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Abbas Ostovan, Mehrorang Ghaedi, Maryam Arabi, Arash Asfaram
In the present work, hollow porous molecularly imprinted polymer (HPMIP) was prepared via adopting a sacrificial support approach using glibenclamide (GB) as template, methacrylic acid (MAA) as functional monomer, ethylene glycol dimethacrylate as cross-linker (EGDMA) and mesoporous MCM-48 nanospheres as support. Owing to a short thickness of the foresaid HPMIP, a suitable steric structure was readily available that lead to fast and effective mass transfer of target analyte to sorbent and consequently supply high binding capacity...
September 10, 2017: Journal of Chromatography. A
Agustin I Seoane, David O Morgan
Robust progression through the cell-division cycle depends on the precisely ordered phosphorylation of hundreds of different proteins by cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) and other kinases. The order of CDK substrate phosphorylation depends on rising CDK activity, coupled with variations in substrate affinities for different CDK-cyclin complexes and the opposing phosphatases [1-4]. Here, we address the ordering of substrate phosphorylation by a second major cell-cycle kinase, Cdc7-Dbf4 or Dbf4-dependent kinase (DDK)...
September 12, 2017: Current Biology: CB
Sung-Hee Kim, Soon-Chan Kim, Ja-Lok Ku
Metformin is most widely prescribed for type 2 diabetes. Recently, evidences have shown that metformin has anticancer effects on pancreatic-, colorectal-, ovarian-, and other cancers. Because metformin has less adverse effects and is inexpensive, it could be a useful chemo-therapeutic agent with anticancer effects. In this study, we demonstrated metformin inhibited by cell proliferation, cell migration ability, clonogenic ability, and cancer stem cell population. Metformin also induced cell cycle arrest in parental-(SNU-C5), and 5-Fu resistant-colorectal cancer cell line (SNU-C5_5FuR)...
August 22, 2017: Oncotarget
Meltem Ercan, Veli C Ozalp, Bilge G Tuna
The development of simple, reliable, and rapid approaches for molecular detection of common mutations is important for prevention and early diagnosis of genetic diseases, including Thalessemia. Oligonucleotide-gated mesoporous nanoparticles-based analysis is a new platform for mutation detection that has the advantages of sensitivity, rapidity, accuracy, and convenience. A specific mutation in β-thalassemia, one of the most prevalent inherited diseases in several countries, was used as model disease in this study...
September 8, 2017: Analytical Biochemistry
Bo Zhu, Quanze He, Jingjing Xiang, Fang Qi, Hao Cai, Jun Mao, Chunhua Zhang, Qin Zhang, Haibo Li, Lu Lu, Ting Wang, Wenbo Yu
Understanding the mechanisms of uncontrolled proliferation in cancer cells provides valuable insights into tumor development and is benefit for discovering efficient methods in cancer treatment. In this study, we identified and quantified 2,057 phosphoproteins and 9,824 unique phosphosites in three liver cell lines with high (QGY, Hep3B) and low (L02) proliferative potentials and disclosed the wide variations in phosphorylation sites and levels among them. We found that the number of identified phosphoproteins and phosphosites in these cells were negatively correlated with their proliferative abilities...
September 7, 2017: Scientific Reports
Gregory C Campanello, Michael Lofgren, Adam L Yokom, Daniel R Southworth, Ruma Banerjee
G-proteins regulate various processes ranging from DNA replication and protein synthesis to cytoskeletal dynamics and cofactor assimilation, and serve as models for uncovering strategies deployed for allosteric signal transduction. MeaB is a multifunctional G-protein chaperone, which gates loading of the active 5'-deoxyadenosylcobalamin cofactor onto methylmalonyl-CoA mutase (MCM) and precludes loading of inactive cofactor forms. MeaB also safeguards MCM, which uses radical chemistry, against inactivation and rescues MCM inactivated during catalytic turnover by using the GTP-binding energy to offload inactive cofactor...
September 7, 2017: Journal of Biological Chemistry
Mohamed Shaban, Mostafa R Abukhadra, Ahmed Hamd, Ragab R Amin, Ahmed Abdel Khalek
MCM-48 mesoporous silica was successfully synthesized from silica gel extracted from rice husk ash and loaded by nickel oxide (Ni2O3). The resulted composite was characterized using X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope, and UV-vis spectrophotometer. The role of MCM-48 as catalyst support in enhancing the photocatalytic properties of nickel oxide was evaluated through the photocatalytic degradation of Congo red dye under visible light source. MCM-48 as catalyst support for Ni2O3 shows considerable enhancement in the adsorption capacity by 17% and 29% higher than the adsorption capacity of MCM-48 and Ni2O3, respectively...
