel, A Juste Rozas, M Kaci, A Kaczmarska, P Kadlecik, M Kado, H Kagan, M Kagan, E Kajomovitz, S Kalinin, S Kama, N Kanaya, M Kaneda, S Kaneti, T Kanno, V A Kantserov, J Kanzaki, B Kaplan, A Kapliy, D Kar, K Karakostas, N Karastathis, M Karnevskiy, S N Karpov, K Karthik, V Kartvelishvili, A N Karyukhin, L Kashif, G Kasieczka, R D Kass, A Kastanas, Y Kataoka, A Katre, J Katzy, V Kaushik, K Kawagoe, T Kawamoto, G Kawamura, S Kazama, V F Kazanin, M Y Kazarinov, R Keeler, P T Keener, R Kehoe, M Keil, J S Keller, H Keoshkerian, O Kepka, B P Kerševan, S Kersten, K Kessoku, J Keung, F Khalil-Zada, H Khandanyan, A Khanov, D Kharchenko, A Khodinov, A Khomich, T J Khoo, G Khoriauli, A Khoroshilov, V Khovanskiy, E Khramov, J Khubua, H Kim, S H Kim, N Kimura, O Kind, B T King, M King, R S B King, S B King, J Kirk, A E Kiryunin, T Kishimoto, D Kisielewska, T Kitamura, T Kittelmann, K Kiuchi, E Kladiva, M Klein, U Klein, K Kleinknecht, P Klimek, A Klimentov, R Klingenberg, J A Klinger, E B Klinkby, T Klioutchnikova, P F Klok, E-E Kluge, P Kluit, S Kluth, E Kneringer, E B F G Knoops, A Knue, T Kobayashi, M Kobel, M Kocian, P Kodys, S Koenig, P Koevesarki, T Koffas, E Koffeman, L A Kogan, S Kohlmann, Z Kohout, T Kohriki, T Koi, H Kolanoski, I Koletsou, J Koll, A A Komar, Y Komori, T Kondo, K Köneke, A C König, T Kono, R Konoplich, N Konstantinidis, R Kopeliansky, S Koperny, L Köpke, A K Kopp, K Korcyl, K Kordas, A Korn, A A Korol, I Korolkov, E V Korolkova, V A Korotkov, O Kortner, S Kortner, V V Kostyukhin, S Kotov, V M Kotov, A Kotwal, C Kourkoumelis, V Kouskoura, A Koutsman, R Kowalewski, T Z Kowalski, W Kozanecki, A S Kozhin, V Kral, V A Kramarenko, G Kramberger, M W Krasny, A Krasznahorkay, J K Kraus, A Kravchenko, S Kreiss, J Kretzschmar, K Kreutzfeldt, N Krieger, P Krieger, K Kroeninger, H Kroha, J Kroll, J Kroseberg, J Krstic, U Kruchonak, H Krüger, T Kruker, N Krumnack, Z V Krumshteyn, A Kruse, M C Kruse, M Kruskal, T Kubota, S Kuday, S Kuehn, A Kugel, T Kuhl, V Kukhtin, Y Kulchitsky, S Kuleshov, M Kuna, J Kunkle, A Kupco, H Kurashige, M Kurata, Y A Kurochkin, R Kurumida, V Kus, E S Kuwertz, M Kuze, J Kvita, R Kwee, A La Rosa, L La Rotonda, L Labarga, S Lablak, C Lacasta, F Lacava, J Lacey, H Lacker, D Lacour, V R Lacuesta, E Ladygin, R Lafaye, B Laforge, T Lagouri, S Lai, H Laier, E Laisne, L Lambourne, C L Lampen, W Lampl, E Lançon, U Landgraf, M P J Landon, V S Lang, C Lange, A J Lankford, F Lanni, K Lantzsch, A Lanza, S Laplace, C Lapoire, J F Laporte, T Lari, A Larner, M Lassnig, P Laurelli, V Lavorini, W Lavrijsen, P Laycock, B T Le, O Le Dortz, E Le Guirriec, E Le Menedeu, T LeCompte, F Ledroit-Guillon, C A Lee, H Lee, J S H Lee, S C Lee, L Lee, G Lefebvre, M Lefebvre, F Legger, C Leggett, A Lehan, M Lehmacher, G Lehmann Miotto, A G Leister, M A L Leite, R Leitner, D Lellouch, B Lemmer, V Lendermann, K J C Leney, T Lenz, G Lenzen, B Lenzi, R