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Paraskevi Panagopoulou, Marios K Georgakis, Margarita Baka, Maria Moschovi, Vassilios Papadakis, Sophia Polychronopoulou, Maria Kourti, Emmanuel Hatzipantelis, Eftichia Stiakaki, Helen Dana, Athanasios Tragiannidis, Evdoxia Bouka, Luis Antunes, Joana Bastos, Daniela Coza, Anna Demetriou, Domenic Agius, Sultan Eser, Raluca Gheorghiu, Mario Šekerija, Maciej Trojanowski, Tina Žagar, Anna Zborovskaya, Anton Ryzhov, Nick Dessypris, Daniel Morgenstern, Eleni Th Petridou
AIM: Neuroblastoma outcomes vary with disease characteristics, healthcare delivery and socio-economic indicators. We assessed survival patterns and prognostic factors for patients with neuroblastoma in 11 Southern and Eastern European (SEE) countries versus those in the US, including-for the first time-the Nationwide Registry for Childhood Hematological Malignancies and Solid Tumours (NARECHEM-ST)/Greece. METHODS: Overall survival (OS) was calculated in 13 collaborating SEE childhood cancer registries (1829 cases, ∼1990-2016) and Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER), US (3072 cases, 1990-2012); Kaplan-Meier curves were used along with multivariable Cox regression models assessing the effect of age, gender, primary tumour site, histology, Human Development Index (HDI) and place of residence (urban/rural) on survival...
April 16, 2018: European Journal of Cancer
V V Franchuk
Despite the fact that the ever growing relevance of the problem of the inappropriate medical care was long ago brought to the worldwide attention, it has not been practically addressed in the Ukraine since the country gained independence in 1991. The objective of the present study was to consider the specific features of expert examination of the cases of inappropriate medical care as exemplified by the materials of the legal actions and lawsuits instituted against healthcare specialists violating their occupational duties...
2018: Sudebno-meditsinskaia Ekspertiza
D Torumkuney, T Pertseva, E Bratus, A Dziublik, V Yachnyk, A Liskova, O Sopko, K Malynovska, I Morrissey
Objectives: To determine antibiotic susceptibility in isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae collected in 2014-16 from Ukraine and the Slovak Republic. Methods: MICs were determined by CLSI broth microdilution and susceptibility was assessed using CLSI, EUCAST and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) breakpoints. Results: S. pneumoniae isolates collected in Ukraine (n = 100) showed susceptibility rates ≥97% for amoxicillin, amoxicillin/clavulanic acid, penicillin [intravenous (iv) non-meningitis] and fluoroquinolones, between 83% and 86% for oral penicillin, macrolides and cefaclor, and 75% for trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole...
April 1, 2018: Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Mikhail I Balonov, Valery Kashparov, Elena Nikolaenko, Volodymyr Berkovsky, Sergey Fesenko
The article critically examines the practice of post-Chernobyl standardization of radionuclide concentrations (mainly 137Cs and 90Sr) in food products in the USSR and the successor countries of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Recommendations are given on potential harmonization of these standards of radionuclide concentrations in food products among three countries, taking into account substantial international experience. We propose to reduce the number of product groups for standardization purpose from the current several dozens to three to five groups to optimize radiation control and increase the transparency of the process...
April 16, 2018: Journal of Radiological Protection: Official Journal of the Society for Radiological Protection
Alan K Davis, Tetiana Nickelsen, Robert A Zucker, Erin E Bonar, Maureen A Walton
We examined whether acceptability of nonabstinence treatment outcome goals varied as a function of a patient's severity of diagnosis (ICD-10 harmful use vs. dependence syndrome; World Health Organization, 1992), finality of outcome goal (intermediate vs. final), and type of substance (e.g., tobacco, alcohol, cannabis), among addiction treatment providers in Ukraine. We surveyed 44% of Ukrainian treatment providers (n = 446/1023; Mage = 40.4, SD = 8.6; Male = 67%; MYears Of Experience = 10.2, SD = 7.2). For tobacco use, most respondents (78%-93%) rated nonabstinence as acceptable, regardless of diagnostic severity or finality of outcome goal (i...
April 12, 2018: Psychology of Addictive Behaviors: Journal of the Society of Psychologists in Addictive Behaviors
Priscilla H Chan, Ronghui Xu, Christina D Chambers
For right-censored data the accelerated failure time (AFT) model is an alternative to the commonly used proportional hazards regression model. It is a linear model for the (log-transformed) outcome of interest, and is particularly useful for censored outcomes that are not time-to-event, such as laboratory measurements. We provide a general and easily computable definition of the R 2 measure of explained variation under the AFT model for right-censored data. We study its behavior under different censoring scenarios and under different error distributions; in particular, we also study its robustness when the parametric error distribution is misspecified...
