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Nicholas E Fears, Jeffrey J Lockman
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April 30, 2018: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
Daisy Bradbury, Anna Chisholm, Paula M Watson, Christine Bundy, Nicola Bradbury, Sarah Birtwistle
INTRODUCTION: Childhood obesity is one of the most serious global public health challenges. However, obesity and its consequences are largely preventable. As parents play an important role in their children's weight-related behaviours, good communication between parents and health care professionals (HCPs) is essential. This systematic review provides a meta-synthesis of qualitative studies exploring the barriers and facilitators experienced by HCPs when discussing child weight with parents...
April 26, 2018: British Journal of Health Psychology
Donald E Kalsched
Trauma survivors often lament that they have lost their innocence or lost their souls and that something vulnerable and whole about themselves has been 'broken' or annihilated. Yet when the psychotherapeutic relationship begins, and symbolic material from dreams and the transference emerges, discernible patterns become apparent, indicating that a core of innocence and vitality has not been totally lost or annihilated. On the contrary, it has been 'saved' by dissociation and its system of inner objects and their protective and/or persecutory narrative 'scripts' or 'schemas'...
September 2017: Journal of Analytical Psychology
Joseph Aguayo, Björn Salomonsson
This paper draws on Melanie Klein's (unpublished) observational notes of her infant grandson, written primarily in 1938 and 1939. Apart from moving glimpses into a young family's life, the notes contain astute observations of an infant's behavior and emotions. Compared with Klein's published writings, the style is less theoretical and polemical. Later, in his latency years, Klein's grandson was in analysis with Marion Milner, who in 1952 published a paper drawing on the treatment. The present paper focuses on (1) how observations and treatment of the same child and his family by clinicians in close relationships with each other (Klein, Milner, and Winnicott) fertilized reciprocal influence but also brought into question the validity of Klein's observations, and (2) the relative merits and contributions of various modalities in understanding the infant's psyche, including experimental research, direct observation, parent-infant psychotherapy, and reconstructions from older patients-as occurs, for example, in psychoanalysis...
April 2017: Psychoanalytic Quarterly
Stephanie A Bryson, Emma Gauvin, Ally Jamieson, Melanie Rathgeber, Lorelei Faulkner-Gibson, Sarah Bell, Jana Davidson, Jennifer Russel, Sharlynne Burke
BACKGROUND: Many young people who receive psychiatric care in inpatient or residential settings in North America have experienced various forms of emotional trauma. Moreover, these settings can exacerbate trauma sequelae. Common practices, such as seclusion and restraint, put young people at risk of retraumatization, development of comorbid psychopathology, injury, and even death. In response, psychiatric and residential facilities have embraced trauma-informed care (TIC), an organizational change strategy which aligns service delivery with treatment principles and discrete interventions designed to reduce rates of retraumatization through responsive and non-coercive staff-client interactions...
2017: International Journal of Mental Health Systems
Kathleen Kelley-Lainé
Immigration in early childhood can be considered as a traumatic situation. It often goes unrecognized since children adapt to most conditions and conform to their environment with astonishing agility. Inspired by the sensitive work of Sándor Ferenczi, and Donald Winnicott, regarding the psychic economy of maturational processes, the author explores the concept of totalitarian functioning and its obstruction of the growing psyche. Before birth we are all totalitarian, one with the mother; this symbiotic, invincible state of survival mode is prolonged as the immature newborn child ignores the requirements of reality and enjoys omnipotent pleasure through hallucination...
December 2016: American Journal of Psychoanalysis
Maria Cecília Pereira da Silva
This article describes a psychic function common to analysts that was gradually revealed through clinical work with children. It is a psychic quality derived from function α, which involves analysts' capacity for reverie - their narrative function. The author presents two clinical situations where this function developed in the analytic field in relation to patients' difficulty in symbolizing. In the first case there was an early traumatic experience unavailable for representation. The analyst lent the patient her ability to represent and produced a narrative that made it possible to create a world of phantasies and transform nightmares into 'dreamable' dreams...
November 17, 2016: International Journal of Psycho-analysis
Beata Rybojad, Mariusz Goniewicz, Daniel Sieniawski
Pain management in emergency medical care remains underestimated, especially in pediatric patients. This is due to neglecting the issue, lack of knowledge in the appropriate use of analgesics and finally- the fear of being criticized by physicians in hospital departments. Moreover, it is difficult to objectively assess a child with acute pain. Even experienced "adult" anesthesiologists wonder how to recognize if a child suffers strong pain or is just anxious. Many different pain scales are available and some of them may be used in emergency medical care...
2016: Wiadomości Lekarskie: Organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego
Kathleen Kelley-Lainé
Immigration in early childhood can be considered as a traumatic situation. It often goes unrecognized since children adapt to most conditions and conform to their environment with astonishing agility. Inspired by the sensitive work of Sándor Ferenczi, and Donald Winnicott, regarding the psychic economy of maturational processes, the author explores the concept of totalitarian functioning and its obstruction of the growing psyche. Before birth we are all totalitarian, one with the mother; this symbiotic, invincible state of survival mode is prolonged as the immature newborn child ignores the requirements of reality and enjoys omnipotent pleasure through hallucination...
September 19, 2016: American Journal of Psychoanalysis
Fatemeh Abdollahi, Munn-Sann Lye, Mehran Zarghami
Postpartum depression is the most prevalent emotional problem during a women's lifespan. Untreated postpartum depression may lead to several consequences such as child, infant, fetal, and maternal effects. The main purpose of this article is to briefly describe different theoretical perspectives of postpartum depression. A literature search was conducted in Psych Info, PubMed, and Science Direct between 1950 and 2015. Additional articles and book chapters were referenced from these sources. Different theories were suggested for developing postpartum depression...
