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Didier Bessis, Michèle Bigorre, Nausicaa Malissen, Guillaume Captier, Christine Chiaverini, Claire Abasq, Sébastien Barbarot, Olivia Boccara, Emmanuelle Bourrat, Hassan El Fertit, Catherine Eschard, Thomas Hubiche, Jean-Philippe Lacour, Nicolas Leboucq, Emmanuel Mahé, Stéphanie Mallet, Myriam Marque, Ludovic Martin, Juliette Mazereeuw-Hautier, Nathalie Milla, Alice Phan, Patrice Plantin, Marie-Christine Picot, Eve Puzenat, Valérie Rigau, Pierre Vabres, Sylvie Fraitag, Franck Boralevi
BACKGROUND: Hair collar sign (HCS) and hair tuft of the scalp (HTS) are cutaneous signs of an underlying neuroectodermal defect, but most available data are based on case reports. OBJECTIVE: We sought to define the clinical spectrum of HCS and HTS, clarify the risk for underlying neurovascular anomalies, and provide imaging recommendations. METHODS: A 10-year multicenter retrospective and prospective analysis of clinical, radiologic, and histopathologic features of HCS and HTS in pediatric patients was performed...
October 11, 2016: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology
Nicolas Chopin, Shinya Iikawa, Julien Bosson, Adeline Lavoignat, Guillaume Bonnot, Anne-Lise Bienvenu, Stéphane Picot, Jean-Philippe Bouillon, Maurice Médebielle
In this Letter we report on an efficient and short 2-3 steps synthesis of γ-hydroxy-γ-lactam derived-tetramates bearing a 7-chloro-4-aminoquinoline skeleton and their evaluation as potent antimalarials. These molecules were obtained through ring opening-ring closure (RORC) process of γ-ylidene-tetronate derivatives in the presence of 7-chloro-4-aminoquinoline-derived amines. In vitro antimalarial activity of these new γ-lactams was evaluated against Plasmodium falciparum clones of variable sensitivity (3D7 and W2) and they were found to be active in the range of 14-827nM with generally good resistance index...
September 15, 2016: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Marc P Girard, Roger Le-Grand, Valentina Picot, Christophe Longuet, Gary J Nabel
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 27, 2016: Vaccine
J Chanal, S Fouéré, F Yassir-Oria, N Spenatto, F Bouscarat, E Picot, P Martinet, C Vernay-Vaisse, F Pelletier, C Courtieu, V Baclet, C Bernier, D Aymar-Moulene, F Dupuis-Fourdan, A Passeron, C Bara-Passot, A-L Pinault, L Misery, M Janier, N Dupin
BACKGROUND: Since 2007 in France, human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination has been licensed for use as a vaccine against HPV 6, 11, 16 and 18. The impact on the epidemiology of external genital warts (EGWs) in a large population remains unclear. OBJECTIVES: To determine epidemiologic and clinical features of patients presenting EGWs in France in the era of HPV vaccination. PATIENTS AND METHODS: In this prospective, observational study, we analyzed clinical features and treatments between January 1st, 2012 and March 31, 2012 for patients consulting for EGWs at 15 STI clinics throughout France...
September 19, 2016: Annales de Dermatologie et de Vénéréologie
Chloé Monestier, Emmanuelle Gilot-Fromont, Nicolas Morellet, Lucie Debeffe, Nicolas Cebe, Joël Merlet, Denis Picot, Jean-Luc Rames, A J Mark Hewison, Hélène Verheyden
Individuals differ in the manner that they cope with risk. When these behavioral differences are manifested in risky or challenging environments (i.e. stressful situations), they are generally interpreted within the "coping style" framework. As studying inter-individual variability in behavior is particularly challenging in the wild, we used a captive facility to explore consistency in the individual behavioral response to an acute stress in roe deer (Capreolus capreolus). Using behavioral and physiological parameters measured six times across a calendar year, we first quantified individual repeatability and, second, explored the correlations among these parameters that might indicate a coherent stress response...