September 4, 2017: Journal of Environmental Management
Melpo Christofidou-Solomidou, Ralph A Pietrofesa, Evguenia Arguiri, Constantinos Koumenis, Robert Segal
The threat of exposure to ionizing radiation from a nuclear reactor accident or deliberate terrorist actions is a significant public health concern. The lung is particularly susceptible to radiation-induced injury from external sources or inhalation of radioactive particles from radioactive fallout. Radiation-induced lung disease can manifest with an acute radiation pneumonitis and/or delayed effects leading to pulmonary fibrosis. As prior warning of radiation exposure is unlikely, medical countermeasures (MCMs) to mitigate radiation-induced lung disease that can be given in mass-casualty situations many hours or days postirradiation are needed to prevent both early and late lung damage...
September 6, 2017: Radiation Research
Sebastian Björklund, Vitaly Kocherbitov
Mesoporous silica has received much attention due to its well-defined structural order, high surface area, and tunable pore diameter. To successfully employ mesoporous silica for nanotechnology applications it is important to consider how it is influenced by solvent molecules due to the fact that most preparation procedures involve treatment in various solvents. In the present work we contribute to this important topic with new results on how MCM-41 is affected by a simple treatment in alcohol at room temperature...
August 30, 2017: Scientific Reports
Angelina Sterczynska, Anna Derylo-Marczewska, Malgorzata Zienkiewicz-Strzalka, Malgorzata Sliwinska-Bartkowiak, Kamila Domin
We report an experimental investigation of structural and adhesive properties for Al-containing mesoporous MCM-41 and MCM-41 surfaces. In this work, high-ordered hexagonal mesoporous structures of aluminosilica with two different Si/Al molar ratios equal 50 and 80 and silica samples were studied; Al was incorporated in the MCM-41 structures using the direct synthesis method, with CTAB as surfactant. The incorporation of aluminium was evidenced simultaneously without any change of the hexagonal arrangement of cylindrical mesopores...
August 29, 2017: Langmuir: the ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids
Yiming Tang, Zhaoqi Pan, Laisheng Li
Mesoporous siliceous MCM-41 immobilized with Co and Mn metal ions (Co-Mn-MCM-41) was synthesized using a hydrothermal method. The structural regularity and the valence states of the metal species were measured by X-ray diffractometer and X-ray photoelectron spectrometer. The resultant bimetallic Co-Mn-MCM-41 catalyst was tested for the degradation of dimethyl phthalate (DMP) via a catalytic ozonation mechanism, demonstrating that the catalytic properties of Co-Mn-MCM-41 catalyst significantly accelerated the ozonation process...
August 18, 2017: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Sazlinda Kamaruzaman, Mohd Marsin Sanagi, Noorfatimah Yahaya, Wan Aini Wan Ibrahim, Salasiah Endud, Wan Nazihah Wan Ibrahim
A new facile magnetic micro-solid-phase extraction coupled to gas chromatography and mass spectrometry detection was developed for extraction and determination of selected anti-depressant drugs in biological fluids using magnetite-MCM-41 as adsorbent. The synthesized sorbent was characterized by several spectroscopic techniques. The maximum extraction efficiency for extraction of 500 μg/L anti-depressant drugs from aqueous solution was obtained with 15 mg of magnetite-MCM-41 at pH 12. The analyte was desorbed using 100 μL of acetonitrile prior to gas chromatography determination...
August 24, 2017: Journal of Separation Science
Ayan Maity, Vivek Polshettiwar
Morphology-controlled nanomaterials such as silica play a crucial role in the development of technologies for addressing challenges in the fields of energy, environment and health. After the discovery of Stöber silica, followed by the discovery of mesoporous silica materials, such as MCM-41 and SBA-15, a significant surge in the design and synthesis of nanosilica with various sizes, shapes, morphologies and textural properties (surface area, pore size and pore volume) has been observed in recent years. One notable invention is dendritic fibrous nanosilica (DFNS), also known as KCC-1...
August 23, 2017: ChemSusChem
Hanping Mao, Zhongshou Liu
In this paper, a composite sensing platform for Hg(II) optical sensing and removal was designed and reported. A core-shell structure was adopted, using magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles as the core, silica molecular sieve MCM-41 as the shell, respectively. Two rhodamine derivatives were synthesized as chemosensor and covalently immobilized into MCM-41 tunnels. Corresponding composite samples were characterized with SEM/TEM images, XRD analysis, IR spectra, thermogravimetry and N2 adsorption/desorption analysis, which confirmed their core-shell structure...
