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Dental fatigue

M de-Pedro-Herráez, J Mesa-Jiménez, C Fernández-de-Las-Peñas, J-L de-la-Hoz-Aizpurua
Myogenic temporomandibular disorders (MTMD) frequently coexist with other clinical conditions in the same individual. In the last decades, several authors have analyzed these comorbidities looking for the origin of this overlapping. _Objetives: The aim of this study was to perform a comparative anaylisis between a group of patients with MTMD and a control group of dental patients without dysfunctional pathology to assess whether there are significant differences in the presence of systemic medical comorbidities between the two groups...
October 1, 2016: Medicina Oral, Patología Oral y Cirugía Bucal
Rodolfo B Anchieta, Lucas S Machado, Ronaldo Hirata, Paulo G Coelho, Estevam A Bonfante
This study evaluated the probability of survival (reliability) of platform-switched fixed dental prostheses (FDPs) cemented on different implant-abutment connection designs. Eighty-four-three-unit FDPs (molar pontic) were cemented on abutments connected to two implants of external or internal hexagon connection. Four groups (n = 21 each) were established: external hexagon connection and regular platform (ERC); external hexagon connection and switched platform (ESC); internal hexagon and regular platform (IRC); and internal hexagon and switched platform (ISC)...
October 2016: European Journal of Oral Sciences
Stephanie Alimena, Mary E Air, Caitlin Gribbin, Elizabeth Manejias
This study examines the current utilization of primary and preventive health care services among dancers in order to assess their self-reported primary care needs. Participants were 37 dancers from a variety of dance backgrounds who presented for a free dancer health screening in a large US metropolitan area (30 females, 7 males; mean age: 27.5 ± 7.4 years; age range: 19 to 49 years; mean years of professional dancing: 6.4 ± 5.4 years). Dancers were screened for use of primary care, mental health, and women's health resources using the Health Screen for Professional Dancers developed by the Task Force on Dancer Health...
2016: Journal of Dance Medicine & Science
Monisha Billings, Bruce A Dye, Timothy Iafolla, Alan N Baer, Margaret Grisius, Ilias Alevizos
BACKGROUND: Xerostomia is a chief complaint of patients with Sjögren's syndrome (SS). However, newer proposals for SS classification remove xerostomia and hyposalivation from the criteria list. Given these developments and the importance of patient-centered research outcomes, we sought to evaluate the utility of patient-reported xerostomia with implications for classification criteria, and clinical trials targeting SS treatment modalities. METHODS: A nested case-control study was designed within The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research/National Institutes of Health (NIDCR/NIH) SS Cohort - one of the largest SS cohorts in the US...
September 9, 2016: EBioMedicine
Alexandre La Fontaine, Alexander Zavgorodniy, Howgwei Liu, Rongkun Zheng, Michael Swain, Julie Cairney
Human dental enamel, the hardest tissue in the body, plays a vital role in protecting teeth from wear as a result of daily grinding and chewing as well as from chemical attack. It is well established that the mechanical strength and fatigue resistance of dental enamel are derived from its hierarchical structure, which consists of periodically arranged bundles of hydroxyapatite (HAP) nanowires. However, we do not yet have a full understanding of the in vivo HAP crystallization process that leads to this structure...
September 2016: Science Advances
Eugenio Velasco, Loreto Monsalve-Guil, Alvaro Jimenez, Ivà N Ortiz, Jesà S Moreno-Muà Oz, Enrique Nuà Ez-Marquez, Marta Pegueroles, Roman A Perez, Francisco Javier Gil
This study focuses on the fatigue behavior and bone-implant attachment for the more usual surfaces of the different cp-titanium dental implants. The implants studied were: as-received (CTR), acid etching (AE), spark-anodization (SA) and with a grit-blasted surface (GB). Residual stresses were determined by means of X-ray diffraction. The fatigue tests were carried out at 37°C on 160 dental implants and the S-N curve was determined. The fatigue tests show that the grit-blasting process improves the fatigue life...