Leone, K Leonhardt, S Leontsinis, C Leroy, J-R Lessard, C G Lester, C M Lester, J Levêque, D Levin, L J Levinson, A Lewis, G H Lewis, A M Leyko, M Leyton, B Li, B Li, H Li, H L Li, S Li, X Li, Z Liang, H Liao, B Liberti, P Lichard, K Lie, J Liebal, W Liebig, C Limbach, A Limosani, M Limper, S C Lin, F Linde, B E Lindquist, J T Linnemann, E Lipeles, A Lipniacka, M Lisovyi, T M Liss, D Lissauer, A Lister, A M Litke, B Liu, D Liu, J B Liu, K Liu, L Liu, M Liu, M Liu, Y Liu, M Livan, S S A Livermore, A Lleres, J Llorente Merino, S L Lloyd, F Lo Sterzo, E Lobodzinska, P Loch, W S Lockman, T Loddenkoetter, F K Loebinger, A E Loevschall-Jensen, A Loginov, C W Loh, T Lohse, K Lohwasser, M Lokajicek, V P Lombardo, J D Long, R E Long, L Lopes, D Lopez Mateos, B Lopez Paredes, J Lorenz, N Lorenzo Martinez, M Losada, P Loscutoff, M J Losty, X Lou, A Lounis, J Love, P A Love, A J Lowe, F Lu, H J Lubatti, C Luci, A Lucotte, D Ludwig, I Ludwig, F Luehring, W Lukas, L Luminari, E Lund, J Lundberg, O Lundberg, B Lund-Jensen, M Lungwitz, D Lynn, R Lysak, E Lytken, H Ma, L L Ma, G Maccarrone, A Macchiolo, B Maček, J Machado Miguens, D Macina, R Mackeprang, R Madar, R J Madaras, H J Maddocks, W F Mader, A Madsen, M Maeno, T Maeno, L Magnoni, E Magradze, K Mahboubi, J Mahlstedt, S Mahmoud, G Mahout, C Maiani, C Maidantchik, A Maio, S Majewski, Y Makida, N Makovec, P Mal, B Malaescu, Pa Malecki, V P Maleev, F Malek, U Mallik, D Malon, C Malone, S Maltezos, V M Malyshev, S Malyukov, J Mamuzic, L Mandelli, I Mandić, R Mandrysch, J Maneira, A Manfredini, L Manhaes de Andrade Filho, J A Manjarres Ramos, A Mann, P M Manning, A Manousakis-Katsikakis, B Mansoulie, R Mantifel, L Mapelli, L March, J F Marchand, F Marchese, G Marchiori, M Marcisovsky, C P Marino, C N Marques, F Marroquim, Z Marshall, L F Marti, S Marti-Garcia, B Martin, B Martin, J P Martin, T A Martin, V J Martin, B Martin Dit Latour, H Martinez, M Martinez, S Martin-Haugh, A C Martyniuk, M Marx, F Marzano, A Marzin, L Masetti, T Mashimo, R Mashinistov, J Masik, A L Maslennikov, I Massa, N Massol, P Mastrandrea, A Mastroberardino, T Masubuchi, H Matsunaga, T Matsushita, P Mättig, S Mättig, J Mattmann, C Mattravers, J Maurer, S J Maxfield, D A Maximov, R Mazini, L Mazzaferro, M Mazzanti, G Mc Goldrick, S P Mc Kee, A McCarn, R L McCarthy, T G McCarthy, N A McCubbin, K W McFarlane, J A Mcfayden, G Mchedlidze, T Mclaughlan, S J McMahon, R A McPherson, A Meade, J Mechnich, M Mechtel, M Medinnis, S Meehan, R Meera-Lebbai, S Mehlhase, A Mehta, K Meier, C Meineck, B Meirose, C Melachrinos, B R Mellado Garcia, F Meloni, L Mendoza Navas, A Mengarelli, S Menke, E Meoni, K M Mercurio, S Mergelmeyer, N Meric, P Mermod, L Merola, C Meroni, F S Merritt, H Merritt, A Messina, J Metcalfe, A S Mete, C Meyer, C Meyer, J-P Meyer, J Meyer, J Meyer, S Michal, R P Middleton, S Migas, L Mijović, G Mikenberg, M Mikestikova, M Mikuž, D