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Xianglong Tan, Jinyong Lv, Guodong Zhao, Zhiming Zhao, Chenggang Li, Yong Xu, Minggen Hu
BACKGROUND: In this study, we investigated the expression profile and functional mechanism of microRNA-4656 in human pancreatic cancer (PC). METHODS: MiR-4656 expression in PC tumors was examined by qRT-PCR in 134 patients. Associations between tumorous miR-4656 expression and patient's clinicopathological parameters and overall survival were analyzed. MiR-4656 expression was also examined in PC in vitro cell lines. In Capan-1 and AsPC-1 PC cells, lentivirus-induced miR-4656 overexpression or downregulation was applied to investigate its functional regulations on PC in vitro proliferation and invasion, and in vivo transplant growth...
December 9, 2016: Journal of Gene Medicine
Yi-Lin Zhang, Jia-Wen Xu, Xiong-Hao Wu, Peng-Xiao Chen, Fang Wei, Dong-Dong Gao, Xiao-Wen Chen, Yu-Li Luo, Yun-Xin Zhu, Jiehong Huang, Ya-Xia Tan, Lei Zhao, Wen-Liang Zhou
Sodium tanshinone IIA sulphonate, a water-soluble derivative of tanshinone IIA, has been proven to possess versatile biological properties, but its pharmacological effect on tracheal smooth muscle remains elusive. This paper presents a study on the relaxant effect and underlying mechanisms of sodium tanshinone IIA sulphonate on mouse tracheal smooth muscle. The relaxant effect of sodium tanshinone IIA sulphonate was evaluated in mouse tracheal rings using a mechanical recording system. Intracellular Ca(2+) concentration was measured in primary cultured tracheal smooth muscle cells using confocal imaging system...
December 9, 2016: Planta Medica
Milena Stranska-Zachariasova, Isma Kurniatanty, Helena Gbelcova, Monika Jiru, Josep Rubert, Tjokorda Gde Tirta Nindhia, Cosimo Walter D'Acunto, Sony Heru Sumarsono, Marselina Irasonia Tan, Jana Hajslova, Tomas Ruml
The present study aims to focus on the bioprospecting of marine macroalgae of Turbinaria species, plenteous biomass of the world ocean. Three types of solvents, i.e. water, methanol:water (80:20, v/v) and hexane:isopropanol (50:50, v/v), were used for extraction. Both the biological activity, as well as the pattern of present chemicals were characterized. For the cell proliferation assay, the human embryonic kidney 293 cells, cervix / breast / pancreatic adenocarcinoma, and osteosarcoma cells were used. For the antioxidant activity determination, both intracellular assay with human embryonic kidney and cervix adenocarcinoma cells, as well as the biochemical DPPH test, were employed...
December 9, 2016: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Min-Xia Zhang, Chun-Ye Chen, Qing-Qing Fang, Ji-Hua Xu, Xiao-Feng Wang, Bang-Hui Shi, Li-Hong Wu, Wei-Qiang Tan
BACKGROUND: Reduction mammoplasty (RM) is a proven method of treating macromastia, but the risk factors for postoperative complications have not been clearly identified. Through this meta-analysis, the authors aimed to identify the risk factors of RM complications. METHODS: An extensive search of the literature describing complications after RM was performed using the PubMed Central, Embase, and Cochrane databases. The following risk factors were extracted: age, body mass index (BMI), tissue resection weight per breast (TRW), smoking and radiation therapy...
2016: PloS One
Matthew J Sullivan, Alison J Carey, Sophie Y Leclercq, Chee K Tan, Glen C Ulett
Streptococcus agalactiae causes urinary tract infection (UTI) in pregnant adults, non-pregnant adults, immune-compromised individuals and the elderly. The pathogenesis of S. agalactiae UTI in distinct patient populations is poorly understood. In this study, we used murine models of UTI incorporating young mice, aged and dam mice to show that uropathogenic S. agalactiae causes bacteriuria at significantly higher levels in aged mice compared to young mice and this occurs coincident with equivalent levels of bladder tissue colonisation at 24 h post-infection (p...
2016: PloS One
Deborah Hl Ng, Joshua Gx Wong, Tun-Linn Thein, Yee-Sin Leo, David C Lye
Dengue fever is gaining importance in Singapore with an increase in the number of cases and mortality in recent years. Although prolonged and saddleback fever have been reported in dengue fever, there are no specific studies on their significance in dengue. This study aims to examine the prevalence of prolonged and saddleback fever in dengue as well as their associations with dengue severity. A total of 2843 polymerase-chain reaction (PCR) confirmed dengue patients admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital from 2004 to 2008 were included in the study...
