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Sense of Agency

Albulena Shaqiri, Maya Roinishvili, Mariia Kaliuzhna, Ophélie Favrod, Eka Chkonia, Michael H Herzog, Olaf Blanke, Roy Salomon
Schizophrenia is a severe psychiatric disorder, in which patients experience an abnormal sense of self. While deficits in sensorimotor self-representation (agency) are well documented in schizophrenia, less is known about other aspects of bodily self-representation (body ownership). Here, we tested a large cohort (N = 59) of chronic schizophrenia patients and matched controls (N = 30) on a well-established body illusion paradigm, the Full Body Illusion (FBI). In this paradigm, changes in body ownership are induced through prolonged multisensory stimulation, in which participants are stroked on their back while seeing the stroking on the back of a virtual body...
July 25, 2017: Schizophrenia Bulletin
Nicholas Hon
Much is now known about the sense of agency and how it is produced. What is lacking, though, is an understanding of how it relates to other cognitive domains and operations. Here, the relationship between the sense of agency and attention is explored. A review of the literature suggests that attention is involved in the sense of agency in (at least) two key ways. First, agency processing is dependent on attentional resources. Second, attentional enhancement is necessary for extraneous information to have an influence over the sense of agency...
October 13, 2017: Consciousness and Cognition
Séverine Thys, Marleen Boelaert
In December 2013, a two-year-old child died from viral haemorrhagic fever in Méliandou village in the South-East of Guinea, and constituted the likely index case of a major epidemic. When the virus was formally identified as Ebola, epidemiologists started to investigate the chains of transmission, while local people were trying to make sense out of these deaths. The epidemic control measures taken by national and international health agencies were soon faced by strong reluctance and a sometimes aggressive attitude of the affected communities...
October 2, 2017: Santé Publique: Revue Multidisciplinaire Pour la Recherche et L'action
Francesca Sorgini, Renato Caliò, Maria Chiara Carrozza, Calogero Maria Oddo
PURPOSE: The aim of this review is to analyze haptic sensory substitution technologies for deaf, blind and deaf-blind individuals. METHOD: The literature search has been performed in Scopus, PubMed and Google Scholar databases using selected keywords, analyzing studies from 1960s to present. Search on databases for scientific publications has been accompanied by web search for commercial devices. Results have been classified by sensory disability and functionality, and analyzed by assistive technology...
October 10, 2017: Disability and Rehabilitation. Assistive Technology
Emily Swan, Laura Bouwman, Noelle Aarts, Leah Rosen, Gerrit Jan Hiddink, Maria Koelen
The biomedical model of health (BMH) studies the causes and origins of disease. When applied to nutrition research, eating is studied as a behavior that supports physical health. However, the lack of attention the BMH pays to social and historical circumstances in which health behaviors are constructed has been widely addressed in literature. When people are studied without considering contextual influences, the relevance to everyday life is limited. As a result, how individuals actively deal with their context to manage healthful eating is poorly understood...
October 4, 2017: Appetite
Min Seon Kim, Seong Youl Lee, Jae Min Jung, Cheal Kim
A new Schiff-base colorimetric chemosensor 1 was developed for the detection of Cu(2+), Co(2+) and S(2-). Sensor 1 could simply monitor Cu(2+) and Co(2+) by a color change from colorless to yellow. The binding modes of 1 to Cu(2+) and Co(2+) were determined to be a 2 : 1 complexation stoichiometry through Job's plot and ESI-mass spectrometry analysis. The detection limits (0.02 μM and 0.63 μM) for Cu(2+) and Co(2+) were lower than the recommended values (31.5 μM and 1.7 μM) by the World Health Organization (WHO) for Cu(2+) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Co(2+), respectively...
