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Gozde Gucluler, Emre Adiguzel, Bilgi Gungor, Tamer Kahraman, Mayda Gursel, Bilge Yilmaz, Ihsan Gursel
Reduced immune activation or immunosuppression is seen in patients withneurological diseases. Urinary and respiratory infections mainly manifested as septicemia and pneumonia are the most frequent complications following spinal cord injuries and they account for the majority of deaths. The underlying reason of these losses is believed to arise due to impaired immune responses to pathogens. Here, we hypothesized that susceptibility to infections of chronic spinal cord injured (SCI) patients might be due to impairment in recognition of pathogen associated molecular patterns and subsequently declining innate and adaptive immune responses that lead to immune dysfunction...
2017: PloS One
Ming-Wai Poon, Dan Jiang, Peng Qin, Yuelin Zhang, Beiying Qiu, Sumit Chanda, Vinay Tergaonkar, Qing Li, Ian Y Wong, Zhendong Yu, Hung-Fat Tse, David S H Wong, Qizhou Lian
Corneal wound healing involves a complex cascade of cytokine-controlled cellular events, including inflammatory and angiogenesis responses that are regulated by transcriptional chromatin remodeling. Nuclear Ubiquitous Casein and cyclin-dependent Kinase Substrate (NUCKS) is a key chromatin modifier and transcriptional regulator of metabolic signaling. In this study, we investigated the role of NUCKS in corneal wound healing by comparing its effects on corneal alkali burn in NUCKS knockout (NKO) and NUCKS wild-type (NWT) mice...
January 20, 2017: Scientific Reports
Wan-Yu Huang, Chih-Cheng Huang, Chia-Chu Chang, Chew-Teng Kor, Ting-Yu Chen, Hung-Ming Wu
INTRODUCTION: Sleep disturbance is very common in menopausal women and poor sleep quality has been linked to systemic inflammation. However, the impact of poor sleep quality on health outcomes of menopausal women remains unclear. This study evaluated the relationships between sleep quality and inflammation in menopausal women. PARTICIPANTS AND DESIGN: This cross-sectional study enrolled 281 healthy women aged 45 to 60 years. The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) was used to measure quality of sleep...
2017: PloS One
Hongli Deng, Zhibo Li, Guang Liu, Xianhua Li, Yong Chen, Yong Zhang, Yifan Sun, Jinjian Fu
BACKGROUND: Interferon γ-induced protein 10 kDa (IP10/CXCL10) is a chemokine related to endocrine disorders; however, the serum concentrations of IP10 in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have not yet been reported. Therefore, we investigated whether IP10 is increased in PCOS patients and its potential clinical value in PCOS patients. METHODS: For this research, the serum IP10, glucose, insulin, high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH) and total testosterone (TT) concentrations were measured in 60 women with PCOS and healthy controls...
January 4, 2017: Gynecological Endocrinology
Salvina Maria de Campos-Carli, Marcio Sobreira Araújo, Amanda Cardoso de Oliveira Silveira, Vitor Bortolo de Rezende, Natalia Pessoa Rocha, Rodrigo Ferretjans, Rafael Ribeiro-Santos, Andrea Teixeira-Carvalho, Olindo Assis Martins-Filho, Michael Berk, João Vinícius Salgado, Antonio Lucio Teixeira
OBJECTIVES: to evaluate cannabinoid receptors (CBRs) expression on peripheral immune cells, i.e., blood monocytes, neutrophils, lymphocytes, and NK cells, and their relationship to a wide range of serum cytokine levels in subjects with schizophrenia and controls. METHODS: A sample of 55 people with chronic schizophrenia and 48 controls were enrolled in the study. The expression of the cannabinoid receptors CB1R and CB2R was evaluated in peripheral blood leukocytes by flow cytometry...