2016: PloS One
Guolong Tan, Yao Huang, Haohao Sheng
We report here realization of ferroelectricity, ferromagnetism and magnetocapacitance effect in singleSrFe12O19ceramic at room temperature. The ceramics demonstrate a saturated polarization hysteresis loop, two nonlinear I-V peaks and large anomaly of dielectric constant near Curie temperature, which confirm the intrinsic ferroelectricity of SrFe12O19 ceramicswith subsequent heat-treatment in O2atmosphere. The remnant polarization of the SrFe12O19 ceramic is estimated to be 103μC/cm2. The ceramic also exhibits strong ferromagnetic characterization, the coercive field and remnant magnetic moment are 6192Oe and 35...
2016: PloS One
Nick Carcioppolo, Yixin Chen, Kevin K John, Andrea Martinez Gonzalez, Andy J King, Susan E Morgan, Shasa Hu
OBJECTIVES: Research indicates that mood-based motivations may be an important predictor of indoor tanning bed use and may be related to indoor tanning dependence. Problematically, little research has been conducted to develop a psychometric measure of mood-based tanning motivations. The current study seeks to develop and validate the moodbased indoor tanning scale (MITS). METHODS: Two studies were conducted to identify and verify the MITS factor structure as well as assess construct validity...
January 2017: American Journal of Health Behavior
Nitya Sai Reddy Satyavolu, Li Huey Tan, Yi Lu
Recent reports have shown that different DNA sequences can mediate the control of shapes and surface properties of nanoparticles. However, all previous studies have involved only monometallic particles, most of which were gold nanoparticles. Controlling the shape of bimetallic nanoparticles is more challenging, and there is little research into the use of DNA-based ligands for their morphological control. We report the DNA-templated synthesis of Pd-Au bimetallic nanoparticles starting from palladium nanocube seeds...
December 9, 2016: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Shaoyu Li, Ji-Wei Zhang, Xian-Lin Li, Dao-Juan Cheng, Bin Tan
Axially chiral 1,1'-spirobiindane-7,7'-diol (SPINOL) is the most fundamental and important privileged structure from which other chiral ligands containing a 1,1'-spirobiindane backbone are synthesized. Driven by the development of enantioselective syntheses of axially chiral SPINOL derivatives, we have successfully developed the first phosphoric acid-catalyzed asymmetric approach. This approach is highly convergent and functional group tolerant, efficiently providing SPINOLs in good yield with excellent enantioselectivity, thus delivering a practical and straightforward access to this privileged structure...
December 9, 2016: Journal of the American Chemical Society
David L Shen, Ta-Wei Liu, Wesley Zandberg, Tom Clark, Razieh Eskandari, Matthew G Alteen, Hong Yee Tan, Yanping Zhu, Samy Cecioni, David Vocadlo
O-GlcNAc transferase (OGT) catalyzes the installation of N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) O-linked to nucleocytoplasmic proteins (O-GlcNAc) within multicellular eukaryotes. OGT shows surprising tolerance for structural changes in the sugar component of its nucleotide sugar donor substrate, uridine diphosphate N-acetylglucosamine (UDP-GlcNAc). Here, we find that OGT uses UDP-glucose to install O-linked glucose (O-Glc) onto proteins only 25-fold less efficiently than O-GlcNAc. Spurred by this observation, we show that OGT transfers 2-azido-2-deoxy-d-glucose (GlcAz) in vitro from UDP-GlcAz to proteins...
December 9, 2016: ACS Chemical Biology
Xiangyin Ni, Wanqin Yang, Zemin Qi, Shu Liao, Zhenfeng Xu, Bo Tan, Bin Wang, Qinggui Wu, Changkun Fu, Chengming You, Fuzhong Wu
Experiments and models have led to a consensus that there is positive feedback between carbon (C) fluxes and climate warming. However, the effect of warming may be altered by regional and global changes in nitrogen (N) and rainfall levels, but the current understanding is limited. Through synthesizing global data on soil C pool, input and loss from experiments simulating N deposition, drought and increased precipitation, we quantified the responses of soil C fluxes and equilibrium to the three single factors and their interactions with warming...
December 9, 2016: Global Change Biology
Ashley Sample, Yu-Ying He
UV radiation exposure from sunlight and artificial tanning beds is the major risk factor for the development of skin cancer and skin photoaging. UV-induced skin damage can trigger a cascade of DNA damage response signaling pathways, including cell cycle arrest, DNA repair, and, if damage is irreparable, apoptosis. Compensatory proliferation replaces the apoptotic cells to maintain skin barrier integrity. Disruption of these processes can be exploited to promote carcinogenesis by allowing the survival and proliferation of damaged cells...
