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Kidney desease

Magdalena Madero, Fernando E García-Arroyo, Laura-Gabriela Sánchez-Lozada
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Mesoamerican nephropathy (MeN) is an emerging pathophysiological entity of Chronic kidney desease (CKD) not related to traditional risk factors (diabetes and hypertension) that have caused thousands of deaths in Central America, mainly in sugarcane workers. The focus of this review is to discuss the risk factors and probable mechanisms involved in the initiation and progression of this devastating disease. RECENT FINDINGS: Frequent episodes of subclinical Acute kidney injury caused by repetitive heat stress, dehydration, and strenuous work have been regarded as the main risk factors for MeN...
July 2017: Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension
María Elisa Rivarola, Guillermo Albrieu-Llinás, María Belén Pisano, Laura Beatriz Tauro, Melisa Gorosito-Serrán, Cristian Gabriel Beccaria, Luis Adrián Díaz, Ana Vázquez, Agustín Quaglia, Cristina López, Lorena Spinsanti, Adriana Gruppi, Marta Silvia Contigiani
Saint Louis encephalitis virus (SLEV) reemerged in South America, and caused encephalitis outbreaks at the beginning of the 21st century. To enhance our knowledge about SLEV virulence, we performed comparative pathogenesis studies in Swiss albino mice inoculated with two different variants, the epidemic strain CbaAr-4005 and the non-epidemic strain CorAn-9275. Only the infection of mice with SLEV strain CbaAr-4005 resulted in high viremia, invasion of peripheral tissues including the lungs, kidney, and spleen, and viral neuroinvasion...
May 2017: Virology
N G Grushka, S I Pavlovych, T M Bryzgina, V S Sukhina, N V Makogon, R I Yanchiy
There were performed the studies of genotoxic stress and the ways of immunocompetent cells death (apoptosis and necrosis) in the modeling of immune system damage by immunization of CBA mice with the bovine serum albumin. Immunofluorescence studies of immunized mice were established the fixation of immune complexes in liver tissue, spleen, kidney and the aorta. Histological studies of these organs showed vascular system affection and, to a lesser extent, parenchyma. It has been shown that DNA comets index increases in 1,4 time in the lymph node cells and in 1,5 time in the thymus cells in the presence of BSA immunization...
2015: Fiziolohichnyĭ Zhurnal
C Ilea, Ivona Lupaşcu, Demetra Socolov, A Cărăuleanu
UNLABELLED: Endometriosis represent the presence and proliferation of functional endometrial-like tissue outside the uterine cavity, and is a chronic, recurrent, debilitating desease, in which kidney implications are rare, but complex. OBJECTIVE: Evaluation of clinical, imagistic and surgical implications of uretero-hydronephrosis secondary to recurrent pelvic endometriosis. MATERIAL AND METHODS: 30 year old patient diagnosed with primary infertility and left ovarian endometriosis (treated with classically conservative surgical procedure), presented acute onset of obstructive urinary symptoms, requiring internal drainage of the upper urinary straight path (Cook probe) for uretero-hydronephrosis grade III...
January 2015: Revista Medico-chirurgicală̆ a Societă̆ţ̜ii de Medici ş̧i Naturaliş̧ti Din Iaş̧i
T E Nichik, N S Lin'kova, N A Kraskovskaia, A V Dudkov, V Kh Khavinson
The review considers molecular mechanisms of chronic renal failure and cancer kidney disease. The most important molecules inducing inflammation are cytokines (MCP-1, TNFalpha, IFN-gamma, IL-1,6,8,18), matrix metalloproteinases MMP-2,3,9,14, tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases (TIMPs) and grow factors (VEGF PDGE FGF). This signal molecules regulate the activity of immune cells and remodeling extracellular matrix (ECM) components taken place in inflammatory reactions, proliferation, apoptosis and also in the differentiation of kidney cells...
April 2014: Uspekhi Fiziologicheskikh Nauk
V M Rudichenko
In this article there were analyzed gender data about features of hyperuricaemia and gout: women are much older at the onset of gout arthritis (one of main reasons, probably, makes menopause by itself), have more associated comorbid deseases as hypertension and kidney failure and drinks less alcoholic beverages. It was noticed, that typical localisation of the lesion on the first toe is less often in women, and women are more inclined to use diuretics among medical drugs. Abovementioned clinical features are of some importance for the broad activity of general practitioners - family doctors...