December 3, 2016: Journal of Psychiatric Research
Alena Moudra, Sona Hubackova, Veronika Machalova, Marketa Vancurova, Jiri Bartek, Milan Reinis, Zdenek Hodny, Anna Jonasova
Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) represent a heterogeneous group of clonal stem cell disorders characterized by ineffective hematopoiesis frequently progressing into acute myeloid leukemia (AML), with emerging evidence implicating aberrant bone marrow (BM) microenvironment and inflammation-related changes. 5-azacytidine (5-AC) represents standard MDS treatment. Besides inhibiting DNA/RNA methylation, 5-AC has been shown to induce DNA damage and apoptosis in vitro. To provide insights into in vivo effects, we assessed the proinflammatory cytokines alterations during MDS progression, cytokine changes after 5-AC, and contribution of inflammatory comorbidities to the cytokine changes in MDS patients...
2016: Oncoimmunology
Raoul Belzeaux, Marie-Noëlle Lefebvre, Anne Lazzari, Tifenn Le Carpentier, Julia-Lou Consoloni, Xavier Zendjidjian, Mocrane Abbar, Philippe Courtet, Jean Naudin, José Boucraut, Pierre Gressens, Nicolas Glaichenhaus, El Chérif Ibrahim
Cytokines produced by both immune and non-immune cells are likely to play roles in the development and/or progression of psychiatric disorders. Indeed, many investigators have compared the blood cytokine levels in psychiatric patients with those of healthy controls or monitored their levels in patients during disease progression to identify biomarkers. Nevertheless, very few studies have confirmed that such cytokines remain stable in healthy individuals through periods of weeks and months. This is an important issue to consider before using blood cytokine levels as biomarkers of disease traits, disease state, or treatment response...
January 2017: Psychoneuroendocrinology
Daniela D'Arcangelo, Francesco Facchiano, Giovanni Nassa, Andrea Stancato, Annalisa Antonini, Stefania Rossi, Cinzia Senatore, Martina Cordella, Claudio Tabolacci, Annamaria Salvati, Roberta Tarallo, Alessandro Weisz, Angelo M Facchiano, Antonio Facchiano
Melanoma is the most aggressive skin-cancer, showing high mortality at advanced stages. Platelet Derived Growth Factor Receptor-alpha (PDGFR-alpha) potently inhibits melanoma- and endothelium-proliferation and its expression is significantly reduced in melanoma-biopsies, suggesting that melanoma progression eliminates cells expressing PDGFR-alpha. In the present study transient overexpression of PDGFR-alpha in endothelial (HUVEC) and melanoma (SKMel-28, A375, Preyer) human-cells shows strong anti-proliferative effects, with profound transcriptome and miRNome deregulation...
October 13, 2016: Oncotarget
Sandeep K Shrivastava, Esther Dalko, Delphine Delcroix-Genete, Fabien Herbert, Pierre-André Cazenave, Sylviane Pied
Astrocytes and microglia are activated during cerebral malaria (CM) and contribute to the production and release of several mediators during neuroinflammatory processes. Whether these changes are the consequence of a direct crosstalk between glial cells and the malarial parasite and how these cells participate in the pathogenesis of CM is not yet clear. We therefore examined the interaction of astrocytes and microglia with Plasmodium berghei ANKA-infected red blood cells using primary cell cultures derived from newborn C57BL/6 mice...
October 3, 2016: Glia
William V Perks, Ravinder K Singh, Gareth W Jones, Jason P Twohig, Anwen S Williams, Ian R Humphreys, Philip R Taylor, Simon A Jones, Eddie C Y Wang
Death receptor 3 (DR3; TNFRSF25) and its tumor necrosis factor-like ligand TL1A (TNFSF15) control several processes in inflammatory diseases through the expansion of effector T cells and the induction of proinflammatory cytokines from myeloid and innate lymphoid cells. Using wild-type (DR3(+/+)) and DR3-knockout (DR3(-/-)) mice, we show that the DR3/TL1A pathway triggers the release of multiple chemokines after acute peritoneal inflammation initiated by a single application of Staphylococcus epidermidis supernatant, correlating with the infiltration of multiple leukocyte subsets...
