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Maria Rosa Montinari, Emilio Antonio Luca Gianicolo, Maria Angela Vigotti
OBIETTIVI: valutare l'andamento temporale della mortalità per patologie respiratorie nelle province pugliesi utilizzando dati omogenei per fonte e metodologia di calcolo. DISEGNO: analisi ecologica storica degli andamenti temporali di mortalità per tumori e patologie dell'apparato respiratorio nelle province pugliesi, in Puglia e nelle ripartizioni geografiche italiane dal 1933 al 2010. SETTING E PARTECIPANTI: i dati di mortalità e le popolazioni residenti sono di fonte Istat. Sono state esaminate tutte le cause di decesso, il tumore della laringe, il tumore del polmone, l'insieme dei tumori respiratori, la bronchite, la polmonite e la broncopolmonite considerate congiuntamente, e l'insieme delle patologie respiratorie...
September 2016: Epidemiologia e Prevenzione
Emilio Antonio Luca Gianicolo, Cristina Mangia, Marco Cervino, Antonella Bruni, Bruna De Marchi, Annibale Biggeri, Rosa Porcu, Maria Angela Vigotti
OBIETTIVI: valutare lo stato di salute della popolazione residente nel comune di Manfredonia dal 1970 al 2013. DISEGNO: analisi descrittiva dell'andamento temporale della mortalità generale, per gruppi di cause, dal 1970 al 2013. SETTING E PARTECIPANTI: i dati di mortalità e le popolazioni residenti sono di fonte Istat. Sono state esaminate 55 cause di decesso. Le analisi sono disaggregate per sesso e periodo. PRINCIPALI MISURE DI OUTCOME: sono stati elaborati i rapporti standardizzati di mortalità (SMR%), con i rispettivi intervalli di confidenza al 90% (IC90%), e i tassi di mortalità standardizzati col metodo diretto (TSD )...
September 2016: Epidemiologia e Prevenzione
Adacilis Ramirez Sardi, Julie A Lamoureux, Tanya M Cohn, Shirley G Phillip-Samuel
Traditionally, troponin levels are measured in the blood using an automated laboratory protocol, but the use of a faster technology, the point-of-care (POC) testing of troponin levels, has shown promise in the effective differential diagnosis of cardiac injury. The purpose of this study was to compare the 2 methods. A total of 1567 patients were seen in the emergency department who were tested with both the POC iSTAT troponin and laboratory troponin from a secondary analysis of retrospective data collected between June 2012 and December 2012...
October 2016: Critical Care Nursing Quarterly
Filippo Oncini, Raffaele Guetto
Making use of Bourdieu's threefold conceptualisation of cultural capital, this paper examines and disentangles the association between social origins and children's food consumption. The aim of the work is twofold. Using data from the Multipurpose survey on daily life conducted by Istat (2009-2012), we first show that children's compliance with dietary advice is indeed influenced by their social origins, but more so in terms of familial cultural resources than economic ones. All types of cultural capital enhance the quality of children's nutrition...
August 30, 2016: Sociology of Health & Illness
Simone Cazzaniga, Emanuele Castelli, Anna Di Landro, Alberto Zucchi, Luigi Naldi
INTRODUCTION: Cutaneous melanoma is a significant cause of mortality, and since the skin is easily accessible for inspection, it is amenable to interventions of education and promotion of early diagnosis through the use of telemedicine systems. METHODS: Clicca il neo is a programme for the early diagnosis of skin cancer employing tools of teledermatology with a store-and-forward modality. The system uses a web form for data collection and upload of skin photographs taken by users...
August 2016: Recenti Progressi in Medicina
Christian Salerno, Paola Berchialla, Pier Giorgio Fossale, Lucio Antonio Palin, Ezio Barasolo, Massimiliano Panella
The idea of conducting a geographical analysis of cancer incidence in Vercelli, a city with about 46,000 population in the Province of Vercelli (Piedmont, northern Italy), originated from the need to respond to concerns of the population and local administrators regarding the presence of a solid waste incinerator just a few kilometers from the city, and the ongoing intense agricultural activity in the area. The study also aimed to verify the excess risk identified in a similar study on mortality. We obtained census data and mortality data for the years 2002 to 2009, from the Italian Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) and analysed these from both an epidemiological point of view, through standardised mortality rates, and spatial analysis through the use of Bayesian models...
