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Kenta Nakama, Hiroshi Koga, Norito Ishii, Chika Ohata, Takashi Hashimoto, Takekuni Nakama
Importance: Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and/or chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay (CLEIA) for BP180 noncollagenous 16A (NC16A) extracellular domain is a sensitive diagnostic tool for bullous pemphigoid (BP). However, some patients with BP have negative results for these assays. Objective: To elucidate the clinical and immunological features of patients with BP without antibodies that react to BP180 NC16A. Design, Setting, and Participants: This retrospective case series study included 152 patients who were diagnosed with BP and followed up at the Kurume University Hospital in Japan from 2007 to 2016...
January 3, 2018: JAMA Dermatology
Kenichiro Yaita, Koji Yahara, Nobuyuki Hamada, Yoshiro Sakai, Jun Iwahashi, Kenji Masunaga, Hiroshi Watanabe
Objective In 2010, candid advice concerning the low rate of typhoid vaccination among Japanese travelers was received from Nepal. Recently, progressive Japanese travel clinics have encouraged Japanese travelers to be vaccinated against typhoid fever in conjunction with officially approved vaccines, such as hepatitis A vaccine. We herein report the status of typhoid vaccinations for Japanese travelers to the most endemic area (South Asia) and describe the factors associated with compliance. Methods In the travel clinic at Kurume University Hospital, we used the following criteria to retrospectively extract the records of new pre-travel Japanese clients between January 2011 and March 2015: hepatitis A vaccine administered, traveling to South Asian countries, and ≥2 years of age...
December 27, 2017: Internal Medicine
Kiminobu Sato, Jun Akiba, Ken Nakamura, Hideyuki Abe, Akihiko Kawahara, Takeichiro Aso, Hirohito Umeno, Hiroshi Harada, Hirohisa Yano
Among tumors of the major salivary glands, tumors in the sublingual gland are rare. Although mucoepidermoid carcinoma (MEC) represents a histological type of salivary gland tumor, it is occasionally difficult to diagnose due to its histological variation. The present study reports a case of MEC harboring a mastermind-like transcriptional coactivator 2 (MAML2) gene translocation in the sublingual gland. A 76-year-old Japanese woman with a mass in the left submandibular region was referred to Kurume University Hospital (Kurume, Japan)...
September 2017: Oncology Letters
Shinichiro Yoshioka, Hidetoshi Takedatsu, Shuhei Fukunaga, Kotaro Kuwaki, Hiroshi Yamasaki, Ryosuke Yamauchi, Atsushi Mori, Hiroshi Kawano, Tadahiro Yanagi, Tatsuki Mizuochi, Kosuke Ushijima, Keiichi Mitsuyama, Osamu Tsuruta, Takuji Torimura
AIM: To investigated characteristics, diagnosis, bowel-cleansing preparation, sedation, and colonoscope length and diameter in Japanese pediatric patients receiving total colonoscopy. METHODS: The present study evaluated consecutive patients aged ≤ 15 years who had undergone their first colonoscopy in Kurume University between January 2007 and February 2015. Data were retrospectively analyzed. We identified 110 pediatric patients who had undergone colonoscopy that had reached the cecum, allowing the observation of the total colon...
August 21, 2017: World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG
Kosuke Ueda, Shigetaka Suekane, Kiyoaki Nishihara, Hiroki Suekane, Naoyuki Ogasawara, Hirofumi Kurose, Katsuaki Chikui, Kazuhisa Ejima, Shunsuke Suyama, Makoto Nakiri, Mitsunori Matsuo, Tsukasa Igawa
The aim of the present study was to investigate the prognostic factors for patients with primary unresectable renal cell carcinoma (RCC) with synchronous distant metastasis receiving molecularly targeted therapies. A total of 26 patients with primary unresectable RCC with synchronous distant metastasis underwent molecularly targeted therapies at the Kurume University Hospital (Kurume, Japan) between March 2008 and March 2016. Early primary renal tumor response was evaluated at 8-12 weeks after the introduction of molecularly targeted therapy and a 10% decrease in the diameter of primary renal tumor was used as the cut-off value...
August 2017: Molecular and Clinical Oncology
Ayako Ichikawa, Hiroaki Miyoshi, Fumiko Arakawa, Junichi Kiyasu, Kensaku Sato, Daisuke Niino, Yoshizo Kimura, Maki Yoshida, Riko Kawano, Hiroko Muta, Yasuo Sugita, Koichi Ohshima
Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type (HTLV)-1 Tax is a viral protein that has been reported to be important in the proliferation of adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma (ATLL) cells and to be a target of HTLV-1-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs). However, it is not clear how Tax-specific CTLs behave in lymph nodes of ATLL patients. The present study analyzed the immunostaining of Tax-specific CTLs. Furthermore, ATLL tumor cells are known to be positive for forkhead box P3 (Foxp3)and to have a regulatory T (Treg)-cell-like function...
