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Power clean

Fabian Reuter, Sonja Lauterborn, Robert Mettin, Werner Lauterborn
A laboratory filtration plant for drinking water treatment is constructed to study the conditions for purely mechanical in situ cleaning of fouled polymeric membranes by the application of ultrasound. The filtration is done by suction of water with defined constant contamination through a membrane module, a stack of five pairs of flat-sheet ultrafiltration membranes. The short cleaning cycle to remove the cake layer from the membranes includes backwashing, the application of ultrasound and air flushing. A special geometry for sound irradiation of the membranes parallel to their surfaces is chosen...
July 2017: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry
Kinga Umenhoffer, Gábor Draskovits, Ákos Nyerges, Ildikó Karcagi, Balázs Bogos, Edit Tímár, Bálint Csörgő, Róbert Herczeg, István Nagy, Tamás Fehér, Csaba Pal, Gyorgy Posfai
The ideal bacterial chassis provides a simplified, stable and predictable host environment for synthetic biological circuits. Mutability and evolution can, however, compromise stability, leading to deterioration of artificial genetic constructs. By eliminating certain sources of instability, these undesired genetic changes can be mitigated. Specifically, deletion of prophages and insertion sequences, non-essential constituents of bacterial genomes, has been shown to be beneficial in cellular and genetic stabilization...
April 20, 2017: ACS Synthetic Biology
Michelle Starke, Marcia Delaurenti, Marilyn Ward, Sonia Souza, Kimberly R Milleman, Jeffery L Milleman
OBJECTIVES: To compare the effect of the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean plus Premium plaque control brush head with the Oral-B 7000 plus CrossAction brush head on gingivitis and supragingival plaque reduction following a 42-day period of home use. METHODS: This was a randomized, parallel, examiner-blind, prospective clinical trial conducted on generally healthy subjects. Eligible subjects met the following eligibility criteria: age 18-65, non-smoker, routine manual toothbrush user, ≥ 50 sites of gingival bleeding per the Gingival Bleeding Index (GBI), and ≥ 1...
March 2017: Journal of Clinical Dentistry
Mounika Kodali, Carlo Santoro, Alexey Serov, Sadia Kabir, Kateryna Artyushkova, Ivana Matanovic, Plamen Atanassov
The oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) is one of the major factors that is limiting the overall performance output of microbial fuel cells (MFC). In this study, Platinum Group Metal-free (PGM-free) ORR catalysts based on Fe, Co, Ni, Mn and the same precursor (Aminoantipyrine, AAPyr) were synthesized using identical sacrificial support method (SSM). The catalysts were investigated for their electrochemical performance, and then integrated into an air-breathing cathode to be tested in "clean" environment and in a working microbial fuel cell (MFC)...
March 20, 2017: Electrochimica Acta
Jun Mei, Ting Liao, Liangzhi Kou, Ziqi Sun
The exponential increase in research focused on two-dimensional (2D) metal oxides has offered an unprecedented opportunity for their use in energy conversion and storage devices, especially for promising next-generation rechargeable batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) and sodium-ion batteries (NIBs), as well as some post-lithium batteries, including lithium-sulfur batteries, lithium-air batteries, etc. The introduction of well-designed 2D metal oxide nanomaterials into next-generation rechargeable batteries has significantly enhanced the performance of these energy-storage devices by providing higher chemically active interfaces, shortened ion-diffusion lengths, and improved in-plane carrier-/charge-transport kinetics, which have greatly promoted the development of nanotechnology and the practical application of rechargeable batteries...
April 10, 2017: Advanced Materials
L Vorwerk, A Ghassemi, W Hooper, V Patel, J Milleman, K Milleman
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to determine the plaque removal effectiveness of a new powered toothbrush and compare it to that of a manual brush. METHODS: This examiner-blind, randomized study used a cross-over design. Sixty-two (62) qualifying subjects were randomly assigned either to the powered brush (Arm & Hammer Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Clean & Fresh Battery-Powered Toothbrush), or a standard manual toothbrush (ADA Standard Manual Toothbrush) and instructed to brush at home with a standard fluoride toothpaste twice daily for two minutes during a one-week familiarization period...
