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Vineel P Reddy, Krishna C Chinta, Vikram Saini, Joel N Glasgow, Travis D Hull, Amie Traylor, Fernanda Rey-Stolle, Miguel P Soares, Rajhmun Madansein, Md Aejazur Rahman, Coral Barbas, Kievershen Nargan, Threnesan Naidoo, Pratistadevi K Ramdial, James F George, Anupam Agarwal, Adrie J C Steyn
Iron is an essential factor for the growth and virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ( Mtb) . However, little is known about the mechanisms by which the host controls iron availability during infection. Since ferritin heavy chain (FtH) is a major intracellular source of reserve iron in the host, we hypothesized that the lack of FtH would cause dysregulated iron homeostasis to exacerbate TB disease. Therefore, we used knockout mice lacking FtH in myeloid-derived cell populations to study Mtb disease progression...
2018: Frontiers in Immunology
Gaurav Kumar, Timothy Blair Van Cleve, Jiyun Park, Adri C T van Duin, J Will Medlin, Michael J Janik
We investigate the structure and binding energy of alkanethiolate SAMs on Pd (111), Pd (100), and Pd (110) facets at different coverages. Dispersion-corrected density functional theory calculations are used to correlate the binding energy of alkane thiolates with alkyl chain length and coverage. The equilibrium coverage of thiolate layers strongly prefers 1/3 ML on the Pd (111) surface. The coverage of thiolates varies with chemical potential on Pd (100) and Pd (110), increasing from 1/3 ML to ½ ML on (100) and ¼ to ½ ML on (110) as the thiol chemical potential is increased...
May 16, 2018: Langmuir: the ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids
Silvan Licher, Pınar Yilmaz, Maarten J G Leening, Frank J Wolters, Meike W Vernooij, Blossom C M Stephan, M Kamran Ikram, M Arfan Ikram
To systematically review the literature for dementia prediction models for use in the general population and externally validate their performance in a head-to-head comparison. We selected four prediction models for validation: CAIDE, BDSI, ANU-ADRI and DRS. From the Rotterdam Study, 6667 non-demented individuals aged 55 years and older were assessed between 1997 and 2001. Subsequently, participants were followed for dementia until 1 January, 2015. For each individual, we computed the risk of dementia using the reported scores from each prediction model...
May 8, 2018: European Journal of Epidemiology
Angela M P Coolen, Joost R C Lameijer, Adri C Voogd, Luc J Strobbe, Marieke W J Louwman, Vivianne C G Tjan-Heijnen, Lucien E M Duijm
PURPOSE: We determined whether the addition of the technologist's opinion may be helpful in deciding if discordant readings at blinded double reading should be recalled. METHODS: A consecutive series of 99,013 digital screening mammograms, obtained between July 2013 and January 2015, were included. All mammograms were first interpreted by a technologist and then double read in a blinded fashion by a team of 13 screening radiologists. All concordant and discordant positive readings among radiologists were recalled...
May 5, 2018: Breast Cancer Research and Treatment
John S Chorba, Adri M Galvan, Kevan M Shokat
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 4, 2018: Journal of Biological Chemistry
Alexandra J van den Broek, Marjanka K Schmidt, Laura J van 't Veer, Hester S A Oldenburg, Emiel J Rutgers, Nicola S Russell, Vincent T H B M Smit, Adri C Voogd, Linetta B Koppert, Sabine Siesling, Jan J Jobsen, Pieter J Westenend, Flora E van Leeuwen, Rob A E M Tollenaar
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of different types of surgery on breast cancer prognosis in germline BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation carriers compared with noncarriers. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Although breast-conserving therapy (breast-conserving surgery followed by radiotherapy) has been associated with more local recurrences than mastectomy, no differences in overall survival have been found in randomized trials performed in the general breast cancer population...
May 1, 2018: Annals of Surgery
Mert Y Sengul, Clive A Randall, Adri C T van Duin
The intermolecular structure formation in liquid and supercritical acetic acid-water mixtures was investigated using ReaxFF-based molecular dynamics simulations. The microscopic structures of acetic acid-water mixtures with different acetic acid mole fractions (1.0 ≥ xHAc ≥ 0.2) at ambient and critical conditions were examined. The potential energy surface associated with the dissociation of acetic acid molecules was calculated using a metadynamics procedure to optimize the dissociation energy of ReaxFF potential...
April 28, 2018: Journal of Chemical Physics
Coriene J L M Catsman, Martinus A Beek, Adri C Voogd, Paul G H Mulder, Ernest J T Luiten
BACKGROUND: Cosmetic result in breast cancer surgery is gaining increased interest. Currently, some 30-40% of the patients treated with breast conserving surgery (BCS) are dissatisfied with their final cosmetic result. In order to prevent disturbing breast deformity oncoplastic surgical techniques have been introduced. The extent of different levels of oncoplastic surgery incorporated in breast conserving surgery and its value with regard to cosmetic outcome, patient satisfaction and quality of life remains to be defined...