June 2017: Oncology Letters
Hiroshi Saruta, Chika Ohata, Ikko Muto, Taichi Imamura, Eijiro Oku, Koichi Ohshima, Koji Nagafuji, Takekuni Nakama
We retrospectively reviewed data pertaining to five patients with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) who had received hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) between 2004 and 2015 at Kurume University Hospital, along with their clinical data until March 2016. For patients with advanced CTCL eligible for HSCT, autologous HSCT was performed when they responded well to chemotherapy, and allogeneic HSCT was selected for patients with advanced mycosis fungoides (MF)/Sézary syndrome (SS) and CTCL other than MF/SS with poor chemosensitivity...
April 9, 2017: Journal of Dermatology
Toshio Morita, Osamu Takasu, Teruo Sakamoto, Shinjirou Mori, Atsuo Nakamura, Masakazu Nabeta, Nobuhisa Hirayu, Mariko Moroki, Norio Yamashita
The objective of this study is to retrospectively assess long-term outcomes and late complications of pancreatic trauma. We studied 14 patients with pancreatic trauma who were treated at the Advanced Emergency Medical Service Center, Kurume University Hospital, between 1981 and 2012 and discharged alive. Relevant data were extracted from patient records and a retrospective patient questionnaire and blood test were completed to evaluate pancreatic function. The median patient age at the time of the survey was 49 years; the median post-injury period was 23 years and 5 months...
May 8, 2017: Kurume Medical Journal
Noriko Motoki, Yohei Akazawa, Shoko Yamazaki, Akira Hachiya, Hirohiko Motoki, Satoshi Matsuzaki, Kenichi Koike
BACKGROUND: Kawasaki disease (KD) is classified as a systemic vasculitis syndrome and QT interval dispersion (QTD) has been associated with cardiac involvement and disease activity in patients with cardiovasculitis. We examined whether baseline QTD could predict a response to intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) in KD.Methods and Results:QTD was recorded in 86 patients with KD before IVIG, who were separated into IVIG responders (R group; n=62) and nonresponders (N group; n=24). The association between baseline QTD and response to IVIG was investigated, and the predictive response value was compared with conventional risk scores from Gunma and Kurume universities...
March 24, 2017: Circulation Journal: Official Journal of the Japanese Circulation Society
Hidenobu Ishii, Koichi Azuma, Kazuhiko Yamada, Norikazu Matsuo, Masayuki Nakamura, Takaaki Tokito, Takashi Kinoshita, Tomoaki Hoshino
INTRODUCTION: Rebiopsy in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) resistant to systemic chemotherapy may yield information on the mechanisms of resistance and planning of subsequent treatment. Transbronchial biopsy (TBB) using a flexible bronchoscope has been commonly used for establishing the initial diagnosis of lung cancer. The aim of this study was to assess the accuracy and safety of TBB in patients with NSCLC relapse, and the factors affecting its diagnostic yield...
2017: BMJ Open Respiratory Research
Yoriko Nomura, Osamu Nakashima, Jun Akiba, Sachiko Ogasawara, Shogo Fukutomi, Rin Yamaguchi, Hironori Kusano, Masayoshi Kage, Koji Okuda, Hirohisa Yano
BACKGROUND/AIMS: We investigated the clinicopathological features of hepatic neuroendocrine tumours (NET) and neuroendocrine carcinoma (NEC), which remain largely unknown. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We examined 1235 tumours from 1048 patients who had undergone curative hepatectomy for liver neoplasms at Kurume University Hospital. Pathological diagnoses were based on the 2010 WHO Classification of Tumours of the Digestive System. We performed immunostaining for hepatocyte markers (eg, hepatocyte paraffin (HepPar)-1), neuroendocrine markers (eg, chromogranin A (CGA)) and the proliferation marker (Ki-67)...
July 2017: Journal of Clinical Pathology
Norikazu Matsuo, Koichi Azuma, Kazuko Sakai, Satoshi Hattori, Akihiko Kawahara, Hidenobu Ishii, Takaaki Tokito, Takashi Kinoshita, Kazuhiko Yamada, Kazuto Nishio, Tomoaki Hoshino
The most common event responsible for resistance to first- and second-generation (1st and 2nd) epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) is acquisition of T790M mutation. We examined whether T790M is related to clinicopathologic or prognostic factors in patients with relapse of EGFR mutant non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) after treatment with 1st or 2nd EGFR-TKIs. We retrospectively reviewed the T790M status and clinical characteristics of 73 patients with advanced or recurrent NSCLC who had been treated with EGFR-TKIs and undergone rebiopsy at Kurume University Hospital between March 2005 and December 2015...