July 2012: Likars'ka Sprava
Magdalena Jarząbek, Tomasz Jargiełło, Andrzej Wolski, Paweł Poluha, Małgorzata Szczerbo-Trojanowska
BACKGROUND: Only 10 to 20% of patients with hepatic metastases qualify for radical resection of their lesions. The treatment issue among the rest of patients is a small clinical response to overall chemiotherapy and the frequent inability to treat patients with percutaneous thermoablation. In the latter circumstance, parallel to the radical surgery, the reason is the size of the lesion or lack of access to it. MATERIAL/METHODS: 15 patients with hepatic metastases, who had been rejected from consideration of radical resection and thermoablation were subjected to chemoembolization of the proper hepatic artery branches...
July 2011: Polish Journal of Radiology
Peder Nygård, Frank G A Jansman, Willemien J Kruik-Kollöffel, Alex F W Barnaart, Jacobus R B J Brouwers
BACKGROUND: The combined post-operative use of diuretics and/or renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) inhibitors may increase the risk of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) associated renal failure because of a drug-drug interaction. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of the short-term (<4 days) post-operative combined use of NSAIDs with diuretics and/or RAAS inhibitors on renal function and blood pressure. SETTING: One teaching hospital in the Netherlands...
June 2012: International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
Tamara Dragović
INTRODUCTION: Hypothyroidism is often accompanied with decline of kidney function, or inability to maintain electrolyte balance. These changes are usually overlooked in everyday practice. Early recognition of this association eliminates unnecessary diagnostic procedures that postpone the adequate treatment. CASE REPORT: Two patients with elevated serum creatinine levels due to primary autoimmune hypothyroidism, with complete recovery of creatinine clearance after thyroid hormone substitution therapy are presented...
February 2012: Vojnosanitetski Pregled. Military-medical and Pharmaceutical Review
Hao Liu, Hong Shi, Jinming Yu, Fang Chen, Qingwu Jiang, Dayi Hu
AIM: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD) events. A high ankle brachial index (ABI), a marker of lower arterial stiffness, is associated with CVD events. It remains unknown whether high ABI is associated with CKD. The objectives of this study were to determine the association of CKD with high ABI in adults at high CVD risk. METHODS: The study enrolled hospital-based patients at high CVD risk and measured kidney function and ABI...
2011: Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis
Zai-Kang Zhang, Guo-Xing Deng, Yu-Guang Zheng, Rui-Xue Feng, Qiu-Ying Zhang, Zhi-Qiang Chen
We reviewed the modern development of clinical application and experimental reseach on the prescription Biejiajian Wan (BJ), which are the basement that we will study its anti-renal fibrosis. At present, the prescription BJ is mainly applied to the treatment of chronic heptic desease. Its experimental reseach is mainly confined to the studing of anti-heptic fibrosi. Refering the scientific and technological result of anti-heptic fibrosis, we think the prescription BJ would have the effection of anti-renal fibrosis on the basis of theory of planning treatment according to diagnosis...
April 2008: Zhongguo Zhong Yao za Zhi, Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi, China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica
Natasa Jovanović, Mirjana Lausević, Vidosava Nesić, Gordana Grujić-Adanja, Biljana Stojimirović
INTRODUCTION: Normocytic, normochromic anemia is one of the first signs of chronic renal failure and it is common in patients on chronic dialysis treatment. It causes decrease in oxygen supply to tissues, increases cardiac minute volume, causes left ventricular hyperthrophy, cardiac insufficiency, disorders related to cognitive functions and immune response, and increases morbidity and mortality rates. The leading cause of anemia in patients on chronic peritoneal dialysis (PD) is iron depletion and most patients on PD need oral or parenteral iron supplementation...
January 2005: Medicinski Pregled
T Fujita, K Ando, H Nishimura, T Ideura, G Yasuda, M Isshiki, K Takahashi
Cilnidipine, a dual L-/N-type calcium channel blocker, dilates both efferent and afferent arterioles and is renoprotective. Our multi-center, open-labeled, and randomized trial compared the antiproteinuric effect of cilnidipine with that of amlodipine in hypertensive patients with kidney disease. A group of 339 patients, already receiving renin-angiotensin system inhibitor treatment, were randomly assigned to cilnidipine or amlodipine. The primary endpoint was a decrease in the urinary protein to creatinine ratio...
