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Babasaheb M Matsagar, Shahriar A Hossain, Tofazzal Islam, Hatem R Alamri, Zeid A Alothman, Yusuke Yamauchi, Paresh L Dhepe, Kevin C-W Wu
The conversion of raw biomass into C5-sugars and furfural was demonstrated with the one-pot method using Brønsted acidic ionic liquids (BAILs) without any mineral acids or metal halides. Various BAILs were synthesized and characterized using NMR, FT-IR, TGA, and CHNS microanalysis and were used as the catalyst for raw biomass conversion. The remarkably high yield (i.e. 88%) of C5 sugars from bagasse can be obtained using 1-methyl-3(3-sulfopropyl)-imidazolium hydrogen sulfate ([C3SO3HMIM][HSO4]) BAIL catalyst in a water medium...
October 18, 2017: Scientific Reports
Onder Albayram, Asami Kondo, Rebekah Mannix, Colin Smith, Cheng-Yu Tsai, Chenyu Li, Megan K Herbert, Jianhua Qiu, Michael Monuteaux, Jane Driver, Sandra Yan, William Gormley, Ava M Puccio, David O Okonkwo, Brandon Lucke-Wold, Julian Bailes, William Meehan, Mark Zeidel, Kun Ping Lu, Xiao Zhen Zhou
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is characterized by acute neurological dysfunction and associated with the development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and Alzheimer's disease. We previously showed that cis phosphorylated tau (cis P-tau), but not the trans form, contributes to tau pathology and functional impairment in an animal model of severe TBI. Here we found that in human samples obtained post TBI due to a variety of causes, cis P-tau is induced in cortical axons and cerebrospinal fluid and positively correlates with axonal injury and clinical outcome...
October 17, 2017: Nature Communications
Steven Greenberg, Glenn S Murphy, Michael J Avram, Torin Shear, Jessica Benson, Kruti N Parikh, Aashka Patel, Rebecca Newmark, Vimal Patel, Julian Bailes, Joseph W Szokol
OBJECTIVE: To determine whether opioids during the first 24 postoperative hours were significantly altered when receiving intravenous (IV) acetaminophen during that time compared to those receiving placebo (normal saline). METHODS: One hundred forty patients undergoing any craniotomy were randomly assigned to receive either 1g of IV acetaminophen or placebo upon surgical closure, and every six hours thereafter, up to 18 hours postoperatively. Analgesic requirements for the first 24 hours postoperatively were recorded...
October 14, 2017: World Neurosurgery
Zhaoju Yang, Meng Xiao, Fei Gao, Ling Lu, Yidong Chong, Baile Zhang
We present an erratum regarding the number of space group in our paper.
October 2, 2017: Optics Express
Baile Chen
A novel active region design based on a type-II InGaAs/GaAsSbBi quantum wells on GaAs substrate is proposed and studied in this work. The band structures of the InGaAs/GaAsSbBi type-II quantum wells are studied based on a self-consistent 14-band k·p model. The electronic and optical properties of dilute-bismide InGaAs/GaAsSbBi type-II quantum well structures are investigated theoretically. Moreover, the room temperature gain characteristics of the laser active region are studied with different Bi composition...
October 16, 2017: Optics Express
Bailing Li, Wei Zhou, Xiaojun Tang, Wei Wang, Jiajun Pan, Mengwei Tan
BACKGROUND/AIMS: The imbalance of Treg/Th17 cells plays important role in the pathogenesis of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). Response gene to complement (RGC)-32 is a cell cycle regulator that plays an important role in cell proliferation. We evaluated whether the upregulation of RGC-32 was implicated in the homeostasis of Treg/Th17 cells in DCM. METHODS: The levels of plasma RGC-32, IL-17 and TGF-β1, and the frequencies of circulating CD4+ RGC-32+ T cells, Th17 and Treg cells in patients with DCM were determined by Cytokine-specific sandwich ELISA and the flow cytometer (FCM), respectively...
October 16, 2017: Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry
Liping Fang, Qiantao Shi, Jessica Nguyen, Baile Wu, Zimeng Wang, Irene M C Lo
Lanthanum-based materials are effective for sequestering phosphate in water, however their removal mechanisms remain unclear, and the effects of environmentally relevant factors have not yet been studied. Hereby, this study explored the mechanisms of phosphate removal using La(OH)3 by employing extended X-ray absorption spectroscopy (EXAFS), attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR), density functional theory (DFT) and chemical equilibrium modeling. The results showed that surface complexation was the primary mechanism for phosphate removal and in binary phosphate configurations, namely diprotonated bidentate mononuclear (BM-H2) and bidentate binuclear (BB-H2), coexisting on La(OH)3 in acidic conditions...
