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Abhishek Pandey, Saroj L Samal, David C Johnston
We report the synthesis and properties of a new layered tetragonal ternary compound CsMn4 As3 (structure type, KCu4 S3 ; space group, P4/ mmm, no. 123; and Z = 2). The material is a small band gap semiconductor and exhibits an antiferromagnetic ground state associated with Mn spins. The compound exhibits a signature of a distinct magnetic moment canting event at 150(5) K with a canting angle ≈ 0.3°. Although some features of the magnetic characteristics of this new compound are qualitatively similar to those of the related BaMn2 As2 , the underlying Mn sublattices of the two materials are quite different...
March 6, 2018: Inorganic Chemistry
Evgeniya A Ptashkina, Elizaveta G Kabanova, Anna I Tursina, Alexandr V Yatsenko, Victor N Kuznetsov
A new Cu3 Au-type ternary phase (τ phase) is found in the AuPd-rich part of the Au-In-Pd system. It has a broad homogeneity range based on extensive (Pd,Au) and (In,Au) replacement, with the composition varying between Au17.7 In25.3 Pd57.0 and Au50.8 In16.2 Pd33.0 . The occupancies of the crystallographic positions were studied by single-crystal X-ray diffraction for three samples of different composition. The sites with m-3m symmetry are occupied by atoms with a smaller scattering power than the atoms located on 4/mmm sites...
March 1, 2018: Acta Crystallographica. Section C, Structural Chemistry
Alexander Ovchinnikov, Svilen Bobev
The Ga- and In-substituted bismuthides Ca11 Gax Bi10-x , Ca11 Inx Bi10-x , Yb11 Gax Bi10-x , and Yb11 Inx Bi10-x (x < 2) can be readily synthesized employing molten Ga or In metals as fluxes. They crystallize in the tetragonal space group I4/mmm and adopt the Ho11 Ge10 structure type (Pearson code tI84; Wyckoff sequence n2 m j h2 e2 d). The structural response to the substitution of Bi with smaller and electron-poorer In or Ga has been studied by single-crystal X-ray diffraction methods for the case of Ca11 Inx Bi10-x [x = 1...
March 1, 2018: Acta Crystallographica. Section C, Structural Chemistry
Nicholas M Jacques, Peter R E Rought, Detlev Fritsch, Mathew Savage, Harry G W Godfrey, Lei Li, Tamoghna Mitra, Mark D Frogley, Gianfelice Cinque, Sihai Yang, Martin Schröder
The binding domains within a mixed matrix membrane (MMM) that is selective for CO2 comprising MFM-300(Al) and the polymer 6FDA-Durene-DABA have been established via in situ synchrotron IR microspectroscopy. The MOF crystals are fully accessible and play a critical role in the binding of CO2 , creating a selective pathway to promote permeation of CO2 within and through the MMM. This study reveals directly the molecular mechanism for the overall enhanced performance of this MMM in terms of permeability, solubility and selectivity for CO2 ...
March 1, 2018: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
Cressa Ria P Fulong, Junyi Liu, Vincent J Pastore, Haiqing Lin, Timothy R Cook
Discrete metal-organic polyhedra (MOPs) containing copper(ii), palladium(ii), and iron(ii) nodes were synthesized as fillers for mixed-matrix materials (MMMs) with a polyvinylidine fluoride (PVDF) polymer phase and contrasted against an MMM containing a metal-organic framework, MOF-5. When a given MOP was soluble in the precursor solutions, the resulting MMMs were thin, flexible, and homogeneous based on microscopy and SEM imaging. Analogous MMM formation using either insoluble MOPs or the inherent insoluble MOF-5 showed a higher degree of phase separation and inhomogeneity...
February 15, 2018: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Kenji Kawashima, Shigeyuki Ishida, Hiroshi Fujihisa, Yoshito Gotoh, Kunihiro Kihou, Yoshiyuki Yoshida, Hiroshi Eisaki, Hiraku Ogino, Akira Iyo
We discovered novel Fe-based superconductors (FeSCs) (La,Na)AFe4As4, where A = Rb or Cs, and characterized their superconducting properties. (La,Na)AFe4As4 is a so-called 1144-type compound with a tetragonal unit cell classified into space group P4/mmm (no. 123). The lattice constants are a = 3.861(1) Å and c = 13.26(1) Å for (La,Na)RbFe4As4 and a = 3.880(1) Å and c = 13.60(1) Å for (La,Na)CsFe4As4. The Rietveld refinement results on the powder X-ray diffraction suggest that the La/Na ratio is rather fixed as La:Na = 0...
