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Yue Zhao, Jun Yao, Zhimin Yuan, Tianqi Wang, Yiyue Zhang, Fei Wang
Microbially induced carbonate precipitation (MICP) is an emerging and promising bioremediation technology to restore the environment polluted by heavy metals. Carbonate-biomineralization microbe can immobilize heavy metals from mobile species into stable crystals. In the present manuscript, laboratory batch studies were conducted to evaluate the Cd removal ability based on biosorption and MICP, using carbonate-biomineralization microbe GZ-22 isolated from a mine soil. This strain was identified as a Bacillus sp...
October 8, 2016: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Liang Xiao, Hai-Min He, Li-Li Huang, Ting Geng, Shu Fu, Fang-Sen Xue
Life-history traits from four geographical populations (tropical Ledong population [LD], subtropical Guangzhou [GZ] and Yongxiu populations, and temperate Langfang population [LF]) of the Asian corn borer, Ostrinia furnacalis were investigated at a wide range of temperatures (20-32°C). The larval and pupal times were significantly decreased with increasing rearing temperature, and growth rate was positively correlated with temperature. The relationship between body weight and rearing temperature in O. furnacalis did not follow the temperature-size rule (TSR); all populations exhibited the highest pupal and adult weights at high temperatures or intermediate temperatures...
August 2016: Ecology and Evolution
Arikin Abdeyrim, Liang Tang, Arzugl Muhamat, Kelimu Abudeyrim, YongPing Zhang, NanFang Li, Yinchun Wang, Minghua Zhao
BACKGROUND: Inability to maintain upper-airway patency during sleep is a cause of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and its sequelae. The associated syndrome (OSAS) is common in obese populations, currently, nocturnal polysomnography is the gold standard for diagnosing this conditions, but the diagnostic procedures are expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, identification of new markers of OSAS would be useful. This study aims to examine the receiver operating characteristics of impulse oscillometry (IOS) parameters for the prediction of OSAS in preobese and obese snoring patients...
2016: BMC Pulmonary Medicine
Wenpeng Li, Linjie Guo, Purva Rathi, Ekaterina Marinova, Xiuhua Gao, Meng-Feng Wu, Hao Liu, Gianpietro Dotti, Stephen Gottschalk, Leonid S Metelitsa, Andras Heczey
T cells engineered to express CD19-specific chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) have shown breakthrough clinical successes in patients with B-cell lymphoid malignancies. However, similar therapeutic efficacy of CAR T cells in solid tumors is yet to be achieved. In this study we systematically evaluated a series of CAR constructs targeting glypican-3 (GPC3), which is selectively expressed on several solid tumors. We compared GPC3-specific CARs that encoded CD3ζ (Gz) alone or with costimulatory domains derived from CD28 (G28z), 4-1BB (GBBz), or CD28 and 4-1BB (G28BBz)...
August 16, 2016: Human Gene Therapy
Monica Calvo-Polanco, Iván Sánchez-Castro, Manuel Cantos, José Luis García, Rosario Azcón, Juan Manuel Ruiz-Lozano, Carmen R Beuzón, Ricardo Aroca
The adaptation capacity of olive trees to different environments is well recognized. However, the presence of microorganisms in the soil is also a key factor in the response of these trees to drought. The objective of the present study was to elucidate the effects of different arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi coming from diverse soils on olive plant growth and water relations. Olive plants were inoculated with native AM fungal populations from two contrasting environments, that is, semi-arid - Freila (FL) and humid - Grazalema (GZ) regions, and subjected to drought stress...
November 2016: Plant, Cell & Environment
Ding-Qiang Chen, Ai-Wu Wu, Ling Yang, Dan-Hong Su, Yong-Ping Lin, Yan-Wei Hu, Lei Zheng, Qian Wang
Klebsiella pneumoniae strain KP01 carrying blaGES-5 was identified from a patient in Guangzhou, China. High-throughput sequencing assigned blaGES-5 to a 28.5-kb nonconjugative plasmid, pGES-GZ. A 13-kb plasmid backbone sequence on pGES-GZ was found to share high sequence identities with plasmids from Gram-negative nonfermenters. A novel class 1 integron carrying a gene cassette array of orf28-orf28-blaGES-5 was identified on pGES-GZ, within which orf28 encoded a hypothetical protein possibly correlated to fosfomycin resistance...
October 2016: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
Ye Fang, Yun Ding, Wei P Feinstein, David M Koppelman, Juana Moreno, Mark Jarrell, J Ramanujam, Michal Brylinski
Computational modeling of drug binding to proteins is an integral component of direct drug design. Particularly, structure-based virtual screening is often used to perform large-scale modeling of putative associations between small organic molecules and their pharmacologically relevant protein targets. Because of a large number of drug candidates to be evaluated, an accurate and fast docking engine is a critical element of virtual screening. Consequently, highly optimized docking codes are of paramount importance for the effectiveness of virtual screening methods...