September 16, 2016: Behavioural Processes
Céline Eiden, Erika Nogue, Caroline Diot, Elisabeth Frauger, Emilie Jouanjus, Yves Léglise, Marie-Christine Picot, Hélène Peyriere
BACKGROUND: In France, buprenorphine has been available for opioid maintenance therapy since 1996 and since then its misuse has been continuously evaluated by the French health authorities. OBJECTIVES: To characterize buprenorphine misuse in Languedoc-Roussillon (LR) region, using three different approaches. METHODS: Three different data sources were analyzed : (i) spontaneous reports (NotS) of buprenorphine misuse or dependence, (ii) a specific periodic survey from specialized care centers (OPPIDUM) over 11 years (2002-2012) and (iii) a drug reimbursement database (DRB)...
December 5, 2016: Substance Use & Misuse
M Aguilar, L Ali Cavasonza, B Alpat, G Ambrosi, L Arruda, N Attig, S Aupetit, P Azzarello, A Bachlechner, F Barao, A Barrau, L Barrin, A Bartoloni, L Basara, S Başeǧmez-du Pree, M Battarbee, R Battiston, J Bazo, U Becker, M Behlmann, B Beischer, J Berdugo, B Bertucci, V Bindi, G Boella, W de Boer, K Bollweg, V Bonnivard, B Borgia, M J Boschini, M Bourquin, E F Bueno, J Burger, F Cadoux, X D Cai, M Capell, S Caroff, J Casaus, G Castellini, I Cernuda, F Cervelli, M J Chae, Y H Chang, A I Chen, G M Chen, H S Chen, L Cheng, H Y Chou, E Choumilov, V Choutko, C H Chung, C Clark, R Clavero, G Coignet, C Consolandi, A Contin, C Corti, B Coste, W Creus, M Crispoltoni, Z Cui, Y M Dai, C Delgado, S Della Torre, M B Demirköz, L Derome, S Di Falco, F Dimiccoli, C Díaz, P von Doetinchem, F Dong, F Donnini, M Duranti, D D'Urso, A Egorov, A Eline, T Eronen, J Feng, E Fiandrini, E Finch, P Fisher, V Formato, Y Galaktionov, G Gallucci, B García, R J García-López, C Gargiulo, H Gast, I Gebauer, M Gervasi, A Ghelfi, F Giovacchini, P Goglov, D M Gómez-Coral, J Gong, C Goy, V Grabski, D Grandi, M Graziani, I Guerri, K H Guo, M Habiby, S Haino, K C Han, Z H He, M Heil, J Hoffman, T H Hsieh, H Huang, Z C Huang, C Huh, M Incagli, M Ionica, W Y Jang, H Jinchi, S C Kang, K Kanishev, G N Kim, K S Kim, Th Kirn, C Konak, O Kounina, A Kounine, V Koutsenko, M S Krafczyk, G La Vacca, E Laudi, G Laurenti, I Lazzizzera, A Lebedev, H T Lee, S C Lee, C Leluc, H S Li, J Q Li, J Q Li, Q Li, T X Li, W Li, Z H Li, Z Y Li, S Lim, C H Lin, P Lipari, T Lippert, D Liu, Hu Liu, S Q Lu, Y S Lu, K Luebelsmeyer, F Luo, J Z Luo, S S Lv, R Majka, C Mañá, J Marín, T Martin, G Martínez, N Masi, D Maurin, A Menchaca-Rocha, Q Meng, D C Mo, L Morescalchi, P Mott, T Nelson, J Q Ni, N Nikonov, F Nozzoli, P Nunes, A Oliva, M Orcinha, F Palmonari, C Palomares, M Paniccia, M Pauluzzi, S Pensotti, R Pereira, N Picot-Clemente, F Pilo, C Pizzolotto, V Plyaskin, M Pohl, V Poireau, A Putze, L Quadrani, X M Qi, X Qin, Z Y Qu, T Räihä, P G Rancoita, D Rapin, J S Ricol, I Rodríguez, S Rosier-Lees, A Rozhkov, D Rozza, R Sagdeev, J Sandweiss, P Saouter, S Schael, S M Schmidt, A Schulz von Dratzig, G Schwering, E S Seo, B S Shan, J Y Shi, T Siedenburg, D Son, J W Song, W H Sun, M Tacconi, X W Tang, Z C Tang, L Tao, D Tescaro, Samuel C C Ting, S M Ting, N Tomassetti, J Torsti, C Türkoğlu, T Urban, V Vagelli, E Valente, C Vannini, E Valtonen, M Vázquez Acosta, M Vecchi, M Velasco, J P Vialle, V Vitale, S Vitillo, L Q Wang, N H Wang, Q L Wang, X Wang, X Q Wang, Z X Wang, C C Wei, Z L Weng, K Whitman, J Wienkenhöver, M Willenbrock, H Wu, X Wu, X Xia, R Q Xiong, W Xu, Q Yan, J Yang, M Yang, Y Yang, H Yi, Y J Yu, Z Q Yu, S Zeissler, C Zhang, J Zhang, J H Zhang, S D Zhang, S W Zhang, Z Zhang, Z M Zheng, Z Q Zhu, H L Zhuang, V Zhukov, A Zichichi, N Zimmermann, P Zuccon
A precision measurement by AMS of the antiproton flux and the antiproton-to-proton flux ratio in primary cosmic rays in the absolute rigidity range from 1 to 450 GV is presented based on 3.49×10^{5} antiproton events and 2.42×10^{9} proton events. The fluxes and flux ratios of charged elementary particles in cosmic rays are also presented. In the absolute rigidity range ∼60 to ∼500  GV, the antiproton p[over ¯], proton p, and positron e^{+} fluxes are found to have nearly identical rigidity dependence and the electron e^{-} flux exhibits a different rigidity dependence...
