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passive oxygenation

Elaine S Teh, Franck Zal, Valérie Polard, Philippe Menasché, David J Chambers
BACKGROUND: Prior to heart transplantation, static storage of donor hearts is currently limited to 4-5 h, despite profound hypothermia (4-8 °C). Because heart transplantation is an emergency procedure, improved protection to extend safe storage duration would be advantageous. We investigated whether the naturally respiratory pigment HEMO2life(®), which is effective at hypothermia for the passive release of oxygen via oxygen gradient, could improve long-term preservation. METHODS: Isolated Langendorff-perfused rat hearts (n = 12/group) were equilibrated (20 min) and function (left ventricular developed pressure: LVDP) measured by intraventricular balloon before arrest with cold (7...
January 12, 2017: Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine, and Biotechnology
Chunxia Chen, Luying Huang, Zhihuan Nong, Yaoxuan Li, Wan Chen, Jianping Huang, Xiaorong Pan, Guangwei Wu, Yingzhong Lin
Our previous study demonstrated that hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) improved cognitive impairments mainly by regulating oxidative stress, inflammatory responses and aging-related gene expression. However, a method for preventing cognitive dysfunction has yet to be developed. In the present study, we explored the protective effects of HBO on the cholinergic system and apoptosis in D-galactose (D-gal)-treated mice. A model of aging was established via systemic intraperitoneal injection of D-gal daily for 8 weeks. HBO was administered during the last 2 weeks of D-gal injection...
January 11, 2017: Neurochemical Research
Lukas Scheef, Jurek A Nordmeyer-Massner, Adam Pr Smith-Collins, Nicole Müller, Gaby Stegmann-Woessner, Jacob Jankowski, Jürgen Gieseke, Mark Born, Hermann Seitz, Peter Bartmann, Hans H Schild, Klaas P Pruessmann, Axel Heep, Henning Boecker
BACKGROUND: Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in neonates has been introduced as a non-invasive method for studying sensorimotor processing in the developing brain. However, previous neonatal studies have delivered conflicting results regarding localization, lateralization, and directionality of blood oxygenation level dependent (BOLD) responses in sensorimotor cortex (SMC). Amongst the confounding factors in interpreting neonatal fMRI studies include the use of standard adult MR-coils providing insufficient signal to noise, and liberal statistical thresholds, compromising clinical interpretation at the single subject level...
2017: PloS One
Ki Young Shin, Ka Young Kim, Yoo-Hun Suh
Progressive memory impairment such as that associated with depression, stroke, and Alzheimer's disease (AD) can interfere with daily life. In particular, AD, which is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder, prominently features a memory and learning impairment that is related to changes in acetylcholine and abnormal β-amyloid (Aβ) deposition in the brain. In the present study, we investigated the effects of dehydroevodiamine·HCl (DHED) on cognitive improvement and the related mechanism in memory-impaired rat models, namely, a scopolamine-induced amnesia model and a Aβ1-42-infused model...
January 2017: Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology
Qingqing Ji, Jun Li, Zhaokun Xiong, Bo Lai
In this study, batch experiments were conducted to examine the enhanced reactivity of microscale Fe/Cu bimetallic particles (mFe/Cu) with persulfate (PS) for p-nitrophenol (PNP) removal in aqueous solution. The key operating parameters (i.e., theoretical Cu mass loadings (TMLCu), mFe/Cu dosage, PS dose, initial pH and temperature) were optimized by the batch experiments, respectively. The experimental data were followed well the pseudo-first-order kinetic model. Result reveals that refractory PNP (500 mg L(-1)) was effectively degraded by mFe/Cu-PS system with removal of 98...
December 27, 2016: Chemosphere
Benjamin Straube, Bianca M van Kemenade, B Ezgi Arikan, Katja Fiehler, Dirk T Leube, Laurence R Harris, Tilo Kircher
Predictive mechanisms are essential to successfully interact with the environment and to compensate for delays in the transmission of neural signals. However, whether and how we predict multisensory action outcomes remains largely unknown. Here we investigated the existence of multisensory predictive mechanisms in a context where actions have outcomes in different modalities. During fMRI data acquisition auditory, visual and auditory-visual stimuli were presented in active and passive conditions. In the active condition, a self-initiated button press elicited the stimuli with variable short delays (0-417ms) between action and outcome, and participants had to detect the presence of a delay for auditory or visual outcome (task modality)...
2017: PloS One
Md Iqbal Hossain, Andrea Paparini, Ralf Cord-Ruwisch
Glycogen accumulating organisms (GAO) are known to allow anaerobic uptake of biological oxygen demand (BOD) in activated sludge wastewater treatment systems. In this study, we report a rapid transition of suspended activated sludge biomass to a GAO dominated biofilm by selective enrichment using sequences of anaerobic loading followed by aerobic exposure of the biofilm to air. The study showed that within eight weeks, a fully operational, GAO dominated biofilm had developed, enabling complete anaerobic BOD uptake at a rate of 256mg/L/h...