December 2007: Kidney International
G Novelli, M Rossi, F Pugliese, I Poli, E Ruberto, S Martelli, F Nudo, V Morabito, G Mennini, P B Berloco
BACKGROUND: The aim of our study was to show an improvement in Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) score after treatment with Molecular adsorbents recirculating system (MARS) in acute-on-chronic hepatitis (AoCHF) patients. MELD was adopted to determine the prognosis of patients with liver chronic desease. We evaluated the possibility to improve the MELD score of patients awaiting liver transplantation using a liver support device, namely, MARS. PATIENTS AND METHODS: From September 1999 to April 2006, we treated 80 patients whose diagnoses were hepatitis C, 41...
July 2007: Transplantation Proceedings
B Diouf, E F Ka, A Niang, M Mbengue, M M Ka, M L Diouf, A Pouye, T Moreira-Diop
Few data are now avalable concerning renal pathology in black African. That is why we under took this study as a contribution to the better knowlege of pathological aspects of kidney disease in Dakar by analysing our 6 years's experience. It was a retrospective study concerning all the patients who underwent renal biopsyfrom January 1993 to December 1998. The samples were studied on light microscopy and immunoflorescence at the nephrology unit of Necker Hospital in Paris. We performed 115 renal biopsies during this period conceming 64 males and 51 females from 5 to 60 years old (mean age 28 years)...
2001: Dakar Médical
Angelo Vedani, Peter Zbinden
Ochratoxins are mycotoxins released by moulds on grain, peanuts and vegetables. Toxicological investigations have shown that ochratoxin A displays nephrotoxic, genotoxic, teratogenic, cancerogenic and immunosuppressive effects. Increased blood levels observed in humans would seem to suggest a link to a kidney desease (Balcan Endemic Nephropaty) frequently observed in the Balkan countries. The adverse effects of ochratoxin A are mainly associated with its impact on phenylalanine-metabolizing enzymes. Based on the three-dimensional structure of phenylalanine-t-RNA-synthetase, its interactions with ochratoxins are analyzed as well as with Aspartam...
1997: ALTEX
F M Veronese, M Morpurgo
Polymer conjugation is of increasing interest in pharmaceutical chemistry for delivering drugs of simple structure or complex compounds such peptides, enzymes and oligonucleotides. For long time drugs, mainly with antitumoral activity, have been coupled to natural or synthetic polymers with the purpose of increasing their blood permanence time, taking advantage of the increased mass that reduces kidney ultrafiltration. However only recently complex constructs were devised that exploit the 'enhanced permeability and retention' (EPR) effect for an efficient tumor targeting, the high molecular weight for adsorption or receptor mediated endocytosis and finally a lysosomotropic targeting, taking advantage of acid labile bonds or cathepsin susceptible polypeptide spacers between polymer and drug...
August 30, 1999: Il Farmaco
L Q Zhu, Y H Liu, Y B Zhou
Sixty-nine cases of middle aged and senile female Graves' desease (GD) patients suffered from abnormal bone metabolism have been studied. They were divided randomly into group A and B, treated separately with antithyroid drugs (Tapazol and inderal, etc.) in group A, and added with Chinese herbal medicine for tonifying Kidney and promoting blood circulation in group B. Before treatment, patients of both groups showed obvious higher blood calcium (Ca) 24-hour urinary Ca, phosphorus (P) and serum clcitonin (CT) levels than that in normal subjects...
August 1996: Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine
W Höfer, R Baethke
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 1971: Der Internist
K S Ternovoy, A D Bulakh, A N Kosyakov
Complex sorption therapy efficacy in treating 271 patients with suppurative complications of extremity traumas is analyzed. All patients underwent 1-3 enterosorption courses, the wounds were treated with application of sorbents against the background of traditional therapy. In the event of aggravating intoxication, developing first symptoms of sepsic condition, or the desease chronic course 1-5 hemosorption sessions were performed. Clinical and laboratory-instrumental examination demonstrated positive effect of the complex of sorption methods on the patient' general state, temperature curve dynamics, blood indices, microcirculation, function of liver, kidneys, and immune system status...
1987: Biomaterials, Artificial Cells, and Artificial Organs
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