September 2016: Journal of Clinical Dentistry
R Guenard, K Krupa, R Dupiol, M Fabert, A Bendahmane, V Kermene, A Desfarges-Berthelemot, J L Auguste, A Tonello, A Barthélémy, G Millot, S Wabnitz, V Couderc
We experimentally demonstrate that Kerr spatial self-cleaning of a pulsed beam can be obtained in an amplifying multimode optical fiber. An input peak power of 500 W only was sufficient to produce a quasi-single-mode emission from the double-clad ytterbium doped multimode fiber (YMMF) with non-parabolic refractive index profile. We compare the self-cleaning behavior observed in the same fiber with loss and with gain. Laser gain introduces new opportunities to achieve spatial self-cleaning of light in multimode fibers at a relatively low power threshold...
March 6, 2017: Optics Express
Mutiu Kolade Amosa, Mohammed Saedi Jami, Ma'an Fahmi R Alkhatib, Thokozani Majozi, Sulyman Age Abdulkareem
  This study investigates the utility of a hybrid adsorption-membrane process for cake compressibility evaluation of biotreated palm oil mill effluent (BPOME). A low-cost empty fruit bunch (EFB) based powdered activated carbon (PAC) was employed for the upstream adsorption process with operation conditions of 60 g/L PAC dose, 68 min mixing time, and 200 rpm mixing speed to reduce the feed-water strength and alleviate probable fouling of the membranes. Two polyethersulfone microfiltration (MF) membranes of 0...
April 1, 2017: Water Environment Research: a Research Publication of the Water Environment Federation
Kristof Kipp, Carolyn Meinerz
Although the power clean is an almost ubiquitous exercise in the strength and conditioning setting, relatively little is known about the biomechanics of successful and unsuccessful power clean lift attempts. The purpose of this study was to determine biomechanical differences between successful and unsuccessful power clean lift attempts in male collegiate athletes. Fifteen male lacrosse players (Age: 20.1 ± 1.2; Height: 1.78 ± 0.07 m; Body mass: 80.4 ± 8.1 kg; Relative one-repetition maximum power clean: 1...
June 2017: Sports Biomechanics
Yu Gwang Jin, Jong Won Shin, Nam Soo Kim
In this letter, a multichannel decision-directed approach to estimate the speech power spectral density (PSD) matrix for multichannel speech enhancement is proposed. There have been attempts to build multichannel speech enhancement filters which depend only on the speech and noise PSD matrices, for which the accurate estimate of the clean speech PSD matrix is crucial for a successful noise reduction. In contrast to the maximum likelihood estimator which has been applied conventionally, the proposed decision-directed method is capable of tracking the time-varying speech characteristics more robustly and improves the noise reduction performance under various noise environments...
March 2017: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Xujun Liang, Chuling Guo, Changjun Liao, Shasha Liu, Lukas Y Wick, Dan Peng, Xiaoyun Yi, Guining Lu, Hua Yin, Zhang Lin, Zhi Dang
Surfactant-enhanced remediation (SER) is considered as a promising and efficient remediation approach. This review summarizes and discusses main drivers on the application of SER in removing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from contaminated soil and water. The effect of PAH-PAH interactions on SER efficiency is, for the first time, illustrated in an SER review. Interactions between mixed PAHs could enhance, decrease, or have no impact on surfactants' solubilization power towards PAHs, thus affecting the optimal usage of surfactants for SER...
March 29, 2017: Environmental Pollution
Linbo Yan, Boshu He
A clean power generation system was built based on the steam co-gasification of biomass and coal in a quadruple fluidized bed gasifier. The chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling technology was used to supply oxygen for the calciner. The solid oxide fuel cell and the steam turbine were combined to generate power. The calcium looping and mineral carbonation were used for CO2 capture and sequestration. The aim of this work was to study the characteristics of this system. The effects of key operation parameters on the system total energy efficiency (ŋten), total exergy efficiency (ŋtex) and carbon sequestration rate (Rcs) were detected...
March 18, 2017: Bioresource Technology
Robert J Rossi, Daniel J Bain, Aubrey L Hillman, David P Pompeani, Matthew S Finkenbinder, Mark B Abbott
Early industrial trace metal loadings are poorly characterized but potentially substantial sources of trace metals to the landscape. The magnitude of legacy contamination in southwestern Pennsylvania, the cradle of North American fossil fuel industrialization, is reconstructed from trace metal concentrations in a sediment core with proxies including major and trace metal chemistry, bulk density, and magnetic susceptibility. Trace metal chemistry in this sediment record reflects 19th and 20th century land use and industry...