October 16, 2017: Environmental Science & Technology
Bailing Zhou, Huiying Zhao, Jiafeng Yu, Chengang Guo, Xianghua Dou, Feng Song, Guodong Hu, Zanxia Cao, Yuanxu Qu, Yuedong Yang, Yaoqi Zhou, Jihua Wang
Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) play important functional roles in various biological processes. Early databases were utilized to deposit all lncRNA candidates produced by high-throughput experimental and/or computational techniques to facilitate classification, assessment and validation. As more lncRNAs are validated by low-throughput experiments, several databases were established for experimentally validated lncRNAs. However, these databases are small in scale (with a few hundreds of lncRNAs only) and specific in their focuses (plants, diseases or interactions)...
July 29, 2017: Nucleic Acids Research
Jörn F Dopheide, Tim Sebastian, Rolf P Engelberger, Axel Haine, Nils Kucher
BACKGROUND: Rheolytic thrombectomy (RT) for acute iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis (DVT) with first-generation techniques is often incomplete and adjunctive conventional catheter-directed thrombolysis (CDT) is required in more than half of patients to achieve venous patency. PATIENTS AND METHODS: From the prospective Bern Venous Stent Registry, we investigated rates of primary treatment success, primary patency, and post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) from 40 consecutive patients (mean age 51 ± 19 years, 45 % women) with acute iliofemoral DVT, treated with a novel directional RT technology and stent placement...
October 5, 2017: VASA. Zeitschrift Für Gefässkrankheiten
Matthew Panagiotou, Athanasios Manginas, Charalampos Kyriazis, Dimos Karangelis
Transcatheter aortic valve replacement has emerged as an alternative to surgical aortic valve replacement for high-risk and inoperable patients. Although transcatheter aortic valve replacement avoids the use of extracorporeal circulation and sternotomy, it is nonetheless associated with inherent complications. We aim to present an embolized valve-in-valve complex in the ascending aorta, which required emergency surgery with deep hypothermic circulatory arrest and proximal aortic cannulation.
July 21, 2017: European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery
Vimal Patel, Julian E Bailes
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 26, 2017: World Neurosurgery
Tzu-Hua Chen-Liang, Taida Martín-Santos, Andrés Jerez, Guillermo Rodríguez-García, Leonor Senent, Cristina Martínez-Millán, Begoña Muiña, Mayte Orero, Anabel Teruel, Alejandro Martín, Joaquín Gómez-Espuch, Kyra Kennedy, Carmen Benet, José María Raya, Marta Fernández-González, Fátima de la Cruz, Marta Guinot, Carolina Villegas, Isabel Ballester, Mónica Baile, María Moya, Javier López-Jiménez, Laura Frutos, José Luis Navarro, Jon Uña, Rosa Fernández-López, Carolina Igua, José Contreras, Raquel Sánchez-Vañó, María Del Puig Cozar, Pilar Tamayo, Jorge Mucientes, José Javier Sánchez-Blanco, Elena Pérez-Ceballos, Francisco José Ortuño
Several studies have reported uneven results when evaluating the prognostic value of bone marrow biopsy (BMB) and PET/CT as part of the staging of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). The heterogeneity of the inclusion criteria and not taking into account selection and collinearity biases in the analysis models might explain part of these discrepancies. To address this issue we have carried a retrospective multicenter study including 268 DLBCL patients with a BMB and a PET/CT available at diagnosis where we estimated both the prognosis impact and the diagnostic accuracy of each technique...
September 27, 2017: Cancer Medicine
Jing Jiang, Daohua Zhang, Baile Zhang, Yu Luo
The interaction between graphene-coated nanostructures provides interesting optical properties not found in isolated graphene plasmonic structures. However, full-analytical solutions, which can provide deep physical insights underlying the hybrid graphene plasmonic systems, are difficult to achieve. In this Letter, we deploy the theory of transformation optics to study the plasmonic interactions between two dielectric-core-graphene-shell nanowires. The scattering and absorption spectra as well as the field distributions are derived analytically...