August 26, 2016: Physical Review Letters
Marie-Christine Picot, Audrey Jaussent, Dorine Neveu, Philippe Kahane, Arielle Crespel, Philippe Gelisse, Edouard Hirsch, Philippe Derambure, Sophie Dupont, Elizabeth Landré, Francine Chassoux, Luc Valton, Jean-Pierre Vignal, Cécile Marchal, Catherine Lamy, Franck Semah, Arnaud Biraben, Alexis Arzimanoglou, Jérôme Petit, Pierre Thomas, Valérie Macioce, Pierre Dujols, Philippe Ryvlin
OBJECTIVE: Despite its well-known effectiveness, the cost-effectiveness of epilepsy surgery has never been demonstrated in France. We compared cost-effectiveness between resective surgery and medical therapy in a controlled cohort of adult patients with partial intractable epilepsy. METHODS: A prospective cohort of adult patients with surgically remediable and medically intractable partial epilepsy was followed over 5 years in the 15 French centers. Effectiveness was defined as 1 year without a seizure, based on the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) classification...
October 2016: Epilepsia
Pascal H Colson, Philippe Gaudard, Jean-Luc Fellahi, Héléna Bertet, Marie Faucanie, Julien Amour, Yvonnick Blanloeil, Hervé Lanquetot, Alexandre Ouattara, Marie Christine Picot
MAIN OBJECTIVES: To estimate the incidence of active bleeding after cardiac surgery (AB) based on a definition directly related on blood flow from chest drainage; to describe the AB characteristics and its management; to identify factors of postoperative complications. METHODS: AB was defined as a blood loss > 1.5 ml/kg/h for 6 consecutive hours within the first 24 hours or in case of reoperation for hemostasis during the first 12 postoperative hours. The definition was applied in a prospective longitudinal observational study involving 29 French centers; all adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass were included over a 3-month period...
2016: PloS One
Gautier Hoarau, Juliette Miquel, Sandrine Picot
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 24, 2016: Journal of Pediatrics
Yan Li, Han Zhang, Maria Crespo, Harshit Porwal, Olivier Picot, Giovanni Santagiuliana, Zhaohui Huang, Ettore Barbieri, Nicola M Pugno, Ton Peijs, Emiliano Bilotti
Any industrial application aiming at exploiting the exceptional properties of graphene in composites or coatings is currently limited by finding viable production methods for large volumes of good quality and high aspect ratio graphene, few layer graphene (FLG) or graphite nanoplatelets (GNP). Final properties of the resulting composites are inherently related to those of the initial graphitic nanoparticles, which typically depend on time-consuming, resource-demanding and/or low yield liquid exfoliation processes...