April 6, 2017: Environmental Science & Technology
Erika S Chen, Thomas B Bridgeman
Algal blooms have become a pressing issue in inland freshwater systems on local and global scales. A plausible approach to reducing algae without the use of chemical/biological agents is through the use of UV-C radiation from lamps potentially powered by in situ solar panels to eliminate algae. Yet, the quantitative scientific base has not been established. Our objective is to conduct a controlled experiment to quantify the effectiveness of UV-C radiation on the reduction of Chlorella vulgaris, a common algal species in the Great Lakes region...
March 25, 2017: Environmental Research
Gueven Edgue, Richard M Twyman, Veronique Beiss, Rainer Fischer, Markus Sack
Antibodies are produced as part of the vertebrate adaptive immune response and are not naturally made by plants. However, antibody DNA sequences can be introduced into plants, and together with laboratory technologies that allow the design of antibodies recognizing any conceivable molecular structure, plants can be used as 'green factories' to produce any antibody at all. The advent of plant-based transient expression systems in particular allows the rapid, convenient, and safe production of antibodies, ranging from laboratory-scale expression to industrial-scale manufacturing...
March 27, 2017: Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews. Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology
Daniel Schlauch, Heide Fier, Christoph Lange
Motivation: In order to minimize the effects of genetic confounding on the analysis of high-throughput genetic association studies, e.g. (whole-genome) sequencing (WGS) studies, genome-wide association studies (GWAS), etc., we propose a general framework to assess and to test formally for genetic heterogeneity among study subjects. As the approach fully utilizes the recent ancestor information captured by rare variants, it is especially powerful in WGS studies. Even for relatively moderate sample sizes, the proposed testing framework is able to identify study subjects that are genetically too similar, e...
February 22, 2017: Bioinformatics
Muhuan Huang, Di Wu, Cody Hao Yu, Zhenman Fang, Matteo Interlandi, Tyson Condie, Jason Cong
With the end of CPU core scaling due to dark silicon limitations, customized accelerators on FPGAs have gained increased attention in modern datacenters due to their lower power, high performance and energy efficiency. Evidenced by Microsoft's FPGA deployment in its Bing search engine and Intel's 16.7 billion acquisition of Altera, integrating FPGAs into datacenters is considered one of the most promising approaches to sustain future datacenter growth. However, it is quite challenging for existing big data computing systems-like Apache Spark and Hadoop-to access the performance and energy benefits of FPGA accelerators...
October 2016: Proceedings of the ... ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing [electronic Resource]: SOCC ... ... SoCC (Conference)
Abhishek K Bhardwaj, Abhishek Shukla, Rohit K Mishra, S C Singh, Vani Mishra, K N Uttam, Mohan P Singh, Shivesh Sharma, R Gopal
Plasmonic nanoparticles (NPs) such as silver and gold have fascinating optical properties due to their enhanced optical sensitivity at a wavelength corresponding to their surface plasmon resonance (SPR) absorption. Present work deals with the fabrication of silver nanoparticles decorated cotton (SNDC) fibers as a cheap and efficient point of contact disinfectant. SNDC fibers were fabricated by a simple microwave assisted route. The microwave power and irradiation time were controlled to optimize size and density of silver nanoparticles (SNPs) on textile fibers...
2017: Frontiers in Microbiology
Liying Song, Hongqing Song, Jingyi Lin, Cheng Wang, Mingxu Yu, Xiaoxia Huang, Yu Guan, Xing Wang, Li Du
Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (BTH) region in China is affected seriously by the hazy weather that has a large impact on human health. PM2.5 is one of the most important reasons for hazy weather. Understanding the PM2.5 emission characteristics from different types of heavy-duty trucks (HDTs) is valuable in policies and regulations to improve urban air quality and mitigate vehicle emission in China. The investigation and analysis on HDT population and PM2.5 emission in BTH region are carried out. The results show that the population and PM2...
March 14, 2017: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
P A Oka, N Khadem, P R Bérubé
The widespread adoption of submerged hollow fibre ultrafiltration (UF) for drinking water treatment is currently hindered by the complexity and cost of these membrane systems, especially in small/remote communities. Most of the complexity is associated with auxiliary fouling control measures, which include backwashing, air sparging and chemical cleaning. Recent studies have demonstrated that sustained operation without fouling control measures is possible, but little is known regarding the conditions under which extended operation can be sustained with minimal to no fouling control measures...
February 28, 2017: Water Research
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