November 28, 2016: Bioresource Technology
Luis F Barbosa, Benedito S Denadai, Camila C Greco
Slow component of oxygen uptake (VO2SC) kinetics and maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) attainment seem to influence endurance performance during constant-work rate exercise (CWR) performed within the severe intensity domain. In this study, it was hypothesized that delaying the attainment of VO2max by reducing the rates at which VO2 increases with time (VO2SC kinetics) would improve the endurance performance during severe-intensity intermittent exercise performed with different work:recovery duration and recovery type in active individuals...
2016: Frontiers in Physiology
Ateet Dutt, Yasuhiro Matsumoto, G Santana-Rodríguez, Estrella Ramos, B Marel Monroy, J Santoyo Salazar
The impact of the surface reconstruction of the density distribution and photoluminescence of silicon quantum dots (QDs) embedded in a silicon oxide matrix (SiOx) has been studied. Annealing treatments carried out on the as-deposited samples provoked the effusion of hydrogen species. Moreover, depending on the surrounding density and coalescence of QDs, they resulted in a change in the average size of the particles depending on the initial local environment. The shift in the luminescence spectra all over the visible region (blue, green and red) shows a strong dependence on the resultant change in the size and/or the passivation environment of QDs...
January 4, 2017: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Arash Fattah-Alhosseini, Omid Imantalab, Ghazaleh Ansari
In this study, the electrochemical behavior and semiconducting properties of the passive film formed on the nano-grained commercial pure titanium (CP-Ti), successfully made by seven-cycle accumulative roll bonding process, were compared to those for annealed CP-Ti in Hank's physiological solution at 37°C. Polarization plots and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements revealed that the passive behavior of the nano-grained sample was significantly improved in comparison with that of annealed CP-Ti...
February 1, 2017: Materials Science & Engineering. C, Materials for Biological Applications
Brett S Klosterhoff, Melissa Tsang, Didi She, Keat Ghee Ong, Mark G Allen, Nick J Willett, Robert E Guldberg
The translation of many tissue engineering/regenerative medicine (TE/RM) therapies that demonstrate promise in vitro are delayed or abandoned due to reduced and inconsistent efficacy when implemented in more complex and clinically relevant preclinical in vivo models. Determining mechanistic reasons for impaired treatment efficacy is challenging after a regenerative therapy is implanted due to technical limitations in longitudinally measuring the progression of key environmental cues in vivo. The ability to acquire real-time measurements of environmental parameters of interest including strain, pressure, pH, temperature, oxygen tension, and specific biomarkers within the regenerative niche in situ would significantly enhance the information available to tissue engineers to monitor and evaluate mechanisms of functional healing or lack thereof...
February 1, 2017: Journal of Biomechanical Engineering
Janek von Byern, Victoria Dorrer, David J Merritt, Peter Chandler, Ian Stringer, Martina Marchetti-Deschmann, Andrew McNaughton, Norbert Cyran, Karsten Thiel, Michael Noeske, Ingo Grunwald
Animals use adhesive secretions in a plethora of ways, either for attachment, egg anchorage, mating or as either active or passive defence. The most interesting function, however, is the use of adhesive threads to capture prey, as the bonding must be performed within milliseconds and under unsuitable conditions (movement of prey, variable environmental conditions, unfavourable attack angle, etc.) to be nonetheless successful. In the following study a detailed characterization of the prey capture system of the world-renowned glowworm group Arachnocampa from the macroscopic to the ultrastructural level is performed...
2016: PloS One
KunHo Yoon, Jae-Hyeok Lee, Joohoon Kang, Junmo Kang, Michael J Moody, Mark C Hersam, Lincoln J Lauhon
The decreasing cost of silicon-based photovoltaics has enabled significant increases in solar electricity generation worldwide. Silicon photoanodes could also play an important role in the cost-effective generation of solar fuels, but the most successful methods of photoelectrode passivation and performance enhancement rely on a combination of precious metals and sophisticated processing methods that offset the economic arguments for silicon. Here we show that metal-free carbon-based nanomaterial coatings deposited from solution can protect silicon photoanodes carrying out the oxygen evolution reaction in a range of working environments...
December 14, 2016: Nano Letters
Min Qian, Vanessa J Murray, Wei Wei, Brooks C Marshall, Timothy K Minton
Copolymers of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) and polyimide (PI) have shown remarkable resistance to atomic oxygen (AO) attack and have been proposed as replacements for Kapton on the external surfaces of spacecraft in the harsh oxidizing environment of low Earth orbit (LEO). POSS PI blends would be an economical alternative to the copolymers if they also resisted AO attack. Thus, blends of trisilanolphenyl (TSP) POSS and PI with different weight percentages of the Si7O9 POSS cage were cast into films and exposed to a hyperthermal AO beam, and they were characterized in terms of their recession, mass loss, surface morphology, and surface chemistry...
