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alkaline phosphate

Bagher Larijani, Arash Hossein-Nezhad, Elham Feizabad, Zhila Maghbooli, Hossein Adibi, Majid Ramezani, Eghbal Taheri
BACKGROUND: This cross-sectional population-based study was conducted to elucidate the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency, bone turnover marker's variation and its influencing factors among adolescents of Tehran. METHODS: Totally 444 middle and high school (53.6 % in high school) students (both girls and boys) were recruited. A short food frequency questionnaire designed to estimate dietary calcium and vitamin D consumption. Serum levels of calcium, phosphorus, parathyroid hormone (PTH), bone specific alkaline phosphates, 25 (OH) vitamin D, osteocalcin, cross-linked C-telopeptide (CTX), total protein, albumin and creatinine were determined...
2016: Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders
Bosko M Stojanovski, Leonid Breydo, Vladimir N Uversky, Gloria C Ferreira
In this communication, we report the equilibrium and kinetic properties of the unfolding pathways of the native (pH 7.5) and alkaline molten globule (pH 10.5) states of the pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP)-dependent enzyme 5-aminolevulinate synthase (ALAS). The stability of the molten globule state is adversely affected by thermal- and guanidine hydrochloride (GuHCl)-induced denaturation, and the equilibrium unfolding pathways, irrespective of pH, cannot be described with simple two-state models. Rapid kinetic measurements, in the presence of denaturing GuHCl concentrations, reveal that at pH 10...
October 14, 2016: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Dong Zheng, Koon Gee Neoh, En-Tang Kang
Immobilization of alendronate on orthopedic implants offers the possibility of enhancing osteogenesis without potentially adverse effects associated with systemic administration of this drug. In this work, alendronate was immobilized on titanium (Ti) via either its phosphate (Method 1) or amino (Method 2) groups, and responses of osteoblasts and human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) on these surfaces were investigated. These modified substrates have similar surface roughness and are negatively charged. With similar amounts of immobilized alendronate, these two types of modified substrates showed comparable osteogenic stimulating effects in enhancing osteoblasts' alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity and calcium deposition for the first 10days...
October 8, 2016: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Cafer Kaya, Abbas Ali Tam, Ahmet Dirikoç, Aylin Kılıçyazgan, Mehmet Kılıç, Şeyda Türkölmez, Reyhan Ersoy, Bekir Çakır
Objective: Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHP) is a common endocrine disease, and its most effective treatment is surgery. Postoperative hypocalcemia is a morbidity of parathyroid surgeries, and it may extend hospitalization durations. The purpose of this study is to determine the predictive factors related to the development of hypocalcemia and hungry bone syndrome (HBS) in patients who underwent parathyroidectomy for PHP. Materials and methods: Laboratory data comprising parathyroid hormone (PTH), calcium, phosphate, 25-OHD, albumin, magnesium, alkaline phosphatase (ALP), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) of the patients were recorded preoperatively, on the 1st and 4th days postoperatively, and in the 6th postoperative month, and their neck ultrasound (US) and bone densitometry data were also recorded...
October 10, 2016: Archives of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Tomoichiro Yamaai, Masaharu Takigawa
A procedure for whole-mount in situ hybridization developed for detecting gene expression of Ccn2 in developing calcified tissues of mouse embryos is presented. In this method, embryos are hybridized with Dig-labeled riboprobes, and the riboprobes are detected by use of the alkaline-phosphatase reaction in the presence of a 4-nitro-blue tetrazolium chloride and 5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl-phosphate (NBT + BCIP) mixture. Obvious detection of positive signals for Ccn2 in the cartilage of developing phalanges indicates that this method can be applied to gene expression analysis of other Ccn genes in developing calcified tissues...
2017: Methods in Molecular Biology
Dong-Ho Ha, Shiva Pathak, Chul Soon Yong, Jong Oh Kim, Jee-Heon Jeong, Jun-Beom Park
The aim of the present study is to evaluate the potential differentiation ability of gingiva originated human mesenchymal stem cell in the presence of tacrolimus. Tacrolimus-loaded poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) microspheres were prepared using electrospraying technique. In vitro release study of tacrolimus-loaded poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) microspheres was performed in phosphate-buffered saline (pH 7.4). Gingiva-derived stem cells were isolated and incubated with tacrolimus or tacrolimus-loaded microspheres...
October 10, 2016: Scientific Reports
Ilenia Infusino, Erika Frusciante, Federica Braga, Mauro Panteghini
International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) has established reference measurement procedures (RMPs) for the most popular enzymes. Manufacturers should assign values to commercial calibrators traceable to these RMPs to achieve equivalent results in clinical samples, independent of reagent kits, instruments, and laboratory where the measurement is carried out. The situation is, however, far from acceptable. Some manufacturers continue to market assays giving results that are not traceable to internationally accepted RMPs...