October 4, 2017: Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences
Donal S O'Leary, Jherime L Kellermann, Chris Wayne
Anthropogenic climate change is having significant impacts on montane and high-elevation areas globally. Warmer winter temperatures are driving reduced snowpack in the western USA with broad potential impacts on ecosystem dynamics of particular concern for protected areas. Vegetation phenology is a sensitive indicator of ecological response to climate change and is associated with snowmelt timing. Human monitoring of climate impacts can be resource prohibitive for land management agencies, whereas remotely sensed phenology observations are freely available at a range of spatiotemporal scales...
September 30, 2017: International Journal of Biometeorology
Adam Tapal, Ela Oren, Reuven Dar, Baruch Eitam
The sense of agency (SoA) is defined as "the registration that I am the initiator of my actions." Both "direct" and "indirect" measurement of SoA has focused on specific contextualized perceptual events, however it has also been demonstrated that "higher level" cognitions seemingly affect the SoA. We designed a measure of person's general, context-free beliefs about having core agency-the Sense of Agency Scale (SoAS). An exploratory (EFA) and confirmatory (CFA) factor analyses on samples of 236 (Study 1) and 408 (Study 2) participants yielded two correlated factors we labeled Sense of Positive Agency (SoPA) and Sense of Negative Agency (SoNA)...
2017: Frontiers in Psychology
Paweł Gwiaździński, Oleg Fedyk, Magdalena Krawczyk, Mateusz Szymański
BACKGROUND: A growing body of evidence supports the belief that yoga benefits physical and mental health. The aim of the study is to investigate whether the sense of coherence and sense of agency are more developed in people practicing hatha-yoga than in the group of people who have never practiced yoga. METHODS: TAHE, SOC-29 questionnaire and short microphenomenological interview conducted on a group of 15 people (8 yoga instructors, 7 in the control group). RESULTS: It has been shown that the study group has significantly higher scores in both the sense of agency and sense of coherence than the control group...
September 2017: Psychiatria Danubina
Di Zhang, Hui-Zhen Fu, Yuh-Shan Ho
A bibliometric analysis based on the Science Citation Index Expanded from Web of Science was carried out to provide insights into research activities and trends of the environmental monitoring from 1993 to 2012. Study emphases covered publication outputs, language, categories, journals, countries/territories, institutions, words, and hot issues. The results indicated that the annual output of environmental monitoring publications increased steadily. The environmental sciences and analytical chemistry were the two most common categories...
September 24, 2017: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Yuru Wang, Tom G E Damen, Henk Aarts
The sense of agency refers to feelings of causing one's own action and resulting effect. Previous research indicates that voluntary action selection is an important factor in shaping the sense of agency. Whereas the volitional nature of the sense of agency is well documented, the present study examined whether agency is modulated when action selection shifts from self-control to a more automatic stimulus-driven process. Seventy-two participants performed an auditory Simon task including congruent and incongruent trials to generate automatic stimulus-driven vs...
October 2017: Consciousness and Cognition
Zeynep Barlas, William E Hockley, Sukhvinder S Obhi
Previous research showed that increasing the number of action alternatives enhances the sense of agency (SoA). Here, we investigated whether choice space could affect subjective judgments of mental effort experienced during action selection and examined the link between subjective effort and the SoA. Participants performed freely selected (among two, three, or four options) and instructed actions that produced pleasant or unpleasant tones. We obtained action-effect interval estimates to quantify intentional binding - the perceived interval compression between actions and outcomes and feeling of control (FoC) ratings...
October 2017: Acta Psychologica
Gill Coleman, Liz Wiggins
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to argue for the widening of attention in healthcare improvement efforts, to include an awareness of the humanity of people who work in the sector and an appreciation of the part human connection plays in engagement around good quality work. Theoretical frameworks and research approaches which draw on action-based, interpretive and systemic thinking are proposed, as a complement to current practices. Design/methodology/approach The paper describes the early stages of an action research (AR) project, which used the appreciative inquiry "4D" framework to conduct participative inquiry in Hamad Medical Corporation's ambulance service in Qatar, in which staff became co-researchers...