November 4, 2016: Scientific Reports
Akihiro Honda, Nobuhiro Tahara, Yoshikazu Nitta, Atsuko Tahara, Sachiyo Igata, Munehisa Bekki, Tomohisa Nakamura, Yoichi Sugiyama, Hayato Kaida, Seiji Kurata, Kiminori Fujimoto, Toshi Abe, Mika Enomoto, Hisashi Adachi, Jagat Narula, Sho-Ichi Yamagishi, Yoshihiro Fukumoto
OBJECTIVE: Endothelial dysfunction is an initial step in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. However, involvement of vascular inflammation in endothelial dysfunction is not fully investigated in humans because of the lack of diagnostic modality to noninvasively evaluate vascular inflammation. We assessed the relationship between endothelial function and vascular inflammation evaluated by [(18)F]-fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography/computed tomographic imaging. APPROACH AND RESULTS: We examined endothelial function and vascular inflammation by flow-mediated dilation (FMD) of the brachial artery and [(18)F]-fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography/computed tomographic imaging of carotid arteries, respectively, in 145 subjects (95 men and 50 women; mean age, 61...
September 2016: Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology
Liang Qin, Yoshiro Sakai, Rong Bao, Hongmei Xie, Kenji Masunaga, Miho Miura, Kouji Hashimoto, Chiyoko Tanamachi, Bijie Hu, Hiroshi Watanabe
Corynebacterium is a genus consisting of Gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria, that is wildly distributed in nature. We report the epidemiological characterization of Corynebacterium spp. isolated from blood specimens at the Kurume University Hospital, between June 2008 and November 2011. Twenty-two strains that were likely Corynebacterium spp. were isolated from 22 hospitalized patients, of which 12 (54.5%) were identified as Corynebacterium striatum. Minimum inhibitory concentration tests were performed after biochemical and genotypic identifications...
March 24, 2017: Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases
T Hashimoto, K Teye, N Ishii
BACKGROUND: Intercellular IgA dermatosis (IAD) is a subset of autoimmune bullous disease exclusively with IgA antikeratinocyte cell-surface antibodies. The classification and pathogenesis of this condition are still obscure. OBJECTIVES: To classify IAD and study its pathogenesis. METHODS: From our cohort of 5402 cases of autoimmune bullous disease, we selected 49 cases of various types of intercellular IgA dermatosis (IAD) and 13 cases of classical subcorneal pustular dermatosis (SPD), for which sera and information were available...
January 2017: British Journal of Dermatology
Takashi Hashimoto, Zhexiong Jin, Norito Ishii
OBJECTIVES: Using our serological diagnostic criteria, we selected 105 Japanese patients with epidermolysis bullosa acquisita (EBA), an autoimmune bullous disease (AIBD) reacting with type VII collagen, from our cohort of 5063 AIBD patients. METHODS: We examined the patients clinically and immunologically. RESULTS: We found diversity of clinical manifestations in both cutaneous and oral mucosal lesions and a high rate of inflammatory-type EBA patients in Japan...
August 2016: Expert Review of Clinical Immunology
T Hashimoto, D Tsuruta, H Koga, S Fukuda, B Ohyama, A Komai, T Karashima, C Ohata, K Teye, N Ishii
BACKGROUND: Although many new disease entities of autoimmune bullous disease (AIBD) have recently been recognized, satisfactory immunological diagnostic methods and comprehensive classifications for various AIBDs have not been established. OBJECTIVES: To identify immunological diagnostics and comprehensive classifications for AIBDs. METHODS: We selected and examined 4774 patients with various AIBDs from our cohort of 5063 patients with difficult AIBDs, whose sera and information were sent for our diagnostic method from other institutes in either Japan or other countries over the last 19 years...
November 2016: British Journal of Dermatology
Kenichiro Yaita, Yoshiro Sakai, Jun Iwahashi, Kenji Masunaga, Nobuyuki Hamada, Hiroshi Watanabe
OBJECTIVE: To clarify the characteristics of post-travel consultation services in Japan, particularly in the provinces, we analyzed our post-travel patients in the travel clinic of Kurume University Hospital located in Kurume City (a regional hub City in southwestern Japan). METHODS: Sixty post-travel patients visited our clinic between April 2008 and October 2014 and participated in this study: 55 were Japanese and five were foreign. We summarized and compared the characteristics of the patients after dividing the Japanese participants into long-term travelers (>14 days) and short-term travelers (≤14 days)...
2016: Internal Medicine
Kenichiro Yaita, Yoshiro Sakai, Kenji Masunaga, Hiroshi Watanabe
OBJECTIVE: To clarify the current situation concerning drug fever (DF) in Japan, we retrospectively analyzed patients undergoing infectious disease consultation at our institution. METHODS: Between April 2014 and May 2015, we extracted the records of DF patients from among 388 patients who had obtained infectious disease consultations in Kurume University Hospital. We reviewed their medical charts and summarized the characteristics of DF. RESULTS: This study included the records of 16 patients...
2016: Internal Medicine
Hiromi Chiba, Misari Oe, Naohisa Uchimura
Major depressive disorder (MDD) has been associated with stressful life events and with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD and MDD comorbidity was also reported to be associated with greater symptom severity and lower levels of functioning. However, the characteristics of pharmacotherapy for PTSD with MDD are not fully understood. To understand this relationship, we conducted a retrospective review using medical charts at the Department of Neuropsychiatry, Kurume University Hospital. Information from 55 patients with PTSD was analyzed...
2016: Kurume Medical Journal
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