September 2, 2016: Journal of Oral Implantology
Steve Hurson
The accepted requirements for achieving long-term maintenance and performance of implant treatments include properly matched implant system components, a precise fit and connection between the abutment and implant, and appropriate preload. Satisfying these requisites can be predictably achieved when authentic and suitably compatible components that are engineered and marketed as an integrated implant system are placed. To the contrary, intermixing third-party or aftermarket implant components could result in unpredictable sequelae that negatively affect implant treatment outcomes...
July 2016: Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry
Enrico Marchetti, Stefano Ratta, Stefano Mummolo, Simona Tecco, Raffaella Pecci, Rossella Bedini, Giuseppe Marzo
PURPOSE: The aim of this in vitro study was to evaluate the mechanical reliability of a dental implant system by testing its maximum fracture load and mechanical performance under cyclic fatigue stress. METHODS: An experimental study according to the international standards (UNI EN ISO 14801: 2008) was performed using 13 implants (3.80 mm in diameter and 12 mm in length) with straight titanium abutments tightened to 30 N. Five samples were subjected to compression stress at break...
October 2016: Implant Dentistry
María Prados-Privado, Juan Carlos Prados-Frutos, Sérgio Alexandre Gehrke, Mariano Sánchez Siles, José Luis Calvo Guirado, José Antonio Bea
It is well known that dental implants have a high success rate but even so, there are a lot of factors that can cause dental implants failure. Fatigue is very sensitive to many variables involved in this phenomenon. This paper takes a close look at fatigue analysis and explains a new method to study fatigue from a probabilistic point of view, based on a cumulative damage model and probabilistic finite elements, with the goal of obtaining the expected life and the probability of failure. Two different dental implants were analysed...
2016: BioMed Research International
Chih-Wen Chi, Yu-Lun Deng, Jyh-Wei Lee, Chun-Pin Lin
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: Dental nickel-titanium (NiTi) rotary instruments are widely used in endodontic therapy because they are efficient with a higher success rate. However, an unpredictable fracture of instruments may happen due to the surface characteristics of imperfection (or irregularity). This study assessed whether a novel surface treatment could increase fatigue fracture resistance of dental NiTi rotary instruments. METHODS: A 200- or 500-nm thick Ti-zirconium-boron (Ti-Zr-B) thin film metallic glass was deposited on ProTaper Universal F2 files using a physical vapor deposition process...
August 5, 2016: Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, Taiwan Yi Zhi
Mehmet Emin Kaval, Ismail Davut Capar, Hüseyin Ertas, Bilge Hakan Sen
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the cyclic fatigue resistance of F6 SkyTaper (Komet Brasseler, Lemgo, Germany), K3XF (SybronEndo, Orange, CA, USA), new generation OneShape (Micro Mega, Besancon, France) and TRUShape 3D conforming files (Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialties, Tulsa, OK, USA). MATERIAL AND METHODS: Ten instruments from each group were selected and allowed to rotate using a low-torque motor in a stainless steel block with 1...
July 26, 2016: Clinical Oral Investigations
Jorge Pereira, Carolina S Morsch, Bruno Henriques, Rubens M Nascimento, Cesar Am Benfatti, Filipe S Silva, José López-López, Júlio Cm Souza
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the removal torque and in vitro biofilm penetration at Morse taper and hexagonal implant-abutment joints after fatigue tests. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sixty dental implants were divided into two groups: (1) Morse taper and (2) external hexagon implant-abutment systems. Fatigue tests on the implant-abutment assemblies were performed at a normal force (FN) of 50 N at 1.2 Hz for 500,000 cycles in growth medium containing human saliva for 72 hours...
July 2016: International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants
Renan Belli, Michael Wendler, José I Zorzin, Anselm Petschelt, Carina B Tanaka, Josete Meira, Ulrich Lohbauer
OBJECTIVES: This study was intended to separate residual stresses arising from the mismatch in coefficients of thermal expansion between glass and zirconia (ZrO2) from those stresses arising solely from the cooling process. Slow crack growth experimentes were undertaken to demonstrate how cracks grow in different residual stress fields. METHODS: Aluminosilicate glass discs were sintered onto ZrO2 to form glass-ZrO2 bilayers. Glass discs were allowed to bond to the ZrO2 substrate during sintering or prevented from bonding by means of coating the ZrO2 with a thin boron nitrade coating...
