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Veeravan Lekskulchai
BACKGROUND Since measured low density lipoprotein-cholesterol (LDL-C) has been available in clinical laboratories, there have been concern about the disagreement between measured and calculated LDL-C and the factors causing their disagreement. MATERIAL AND METHODS Serum lipid concentrations were collected from 1,339 medical records of patients admitted to hospital between 2013 and 2015. They were grouped by their total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides (TG), and high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (HDL-C) concentrations and the agreement between measured and calculated LDL-C was statistically analyzed...
January 12, 2018: Medical Science Monitor Basic Research
Nora Nikolac Gabaj, Marijana Miler, Alen Vrtarić, Marina Hemar, Petra Filipi, Marija Kocijančić, Vesna Šupak Smolčić, Ivana Ćelap, Ana-Maria Šimundić
BACKGROUND: The aim of our study was to perform verification of serum indices on three clinical chemistry platforms. METHODS: This study was done on three analyzers: Abbott Architect c8000, Beckman Coulter AU5800 (BC) and Roche Cobas 6000 c501. The following analytical specifications were verified: precision (two patient samples), accuracy (sample with the highest concentration of interferent was serially diluted and measured values compared to theoretical values), comparability (120 patients samples) and cross reactivity (samples with increasing concentrations of interferent were divided in two aliquots and remaining interferents were added in each aliquot...
January 9, 2018: Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine: CCLM
Victoria Higgins, Dorothy Truong, Amy Woroch, Man Khun Chan, Houman Tahmasebi, Khosrow Adeli
BACKGROUND: Evidence-based reference intervals (RIs) are essential to accurately interpret pediatric laboratory test results. To fill gaps in pediatric RIs, The Canadian Laboratory Initiative on Pediatric Reference Intervals (CALIPER) project developed an age- and sex-specific pediatric RI database based on healthy pediatric subjects. Originally established for Abbott ARCHITECT assays, CALIPER RIs were transferred to assays on Beckman, Roche, Siemens, and Ortho analytical platforms. This study provides transferred reference intervals for 29 biochemical assays for the Ortho VITROS 5600 Chemistry System (Ortho)...
January 4, 2018: Clinical Biochemistry
Brad S Karon, Amy M Wockenfus, Katherine J Hartung, Renee J Scott, Steven D Carter, Allan S Jaffe
OBJECTIVES: We compared rates of analytical outliers, and percent of emergency department (ED) patients with cardiac troponin (cTn) values above the 99th percentile upper reference limit (URL), for two conventional and one high sensitivity cTn assay. METHODS: We measured 3008 samples from 1931 ED patients by Roche e411 4th generation Troponin T (cTnT); and Abbott STAT Troponin I (cTnI) and high sensitivity troponin I (hscTnI) on an Architect i2000. Within 24h of initial measurement, samples were aliquoted, re-centrifuged, and repeated in duplicate by all methods...
January 2, 2018: Clinical Biochemistry
Benjamin Felbrich, Frederik Wulle, Christoph Allgaier, Achim Menges, Alexander Verl, Karl-Heinz Wurst, James Nebelsick
State of the art rapid additive manufacturing (RAM), specifically Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) has gained popularity among architects, engineers and designers for quick prototyping of technical devices, rapid production of small series and even construction scale fabrication of architectural elements. The spectrum of producible shapes and the resolution of detail, however, are determined and constrained by the layer-based nature of the fabrication process. These aspects significantly limit FFF-based approaches for the prefabrication and in-situ fabrication of freeform shells at the architectural scale...
January 4, 2018: Bioinspiration & Biomimetics
Dirk Trauner
To imagine a structure and then express it in material form is one of the most satisfying of human activities. It is pervasive throughout the arts and crafts and it is one of the defining features of architecture. It is also at the heart of synthetic chemistry.
December 27, 2017: Angewandte Chemie
Alice Santi, Fernanda G Kugeratski, Sara Zanivan
Fibroblasts have exceptional phenotypic plasticity and capability to secrete vast amount of soluble factors, ECM components and extracellular vesicles. While in physiological conditions this makes fibroblasts master regulators of tissue homeostasis and healing of injured tissues, in solid tumours cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) co-evolve with the disease, and alter the biochemical and physical structure of the tumour microenvironment, as well as the behaviour of the surrounding stromal and cancer cells...