2018: Communications in Statistics: Simulation and Computation
John F Gaskin, Mark Schwarzländer, Robert D Gibson, Heather Simpson, Diane L Marshall, Esther Gerber, Hariet Hinz
Population structure and genetic diversity of invasions are the result of evolutionary processes such as natural selection, drift and founding events. Some invasions are also molded by specific human activities such as selection for cultivars and intentional introduction of desired phenotypes, which can lead to low genetic diversity in the resulting invasion. We investigated the population structure, diversity and origins of a species with both accidental and intentional introduction histories, as well as long-term selection as a cultivar...
April 2018: AoB Plants
Yuri M Lopatin, Martin R Cowie, Anna A Grebennikova, Hamayak S Sisakian, Zurab M Pagava, Hamlet G Hayrapetyan, Timur A Abdullaev, Leonid G Voronkov, Anna I Chesnikova, Vira I Tseluyko, Ekaterina I Tarlovskaya, Gülnaz M Dadashova, Salim F Berkinbaev, Maria G Glezer, Natalia A Koziolova, Amina G Rakisheva, Zviad V Kipiani, Alena K Kurlyanskaya
BACKGROUND: Hospitalization is an opportunity to optimize heart failure (HF) therapy. As optimal treatment for hospitalized HF patients in sinus rhythm with heart rate≥70bpm is unclear, we investigated the impact of combined beta-blocker (BB) and ivabradine versus BBs alone on short and longer term mortality and rehospitalization. METHODS AND RESULTS: A retrospective analysis was performed on 370 hospitalized HF patients with heart rate≥70bpm (150 BB+ivabradine, 220 BB alone) in the Optimize Heart Failure Care Program in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, from October 2015 to April 2016...
June 1, 2018: International Journal of Cardiology
Myroslava Lesiv, Dmitry Schepaschenko, Elena Moltchanova, Rostyslav Bun, Martina Dürauer, Alexander V Prishchepov, Florian Schierhorn, Stephan Estel, Tobias Kuemmerle, Camilo Alcántara, Natalia Kussul, Maria Shchepashchenko, Olga Kutovaya, Olga Martynenko, Viktor Karminov, Anatoly Shvidenko, Petr Havlik, Florian Kraxner, Linda See, Steffen Fritz
Knowledge of the spatial distribution of agricultural abandonment following the collapse of the Soviet Union is highly uncertain. To help improve this situation, we have developed a new map of arable and abandoned land for 2010 at a 10 arc-second resolution. We have fused together existing land cover and land use maps at different temporal and spatial scales for the former Soviet Union (fSU) using a training data set collected from visual interpretation of very high resolution (VHR) imagery. We have also collected an independent validation data set to assess the map accuracy...
April 3, 2018: Scientific Data
Andrew Grogan-Kaylor, Viktor Burlaka, Julie Ma, Shawna Lee, Berenice Castillo, Iuliia Churakova
Despite a great deal of evidence that corporal punishment is harmful, corporal punishment is still very prevalent worldwide. We examine predictors of different types of corporal punishment among Ukrainian mothers in 12 communities across Ukraine. Findings suggest that maternal spirituality, maternal coping styles, family communication, and some demographic characteristics are predictive of mothers' use of corporal punishment.
May 2018: Children and Youth Services Review
Anatolii M Hrynzovskyi, Irina A Holovanova, Sergei T Omelchuk, Olena V Kuzminska, Anastasia A Hrynzovska, Olena O Karlova, Vitalii Ye Kondratiuk
OBJECTIVE: Introduction: The public health system modernization history is based upon the progress in state country administration and administration of healthcare within the sectorwide approach. The WHO European Bureau pays much attention to the National Health Service systems development while implementing their basic policies. The Ukrainian state health service management was founded basing on the regulatory field of the Russian Empire, using the European healthcare promotion experience...
2018: Wiadomości Lekarskie: Organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego
Tetiana M Kotelevska, Nataliia O Pryimenko, Galyna M Dubynska, Olena M Iziumska, Vadym A Bodnar
OBJECTIVE: Introduction: Among the cases of biohelminthosis, which are registered in Ukraine, opisthorchiasis is the most common and constitutes the second largest centre in Europe. Due to the growth of migration processes and global tourism, opisthorchiasis is becoming increasingly relevant for the countries of the European Union and the United States. Under modern conditions, the clinical course of many infectious and parasitic diseases has changed. The aim: The present paper discusses and analyzes the cases of opisthorchiasis and hepatitis B virus which are challenging in terms of diagnostics and choice of treatment tactics...