April 23, 2018: BMC Cancer
Joost R C Lameijer, Angela Coolen, Adri C Voogd, Luc J Strobbe, Marieke W J Louwman, Dick Venderink, Vivian C Tjan-Heijnen, Lucien E M Duijm
PURPOSE: To determine the frequency and characteristics of contralateral, non-recalled breast abnormalities following recall at screening mammography. METHODS: We included a series of 130,338 screening mammograms performed between 1 January 2014 and 1 January 2016. During the 1-year follow-up, clinical data were collected for all recalls. Screening outcome was determined for recalled women with or without evaluation of contralateral breast abnormalities. RESULTS: Of 3,995 recalls (recall rate 3...
April 17, 2018: European Radiology
Amani A Awaad, Reham M El-Meligy, Ghada M Zain, Amal A Safhi, Noura A Al Qurain, Shekhah S Almoqren, Yara M Zain, Vidya D Sesh Adri, Fahad I Al-Saikhan
Three different extracts of Matricaria chamomilla L. were evaluated for their antihypertensive activity, these extracts were total alcohol extract (Extract 1), oil extracted (Extract 2), and water lifted after oil extraction (Extract 3). Quantitative and Qualitative analyses were carried out for all extracts. The 3 extracts were proved to be safe for human use. A single oral administration of the plant extracts (200 mg/kg) decreases both systolic and diastolic blood pressure of normotensive rats after 1, 1...
April 15, 2018: Phytotherapy Research: PTR
Anne H van der Spek, Olga V Surovtseva, Kin Ki Jim, Adri van Oudenaren, Matthijs C Brouwer, Christina M J E Vandenbroucke-Grauls, Pieter J M Leenen, Diederik van de Beek, Arturo Hernandez, Eric Fliers, Anita Boelen
Innate immune cells, including macrophages, have recently been identified as novel target cells for thyroid hormone. We hypothesized that optimal intracellular concentrations of the active thyroid hormone triiodothyronine (T3) are essential for pro-inflammatory macrophage function. T3 is generated intracellularly by type 2 deiodinase (D2) and acts via the nuclear thyroid hormone receptor (TR). In zebrafish embryos, D2 knockdown increased mortality during pneumococcal meningitis. Primary murine D2KO macrophages exhibited impaired phagocytosis and partially reduced cytokine response to stimulation with bacterial endotoxin...
April 10, 2018: Endocrinology
Adri M Galvan, Ryan Hanson, Daniel R George
There have been increasing efforts in recent decades to divert institutional food waste into composting programs. As major producers of food waste who must increasingly demonstrate community benefit, hospitals have an incentive to develop such programs. In this article, we explain the emerging opportunity to link hospitals' food services to local community gardens in order to implement robust composting programs. We describe a partnership model at our hospital in central Pennsylvania, share preliminary outcomes establishing feasibility, and offer guidance for future efforts...
April 6, 2018: Journal of Community Health
Lea Atmani, Christophe Bichara, Roland J-M Pellenq, Henri Van Damme, Adri C T van Duin, Zamaan Raza, Lionel A Truflandier, Amaël Obliger, Paul G Kralert, Franz J Ulm, Jean-Marc Leyssale
The process by which organic matter decomposes deep underground to form petroleum and its underlying kerogen matrix has so far remained a no man's land to theoreticians, largely because of the geological (Myears) timescale associated with the process. Using reactive molecular dynamics and an accelerated simulation framework, the replica exchange molecular dynamics method, we simulate the full transformation of cellulose into kerogen and its associated fluid phase under prevailing geological conditions. We observe in sequence the fragmentation of the cellulose crystal and production of water, the development of an unsaturated aliphatic macromolecular phase and its aromatization...
December 1, 2017: Chemical Science
Adrie A J Gerritsen, Christian Bakker, Frans R J Verhey, Hans Bor, Yolande A L Pijnenburg, Marjolein E de Vugt, Raymond T C M Koopmans
BACKGROUND: The progression of dementia in people with young-onset dementia (YOD) is relatively unknown. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the progression of dementia and cognitive decline in the three most common subtypes in YOD and to explore which factors are associated with this course. METHODS: The course of dementia was examined in 198 people with YOD. The primary outcomes were cognitive function, as assessed by the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and dementia severity, as assessed by the Global Deterioration Scale (GDS)...