December 27, 2017: Proteomics
Amirmohammad Rahimizadeh, Zahra Nourmohammadi, Sajad Arabnejad, Michael Tanzer, Damiano Pasini
This investigation presents the numerical development of a fully porous tibial knee implant that is suggested to alleviate the clinical problems associated with current prostheses that are fully solid. A scheme combining multiscale mechanics and topology optimization is proposed to handle the homogenized analysis and property tailoring of the porous architecture with the aim of reducing the stiffness mismatch between the implant and surrounding bone. The outcome of applying this scheme is a graded lattice microarchitecture that can potentially offer the implant an improved degree of load bearing capacity while reducing concurrently bone resorption and interface micromotion...
December 5, 2017: Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
Mohammed Bensalah, Ouardia Bouayadi, Nawal Rahmani, Amina Lyagoubi, Somiya Lamrabat, Mohammed Choukri
Parathormone (PTH) is the main hormone of phosphocalcic homeostasis. It is synthesized and secreted by the parathyroid glands. PTH has become a routine test in the medical biology laboratory. However, its measurement presents analytical difficulties with the various marketed kits. The aim of this work is to present the results of a comparative study between the PTH measurment on Abbott architect ci8200 and on Roche's Cobas e411 automaton. It is a prospective study carried out for 252 hospitalized patients in the various departments of the University Hospital Center Mohammed VI of Oujda...
December 15, 2017: Annales de Biologie Clinique
Veena Rao
Among many things, J. B. S. Haldane is known for demonstrating how the principle of natural selection can be used to build a mathematical, and in particular quantitative, theory of evolution. However, to the end, he remained open to the idea of other evolutionary mechanisms. In his late writings, he repeatedly drew attention to situations in which natural selection did not operate, was hemmed in by constraints, or worked in a surprising manner. In this respect Haldane stands out among the architects of the Modern Synthesis...
November 2017: Journal of Genetics
M Drack, M Limpinsel, G de Bruyn, J H Nebelsick, O Betz
Many successful examples of biomimetic products are available, and most research efforts in this emerging field are directed towards the development of specific applications. The theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of the knowledge transfer between biologists, engineers and architects are, however, poorly investigated. The present article addresses this gap. We use a 'technomorphic' approach, i.e. the application of conceptual tools derived from engineering design, to better understand the processes operating during a typical biomimetic research project...
December 13, 2017: Bioinspiration & Biomimetics
Mary A Rodgers, Ana S Vallari, Julie Yamaguchi, Vera Holzmayer, Barbara Harris, Coumba Toure-Kane, Souleymane M'Boup, Samar Badreddine, Carole McArthur, Nicaise Ndembi, Dora Ngum Mbanya, Lazare Kaptué, Gavin Cloherty
Periodic evaluation of the impact of viral diversity on diagnostic tests is critical to ensure current technologies are keeping pace with viral evolution. To determine whether HIV diversity impacts the ARCHITECT HIV Combo Ag/Ab (HIV Combo) or RealTime HIV-1 (RT) assays, a set of N=199 HIV clinical specimens from Cameroon, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand were sequenced and tested in both assays. The panel included historical Group N and P specimens and a newly identified Group N specimen. These and specimens classified as H, U/URF, CRF01, 02, 06, 09, 11, 13, 18, 22, 37, and 43 were detected by both the RT assay (1...
December 12, 2017: AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
Manyi Tan, Man Xu, Yongjian Xiao, Yafeng Xie, Chuanhao Jiang, Kang Zheng, Qian Chen, Feijun Zhao, Tiebing Zeng, Yimou Wu
Flagellin is a classical pathogen-associated molecular pattern that can evoke robust immune response. We have demonstrated previously that three full-length flagellins of Treponema pallidum, namely FlaB1, FlaB2 and FlaB3, did have diagnostic value in serodiagnosis of syphilis. Here, we selected and constructed three recombinant fragments of each complete FlaB, both the conserved N-terminal and the C-terminal region, and the middle variable part, with the goal of exploring fragment unique to Treponema pallidum for use as antigen target in a fragment based serological test...