February 7, 2018: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Tiglet Besara, Daniel C Ramirez, Jifeng Sun, Nathaniel W Falb, Wangwei Lan, Jennifer N Neu, Jeffrey B Whalen, David J Singh, Theo Siegrist
Single crystals of a new family of layered lanthanide oxychlorides, Ba3Ln2O5Cl2 (Ln = Gd-Lu), have been synthesized from a molten barium flux. This family crystallizes in the space group I4/mmm (No. 139; Z = 2) with lattice parameters a = 4.3384(1)-4.4541(1) Å and c = 24.5108(7)-24.8448(9) Å. Ba3Ln2O5Cl2 phases are built up of two different blocks: a perovskite double layer of stoichiometry Ba2Ln2O5 formed by corner-connected LnO5 tetragonal bipyramids and a puckered rock-salt-like interlayer of composition BaCl2...
February 2, 2018: Inorganic Chemistry
Laura Mezquita, Lucía Ruiz-Valero, Naiara Martínez-Gómez, Manuel I Ibáñez, Generós Ortet
Marijuana motives are a proximal variable to marijuana use. This research aimed to adapt and validate the short form of the Marijuana Motives Measure (MMM; Simons, Correia, Carey, y Borsari, 1998), the MMM SF, in Spanish.  The sample comprised 232 participants (mean age = 25.11 (7.58), 50.43% males) who had tried marijuana at least once in their lifetime. Item and Rasch analyses were performed to choose the final pool of 15 items. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) showed an adequate 5-factor structure (S-BX2(80) = 121...
January 15, 2018: Adicciones
Josep Matali Costa, J Simons, M Pardo, M Lleras, A Pérez, O Andión
INTRODUCTION: Cannabis is the illicit drug mostly widely consumed by adolescents in Spain. The understanding of consumption motives is an important factor for intervention. In Spain, there are no available instruments for their evaluation, hence, the goal of this paper is to study the psychometric properties of the Marihuana Motives Measure (MMM) in a sample of adolescent consumers. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Firstly, translation and back-translation was performed. A total of 228 adolescent consumers of cannabis were evaluated...
January 15, 2018: Adicciones
Giovanni Di Teodoro, Giuseppe Marruchella, Andrea Di Provvido, Gianluca Orsini, Gaetano Federico Ronchi, Anna Rita D'Angelo, Nicola D'Alterio, Flavio Sacchini, Massimo Scacchia
Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP) is a severe disease caused by Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides (Mmm). Knowledge on CBPP pathogenesis is fragmented and hampered by the limited availability of laboratory animal and in vitro models of investigation. The purpose of the present study is to assess respiratory explants as useful tools to study the early stages of CBPP. Explants were obtained from trachea, bronchi and lungs of slaughtered cattle, tested negative for Mycoplasma spp. and for the major bacterial and viral respiratory pathogens...
January 12, 2018: Veterinary Research
V Skrypko, A Kovalenko, E Talikova
The objective of this research was to study changes in parameters, characterizing endogenous intoxication in patients with acute small bowel obstruction with Reamberin included into therapy scheme. Full physical examination and surgical treatment of 202 patients with acute small bowel obstruction were conducted. The control group included 30 healthy individuals. Dynamics of such clinical biochemical parameters as medium mass molecules (MMM), malondialdehyde (MDA), diene conjugates (DC) in blood serum were analyzed in preoperative period and on the 1st, 5th and 14th day of postoperative period...
December 2017: Georgian Medical News
Shengxuan Huang, Xiang Wu, Shan Qin
Oxygen is thought to be an important light element in Earth's core but the amount of oxygen in Earth's core remains elusive. In addition, iron-rich iron oxides are of great interest and significance in the field of geoscience and condensed matter physics. Here, static calculations based on density functional theory demonstrate that I4/mmm-Fe2O is dynamically and mechanically stable and becomes energetically favorable with respect to the assemblage of hcp-Fe and [Formula: see text]-FeO above 270 GPa, which indicates that I4/mmm-Fe2O can be a strong candidate phase for stable iron-rich iron oxides at high pressure, perhaps even at high temperature...
January 10, 2018: Scientific Reports
Qian Hu, Yingqi Ye, Qian Zhao, Yonggang Meng
The electromagnetic properties of interfaces in MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) directly determine the Casimir force between them, therefore the construction of the electromagnetic surface is particularly significant. We theoretically utilize non-monodisperse magnetic nanoparticles to construct meta-metamaterial (MMM) surface to obtain a repulsive force, which can be adjusted by an external magnetic field. According to Lifshitz's theory, we have discovered that influence of the distribution of particle size on the Casimir force is related to the expectation of particle size, and Casimir repulsion will decrease when taking into account the anisotropy of electromagnetic parameters for MMM plate...
January 10, 2018: Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter: An Institute of Physics Journal
Xiang Zhu, Yinying Hua, Chengcheng Tian, Carter W Abney, Peng Zhang, Tian Jin, Gongping Liu, Katie L Browning, Robert L Sacci, Gabriel M Veith, Hong-Cai Zhou, Wanqin Jin, Sheng Dai
Achieving homogeneous dispersion of nanoporous fillers within membrane architectures remains a great challenge for mixed-matrix membrane (MMMs) technology. Imparting solution processability of nanoporous materials would help advance the development of MMMs for membrane-based gas separations. For the first time, we report a novel mechanochemical-assisted oxidative coupling polymerization strategy to create a new family of soluble nanoporous polymer networks. The solid-state ball-milling methodology affords inherent control over polymer growth and therefore provides tunable solubility in the resulting nanoporous frameworks...