May 2016: Igiene e Sanità Pubblica
Elizabeth Bridges, Jennifer J Hatzfeld
OBJECTIVE: To describe the accuracy and precision of noninvasive hemoglobin measurement (SpHb) compared with laboratory or point-of-care Hb, and SpHb ability to trend in seriously injured casualties. METHODS: Observational study in a convenience sample of combat casualties undergoing resuscitation at two US military trauma hospitals in Afghanistan. SpHb was obtained using the Masimo Rainbow SET (Probe Rev E/Radical-7 Pulse CO-Oximeter v Clinically indicated Hb was analyzed with a Coulter or iStat and compared with simultaneous SpHb values...
September 2016: Shock
Matthias L Riess, Paul S Pagel
OBJECTIVE: This study compared noninvasively measured hemoglobin and arterial hemoglobin before and after cardiopulmonary bypass in patients undergoing coronary artery or valve surgery. DESIGN: Observational study with retrospective data analysis. SETTING: Veterans Affairs hospital. PARTICIPANTS: Thirty-five men. INTERVENTIONS: None. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: Hemoglobin values were measured noninvasively by co-oximetry to corresponding arterial hemoglobin concentrations taken at clinically relevant time points chosen at the discretion of the cardiac anesthesiologist...
October 2016: Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
Francesca Miranda Di Mauro, Gretchen Lee Schoeffler
Lactate is generated as a consequence of anaerobic glycolysis by all tissues of the body. Increased l-lactate, the isoform produced by most mammals, reflects increased anaerobic metabolism secondary to tissue hypoperfusion or tissue hypoxia in most clinical situations, and is called type A lactic acidosis. The utility of lactate measurement and serial lactate monitoring in veterinary patients has been demonstrated in multiple studies. Blood lactate concentration is significantly elevated in many disease processes including septic peritonitis, immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, Babesiosis, trauma, gastric dilation and volvulus, and intracranial disease...
March 2016: Topics in Companion Animal Medicine
Pierpaolo Ferrante, Marina Mastrantonio, Raffaella Uccelli, Marisa Corfiati, Alessandro Marinaccio
BACKGROUND: the large amount of asbestos used in many Countries (including Italy) is causing an epidemic of asbestos related diseases, which is still ongoing because of their long latency. OBJECTIVES: this study is aimed at reconstructing Italian time series of deaths for mesothelioma in the period 1970-2009 and comparing Italian incidence and mortality data. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS: deaths for pleural cancer (1970-2003,2006-2009) and mesothelioma (2003, 2006-2009) were recorded by the Italian Institute of Statistics (Istat) and provided by the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment (ENEA), incidence cases (1993-2008) were provided by the Italian mesotheliomas register (ReNaM) at the Italian National Workers' Compensation Authority (Inail)...
March 2016: Epidemiologia e Prevenzione
C Salerno, P Marciani, K Vanhaecht, L A Palin, M Panella
The Vercelli Province counts two former nuclear installations: a radioactive waste disposal area in Saluggia and a former nuclear power plant in Trino. This study takes also into account four other neighbouring municipalities, counting 20,000 total inhabitants. We studied the incidence of neoplastic pathologies in the 2002-2010 period. The data sources were Hospital Discharge Form (SDO), histological reports from the Registry of Hospital Charts (RHC) and Italy's National Statistics Institute (ISTAT) reports, and the Cancer Register of Turin...
May 2016: Annali di Igiene: Medicina Preventiva e di Comunità
E Shields, I Seiden-Long, S Massie, S Passante, R Leguillette
BACKGROUND: Cardiac troponin-I assays have been validated in horses.'High-sensitivity' cardiac troponin assays are now the standard in human cardiology. OBJECTIVE: Appropriately validate the'high-sensitivity' cardiac Troponin-T (hscTnT) assay for clinical use in horses, establish reference intervals, determine the biological variation, and demonstrate assay utility in selected clinical cases. METHODS: Analytical validation of the Roche hscTnT assay included within- and between-run precision, linear dose response, limit of quantitation (LoQ), stability, and comparison with cTn-I (iSTAT)...
2016: BMC Veterinary Research
Samih Raad, Rachel Elliott, Evan Dickerson, Babar Khan, Khalil Diab
OBJECTIVE: In our academic intensive care unit (ICU), there is excess ordering of routine laboratory tests. This is partially due to a lack of transparency of laboratory-processing costs and to the admission order plans that favor daily laboratory test orders. We hypothesized that a program that involves physician and staff education and alters the current ICU order sets will lead to a sustained decrease in routine laboratory test ordering. DESIGN: Prospective cohort study...
