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Riitta Mikkola, Eija Paavilainen, Mari Salminen-Tuomaala, Päivi Leikkola
Acutely ill patients are often treated on site instead of being transported to hospital, so wide-ranging professional competence is required from staff. The aim of this study was to describe and produce new information about out-of-hospital emergency care providers' competence, skills and willingness to engage in self-development activities, and to uncover challenges experienced by care providers in the midst of changing work practices. A quantitative questionnaire was sent to out-of-hospital emergency care providers (N = 142, response rate 53%) of one Finnish hospital district...
May 19, 2017: Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences
Blake R Rushing, Mustafa I Selim
Aflatoxin B2a has been shown to bind to proteins through a dialdehyde intermediate under physiological conditions. The proposed structure of this adduct has been published showing a Schiff base interaction, but adequate verification using structural elucidation instrumental techniques has not been performed. In this work, we synthesized the aflatoxin B2a amino acid adduct under alkaline conditions and the formation of a new product was determined using high performance liquid chromatography-time of flight mass spectrometry...
May 17, 2017: Chemical Research in Toxicology
Thomas Reinke
The biosimilar segment of the pharmaceutical industry is on fire. Some 700 biosimilars are at some stage of development, and more than 660 companies are involved in some way in the biosimilars land rush. Still, only a handful may get on the market in the next few years.
March 2017: Managed Care
Simone Lista, Henrik Zetterberg, Sid E O'Bryant, Kaj Blennow, Harald Hampel
Substantial progress in the understanding of the biology of Alzheimer's disease (AD) has been achieved over the past decades. The early detection and diagnosis of AD and other age-related neurodegenerative diseases, however, remain a challenging scientific frontier. Therefore, the comprehensive discovery (relating to all individual, converging or diverging biochemical disease mechanisms), development, validation, and qualification of standardized biological markers with diagnostic and prognostic functions with a precise performance profile regarding specificity, sensitivity, and positive and negative predictive value are warranted...
2017: Methods in Molecular Biology
Kevin A Cook, John M Kelso, Andrew A White
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 11, 2017: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in Practice
David Simmons, Shejil Kumar, Nic Crook, Elaine Rush
BACKGROUND: Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a risk factor for subsequent development of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). We have investigated the extent of this risk among Māori women without known diabetes. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We recruited 2786 Māori women aged 28-86 years between 2004 and 2006, without diagnosed diabetes from the Waikato and Southern Lakes regions, via media, community and general practitioner channels, and invited them for an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)...
May 15, 2017: Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Sverre Christian Christiansen, Anders Lyngvi Fougner, Øyvind Stavdahl, Konstanze Kölle, Reinold Ellingsen, Sven Magnus Carlsen
INTRODUCTION: Patients with diabetes type 1 (DM1) struggle daily to achieve good glucose control. The last decade has seen a rush of research groups working towards an artificial pancreas (AP) through the application of a double subcutaneous approach, i.e., subcutaneous (SC) continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion. Few have focused on the fundamental limitations of this approach, especially regarding outcome measures beyond time in range. METHODS: Based on insulin physiology, the limitations of CGM, SC insulin absorption, meal challenge, and physical activity in DM1 patients, we discuss the limitations of the double SC approach...
May 13, 2017: Diabetes Therapy: Research, Treatment and Education of Diabetes and related Disorders
Xiaolin Teng, Qingjing Hu, Leiming Zhang, Jiajia Qi, Jinhui Shi, Huan Xie, Huiwang Gao, Xiaohong Yao
To assess the relative contributions of traffic emission and other potential sources to high-levels of atmospheric ammonia (NH3) in urban areas in wintertime, atmospheric NH3 and related pollutants were measured at an urban site, ~300 m from a major traffic road, in northern China in November and December 2015. Hourly average NH3 varied from 0.3 to 10.8 ppb with an average of 2.4 ppb during the campaign. Contrary to the common perspective in literature, traffic emission was demonstrated to be a negligible contributor to atmospheric NH3...
May 15, 2017: Environmental Science & Technology
Robert L Wears, Gary Klein
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 10, 2017: Annals of Emergency Medicine
Lukas J Schnitzler, Tobias Schreckenbach, Aleksandra Nadaj-Pakleza, Werner Stenzel, Elisabeth J Rushing, Philip Van Damme, Andreas Ferbert, Susanne Petri, Christian Hartmann, Antje Bornemann, Andreas Meisel, Jens A Petersen, Thomas Tousseyn, Dietmar R Thal, Jens Reimann, Peter De Jonghe, Jean-Jacques Martin, Peter Y Van den Bergh, Jörg B Schulz, Joachim Weis, Kristl G Claeys
BACKGROUND: Sporadic late-onset nemaline myopathy (SLONM) is a rare, late-onset muscle disorder, characterized by the presence of nemaline rods in muscle fibers. Phenotypic characterization in a large cohort and a comprehensive overview of SLONM are lacking. METHODS: We studied the clinico-pathological features, treatment and outcome in a large cohort of 76 patients with SLONM, comprising 10 new patients and 66 cases derived from a literature meta-analysis (PubMed, 1966-2016), and compared these with 15 reported HIV-associated nemaline myopathy (HIV-NM) cases...