October 8, 2016: Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine: CCLM
Zhang-Wei He, Wen-Zong Liu, Ling Wang, Cong-Cong Tang, Ze-Chong Guo, Chun-Xue Yang, Ai-Jie Wang
This study aimed to clarify phosphorus (P) fractions in waste activated sludge (WAS) and explore release performance and enhancement mechanism of different P species related to pH. Results showed that inorganic P (IP) was the major P fraction in raw sludge (87.86% of total solid P), and non-apatite inorganic P (NAIP), the most labile P forms, occupied 81.30% of IP, suggesting that WAS could be selected as potential substitution of phosphate rock. The optimized acid and alkaline conditions were pH=4 and pH=12 for molybdate reactive P accumulation, increased by 311...
October 3, 2016: Bioresource Technology
Zahra Gerivani, Elham Vashaee, Hamid Reza Sadeghipour, Mahnaz Aghdasi, Zahra-Sadat Shobbar, Majid Azimmohseni
Tree seed dormancy release by cold stratification accompanies with the embryo increased gluconeogenesis competence. Cyanide also breaks seed dormancy however, integrated information about its effects on carbon metabolism is lacking. Accordingly, the impacts of HCN on germination, lipid gluconeogenesis and sugar transport capacity of walnut (Juglans regia L.) kernels were investigated during 10-days period prior to radicle protrusion. HCN increased walnut kernel germination and within four days of kernel incubation, hastened the decline of starch, reducing and non-reducing sugars and led to greater activities of alkaline invertase and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase...
November 2016: Plant Science: An International Journal of Experimental Plant Biology
Ramith Ramu, Prithvi S Shirahatti, Shivasharanappa Nayakavadi, Vadivelan R, Farhan Zameer, Bhadrapura Lakkappa Dhananjaya, Nagendra Prasad Mn
Banana is an extensively cultivated plant worldwide, mainly for its fruit, while its ancillary product, the banana pseudostem, is consumed as a vegetable and is highly recommended for diabetics in the traditional Indian medicine system. The present study was aimed at elucidating the mechanism of antihyperglycaemia exerted by the ethanol extract of banana pseudostem (EE) and its isolated compounds viz., stigmasterol (C1) and β-sitosterol (C2), in an alloxan-induced diabetic rat model. Diabetic rats which were administered with C1, C2 and EE (100 and 200 mg per kg b...
September 14, 2016: Food & Function
Mehmet Isyar, Seyit Ali Gumustas, Ibrahim Yilmaz, Duygu Yasar Sirin, Hacı Bayram Tosun, Mahir Mahirogullari
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to test the necessity of using expensive and unaccesible pharmacological-chemical agents in the proliferation of bone tissue cultures and in the induction of mineralized matrix formation to increase the osteogenic effect. METHODS: For this purpose, human primary cell cultures were prepared and then divided into two groups. Whereas the cells in group I were fed with an osteoblast stimulator medium containing Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium (DMEM) and β-glycerophosphate, the cells in group II were fed with DMEM containing dexamethasone and 2-phospho-L-ascorbic acid trisodium salt...
2016: Open Orthopaedics Journal
Han Liu, Bosheng Chen, Sirui Hu, Xili Liang, Xingmeng Lu, Yongqi Shao
The microsporidian Nosema bombycis is an obligate intracellular pathogen of the silkworm Bombyx mori, causing the epidemic disease Pebrine and extensive economic losses in sericulture. Although N. bombycis forms spores with rigid spore walls that protect against various environmental pressures, ingested spores germinate immediately under the extremely alkaline host gut condition (Lepidoptera gut pH > 10.5), which is a key developmental turning point from dormant state to infected state. However, to date this process remains poorly understood due to the complexity of the animal digestive tract and the lack of genetic tools for microsporidia...
2016: Frontiers in Microbiology
Keerthi Atluri, Joun Lee, Denise Seabold, Satheesh Elangovan, Aliasger K Salem
PURPOSE: Commercially pure titanium (CpTi) and its alloys possess favorable mechanical and biologic properties for use as implants in orthopedics and dentistry. However, failures in osseointegration still exist and are common in select individuals with risk factors such as smoking. Therefore, in this study, a proposal was made to enhance the potential for osseointegration of CpTi discs by coating their surfaces with nanoplexes comprising polyethylenimine (PEI) and plasmid DNA (pDNA) encoding bone morphogenetic protein-2 (pBMP-2)...
October 5, 2016: International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants
Jianhui Li, Jianmin Yuan, Zhiqiang Miao, Yuming Guo
The objective of this experiment was to characterize the mRNA expression profile of type IIb sodium-inorganic phosphate cotransporter (NaPi-IIb) and the biochemical values of serum alkaline phosphatase (AKP), calcium, inorganic phosphorus, tibial ash and minerals of broiler chickens with aging. A total of 56 one-day-old Arbor Acres male broiler chickens were used. Broiler chickens were weighed and samples were collected weekly from day 1. The result showed that before the growth inflection point, ash, calcium, and phosphorus content in the tibia of broiler chickens increased with growth (before 3 weeks of age), although there were no significant differences in chicks at different ages in the later period of the experiment and weight gain rate was relatively slow at this stage (4 to 6 weeks)...