W Miller, C Mills, A Milov, D A Milstead, D Milstein, A A Minaenko, M Miñano Moya, I A Minashvili, A I Mincer, B Mindur, M Mineev, Y Ming, L M Mir, G Mirabelli, T Mitani, J Mitrevski, V A Mitsou, S Mitsui, P S Miyagawa, J U Mjörnmark, T Moa, V Moeller, S Mohapatra, W Mohr, S Molander, R Moles-Valls, A Molfetas, K Mönig, C Monini, J Monk, E Monnier, J Montejo Berlingen, F Monticelli, S Monzani, R W Moore, C Mora Herrera, A Moraes, N Morange, J Morel, D Moreno, M Moreno Llácer, P Morettini, M Morgenstern, M Morii, S Moritz, A K Morley, G Mornacchi, J D Morris, L Morvaj, H G Moser, M Mosidze, J Moss, R Mount, E Mountricha, S V Mouraviev, E J W Moyse, R D Mudd, F Mueller, J Mueller, K Mueller, T Mueller, T Mueller, D Muenstermann, Y Munwes, J A Murillo Quijada, W J Murray, I Mussche, E Musto, A G Myagkov, M Myska, O Nackenhorst, J Nadal, K Nagai, R Nagai, Y Nagai, K Nagano, A Nagarkar, Y Nagasaka, M Nagel, A M Nairz, Y Nakahama, K Nakamura, T Nakamura, I Nakano, H Namasivayam, G Nanava, A Napier, R Narayan, M Nash, T Nattermann, T Naumann, G Navarro, H A Neal, P Yu Nechaeva, T J Neep, A Negri, G Negri, M Negrini, S Nektarijevic, A Nelson, T K Nelson, S Nemecek, P Nemethy, A A Nepomuceno, M Nessi, M S Neubauer, M Neumann, A Neusiedl, R M Neves, P Nevski, F M Newcomer, P R Newman, D H Nguyen, V Nguyen Thi Hong, R B Nickerson, R Nicolaidou, B Nicquevert, J Nielsen, N Nikiforou, A Nikiforov, V Nikolaenko, I Nikolic-Audit, K Nikolics, K Nikolopoulos, P Nilsson, Y Ninomiya, A Nisati, R Nisius, T Nobe, L Nodulman, M Nomachi, I Nomidis, S Norberg, M Nordberg, J Novakova, M Nozaki, L Nozka, K Ntekas, A-E Nuncio-Quiroz, G Nunes Hanninger, T Nunnemann, E Nurse, B J O'Brien, F O'Grady, D C O'Neil, V O'Shea, L B Oakes, F G Oakham, H Oberlack, J Ocariz, A Ochi, M I Ochoa, S Oda, S Odaka, H Ogren, A Oh, S H Oh, C C Ohm, T Ohshima, W Okamura, H Okawa, Y Okumura, T Okuyama, A Olariu, A G Olchevski, S A Olivares Pino, M Oliveira, D Oliveira Damazio, E Oliver Garcia, D Olivito, A Olszewski, J Olszowska, A Onofre, P U E Onyisi, C J Oram, M J Oreglia, Y Oren, D Orestano, N Orlando, C Oropeza Barrera, R S Orr, B Osculati, R Ospanov, G Otero Y Garzon, H Otono, M Ouchrif, E A Ouellette, F Ould-Saada, A Ouraou, K P Oussoren, Q Ouyang, A Ovcharova, M Owen, S Owen, V E Ozcan, N Ozturk, K Pachal, A Pacheco Pages, C Padilla Aranda, S Pagan Griso, E Paganis, C Pahl, F Paige, P Pais, K Pajchel, G Palacino, S Palestini, D Pallin, A Palma, J D Palmer, Y B Pan, E Panagiotopoulou, J G Panduro Vazquez, P Pani, N Panikashvili, S Panitkin, D Pantea, Th D Papadopoulou, K Papageorgiou, A Paramonov, D Paredes Hernandez, M A Parker, F Parodi, J A Parsons, U Parzefall, S Pashapour, E Pasqualucci, S Passaggio, A Passeri, F Pastore, Fr Pastore, G Pásztor, S Pataraia, N D Patel, J R Pater, S Patricelli, T Pauly, J Pearce, M Pedersen, S Pedraza Lopez, R Pedro, S V Peleganchuk, D Pelikan, H