December 5, 2017: Pathogens and Disease
Jianxing Liu, Yihui Zhang
Auxetic materials with negative Poisson's ratios have important applications across a broad range of engineering areas, such as biomedical devices, aerospace engineering and automotive engineering. A variety of design strategies have been developed to achieve artificial auxetic materials with controllable responses in the Poisson's ratio. The development of designs that can offer isotropic negative Poisson's ratios over large strains can open up new opportunities in emerging biomedical applications, which, however, remains a challenge...
December 11, 2017: Soft Matter
Georgios Kazakis, Ioannis Kanellopoulos, Stefanos Sotiropoulos, Nikos D Lagaros
Construction industry has a major impact on the environment that we spend most of our life. Therefore, it is important that the outcome of architectural intuition performs well and complies with the design requirements. Architects usually describe as "optimal design" their choice among a rather limited set of design alternatives, dictated by their experience and intuition. However, modern design of structures requires accounting for a great number of criteria derived from multiple disciplines, often of conflicting nature...
October 2017: Heliyon
Angela W S Fung, Michael J Knauer, Ivan M Blasutig, David A Colantonio, Vathany Kulasingam
Background:  Therapeutic drug monitoring of immunosuppressant drugs are used to monitor drug efficacy and toxicity and to prevent organ transplantation rejection. This study evaluates the analytical performance of semi-automated electrochemiluminescence immunoassays (ECLIA) for cyclosporine (CSA), tacrolimus (TAC) and sirolimus (SRL) on the Roche cobas e 411 analyzer at a major transplant hospital to identify method suitability and limitations. Methods: Residual whole blood samples from patients undergoing immunosuppressant therapy were used for evaluation...
2017: F1000Research
Wei Wu, Yunya Zhang, Dong Ding, Ting He
Direct carbon fuel cells (DCFCs) are highly efficient power generators fueled by abundant and cheap solid carbons. However, the limited triple-phase boundaries (TPBs) in the fuel electrode, due to the lack of direct contact among carbon, electrode, and electrolyte, inhibit the performance and result in poor fuel utilization. To address the challenges of low carbon oxidation activity and low carbon utilization, a highly efficient, 3D solid-state architected anode is developed to enhance the performance of DCFCs below 600 °C...
December 8, 2017: Advanced Materials
Xuzhen Qin, Jianzhong Rui, Yong Xia, Hong Mu, Sang Hoon Song, Raja Elina Raja Aziddin, Gabrielle Miles, Yuli Sun, Sail Chun
BACKGROUND: The immunosuppressant drugs (ISDs), tacrolimus and cyclosporine, are vital for solid organ transplant patients to prevent rejection. However, toxicity is a concern, and absorption is highly variable across patients; therefore, ISD levels need to be precisely monitored. In the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, tacrolimus and cyclosporine concentrations are typically measured using immunoassays. The objective of this study was to assess the analytical performance of Roche Elecsystacrolimus and cyclosporinee electrochemiluminescence immunoassays (ECLIAs)...
March 2018: Annals of Laboratory Medicine
Alicja Edyta Krzemińska, Anna Danuta Zaręba, Anna Dzikowska, Katarzyna Rozalia Jarosz
The concepts of the cities we know nowadays, and which we are accustomed to, change at a very rapid pace. The philosophy of their design is also changing. It will base on new standards, entering a completely different, futuristic dimension. This stage is related to changes in the perception of space, location and lack of belonging to definite, national or cultural structures. Cities of the future are cities primarily intelligent, zero-energetic, zero-waste, environmentally sustainable, self-sufficient in terms of both organic food production and symbiosis between the environment and industry...
December 7, 2017: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
David Sitbon, Katrina Podsypanina, Tejas Yadav, Geneviève Almouzni
Chromatin organization in the nucleus provides a vast repertoire of information in addition to that encoded genetically. Understanding how this organization impacts genome stability and influences cell fate and tumorigenesis is an area of rapid progress. Considering the nucleosome, the fundamental unit of chromatin structure, the study of histone variants (the bricks) and their selective loading by histone chaperones (the architects) is particularly informative. Here, we report recent advances in understanding how relationships between histone variants and their chaperones contribute to tumorigenesis using cell lines and Xenopus development as model systems...
December 5, 2017: Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology
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