September 2016: Dental Materials: Official Publication of the Academy of Dental Materials
Chih-Wen Chi, Chun-Chieh Li, Chun-Pin Lin, Chow-Shing Shin
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: Dental rotary instruments can be applied in multiple conditions of canals, but unpredictable fatigue fracture may happen. This study evaluated the fatigue lives of two batches of nickel-titanium (NiTi) dental rotary files operating in clinically simulated root canals. METHODS: Single-step cyclic fatigue tests were carried out to assess the performance of two batches of NiTi files (ProTaper and ProFile) in nine combinations of simulated canals (cylinder radii 5 mm, 7...
June 30, 2016: Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, Taiwan Yi Zhi
K Shemtov-Yona, D Rittel
Metallic dental implants are exposed to various intraoral environments and repetitive loads during service. Relatively few studies have systematically addressed the potential influence of the environment on the mechanical integrity of the implants, which is therefore the subject of this study. Four media (groups) were selected for room temperature testing, namely dry air, saliva substitute, same with 250ppm of fluoride, and saline solution (0.9%). Monolithic Ti-6Al-4V implants were loaded until fracture, using random spectrum loading...
September 2016: Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
T Suzuki, T Takamizawa, W W Barkmeier, A Tsujimoto, H Endo, R L Erickson, M A Latta, M Miyazaki
The purpose of this study was to determine the enamel bond durability of three universal adhesives in different etching modes through fatigue testing. The three universal adhesives used were Scotchbond Universal, Prime&Bond Elect universal dental adhesive, and All-Bond Universal light-cured dental adhesive. A single-step self-etch adhesive, Clearfil S(3) Bond Plus was used as a control. The shear bond strength (SBS) and shear fatigue strength (SFS) to human enamel were evaluated in total-etch mode and self-etch mode...
June 28, 2016: Operative Dentistry
Akihiro Mitsuyama, Toshiyuki Takahashi, Toshiaki Ueno
PURPOSE: We assessed whether the soleus H reflex was depressed or facilitated in association with voluntary teeth clenching during muscle fatigue. METHODS: A total of 13 and 9 healthy adult subjects were instructed to perform right-side tiptoe standing for 5 (TS1) and 10min (TS2) to induce the soleus muscle fatigue. Electromyograms (EMGs) were recorded from the bilateral masseter as well as the right-side soleus muscles. H reflex was evoked using a surface electrode...
June 24, 2016: Journal of Prosthodontic Research
Anna-Liisa Svedström-Oristo, Heidi Ekholm, Mimmi Tolvanen, Timo Peltomäki
OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study is to analyze the association between self-reported symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and the severity of malocclusion in prospective orthognathic-surgical patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The subjects consisted of 50 consecutive patients (13 males and 37 females) referred to two university clinics for assessment of orthodontic-surgical treatment need. Data considering self-reported TMD symptoms were gathered using a semi-structured diary...
August 2016: Acta Odontologica Scandinavica
Santiago Orrego, Mary Anne Melo, Se-Han Lee, Hockin H K Xu, Dwayne D Arola
Fatigue caused by the cyclic loads of mastication and acid attack caused by the excretion of oral biofilms are two of the most critical challenges to the success of dental restorations and their clinical service life. The objective of this investigation was to evaluate the fatigue strength of human dentin when exposed to a simultaneous challenge of cyclic loading and acidic attack from oral bacteria. Rectangular beams of coronal dentin were obtained from third molars and subjected to cyclic flexural loading while exposed to an in-vitro microcosm biofilm model...
June 21, 2016: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part B, Applied Biomaterials
Foteini Patrona, Ioannis Mademlis, Fotios Kalaganis, Ioannis Pitas, Kleoniki Lyroudia
Stereoscopic medical videos are recorded, e.g., in stereo endoscopy or during video recording medical/dental operations. This paper examines quality issues in the recorded stereoscopic medical videos, as insufficient quality may induce visual fatigue to doctors. No attention has been paid to stereo quality and ensuing fatigue issues in the scientific literature so far. Two of the most commonly encountered quality issues in stereoscopic data, namely stereoscopic window violations and bent windows, were searched for in stereo endoscopic medical videos...
April 2016: Journal of Medical Imaging
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