Peng, B Penning, J Penwell, D V Perepelitsa, T Perez Cavalcanti, E Perez Codina, M T Pérez García-Estañ, V Perez Reale, L Perini, H Pernegger, R Perrino, R Peschke, V D Peshekhonov, K Peters, R F Y Peters, B A Petersen, J Petersen, T C Petersen, E Petit, A Petridis, C Petridou, E Petrolo, F Petrucci, M Petteni, R Pezoa, P W Phillips, G Piacquadio, E Pianori, A Picazio, E Piccaro, M Piccinini, S M Piec, R Piegaia, D T Pignotti, J E Pilcher, A D Pilkington, J Pina, M Pinamonti, A Pinder, J L Pinfold, A Pingel, B Pinto, C Pizio, M-A Pleier, V Pleskot, E Plotnikova, P Plucinski, S Poddar, F Podlyski, R Poettgen, L Poggioli, D Pohl, M Pohl, G Polesello, A Policicchio, R Polifka, A Polini, C S Pollard, V Polychronakos, D Pomeroy, K Pommès, L Pontecorvo, B G Pope, G A Popeneciu, D S Popovic, A Poppleton, X Portell Bueso, G E Pospelov, S Pospisil, K Potamianos, I N Potrap, C J Potter, C T Potter, G Poulard, J Poveda, V Pozdnyakov, R Prabhu, P Pralavorio, A Pranko, S Prasad, R Pravahan, S Prell, D Price, J Price, L E Price, D Prieur, M Primavera, M Proissl, K Prokofiev, F Prokoshin, E Protopapadaki, S Protopopescu, J Proudfoot, X Prudent, M Przybycien, H Przysiezniak, S Psoroulas, E Ptacek, E Pueschel, D Puldon, M Purohit, P Puzo, Y Pylypchenko, J Qian, A Quadt, D R Quarrie, W B Quayle, D Quilty, V Radeka, V Radescu, S K Radhakrishnan, P Radloff, F Ragusa, G Rahal, S Rajagopalan, M Rammensee, M Rammes, A S Randle-Conde, C Rangel-Smith, K Rao, F Rauscher, T C Rave, T Ravenscroft, M Raymond, A L Read, D M Rebuzzi, A Redelbach, G Redlinger, R Reece, K Reeves, A Reinsch, H Reisin, I Reisinger, M Relich, C Rembser, Z L Ren, A Renaud, M Rescigno, S Resconi, B Resende, P Reznicek, R Rezvani, R Richter, M Ridel, P Rieck, M Rijssenbeek, A Rimoldi, L Rinaldi, E Ritsch, I Riu, G Rivoltella, F Rizatdinova, E Rizvi, S H Robertson, A Robichaud-Veronneau, D Robinson, J E M Robinson, A Robson, J G Rocha de Lima, C Roda, D Roda Dos Santos, L Rodrigues, S Roe, O Røhne, S Rolli, A Romaniouk, M Romano, G Romeo, E Romero Adam, N Rompotis, L Roos, E Ros, S Rosati, K Rosbach, A Rose, M Rose, P L Rosendahl, O Rosenthal, V Rossetti, E Rossi, L P Rossi, R Rosten, M Rotaru, I Roth, J Rothberg, D Rousseau, C R Royon, A Rozanov, Y Rozen, X Ruan, F Rubbo, I Rubinskiy, V I Rud, C Rudolph, M S Rudolph, F Rühr, A Ruiz-Martinez, L Rumyantsev, Z Rurikova, N A Rusakovich, A Ruschke, J P Rutherfoord, N Ruthmann, P Ruzicka, Y F Ryabov, M Rybar, G Rybkin, N C Ryder, A F Saavedra, S Sacerdoti, A Saddique, I Sadeh, H F-W Sadrozinski, R Sadykov, F Safai Tehrani, H Sakamoto, Y Sakurai, G Salamanna, A Salamon, M Saleem, D Salek, P H Sales De Bruin, D Salihagic, A Salnikov, J Salt, B M Salvachua Ferrando, D Salvatore, F Salvatore, A Salvucci, A Salzburger, D Sampsonidis, A Sanchez, J Sánchez, V Sanchez Martinez, H Sandaker, H G Sander, M P Sanders, M Sandhoff, T Sandoval, C Sandoval, R Sandstroem, D