2018: Wiadomości Lekarskie: Organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego
Vasyl M Mykhalchuk, Averian G Vasyliev
OBJECTIVE: Introduction: Out of all respiratory diseases COPD is the leading cause of death and is characterized with diffuse non-reversible airway obstruction. Many various components play role in development and progression of this disease, while COPD risk factors play the most prominent role. Further progress in healthcare system development around COPD in Ukraine requires analysis of legislation, regulating pulmonological medical service in Ukraine. The aim: To analyze the influence of major risk factors on the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and to determine key legislative aspects of the organization of medical care for COPD patients in Ukraine...
2018: Wiadomości Lekarskie: Organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego
Lesia Lymar, Sergii Omelchuk
OBJECTIVE: Introduction: The article is dedicated to the motives of medical career choice studied by Ukrainian and foreign scientists, and by the authors themselves. The authors define the main motives, grouped into the pragmatic, social, scientific and professional ones, paying particular attention to the proposed reforms of the Healthcare of Ukraine "Health 2020". The aim: The study has been aimed at detection of the medical career choice factor groups and their possible correction during the medical training, defining possible influence of the Ukrainian Healthcare reformation onto alterations of the medical career choice...
2018: Wiadomości Lekarskie: Organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego
Mykhailo V Golubchykov, Nataliia M Orlova, Inna V Bielikova
OBJECTIVE: Introduction: Implementation of new methods of information support of managerial decision-making should ensure of the effective health system reform and create conditions for improving the quality of operational management, reasonable planning of medical care and increasing the efficiency of the use of system resources. Reforming of Medical Statistics Service of Ukraine should be considered only in the context of the reform of the entire health system. The aim: This work is an analysis of the current situation and justification of the main directions of reforming of Medical Statistics Service of Ukraine...
2018: Wiadomości Lekarskie: Organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego
Vitalii Pashkov, Larysa Udovyka, Hanna Dichko
OBJECTIVE: Introduction: The Ukrainian state has an urgent necessity of rapid search for essentially new legal and organizational forms of the healthcare system, reform of the legal regulation of healthcare services provision. In the context of European integration, the advancement of the medical industry reform is closely related to consideration of international standards and norms of health care. The aim: To study the impact of international medical law on the Ukrainian health care legislation...
2018: Wiadomości Lekarskie: Organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego
Stanislav G Saksonov, Tetiana S Gruzeva, Oksana P Vitovska
OBJECTIVE: Introduction: The effectiveness and efficiency of the medical sector workforce directly depend on health of medical professionals. Scientific literature pays considerable attention to the health of surgeons, physicians, obstetricians, gynecologists, infectionists and dentists paying very little, if any, attention to health problems of ophthalmologists. This study is intended to bridge this gap. The aim at revealing the current situation and characteristics of health status of ophthalmologists using the results of sociological research and identifying health problems of the respondents in order to determine reliable preventive measures...
2018: Wiadomości Lekarskie: Organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego
Alberto Martín-Sanz, Sandra Rueda, Ana B García-Carneros, Sara González-Fernández, Pedro Miranda-Fuentes, Sandra Castuera-Santacruz, Leire Molinero-Ruiz
Verticillium wilt and leaf mottle of sunflower, caused by the fungus Verticillium dahliae ( Vd ) has become a major constraint to sunflower oil production in temperate European countries. Information about Vd from sunflower is very scarce despite genetics, molecular traits and pathogenic abilities of fungal strains affecting many other crops being widely known. Understanding and characterizing the diversity of Vd populations in those countries where sunflowers are frequent and severely affected by the fungus are essential for efficient breeding for resistance...
2018: Frontiers in Plant Science
E Arredondo, M López-Fraga, E Chatzixiros, B Senemaud, P Brezovsky, C Carella, C Ballesté, A Aydin Mehmet, G Tomadze, I Codreanu, A A Sarkissian, M Simeonova, A Nikonenko, V Zota, M P Gómez, M Manyalich, C Bolotinha, A Franca, A N Costa, M-O Ott, K-H Buchheit
BACKGROUND: In 2011, the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare of the Council of Europe launched a 3-year collaborative project to address the organ shortage and improve access to transplant health services in Council of Europe member states in the Black Sea area (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, and the Russian Federation) through the development of safe and ethical donation and transplantation programs. OBJECTIVE: Support the development of donation and transplantation programs through close interstate cooperation between national health organizations and relevant stakeholders...
March 2018: Transplantation Proceedings
I Chernenko, N Kufterina, V Mishchenko, I Voloshin-Gaponov
The purpose of the study was to determine appropriate diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation treatments of patients with military-related craniocereberal trauma. We have examined 180 male patients: 100 participant of operations in the Democratic Republic Afghanistan (1979-1989) and 80 - participants of conflict in the east of Ukraine (from 2014 until present) with military-related craniocereberal trauma of varying severity. We used clinical-neurological, instrumental (craniography of skull, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonic doppler sonography of the main vessels of the head and neck), biochemical, statistical methods of a research, and also questionnaire scale SF-36...
February 2018: Georgian Medical News
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