December 14, 2016: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Yaqiang Duan, Ye Sun, Siyu Pan, Ying Dai, Liang Hao, Jinlong Zou
To endow catalyst support with excellent stability and cocatalytic activity toward methanol, oxidation reaction (MOR) is an effective way to strengthen the electrocatalytic activity of Pt-based catalysts. Tungsten phosphide/3D-corrugated porous carbon (WP/C) composite as Pt-support and cocatalyst for MOR is prepared via a synchronous synthesis method. Porous 3D-tufted structure and high surface area of WP/C with abundant oxygen-containing groups (such as C-O-C, C-O-H, or C-OH) can significantly improve the exposure of active sites, which enlarge the contact area with electrolyte and facilitate the mass transfer and absorption of methanol for promoting the MOR activity in acidic electrolyte...
December 14, 2016: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Annie Ng, Zhiwei Ren, Qian Shen, Sin Hang Cheung, Huseyin Cem Gokkaya, Shu Kong So, Aleksandra B Djurišić, Yangyang Wan, Xiaojun Wu, Charles Surya
Synthesis of high quality perovskite absorber is a key factor in determining the performance of the solar cells. We demonstrate that hybrid chemical vapor deposition (HCVD) growth technique can provide high level of versatility and repeatability to ensure the optimal conditions for the growth of the perovskite films as well as potential for batch processing. It is found that the growth ambient and degree of crystallization of CH3NH3PbI3 (MAPI) have strong impact on the defect density of MAPI. We demonstrate that HCVD process with slow postdeposition cooling rate can significantly reduce the density of shallow and deep traps in the MAPI due to enhanced material crystallization, while a mixed O2/N2 carrier gas is effective in passivating both shallow and deep traps...
December 7, 2016: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Ji-Eun Chang, Hyun-Jong Cho, Sanghoon Jheon
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a non-invasive and non-surgical method representing an attractive alternative choice for lung cancer treatment. Photosensitizers selectively accumulate in tumor tissue and lead to tumor cell death in the presence of oxygen and the proper wavelength of light. To increase the therapeutic effect of PDT, we developed both photosensitizer- and anticancer agent-loaded lung cancer-targeted nanoparticles. Both enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect-based passive targeting and hyaluronic-acid-CD44 interaction-based active targeting were applied...
December 1, 2016: Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE
Grazia Esposito, Donato Cappetta, Rosa Russo, Alessia Rivellino, Loreta Pia Ciuffreda, Fiorentina Roviezzo, Elena Piegari, L Liberato Berrino, Francesco Rossi, Antonella De Angelis, Konrad Urbanek
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) is a systemic syndrome driven by co-morbidities and its pathophysiology is poorly understood. Several studies suggesting that dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP4) might be involved in the pathophysiology of heart failure prompted experimental and clinical investigations of DPP4 inhibitors on cardiovascular system. The aim of our study was to determine whether DPP4 inhibitor sitagliptin (SITA) affects the progression of HFpEF independently from the effects on glycaemia...
December 6, 2016: British Journal of Pharmacology
Panagiotis Gkorezis, Matteo Daghio, Andrea Franzetti, Jonathan D Van Hamme, Wouter Sillen, Jaco Vangronsveld
Widespread pollution of terrestrial ecosystems with petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs) has generated a need for remediation and, given that many PHCs are biodegradable, bio- and phyto-remediation are often viable approaches for active and passive remediation. This review focuses on phytoremediation with particular interest on the interactions between and use of plant-associated bacteria to restore PHC polluted sites. Plant-associated bacteria include endophytic, phyllospheric, and rhizospheric bacteria, and cooperation between these bacteria and their host plants allows for greater plant survivability and treatment outcomes in contaminated sites...
2016: Frontiers in Microbiology
Bryce N Balmain, Ollie Jay, Surendran Sabapathy, Danielle Royston, Glenn M Stewart, Rohan Jayasinghe, Norman R Morris
Heart failure (HF) patients appear to exhibit impaired thermoregulatory capacity during passive heating, as evidenced by diminished vascular conductance. Although some preliminary studies have described the thermoregulatory response to passive heating in HF, responses during exercise in the heat remain to be described. Therefore, the aim of this study was to compare thermoregulatory responses in HF and controls (CON) during exercise in the heat. Ten HF (NYHA classes I-II) and eight CON were included. Core temperature (Tc), skin temperature (Tsk), and cutaneous vascular conductance (CVC) were assessed at rest and during 1 h of exercise at 60% of maximal oxygen uptake...
November 2016: Physiological Reports
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