P C Sankey, A Sansoni, C Santoni, R Santonico, H Santos, I Santoyo Castillo, K Sapp, A Sapronov, J G Saraiva, E Sarkisyan-Grinbaum, B Sarrazin, G Sartisohn, O Sasaki, Y Sasaki, N Sasao, I Satsounkevitch, G Sauvage, E Sauvan, J B Sauvan, P Savard, V Savinov, D O Savu, C Sawyer, L Sawyer, D H Saxon, J Saxon, C Sbarra, A Sbrizzi, T Scanlon, D A Scannicchio, M Scarcella, J Schaarschmidt, P Schacht, D Schaefer, A Schaelicke, S Schaepe, S Schaetzel, U Schäfer, A C Schaffer, D Schaile, R D Schamberger, V Scharf, V A Schegelsky, D Scheirich, M Schernau, M I Scherzer, C Schiavi, J Schieck, C Schillo, M Schioppa, S Schlenker, E Schmidt, K Schmieden, C Schmitt, C Schmitt, S Schmitt, B Schneider, Y J Schnellbach, U Schnoor, L Schoeffel, A 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Yildirim, M Yilmaz, R Yoosoofmiya, K Yorita, R Yoshida, K Yoshihara, C Young, C J S Young, S Youssef, D R Yu, J Yu, J Yu, L Yuan, A Yurkewicz, B Zabinski, R Zaidan, A M Zaitsev, A Zaman, S Zambito, L Zanello, D Zanzi, A Zaytsev, C Zeitnitz, M Zeman, A Zemla, K Zengel, O Zenin, T Ženiš, D Zerwas, G Zevi Della Porta, D Zhang, H Zhang, J Zhang, L Zhang, X Zhang, Z Zhang, Z Zhao, A Zhemchugov, J Zhong, B Zhou, L Zhou, N Zhou, C G Zhu, H Zhu, J Zhu, Y Zhu, X Zhuang, A Zibell, D Zieminska, N I Zimine, C Zimmermann, R Zimmermann, S Zimmermann, S Zimmermann, Z Zinonos, M Ziolkowski, R Zitoun, G Zobernig, A Zoccoli, M Zur Nedden, G Zurzolo, V Zutshi, L Zwalinski
The jet energy scale (JES) and its systematic uncertainty are determined for jets measured with the ATLAS detector using proton-proton collision data with a centre-of-mass energy of [Formula: see text] TeV corresponding to an integrated luminosity of [Formula: see text][Formula: see text]. Jets are reconstructed from energy deposits forming topological clusters of calorimeter cells using the anti-[Formula: see text] algorithm with distance parameters [Formula: see text] or [Formula: see text], and are calibrated using MC simulations...
2015: European Physical Journal. C, Particles and Fields
Robert T Dauchy, Aaron E Hoffman, Melissa A Wren-Dail, John P Hanifin, Benjamin Warfield, George C Brainard, Shulin Xiang, Lin Yuan, Steven M Hill, Victoria P Belancio, Erin M Dauchy, Kara Smith, David E Blask
Light controls pineal melatonin production and temporally coordinates circadian rhythms of metabolism and physiology in normal and neoplastic tissues. We previously showed that peak circulating nocturnal melatonin levels were 7-fold higher after daytime spectral transmittance of white light through blue-tinted (compared with clear) rodent cages. Here, we tested the hypothesis that daytime blue-light amplification of nocturnal melatonin enhances the inhibition of metabolism, signaling activity, and growth of prostate cancer xenografts...
December 2015: Comparative Medicine
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