May 11, 2017: Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases
Louise Weiwei Lu, Bernard Venn, Jun Lu, John Monro, Elaine Rush
Background: Globally, hot cooked refined rice is consumed in large quantities and is a major contributor to dietary glycaemic load. This study aimed to compare the glycaemic potency of hot- and cold-stored parboiled rice to widely available medium-grain white rice. Method: Twenty-eight healthy volunteers participated in a three-treatment experiment where postprandial blood glucose was measured over 120 min after consumption of 140 g of rice. The three rice samples were freshly cooked medium-grain white rice, freshly cooked parboiled rice, and parboiled rice stored overnight at 4 °C...
May 10, 2017: Nutrients
Fatou Amar, Mathew A Sherman, Travis Rush, Megan Larson, Gabriel Boyle, Liu Chang, Jürgen Götz, Alain Buisson, Sylvain E Lesné
Oligomeric forms of amyloid-forming proteins are believed to be the principal initiating bioactive species in many neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer's disease (AD). Amyloid-β (Aβ) oligomers are implicated in AD-associated phosphorylation and aggregation of the microtubule-associated protein tau. To investigate the specific molecular pathways activated by different assemblies, we isolated various forms of Aβ from Tg2576 mice, which are a model for AD. We found that Aβ*56, a 56-kDa oligomer that is detected before patients develop overt signs of AD, induced specific changes in neuronal signaling...
May 9, 2017: Science Signaling
David B K Golden
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2017: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in Practice
Alison R Howarth, Sophie Day, Linda Greene, Helen Ward
BACKGROUND: High quality sexual health services are needed to improve both individual and public health outcomes. This study set out to explore what is important to patients who visit a sexual health clinic, and examine their understanding of standard survey questions, in order to inform the collection and interpretation of patient experience data that are used to improve services. METHODS: We conducted a cross-sectional, qualitative study. In the first part of the interview, we used "discovery interviews" to explore patients' experiences of attending a central London walk-in sexual health clinic...
May 5, 2017: BMC Health Services Research
Jonathan Rush, Scott M Hofer
The study of change and variation within individuals, and the relative comparison of changes across individuals, relies on the assumption that observed measurements reflect true change in the construct being measured. Measurement properties that change over time, contexts, or people pose a fundamental threat to validity and lead to ambiguous conclusions about change and variation. We highlight such measurement issues from a within-person perspective and discuss the merits of measurement-intensive research designs for improving precision of both within-person and between-person analysis...
June 2017: Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development
Rush D Holt
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 5, 2017: Science
Alireza Ermagun, Snigdhansu Chatterjee, David Levinson
This empirical study sheds light on the spatial correlation of traffic links under different traffic regimes. We mimic the behavior of real traffic by pinpointing the spatial correlation between 140 freeway traffic links in a major sub-network of the Minneapolis-St. Paul freeway system with a grid-like network topology. This topology enables us to juxtapose the positive and negative correlation between links, which has been overlooked in short-term traffic forecasting models. To accurately and reliably measure the correlation between traffic links, we develop an algorithm that eliminates temporal trends in three dimensions: (1) hourly dimension, (2) weekly dimension, and (3) system dimension for each link...
2017: PloS One
William Gibson, Kathleen F Hunter, Richard Camicioli, Joanne Booth, Dawn A Skelton, Chantale Dumoulin, Lorna Paul, Adrian Wagg
BACKGROUND: There is a well-recognised association between falls and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in older adults, with estimates of odd ratios for falls in the presence of LUTS ranging between 1.5 and 2.3. Falls and LUTS are both highly prevalent among older people and both are markers of frailty, with significant associated morbidity, mortality, and healthcare resource cost. This association is not well examined or explained in the literature. AIMS: We aimed to outline current knowledge of the association between falls and lower urinary tract symptoms and suggest a research program to further investigate this...
May 4, 2017: Neurourology and Urodynamics
Elaine Rush, Vladimir Obolonkin, Leanne Young, Madeleine Kirk, Marilyn Tseng
To reduce weight gain and encourage healthy eating including reduced sugar intake, Under 5 Energize (U5E) was introduced to 121 early-childhood-centres in the Waikato region of New Zealand in July 2013. Using anonymized data collected from January 2013 to September 2016 through free physical assessments of all 4-year-olds provided by the NZ Ministry of Health, the prevalence of obesity and dental decay children measured in the Waikato region was examined. Data were divided into four periods representing pre-implementation and 3 years of gradual implementation...
May 4, 2017: Nutrients
Adina Landsberg, Kate Shannon, Andrea Krüsi, Kora DeBeck, M-J Milloy, Ekaterina Nosova, Thomas Kerr, Kanna Hayashi
Previous research indicates that criminalization of sex work is associated with harms among sex workers. In 2013, the Vancouver Police Department changed their sex work policy to no longer target sex workers while continuing to target clients and third parties in an effort to increase the safety of sex workers (similar to "end-demand sex work" approaches being adopted in a number of countries globally). We sought to investigate the trends and correlates of rushing negotiations with clients due to police presence among 359 sex workers who use drugs in Vancouver before and after the guideline change...
May 3, 2017: Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine
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