November 2016: American Journal of Pathology
Esther Dalko, Delphine Genete, Florent Auger, Claire Dovergne, Claire Lambert, Fabien Herbert, Pierre-André Cazenave, Jacques Roland, Sylviane Pied
Cerebral malaria is the deadliest complication of Plasmodium falciparum infection. Its pathophysiology is associated with a strong pro-inflammatory reaction and the activation of glial cells. Among modulators released during the infection, heme seems to play a controversial role in the pathophysiology of malaria. Herein, we first investigated the phenotype of glial cells during cerebral malaria in C57BL/6 mice infected with P. berghei ANKA. Given the fact that high levels of heme were associated with cerebral malaria, we then investigated its impact on microglial, astrocyte, and T cell responses to further clarify its contribution in the neuropathophysiology...
November 2016: Brain, Behavior, and Immunity
M E Hoonakker, L M Verhagen, L van der Maas, B Metz, J P Uittenbogaard, B van de Waterbeemd, C A C M van Els, W van Eden, C F M Hendriksen, A Sloots, W G H Han
Whole cell Bordetella pertussis (wP) vaccines are still used in many countries to protect against the respiratory disease pertussis. The potency of whole-cell pertussis vaccine lots is determined by an intracerebral challenge test (the Kendrick test). This test is criticized due to lack of immunological relevance of the read-out after an intracerebral challenge with B. pertussis. The alternative in vivo test, which assesses specific antibody levels in serum after wP vaccination, is the Pertussis Serological Potency test (PSPT)...
August 17, 2016: Vaccine
Song Han, David H Gonzalo, Michael Feely, Daniel Delitto, Kevin E Behrns, Mark Beveridge, DongYu Zhang, Ryan Thomas, Jose G Trevino, Thomas D Schmittgen, Steven J Hughes
The pancreatic adenocarcinoma (PDAC) microenvironment is largely comprised of fibrotic tumor associated stroma (TAS) that contributes to the lethal biology of PDAC. microRNA (miRNA) are small non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression. We hypothesized that interactions between PDAC cells and TAS cells within the microenvironment modulate miRNA expression and thus, tumor biology. We observed that miR-205 and members of the miR-200 family (miR-200a, -200b, -200c, -141 and miR-429) were exclusively expressed in PDAC cells, consistent with an epithelial miRNA signature, while miR-145 and miR-199 family members (miR-199a and -199b) were solely expressed in TAS cells, consistent with a stromal miRNA signature...
July 20, 2016: Oncotarget
Andromeda Liñán-Rico, Fabio Turco, Fernando Ochoa-Cortes, Alan Harzman, Bradley J Needleman, Razvan Arsenescu, Mahmoud Abdel-Rasoul, Paolo Fadda, Iveta Grants, Emmett Whitaker, Rosario Cuomo, Fievos L Christofi
BACKGROUND: Clinical observations or animal studies implicate enteric glial cells in motility disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, gastrointestinal (GI) infections, postoperative ileus, and slow transit constipation. Mechanisms underlying glial responses to inflammation in human GI tract are not understood. Our goal was to identify the "reactive human enteric glial cell (rhEGC) phenotype" induced by inflammation, and probe its functional relevance. METHODS: Human enteric glial cells in culture from 15 GI-surgical specimens were used to study gene expression, Ca, and purinergic signaling by Ca/fluo-4 imaging and mechanosensitivity...
August 2016: Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Tang-You Mao, Rui Shi, Wei-Han Zhao, Yi Guo, Kang-Li Gao, Chen Chen, Tian-Hong Xie, Jun-Xiang Li
Qingchang Wenzhong Decoction (QCWZD) is an effective traditional Chinese medicine prescription. Our previous studies have shown that QCWZD has significant efficacy in patients with mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis (UC) and in colonic mucosa repair in UC rat models. However, the exact underlying mechanism remains unknown. Thus, this study was conducted to determine QCWZD's efficacy and mechanism in dextran sulphate sodium- (DSS-) induced UC rat models, which were established by 7-day administration of 4.5% DSS solution...