December 9, 2016: Photochemistry and Photobiology
Upendra Chitgupi, Yi Li, Mingfu Chen, Shuai Shao, Marie Beitelshees, Myles Joshua Tan, Sriram Neelamegham, Blaine A Pfeifer, Charles Jones, Jonathan F Lovell
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) and gene delivery have both been used to target both cancer cells and tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs). Given the complex nature of tumor tissue, there could be merit in combining these strategies simultaneously. In this study, we developed a bimodal targeting approach to both cancer cells and macrophages, employing materials conducive to both gene delivery and PDT. Polymers libraries were created that consisted of cationic polyethyleneimine (PEI) conjugated to the photosensitizer pyropheophorbide-α, with sulfonation (to target selectin-expressing cells) and mannosylation (to target TAMs)...
December 9, 2016: Photochemistry and Photobiology
Desmond K Tan, Sherman O Canapp, Christopher S Leasure, David L Dycus, Erica O'Donnell
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 9, 2016: Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology: V.C.O.T
Yuhui Yang, Shuguang Lu, Wei Shen, Xia Zhao, Mengyu Shen, Yinling Tan, Gang Li, Ming Li, Jing Wang, Fuquan Hu, Shuai Le
Bacteriophages (phages) are widely distributed in the biosphere and play a key role in modulating microbial ecology in the soil, ocean, and humans. Although the role of DNA bacteriophages is well described, the biology of RNA bacteriophages is poorly understood. More than 1900 phage genomes are currently deposited in NCBI, but only 6 dsRNA bacteriophages and 12 ssRNA bacteriophages genome sequences are reported. The 6 dsRNA bacteriophages were isolated from legume samples or lakes with Pseudomonas syringae as the host...
December 9, 2016: Scientific Reports
Shengjun Tan, Margarida Cardoso-Moreira, Wenwen Shi, Dan Zhang, Jiawei Huang, Yanan Mao, Hangxing Jia, Yaqiong Zhang, Chunyan Chen, Yi Shao, Liang Leng, Zhonghua Liu, Xun Huang, Manyuan Long, Yong E Zhang
In a broad range of taxa, genes can duplicate through an RNA intermediate in a process mediated by retrotransposons (retroposition). In mammals, L1 retrotransposons drive retroposition, but the elements responsible for retroposition in other animals have yet to be identified. Here, we examined young retrocopies from various animals that still retain the sequence features indicative of the underlying retroposition mechanism. In Drosophila melanogaster, we identified and de novo assembled 15 polymorphic retrocopies and found that all retroposed loci are chimeras of internal retrocopies flanked by discontinuous LTR retrotransposons...
December 2016: Genome Research
David A Thaisrivongs, Steven P Miller, Carmela Molinaro, Qinghao Chen, Zhiguo J Song, Lushi Tan, Lu Chen, Wenyong Chen, Azzeddine Lekhal, Sarah K Pulicare, Yanke Xu
Verubecestat is an inhibitor of β-secretase being evaluated for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. The first-generation route relies on an amide coupling with a functionalized aniline, the preparation of which introduces synthetic inefficiencies. The second-generation route replaces this with a copper-catalyzed C-N coupling, allowing for more direct access to the target. Other features of the new route include a diastereoselective Mannich-type addition into an Ellman sulfinyl ketimine and a late-stage guanidinylation...
November 18, 2016: Organic Letters
Xin Tan, Hassan A Tahini, Sean C Smith
Electrocatalytic, switchable hydrogen storage promises both tunable kinetics and facile reversibility without the need for specific catalysts. The feasibility of this approach relies on having materials that are easy to synthesize, possessing good electrical conductivities. Graphitic carbon nitride (g-C4N3) has been predicted to display charge-responsive binding with molecular hydrogen-the only such conductive sorbent material that has been discovered to date. As yet, however, this conductive variant of graphitic carbon nitride is not readily synthesized by scalable methods...
December 7, 2016: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Na Liu, Yanan Tan, Yingwen Hu, Tingting Meng, Lijuan Wen, Jingwen Liu, Bolin Cheng, Hong Yuan, Xuan Huang, Fuqiang Hu
Redox-responsive nanomaterials applied in drug delivery systems (DDS) have attracted an increasing attention in pharmaceutical research as a carrier for antitumor therapy. However, there would be unwanted drug release from a redox-responsive DDS with no selection at nontarget sites, leading to undesirable toxicities in normal tissues and cells. Here, an A54 peptide modified and PEGylated reduction cleavable glucolipid conjugate (A54-PEG-CSO-ss-SA, abbreviated to APCssA) was designed for intracellular delivery of doxorubicin (DOX)...
December 7, 2016: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
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