August 1, 2017: Optics Letters
Urja D Nimbalkar, Julio A Seijas, Maria Pilar Vazquez-Tato, Manoj G Damale, Jaiprakash N Sangshetti, Anna Pratima G Nikalje
A series of 6-amino-4-substituted-3-methyl-2,4-dihydropyrano[2,3-c]pyrazole-5-carbonitriles 5a-j were synthesized via one-pot, four-component condensation reactions of aryl aldehydes 1a-j, propanedinitrile (2), hydrazine hydrate (3) and ethyl acetoacetate (4) under solvent-free conditions. We report herein the use of the Brønsted acid ionic liquid (BAIL) triethylammonium hydrogen sulphate [Et₃NH][HSO₄] as catalyst for this multi-component synthesis. Compared with the available reaction methodology, this new method has consistent advantages, including excellent yields, a short reaction time, mild reaction conditions and catalyst reusability...
September 28, 2017: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Baile Wu, Liping Fang, John D Fortner, Xiaohong Guan, Irene M C Lo
The use of lanthanum (La)-based materials for phosphate removal from water and wastewater has received increasing attention. However, challenges remain to enhance phosphate sorption capacities and recover La-based sorbents. In this study, magnetic La(OH)3/Fe3O4 nanocomposites with varied La-to-Fe mass ratios were synthesized through a precipitation and hydrothermal method. Based upon preliminary screening of synthesized La(OH)3/Fe3O4 nanocomposites in terms of phosphate sorption capacity and La content, La(OH)3/Fe3O4 nanocomposite with a La-to-Fe mass ratio of 4:1 was chosen for further characterization and evaluation...
September 20, 2017: Water Research
Ronald Cw Ma, Stefano Del Prato, Baptist Gallwitz, Vyankatesh K Shivane, Diane Lewis-D'Agostino, Zelie Bailes, Sanjay Patel, Jisoo Lee, Maximilian von Eynatten, Maximiliano Di Domenico, Stuart A Ross
AIMS/INTRODUCTION: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is an epidemic in Asia, yet clinical trials of glucose-lowering therapies often enrol predominantly Western populations. We explored the initial combination of metformin and linagliptin, a dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor, in newly diagnosed T2DM patients in Asia with marked hyperglycemia. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This was a post-hoc subgroup analysis of a multinational, parallel-group clinical trial in which 316 newly diagnosed T2DM patients with glycated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) 8...
September 16, 2017: Journal of Diabetes Investigation
Norihiko Kamioka, Jose Miguel Iturbe, Frank Corrigan, Stamatios Lerakis, Jessica Forcillo, Vinod Thourani, Peter Block, Vasilis Babaliaros
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 6, 2017: JACC. Cardiovascular Interventions
Thomas Zeller, Ralf Langhoff, Krishna J Rocha-Singh, Michael R Jaff, Erwin Blessing, Beatrice Amann-Vesti, Marek Krzanowski, Patrick Peeters, Dierk Scheinert, Giovanni Torsello, Sebastian Sixt, Gunnar Tepe
BACKGROUND: Studies assessing drug-coated balloons (DCB) for the treatment of femoropopliteal artery disease are encouraging. However, challenging lesions, such as severely calcified, remain difficult to treat with DCB alone. Vessel preparation with directional atherectomy (DA) potentially improves outcomes of DCB. METHODS AND RESULTS: DEFINITIVE AR study (Directional Atherectomy Followed by a Paclitaxel-Coated Balloon to Inhibit Restenosis and Maintain Vessel Patency-A Pilot Study of Anti-Restenosis Treatment) was a multicenter randomized trial designed to estimate the effect of DA before DCB to facilitate the development of future end point-driven randomized studies...
September 2017: Circulation. Cardiovascular Interventions
Timothy Gilligan, Kari Bohlke, Walter F Baile
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 15, 2017: Journal of Oncology Practice
Chenming Zhang, Jing Wang, Hui Gao, Xiuqin Wang, Min Wu, Bailing Guo, Chunlei Liu, Wei Liu
PURPOSE: To report our experience on treatment of primary congenital glaucoma with trabeculectomy in combination with biological amniotic membranes soaked with 5-fluorouracil. METHODS: This is a retrospective study. Thirty primary congenital glaucoma (PCG) patients (41 eyes) were treated with trabeculectomy in combination with biological amniotic membranes soaked with 5-fluorouracil before operation and followed up for 2.75 ± 1.35 years in average ranging from 1...
September 13, 2017: International Ophthalmology
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