2016: Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: ECAM
Maiko Akahane, Mikio Watanabe, Naoya Inoue, Yumi Miyahara, Yuya Arakawa, Yuka Inoue, Yuka Katsumata, Yoh Hidaka, Yoshinori Iwatani
Chemokines induce leukocyte chemotaxis and contribute to chronic inflammation. To clarify the association between functional polymorphisms in genes encoding some chemokines and the pathogenesis of Autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD), we genotyped IL8 -251T/A, Regulated upon Activation, Normal T cell Expressed and presumably Secreted (RANTES) - 403G/A, -28C/G, MIG rs2276886G/A, IP10 -1596C/T, Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein1 (MCP1) - 2518G/A and IL16 -295T/C polymorphisms. We genotyped these polymorphisms using the PCR-RFLP method in 149 Graves' disease (GD) patients, including 59 patients with intractable GD and 53 patients with GD in remission, as well as 131 Hashimoto's disease (HD) patients, including 54 patients with severe HD, 46 patients with mild HD and 99 healthy controls...
August 2016: Autoimmunity
Yu-Tung Li, Tomoyuki Nishikawa, Yasufumi Kaneda
Tumours constitute unique microenvironments where various blood cells and factors are exposed as a result of leaky vasculature. In the present study, we report that thrombin enrichment in B16F10 melanoma led to platelet aggregation, and this property was exploited to administer an anticancer cytokine, interferon-gamma induced protein 10 (IP10), through the formation of a platelet-IP10 complex. When intravenously infused, the complex reached platelet microaggregates in the tumour. The responses induced by the complex were solely immune-mediated, and tumour cytotoxicity was not observed...
2016: Scientific Reports
S Badiou, E Tuaillon, J Viljoen, J B Escudié, J P Cristol, M L Newell, P Van de Perre, D Neveu
A residual mother-to-child transmission of HIV through breastfeeding persists despite prophylaxis. We identified breast milk fatty acids (FA) associated with postnatal HIV transmission through breastfeeding in a case-control study. Cases (n=23) were HIV-infected women with an infant who acquired HIV after 6 weeks of age. Controls (n=23) were matched on infant׳s age at sample collection. Adjusting for maternal antenatal plasma CD4 T cell count, cis-vaccenic acid (18:1n-7) and eicosatrienoic acid (20:3n-3) were associated with HIV transmission in opposite dose-response manner: OR (tertile 3 versus tertile 1): 10...
February 2016: Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, and Essential Fatty Acids
Duygu Övünç Hacıhamdioğlu, Cengiz Zeybek, Faysal Gök, Aysel Pekel, Uğur Muşabak
OBJECTIVE: Increasing evidence suggests that T helper (Th) cells play a significant role in the pathogenesis of hypertension. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of obesity and anti-hypertensive treatment on urinary Th1 chemokines. METHODS: The study groups consisted of three types of patients: hypertensive obese, healthy, and non-hypertensive obese. Pre-treatment and post-treatment samples of the hypertensive obese group and one sample from the other two groups were evaluated for urinary chemokine: regulated on activation, normal T cell expressed and secreted (RANTES), interferon-gamma-inducible protein 10 (IP10), and monokine induced by interferon-gamma (MIG)...
September 2015: Journal of Clinical Research in Pediatric Endocrinology
Eun-Ju Lee, Min Wook So, Seokchan Hong, Yong-Gil Kim, Bin Yoo, Chang-Keun Lee
The present study aimed to assess the functions of interleukin (IL)-33 in fibroblast-like synoviocytes (FLS) from patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) were used to quantify interleukin (IL)-33 in plasma obtained from patients with RA and osteoarthritis (OA). To evaluate functions of intracellular IL-33, levels of inflammatory mediators and matric metalloproteinases (MMPs) were measured in RA FLS transfected with IL-33 small- interfering RNA (siRNA) or plasmids, and changes in the expression and regulation of nuclear factor kappaB (NF-κB) were determined using western blotting and reporter gene assays...
January 2016: Cytokine
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