2016: PloS One
Eva Alonso-Ortiz, Ives R Levesque, Raphaël Paquin, G Bruce Pike
PURPOSE: Recently, the multi-echo gradient echo (MGRE) sequence has been proposed for multicomponent T2* (MC T2*) based myelin water fraction (MWF) mapping. This approach has appeal because it can provide fast whole-brain coverage, has low specific absorption rate, and short echo spacing. However, the MGRE signal requires correction for accurate MWF mapping, because of its sensitivity to magnetic field inhomogeneities (ΔB0 ). We propose a ΔB0 correction method for 2D MGRE data obtained for MWF mapping...
July 15, 2016: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine: Official Journal of the Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Alexey Stupnikov, Shailesh Tripathi, Ricardo de Matos Simoes, Darragh McArt, Manuel Salto-Tellez, Galina Glazko, Matthias Dehmer, Frank Emmert-Streib
MOTIVATION: Data from RNA-seq experiments provide us with many new possibilities to gain insights into biological and disease mechanisms of cellular functioning. However, the reproducibility and robustness of RNA-seq data analysis results is often unclear. This is in part attributed to the two counter acting goals of (a) a cost efficient and (b) an optimal experimental design leading to a compromise, e.g., in the sequencing depth of experiments. RESULTS: We introduce an R package called samExploreR that allows the subsampling (m out of n bootstraping) of short-reads based on SAM files facilitating the investigation of sequencing depth related questions for the experimental design...
July 10, 2016: Bioinformatics
Makeda Semret, Alina Dyachenko, Leila Ramman-Haddad, Eric Belzile, Jane McCusker
BACKGROUND: Environmental cleaning is a fundamental principle of infection prevention in hospitals, but its role in reducing transmission of health care-acquired pathogens has been difficult to prove experimentally. In this study we analyze the influence of cleaning previously uncleaned patient care items, grey zones (GZ), on health care-acquired transmission rates. METHODS: The intervention consisted of specific GZ cleaning by an extra cleaner (in addition to routine cleaning) on 2 structurally different acute care medical wards for a period of 6 months each, in a crossover design...
July 7, 2016: American Journal of Infection Control
Raquel Bromberg, Nick V Grishin, Zbyszek Otwinowski
Advances in sequencing have generated a large number of complete genomes. Traditionally, phylogenetic analysis relies on alignments of orthologs, but defining orthologs and separating them from paralogs is a complex task that may not always be suited to the large datasets of the future. An alternative to traditional, alignment-based approaches are whole-genome, alignment-free methods. These methods are scalable and require minimal manual intervention. We developed SlopeTree, a new alignment-free method that estimates evolutionary distances by measuring the decay of exact substring matches as a function of match length...
June 2016: PLoS Computational Biology
Xianying Zeng, Pucheng Chen, Liling Liu, Guohua Deng, Yanbing Li, Jianzhong Shi, Huihui Kong, Huapeng Feng, Jie Bai, Xin Li, Wenjun Shi, Guobin Tian, Hualan Chen
The Goose/Guangdong-lineage H5 viruses have evolved into diverse clades and subclades based on their hemagglutinin (HA) gene during their circulation in wild birds and poultry. Since late 2013, the clade viruses have become widespread in poultry and wild bird populations around the world. Different subtypes of the clade H5 viruses, including H5N1, H5N2, H5N6, and H5N8, have caused vast disease outbreaks in poultry in Asia, Europe, and North America. In this study, we developed a new H5N1 inactivated vaccine by using a seed virus (designated as Re-8) that contains the HA and NA genes from a clade 2...
May 2016: Avian Diseases
Yasuhiro Nishida, Satoshi Maruyama, Ichiro Shouji, Takehito Kemuriyama, Akimasa Tashiro, Hiroyuki Ohta, Kohsue Hagisawa, Megumi Hiruma, Hidetake Yokoe
The effects of gravitational loading (G load) on humans have been studied ever since the early 20th century. After the dangers of G load in the vertical head-to-leg direction (+Gz load) became evident, many animal experiments were performed between 1920 and 1945 in an effort to identify the origins of high G-force-induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC), which led to development of the anti-G suit. The establishment of norms and training for G-LOC prevention resulted in a gradual decline in reports of animal experiments on G load, a decline that steepened with the establishment of anti-G techniques in humans, such as special breathing methods and skeletal muscle contraction, called an anti-G straining maneuver, which are voluntary physiological functions...