September 14, 2016: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
G Bertrand, R Hirata, H Pauwels, L Cary, E Petelet-Giraud, E Chatton, L Aquilina, T Labasque, V Martins, S Montenegro, J Batista, A Aurouet, J Santos, R Bertolo, G Picot, M Franzen, R Hochreutener, G Braibant
In a context of increasing land use pressure (over-exploitation, surface-water contamination) and repeated droughts, identifying the processes affecting groundwater quality in coastal megacities of the tropical and arid countries will condition their long-term social and environmental sustainability. The present study focuses on the Brazilian Recife Metropolitan Region (RMR), which is a highly urbanized area (3,743,854 inhabitants in 2010) on the Atlantic coast located next to an estuarial zone and overlying a multi-layered sedimentary system featured by a variable sediment texture and organic content...
September 2016: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology
M Cachera, M Lagrange-Xélot, L Bellec, M Moiton, R Manaquin, S Picot, A Lignereux, I Degasne
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2016: Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses
A Bertolotti, P Gerardin, N Zemali, R Manaquin, G Borgherini, A Foucher, S Picot, J Jaubert, P Poubeau, G Camuset
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2016: Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses
E Thomas, A Bertolotti, A Barreau, J Klisnick, P Tournebize, G Borgherini, N Zemali, G Jouvion, S Bretagne, S Picot
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2016: Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses
Carmen Mariana Aanei, Tiphanie Picot, Emmanuelle Tavernier, Denis Guyotat, Lydia Campos Catafal
Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDSs) are clonal disorders of hematopoiesis that exhibit heterogeneous clinical presentation and morphological findings, which complicates diagnosis, especially in early stages. Recently, refined definitions and standards in the diagnosis and treatment of MDS were proposed, but numerous questions remain. Multiparameter flow cytometry (MFC) is a helpful tool for the diagnostic workup of patients with suspected MDS, and various scores using MFC data have been developed. However, none of these methods have achieved the sensitivity that is required for a reassuring diagnosis in the absence of morphological abnormalities...
2016: Frontiers in Oncology
P Picot, O Taché, F Malloggi, T Coradin, A Thill
Imogolites are natural aluminosilicate nanotubes that have a diameter of a few nanometers and can be several microns long. These nanotubes have different chemical groups on their internal (Si-OH) and external (Al-OH-Al) surfaces, that can be easily functionalised independently on both surfaces. Here we show that taking advantage of the particular shape and chemistry of imogolite, it is possible to prepare inside/out Janus nanotubes. Two kinds of symmetric Janus nanotubes are prepared: one with an external hydrophilic surface and an internal hydrophobic cavity (imo-CH3) and one with an external hydrophobic surface and a hydrophilic internal cavity (OPA-imo)...
October 6, 2016: Faraday Discussions
N Zemali, G Guillemot, J Jaubert, S Picot, E Thomas, J P Becquart, G Camuset, P Gérardin, A Michault, S Kwiatek
OBJECTIVE: The increasing resistance of Helicobacter pylori to clarithromycin led to developing new eradication treatment regimens. The objective of our observational study was to determine the proportion of H. pylori strains resistant to clarithromycin in infected patients in Reunion Island and to suggest a first-line treatment in agreement with the local ecology. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We included 200 patients who underwent esophagogastroduodenoscopy at the University Hospital of Saint-Pierre from February to July 2014...
July 14, 2016: Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses
Ronan Thibault, Denis Picot
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Patients with double temporary enterostomy or enterocutaneous fistula may suffer from intestinal failure. Parenteral nutrition is the gold standard treatment until surgical re-establishment of intestinal continuity, but serious complications may arise. Chyme reinfusion or enteroclysis are indicated. RECENT FINDINGS: Chyme reinfusion corrects the intestinal failure by restoring intestinal absorption, allowing parenteral nutrition weaning in 91% of patients...
June 29, 2016: Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care
Lucie Bergdoll, Felix Ten Brink, Wolfgang Nitschke, Daniel Picot, Frauke Baymann
The electrochemical parameters of all cofactors in the supercomplex formed by the Rieske/cytb complex and the SoxM/A-type O2-reductase from the menaquinone-containing Firmicute Geobacillus stearothermophilus were determined by spectroelectrochemistry and EPR redox titrations. All redox midpoint potentials (Em) were found to be lower than those of ubi- or plastoquinone-containing systems by a value comparable to the redox potential difference between the respective quinones. In particular, Em values of +200mV, -360mV, -220mV and -50mV (at pH7) were obtained for the Rieske cluster, heme bL, heme bH and heme ci, respectively...
September 2016: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
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