August 15, 2017: Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
Oriane Marmontel, Mathilde Di Filippo, Christophe Marcais, Séverine Nony, Marjorie Dumoux, Marine Serveaux-Dancer, Cyrielle Caussy, Sybil Charrière, Philippe Moulin
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The heterogeneity and mechanisms of multifactorial chylomicronemia (MCM) remain poorly understood. To gain new insights, post heparin lipolysis measured at 60 min (PHLA60), in addition to the more commonly used 10 min (PHLA10), was assessed in patients with history of MCM. METHODS: 62 consecutive MCM patients were studied. The evaluation included LPL, APOC2, APOA5, GPIHBP1, LMF1 and APOE gene sequencing, as well as pre- and post-heparin injection biochemical analysis, including lipid profiles, determination of apolipoprotein B, B-48, CII, CIII, lipoprotein lipase (LPL) concentrations (LPLC0, LPLC10 and LPLC60) and post-heparin LPL activity (PHLA10 and PHLA60)...
July 29, 2017: Atherosclerosis
Haiyin Han, Wei Wei, Weiwei Chu, Kaiqing Liu, Ye Tian, Zaohang Jiang, Jie Chen
Due to the paracrine effects of skeletal muscle, the lipid metabolism of porcine intramuscular (i.m.) preadipocytes was different from that of subcutaneous (s.c.) preadipocytes. To investigate the development of i.m. preadipocytes in vivo, the s.c. preadipocytes were cultured with muscle conditional cultured medium (MCM) for approximating extracellular micro-environment of the i.m. preadipocytes. Insulin signaling plays a fundamental role in porcine adipocyte differentiation. The expression levels of insulin receptor (INSR) and insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R) in i...
August 20, 2017: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Francisco J Carmona, Ignacio Jiménez-Amezcua, Sara Rojas, Carlos C Romão, Jorge A R Navarro, Carmen R Maldonado, Elisa Barea
Mesoporous silica Al-MCM-41 nanoparticles have been used, for the first time, as vehicles for the single and dual encapsulation of the cationic CO-releasing molecule (CORM) [Mn(1,4,7-triazacyclononane)(CO)3](+) (ALF472(+)) and the well-known antineoplastic drug, cis-[PtCl2(NH3)2] (cisplatin). Thus, two new hybrid materials, namely, ALF472@Al-MCM-41 and ALF472-cisplatin@Al-MCM-41, have been isolated and fully characterized. The results reveal that the presence of CORM molecules enhances cisplatin loading 3-fold, yielding a cargo of 0...
August 18, 2017: Inorganic Chemistry
Sergine Errole Ngouateu Teufack, Gertrude NMbogning Tayo, Marc Ngangout Alidou, Jeannette Yondo, Amely Frankline Djiomene, Josué Wabo Poné, Faùily Mpoame Mbida
BACKGROUND: The resistance of some medico-veterinary parasite strains as well as the unavailability and toxicity of synthetic anthelminthics on humans, animals and the impacts of their residues in the environment have pushed scientists to turn to plants with anthelminthic properties. Hence, the aim of this work was to contribute to the fight against helminths of medical and veterinary importance in general, and also to clear the environment of their free living stages. METHODS: Fresh eggs of Heligmosomoides bakeri were obtained from the faeces of experimentally infected mice...
August 11, 2017: BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Changchun Ji, Xin Huang, Lei Li, Fukui Xiao, Ning Zhao, Wei Wei
Recently, amine-functionalized materials as a prospective chemical sorbent for post combustion CO₂ capture have gained great interest. However, the amine grafting for the traditional MCM-41, SBA-15, pore-expanded MCM-41 or SBA-15 supports can cause the pore volume and specific surface area of sorbents to decrease, significantly affecting the CO₂ adsorption-desorption dynamics. To overcome this issue, hierarchical porous silica with interparticle macropores and long-range ordering mesopores was prepared and impregnated with pentaethylenehexamine...
October 15, 2016: Materials
Madhnure Pandith, R D Kaplay, S S Potdar, H Sangnor, A D Rao
Rapid expansion in urbanization and industrialization coupled with recent drought conditions has triggered unplanned groundwater development leading to severe stress on groundwater resources in many urban cities of India, particularly cities like Nanded, Maharashtra. In the quest of tapping drinking water requirement, due to recent drought conditions, people from the city are piercing through entire thickness of shallow basalt aquifers to reach productive deeper granite aquifers. Earlier reports from Nanded and surrounding districts suggest that deeper granite aquifer is contaminated with fluoride (geogenic)...
September 2017: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
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