September 27, 2016: Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
Miaojun Huang, Tianjie Li, Ting Pan, Naru Zhao, Yongchang Yao, Zhichen Zhai, Jiaan Zhou, Chang Du, Yingjun Wang
Yeast cells have controllable biosorption on metallic ions during metabolism. However, few studies were dedicated to using yeast-regulated biomimetic mineralization process to control the strontium-doped positions in calcium phosphate microcapsules. In this study, the yeast cells were allowed to pre-adsorb strontium ions metabolically and then served as sacrificing template for the precipitation and calcination of mineral shell. The pre-adsorption enabled the microorganism to enrich of strontium ions into the inner part of the microcapsules, which ensured a slow-release profile of the trace element from the microcapsule...
October 2016: Regenerative Biomaterials
Maha Abdel-Monem Hegazy, Ahmed Salah Fayed, Nada Sayed Abdel Wahab
New, simple, highly sensitive, precise, and accurate gradient reversed-phase chromatographic methods were developed using HPLC and ultra-HPLC (UPLC) systems for the determination of five components, namely thiamine, pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin, benfotiamine, and diclofenac in tablets and capsules. The methods were compared for their efficiency in the separation and determination of these five compounds using two different C18 columns (250 × 4.6 mm, 5 μm; and 100 × 4.6 mm, 2.6 μm) for HPLC and UPLC, respectively...
October 1, 2016: Journal of AOAC International
Xiao-Mei Lv, Ju-Sheng Song, Ji Li, Kun Zhai
In the present study, quick lime based thermal-alkaline sludge disintegration under low temperature was combined with cryptic growth to investigate the excess sludge reduction efficiency in the SBR. The optimized condition of sludge disintegration was as follows: T=80℃, pH=11, t=180min, and the sludge disintegration rate was about 42.1%. With 65.6% of excess sludge disintegrated and returned to the SBR, the system achieved sludge reduction rate of about 40.1%. The lysis-cryptic growth still obtained satisfactory sludge reduction efficiency despite of the comparative low sludge disintegration rate, which suggested that disintegration rate might not be the decisive factor for crypitc growth based sludge reduction...
October 3, 2016: Environmental Technology
Diego Piantedosi, Antonio Di Loria, Jacopo Guccione, Angela De Rosa, Silvia Fabbri, Laura Cortese, Sergio Carta, Paolo Ciaramella
The aim of this study was to evaluate the serum biochemistry profile, inflammatory cytokines, adipokines and cardiovascular findings in obese dogs. Twenty obese and 20 normal weight healthy pet dogs were recruited into the study, where they underwent blood testing and assessment of cardiovascular function (blood pressure analysis, electrocardiography and echocardiography). Higher concentrations of total cholesterol, triglycerides, lactate dehydrogenase, total serum proteins, α-globulins, total bilirubin, insulin, insulin:glucose ratio, alkaline phosphate and alanine aminotransferase were observed in obese dogs than dogs of normal weight...
October 2016: Veterinary Journal
Gengtao Qiu, Ping Wang, Guangjun Li, Zhanjun Shi, Michael D Weir, Jinyu Sun, Yang Song, Jixing Wang, Huakun H Xu, Liang Zhao
Calcium phosphate cements (CPCs) are a new generation of bone repair materials with good biocompatibility for various stem cells. The minipig is a recommended large animal model for bone engineering research. This study aimed to evaluate the feasibility of utilizing CPC scaffolds for the adhesion, proliferation, and osteogenic differentiation of minipig's bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (pBMSCs). Passage 3 pBMSCs were seeded on the CPC scaffold and cultured with osteogenic culture medium (osteogenic group) or normal medium (control group)...
September 28, 2016: Molecular Biotechnology
Sana Chakroun, Lobna Ezzi, Intissar Grissa, Emna Kerkeni, Fadoua Neffati, Rakia Bhouri, Amira Sallem, Mohamed Fadhel Najjar, Mohssen Hassine, Meriem Mehdi, Zohra Haouas, Hassen Ben Cheikh
Acetamiprid is one of the most widely used neonicotinoids. This study investigates toxic effects of repeated oral administration of three doses of acetamiprid (1/20, 1/10, and 1/5 of LD50) during 60 days. For this, male Wistar rats were divided into four different groups. Hematological, biochemical, and toxicopathic effects of acetamiprid were evaluated. According to the results, a significant decrease in the body weight gain at the highest dose 1/5 of LD50 of acetamiprid was noticed. An increase in the relative liver weight was also observed at this dose level...
September 29, 2016: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
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