March 29, 2018: Journal of Alzheimer's Disease: JAD
Peter Henneman, Arjan Bouman, Adri Mul, Lia Knegt, Anne-Marie van der Kevie-Kersemaekers, Nitash Zwaveling-Soonawala, Hanne E J Meijers-Heijboer, A S Paul van Trotsenburg, Marcel M Mannens
INTRODUCTION: Down syndrome (DS) is the most frequent genetic cause of intellectual disability. Despite the fact that more than 50 years have passed since the discovery of its genetic aberrations, the exact pathogenesis of the DS phenotype has remained largely unexplained. It was recently hypothesized that the DS pathogenesis involves complex (epi)genetic, molecular and cellular determinants. To date, many reports have addressed epigenetic aberrations associated with DS at different developmental stages/ages and tissue types, but to our best knowledge not in DS newborns...
2018: PloS One
Zhongwei Wang, Bridgette M Cumming, Chunyou Mao, Yan Zhu, Pei Lu, Adrie J C Steyn, Shiyun Chen, Yangbo Hu
To facilitate survival under drug stresses, a small population of Mycobacterium tuberculosis can tolerate bactericidal concentrations of drugs without genetic mutations. These drug-tolerant mycobacteria can be induced by environmental stresses and contribute to recalcitrant infections. However, mechanisms underlying the development of drug-tolerant mycobacteria remain obscure. Herein, we characterized a regulatory pathway which is important for the tolerance to isoniazid (INH) in Mycobacterium smegmatis. We found that the RNA polymerase binding protein RbpA associates with the stress response sigma factor σB , to activate the transcription of ppk1, the gene encoding polyphosphate kinase...
March 25, 2018: Molecular Microbiology
Paul Brouwer, Henriette Schluepmann, Klaas G J Nierop, Janneke Elderson, Peter K Bijl, Ingrid van der Meer, Willem de Visser, Gert-Jan Reichart, Sjef Smeekens, Adrie van der Werf
BACKGROUND: Since available arable land is limited and nitrogen fertilizers pollute the environment, cropping systems ought to be developed that do not rely on them. Here we investigate the rapidly growing, N2 -fixing Azolla/Nostoc symbiosis for its potential productivity and chemical composition to determine its potential as protein feed. RESULTS: In a small production system, cultures of Azolla pinnata and Azolla filiculoides were continuously harvested for over 100 days, yielding an average productivity of 90...
March 24, 2018: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Adriely Goes, Gregor Fuhrmann
Biogenic and biomimetic therapeutics are a relatively new class of systems that are of physiological origin and/or take advantage of natural pathways or aim at mimicking these to improve selective interaction with target tissue. The number of biogenic and bioengineered avenues for drug therapy and diagnostics has multiplied over the past years for many applications, indicating the high expectations associated with this biological route. Nevertheless, the use of "bio"-related approaches for treating or diagnosing infectious diseases is still rare...
March 29, 2018: ACS Infectious Diseases
Dinakaran Murugesan, Peter C Ray, Tracy Bayliss, Gareth A Prosser, Justin R Harrison, Kirsteen Green, Candice Soares de Melo, Tzu-Shean Feng, Leslie J Street, Kelly Chibale, Digby F Warner, Valerie Mizrahi, Ola Epemolu, Paul Scullion, Lucy Ellis, Jennifer Riley, Yoko Shishikura, Liam Ferguson, Maria Osuna-Cabello, Kevin D Read, Simon R Green, Dirk A Lamprecht, Peter M Finin, Adrie J C Steyn, Thomas R Ioerger, Jim Sacchettini, Kyu Y Rhee, Kriti Arora, Clifton E Barry, Paul G Wyatt, Helena I M Boshoff
Mycobacterium tuberculosis ( MTb) possesses two nonproton pumping type II NADH dehydrogenase (NDH-2) enzymes which are predicted to be jointly essential for respiratory metabolism. Furthermore, the structure of a closely related bacterial NDH-2 has been reported recently, allowing for the structure-based design of small-molecule inhibitors. Herein, we disclose MTb whole-cell structure-activity relationships (SARs) for a series of 2-mercapto-quinazolinones which target the ndh encoded NDH-2 with nanomolar potencies...
March 26, 2018: ACS Infectious Diseases
Weiwei Zhang, Adri C T van Duin
The ReaxFF protein reactive force field (protein-2013) has been successfully employed to simulate the biomolecules and membrane fuel cells, but it inaccurately describes the weak interaction of functionalized hydrocarbon/water molecules in condensed phase, especially for the density. In this article, the development of a ReaxFF force field (CHON-2017_weak) on the basis of protein-2013 is presented that improves the weak interaction description for atom pairs of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. To examine the quality of the force field, we performed a series of molecular dynamics simulations with model systems...
April 12, 2018: Journal of Physical Chemistry. B
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