December 29, 2017: Angewandte Chemie
Nian-Tzu Suen, Linna Huang, John J Meyers, Svilen Bobev
Reported are the synthesis and the crystal structures of the new ternary phases Sr3Cd8Ge4 and Eu3Cd8Ge4. The structures of both compounds have been established by single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction methods. They crystallize in the tetragonal space group I4/mmm (No. 139, own structure type, Pearson symbol tI30) with Z = 2, and lattice parameters as follows: a = 4.4941(14) Å; c = 35.577(7) Å for Sr3Cd8Ge4, and a = 4.4643(12) Å; c = 35.537(9) Å for Eu3Cd8Ge4, respectively. The most prominent feature of the structure is the complex [Cd2Ge] polyanionic framework, derived by unique ordering of the Cd and Ge atoms in fragments that bear resemblance to the BaAl4 structure type...
December 26, 2017: Inorganic Chemistry
Sanjith Unithrattil, Paulraj Arunkumar, Yoon Hwa Kim, Ha Jun Kim, Ngoc Hung Vu, Jaeyeong Heo, Woon Jin Chung, Won Bin Im
NaCa3 PSiO8 was synthesized in a microwave-assisted solid-state reaction. The crystal structure of the synthesized compound was solved using a least-squares method, followed by simulated annealing. The compound was crystallized in the orthorhombic space group Pna21 , belonging to Laue class mmm. The structure consisted of two layers of cation planes, each of which contained three cation channels. The cation channels in each of the layers ran antiparallel to that of the adjacent layer. All the major cations together constituted four distinct crystallographic sites...
December 18, 2017: Inorganic Chemistry
Sarah E Goodman, Christopher J Hasson
There is an old saying that you must walk a mile in someone's shoes to truly understand them. This mini-review will synthesize and discuss recent research that attempts to make humans "walk a mile" in an artificial musculoskeletal system to gain insight into the principles governing human movement control. In this approach, electromyography (EMG) is used to sample human motor commands; these commands serve as inputs to mathematical models of muscular dynamics, which in turn act on a model of skeletal dynamics to produce a simulated motor action in real-time (i...
2017: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
T Phuong Quan, Zharain Bawa, Dona Foster, Tim Walker, Carlos Del Ojo Elias, Priti Rathod, Zamin Iqbal, Phelim Bradley, Janet Mowbray, A Sarah Walker, Derrick W Crook, David H Wyllie, Timothy E A Peto, E Grace Smith
Use of whole genome sequencing (WGS) for routine Mycobacterial species identification and drug susceptibility testing (DST) is becoming a reality. We compared performance of WGS and standard laboratory workflows prospectively, by parallel processing at a major Mycobacterial Reference Service over one year, for species identification, first-line Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) resistance prediction, and turnaround time. Of 2039 isolates with line-probe results for species identification, 74 (3.6%) failed sequencing or WGS species identification...
November 22, 2017: Journal of Clinical Microbiology
E Perret, K Sen, J Khmaladze, B P P Mallett, M Yazdi-Rizi, P Marsik, S Das, I Marozau, M A Uribe-Laverde, R de Andrés Prada, J Strempfer, M Döbeli, N Biškup, M Varela, Y-L Mathis, C Bernhard
We studied the structural, magnetic and electronic properties of [Formula: see text] (SFO) thin films and [Formula: see text]/[Formula: see text] [Formula: see text]MnO3 (LCMO) superlattices that have been grown with pulsed laser deposition (PLD) on [Formula: see text] [Formula: see text] [Formula: see text] [Formula: see text] [Formula: see text] (LSAT) substrates. X-ray reflectometry and scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) confirm the high structural quality of the films and flat and atomically sharp interfaces of the superlattices...
November 14, 2017: Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter: An Institute of Physics Journal
Sebastian Friebe, Alexander Mundstock, Kai Volgmann, Jürgen Caro
Metal-organic frameworks feature a certain framework flexibility, mainly due to a linker mobility inside the lattice. The latter is responsible for effects like breathing or gate-opening, thus making predictions of the sorption and diffusion behavior quite difficult. Permeation measurements on supported UiO-66 membranes at low temperatures and on polymer-coated UiO-66 membrane layers as well as2 H NMR line shape studies and nitrogen sorption measurements of UiO-66 with deuterated linkers in Matrimid as mixed-matrix membranes (MMM) indicate that the 2-site 180° flips (π-flips) of the aromatic ring are hindered by the presence of (i) the surrounding polymer Matrimid and (ii) residual solvent molecules, thus giving profound insights into the molecular understanding of gas transport through metal-organic framework-based MMMs...
November 29, 2017: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
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