June 1, 2016: Journal of Intensive Care Medicine
Paola Michelozzi, Francesca De' Donato, Matteo Scortichini, Manuela De Sario, Federica Asta, Nera Agabiti, Ranieri Guerra, Annamaria de Martino, Marina Davoli
INTRODUCTION: the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat) estimated an increase in mortality in Italy of 11.3% between January and August 2015 compared to the previous year. During summer 2015, an excess in mortality, attributed to heat waves, was observed. OBJECTIVES: to estimate the excess mortality in 2015 using data from the rapid mortality surveillance system (SiSMG) operational in 32 Italian cities. DESIGN: time series models were used to estimate the excess in mortality among the elderly (65+ years) in 2015 by season (winter and summer)...
January 2016: Epidemiologia e Prevenzione
Jianing Chen, Monique Gorman, Bill O'Reilly, Yu Chen
The epoc(®) blood analysis system (Epocal Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) is a newly developed in vitro diagnostic hand-held analyzer for testing whole blood samples at point-of-care, which provides blood gas, electrolytes, ionized calcium, glucose, lactate, and hematocrit/calculated hemoglobin rapidly. The analytical performance of the epoc(®) system was evaluated in a tertiary hospital, see related research article "Analytical evaluation of the epoc(®) point-of-care blood analysis system in cardiopulmonary bypass patients" [1]...
March 2016: Data in Brief
Fabrizio Starace, Francesco Mungai, Elena Sarti, Tindara Addabbo
BACKGROUND: The Great Recession has caused worldwide tangible costs in terms of cuts in employment and income, which have been widely recognised also as major social determinants of mental health. Italy has not been spared from the financial crisis with severe societal and mental health consequences. In addition, a strong earthquake hit the province of Modena, Italy, in 2012, that is, amid the crisis. AIMS: In this study, we explored and investigated the possible additional impact of concurrent events such as economic crisis and a natural disaster...
June 2016: International Journal of Social Psychiatry
Jianing Chen, Monique Gorman, Bill O'Reilly, Yu Chen
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate the analytical performance of the new epoc® point-of-care blood analysis system in cardiopulmonary bypass patients. DESIGN AND METHODS: The precision study was conducted on 3 epoc® blood analysis systems using 5 levels of quality control materials twice per day for 5days. The blood specimen was collected in blood gas syringes from 40 cardiac perfusion patients for the comparison study on epoc® (all 3meters), Instrumentation Laboratory GEM4000, Abbott iSTAT, Nova CCX, and Roche Accu-Chek Inform II and Performa glucose meters...
June 2016: Clinical Biochemistry
Diego Páez-Rosas, Maximilian Hirschfeld, Diane Deresienski, Gregory A Lewbart
The Galápagos sea lion, Zalophus wollebaeki, is an endemic and endangered species subject to population decline associated with environmental variability, such as El Niño events, constant feeding stress, and exposure to diseases through contact with introduced species. Reference blood parameter intervals have been published for some pinniped species, but baseline biochemical and blood gas values are lacking from Z. wollebaeki. We analyzed blood samples from 30 juvenile Galápagos sea lions (19 females, 11 males) captured in two rookeries on San Cristóbal Island...
January 2016: Journal of Wildlife Diseases
C Salerno, P Marciani, E Barasolo, P G Fossale, M Panella, L A Palin
BACKGROUND: The places, where the incinerators are located, often present problems of heterogeneous people having different environmental factors. It becomes important to evaluate the possible etiologic role of various environmental risk factors and try to quantify as they affect in the excess epidemiological. METHODS: This study considers the ISTAT index mortality due to all causes occurred from 1988 to 2009 referred to ten municipalities at south of Vercelli (Piedmont, North Western Italy) placed nearby the active incinerator from 1977 (10 latent years)...
July 2015: Annali di Igiene: Medicina Preventiva e di Comunità
Claire A Sand, Anna Starr, Manasi Nandi, Andrew D Grant
Sepsis is a systemic inflammatory response triggered by microbial infection that can cause cardiovascular collapse, insufficient tissue perfusion and multi-organ failure. The cation channel transient receptor potential vanilloid 4 (TRPV4) is expressed in vascular endothelium and causes vasodilatation, but excessive TRPV4 activation leads to profound hypotension and circulatory collapse - key features of sepsis pathogenesis. We hypothesised that loss of TRPV4 signaling would protect against cardiovascular dysfunction in a mouse model of sepsis (endotoxaemia)...
2015: F1000Research
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