June 2016: North American Journal of Medical Sciences
Jermaine M Dambi, Jennifer Jelsma, Tecla Mlambo, Matthew Chiwaridzo, Cathrine Tadyanemhandu, Mildred T Chikwanha, Lieselotte Corten
BACKGROUND: Over the years, family-centered care has evolved as the "gold standard" model for the provision of healthcare services. With the advent of family-centered approach to care comes the inherent need to provide support services to caregivers in addition to meeting the functional needs of children with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy (CP). Provision of care for a child with CP is invariably associated with poor health outcomes in caregivers. As such, there has been a surge in the development and implementation of interventions for improving the health and well-being of these caregivers...
July 13, 2016: Systematic Reviews
Zohreh Shahhosseini, Mehdi Pourasghar, Alireza Khalilian, Fariba Salehi
BACKGROUND: Although pregnancy is often portrayed as a time of great joy, that's not the reality for all women. The adverse, long-term, stable, and sometimes, irreparable effects of anxiety during pregnancy can change pregnancy into an agonizing and unpleasant event of women's life span. AIM: The aim of this study was to explore the adverse effects of anxiety in pregnancy on children's health in order to promote child health. METHODS: In this narrative review the researchers searched in public databases like Google Scholar general search engine, and then more specific: Science Direct, Scientific Information Database, Magiran, Irandoc, Pubmed, Scopus, Cochrane library, and Psych info using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) keywords: anxiety, maternal anxiety, pregnancy, pregnancy outcome, control and prevention restricted to English / Persian language, during the 20 years ago...
June 2015: Materia Socio-medica
L F Kaskova, K V Marchenko, E E Berezhnaja, L I Amosova
Frequency dentition anomalies in children and adolescents according to different authors, ranging from rising 50.8 to 81%. Anomalies of dental systems lead to aesthetic and functional disturbances affecting the child's psyche, and often lead to the development of dental caries and periodontal diseases. So, the purpose of our study was to investigate the dynamics of dental caries' indexes in children with dentoalveolar anomalies under the influence of preventive measures. We observed 50 children aged 12, who were divided into four groups...
January 2015: Likars'ka Sprava
Anja Weisel
This paper explores the ramifications of excessive use of media on personality development, the development of symbolic and thinking functions and on psychic reality. In doing so, the questions of whether there are specific media objects possessing an intrinsic symbolic quality, and which attachments in the inner world of a child/adolescent can be mobilized or destroyed are discussed. By selecting specific material, computer gamers use their game to activate the field of a personal psychic reality. Hereby, they attempt some kind of self-healing...
April 2015: Journal of Analytical Psychology
Jessica Benjamin, Galit Atlas
This paper brings together contemporary thinking about early attachment and affect regulation with our clinical and theoretical understanding of the problems of adult sexuality. In addition to recent theories of affect regulation and attachment, we incorporate Laplanche's idea of 'excess', which was an important transitional concept integrating real experience with fantasy in sexuality. We elaborate the idea of excess-- 'too-muchness' --to illuminate the early overwhelming of the psyche that affects the formation of sexuality...
February 2015: International Journal of Psycho-analysis
Maryam Saligheh, Rosanna M Rooney, Beverley McNamara, Robert T Kane
BACKGROUND: postnatal depression (PND) is defined as a psychological mood disorder that occurs in a mother within 6 weeks of her giving birth. It refers to an episode that causes mood disturbance and it could begin in, or extend into, the postpartum period. It is thought to have a high impact upon the mother's health as well as the family's functioning and the child's development. Socio-demographic, psych-social, and physical activity factors may all contribute to postpartum mood and ability to cope with responsibilities...
2014: Frontiers in Psychology
A W Salmon
Bullying is common in schools and is often seen as an inevitable part of school life. Children who are bullied tend to be more anxious and insecure than their peers. We report the case of a 13-year-old boy who was bullied from the age of 9 and presented to the local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team (CAMHS) with a psychotic depression. Clinical improvement and re-integration into school was achieved by use of psychotropic medication and work on building self-esteem so that the patient could assert himself, both with peers and adults...
2000: International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice
Y U Sekine
The subject of this report murdered four young girls between 1988 and 1989. The forensic psychiatric evaluation showed that soon after the sudden death of his dearest grandfather he had developed dissociative symptoms including depersonalization, autoscopy, fugue, dissociative amnesia, Ganser's syndrome and DID, on the basis of earlier traumatic experiences under the dysfunctional family circumstances of his early childhood. His DID was thought to be manifest in at least four personalities, i.e., a host personality, a child personality, a cool personality and a female personality...
2000: International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice
M Goodwin Anne Maree Bickerton Ross Parsons Bryan Lask
This paper is based upon our experience as a psychosocial team working on the paediatric heart/heart-lung (H/HLT) programme for the last 10 years. During this time more than 350 children have been assessed, 240 have been put onto an active waiting list and 160 have had transplants. The essence of this paper is a detailed description of the multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to children who are being considered for heart or heart-lung transplantation, and their families. The key issues of which we have become aware are: creating a therapeutic alliance; listening to and involving the children; involving the wider network; understanding the family's illness narrative and their individual belief systems, including issues of culture, ethnicity and spirituality; acknowledging and addressing the power imbalance between the child/family and professional...
2000: International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice
G Howe, M Srinivasan
Cotard's Syndrome is rare and no cases have been reported in pregnancy. We describe a case of a woman in the third trimester who attempted suicide by jumping out of a window, sustaining multiple fractures. Delivery of her baby by Caesarean section and orthopaedic intervention was necessary before electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) could be administered, resulting in a successful outcome for both mother and child. (Int J Psych Clin Pract 1999; 3: 293-295).
1999: International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice
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