August 21, 2017: Journal of Health Organization and Management
Rebecca J Hawkins, Adam Jowett, Mary Godfrey, Kirste Mellish, John Young, Amanda Farrin, Ivana Holloway, Jenny Hewison, Anne Forster
We adopted a grounded theory approach to explore the process of recovery experienced by stroke survivors over the longer term who were living in the community in the United Kingdom, and the interacting factors that are understood to have shaped their recovery trajectories. We used a combination of qualitative methods. From the accounts of 22 purposively sampled stroke survivors, four different recovery trajectories were evident: (a) meaningful recovery, (b) cycles of recovery and decline, (c) ongoing disruption, (d) gradual, ongoing decline...
January 2017: Global Qualitative Nursing Research
Howard Minkoff, Fouad Atallah
Respect for patient autonomy involves providing sufficient information to patients to allow them to make informed decisions, and then honoring their requests unless they are unethical or futile. At times, the factors that patients consider may not be purely biologic ones but rather will include "spiritual" factors (a sense of control in a home birth). When patients balance biologic risks against spiritual gain, physicians may not be comfortable giving deference to patients' choice. In order to explicate this issue we explore two clinical scenarios: home birth, and cesarean section for a periviable fetus; and we consider futility and limits on affirmative autonomy...
September 15, 2017: Seminars in Fetal & Neonatal Medicine
Martin Voss, Valérian Chambon, Dorit Wenke, Simone Kühn, Patrick Haggard
Sense of agency refers to the feeling of control over one's actions, and their consequences. It involves both predictive processes linked to action control, and retrospective 'sense-making' causal inferences. Schizophrenia has been associated with impaired predictive processing, but the underlying mechanisms that impair patients' sense of agency remain unclear. We introduce a new 'prospective' aspect of agency and show that subliminally priming an action not only influences response times, but also influences reported sense of agency over subsequent action outcomes...
August 1, 2017: Brain: a Journal of Neurology
Helen Kerr, Jayne Price, Honor Nicholl, Peter O'Halloran
BACKGROUND: Improvements in care and treatment have led to more young adults with life-limiting conditions living beyond childhood, which means they must make the transition from children's to adult services. This has proved a challenging process for both young adults and service providers, with complex transition interventions interacting in unpredictable ways with local contexts. OBJECTIVES: To explain how intervention processes interact with contextual factors to help transition from children's to adult services for young adults with life-limiting conditions...
June 23, 2017: International Journal of Nursing Studies
Nadia Chernyak, Tamar Kushnir
Humans are remarkable moral evaluators. However, between infancy and the preschool-age, children move from merely evaluating the world in terms of moral ("good"/"bad") terms to acting upon it in meaningful (prosocial and antisocial) ways. We argue that children's developing understanding and experience of choice and agency has profound behavioral consequences for this development in prosocial behavior. During the preschool age, children begin to explicitly reflect on their own actions and alternative actions (i...
August 14, 2017: Current Opinion in Psychology
Almo Farina
Multi-layer communication and sensing network assures the exchange of relevant information between animals and their umwelten, imparting complexity to the ecological systems. Individual soniferous species, the acoustic community, and soundscape are the three main operational levels that comprise this multi-layer network. Acoustic adaptation and acoustic niche are two more important mechanisms that regulate the acoustic performances at the first level while the acoustic community model explains the complexity of the interspecific acoustic network at the second level...
September 5, 2017: Bio Systems
Montserrat Cañedo, Enrique Moral
BACKGROUND: Drawing on a research project that we carried out on the functionality of "excessive" consumption practices in the lifestyles of young people in Madrid, this article aims to understand how (dis)pleasurable states emerge during young people's consumption of alcohol and other drugs. METHODS: This article claims that these states derive from "drugged assemblages," that is, a set of (human and non-human) actants that intra-act to produce different effects...
September 4, 2017: International Journal on Drug Policy
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