June 4, 2016: Journal of Physiological Sciences: JPS
Mingwei Cai, David Wilkins, Jiapeng Chen, Siu-Kin Ng, Hongyuan Lu, Yangyang Jia, Patrick K H Lee
Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a microbial process widely used to treat organic wastes. While the microbes involved in digestion of municipal sludge are increasingly well characterized, the taxonomic and functional compositions of AD digesters treating industrial wastewater have been understudied. This study examined metagenomes from a biogas-producing digester treating municipal sludge in Shek Wu Hui (SWH), Hong Kong and an industrial wastewater digester in Guangzhou (GZ), China, and compared their taxonomic composition and reconstructed biochemical pathways...
2016: Frontiers in Microbiology
Kathy Esvelt Klos, Tyler Gordon, Phil Bregitzer, Patrick Hayes, Xianming Chen, Isabel Del Blanco, Scott Fisk, John Michael Bonman
Quantitative trait loci (QTL) for barley stripe rust resistance were mapped in recombinant inbred lines (RILs) from a Lenetah x Grannelose Zweizeilige (GZ) cross. GZ is known for a major seedling resistance QTL on chromosome 4H, but linked markers suitable for marker assisted selection have not been developed. This study identified the 4H QTL (LOD = 15.94 at 97.19 cM), and additional QTL on chromosomes 4H and 6H (LOD = 5.39 at 72.7 cM and 4.24 at 34.46 cM, respectively). A QTL on chromosome 7H (LOD=2.04 at 81...
May 23, 2016: Phytopathology
Shalini Singh, Danielle Howell, Niraj Trivedi, Ketty Kessler, Taren Ong, Pedro Rosmaninho, Alexandre Asf Raposo, Giles Robinson, Martine F Roussel, Diogo S Castro, David J Solecki
In the developing mammalian brain, differentiating neurons mature morphologically via neuronal polarity programs. Despite discovery of polarity pathways acting concurrently with differentiation, it's unclear how neurons traverse complex polarity transitions or how neuronal progenitors delay polarization during development. We report that zinc finger and homeobox transcription factor-1 (Zeb1), a master regulator of epithelial polarity, controls neuronal differentiation by transcriptionally repressing polarity genes in neuronal progenitors...
2016: ELife
Han Joo Lee, Bong Ju Moon, William A Pennant, Dong Ah Shin, Keung Nyun Kim, Do Heum Yoon, Yoon Ha
While injuries to the spine after an airplane crash are not rare, most crashes result in fatal injuries. As such, few studies exist that reported on spine fractures sustained during airplane accidents. In this report, we demonstrate three cases of spine fractures due to crash landing of a commercial airplane. Three passengers perished from injuries after the crash landing, yet most of the passengers and crew on board survived, with injuries ranging from minor to severe. Through evaluating our three spine fracture patients, it was determined that compression fracture of the spine was the primary injury related to the airplane accident...
October 2015: Korean Journal of Neurotrauma
Antonio Peón, Cuong C Dang, Pedro J Ballester
Computational methods for Target Fishing (TF), also known as Target Prediction or Polypharmacology Prediction, can be used to discover new targets for small-molecule drugs. This may result in repositioning the drug in a new indication or improving our current understanding of its efficacy and side effects. While there is a substantial body of research on TF methods, there is still a need to improve their validation, which is often limited to a small part of the available targets and not easily interpretable by the user...
2016: Frontiers in Chemistry
Yiyi Zhang, Eliseo Guallar, Robert G Weiss, Michael Stillabower, Gary Gerstenblith, Gordon F Tomaselli, Katherine C Wu
BACKGROUND: Left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) improves over time in 25%-40% of patients with cardiomyopathy with primary prevention implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD). The determinants of LVEF improvement, however, are not well characterized. OBJECTIVES: We sought to examine the associations of clinical risk factors and cardiac imaging markers with changes in LVEF after ICD implantation. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective analysis of cardiac magnetic resonance images in 202 patients who underwent primary prevention ICD implantation to quantify the amount of heterogeneous myocardial tissue (gray zone), dense core, and total scar...
August 2016: Heart Rhythm: the Official Journal of the Heart Rhythm Society
Toru Kondo, Masahiro Matsuoka, Chihiro Azai, Shigeru Itoh, Hirozo Oh-Oka
Orientations of the FA and FB iron-sulfur (FeS) clusters in a structure-unknown type-I homodimeric heriobacterial reaction center (hRC) were studied in oriented membranes of the thermophilic anaerobic photosynthetic bacterium Heliobacterium modesticaldum by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), and compared with those in heterodimeric photosystem I (PS I). The Rieske-type FeS center in the cytochrome b/c complex showed a well-oriented EPR signal. Illumination at 14 K induced an FB(-) signal with g-axes of gz = 2...
May 12, 2016: Journal of Physical Chemistry. B
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