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Kyungtaek Jun, Dongwook Kim
X-ray computed tomography has been studied in various fields. Considerable effort has been focused on reconstructing the projection image set from a rigid-type specimen. However, reconstruction of images projected from an object showing elastic motion has received minimal attention. In this paper, a mathematical solution to reconstructing the projection image set obtained from an object with specific elastic motions-periodically, regularly, and elliptically expanded or contracted specimens-is proposed. To reconstruct the projection image set from expanded or contracted specimens, methods are presented for detection of the sample's motion modes, mathematical rescaling of pixel values, and conversion of the projection angle for a common layer...
2018: PloS One
Sung Kwan Kim, Donghyun Kim, Sun Joo Lee, Hye Jung Choo, Minkyung Oh, Yohan Son, MunYoung Paek
PURPOSE: The purpose was to evaluate the clinical value of PETRA sequence for the diagnosis of internal derangement of the knee. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The major structures of the knee in 34 patients were evaluated and compared among conventional MRI findings, PETRA images, and arthroscopic findings. RESULTS: The specificities of PETRA with 2D FSE sequence were higher for meniscal lesions than those obtained when using 2D FSE alone. CONCLUSION: Using PETRA images along with conventional 2D FSE images can increase the accuracy of assessing internal derangements of the knee and, specifically, meniscal lesions...
June 1, 2018: Clinical Imaging
Worrapan Poomanee, Wantida Chaiyana, Monika Mueller, Helmut Viernstein, Watcharee Khunkitti, Pimporn Leelapornpisid
Propionibacterium acnes has been recognized as a main target for medical treatment of acne since this bacterium promotes acne inflammation by inducing upregulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines production, resulting in an accumulation of neutrophils and oxygen-free radicals produced by neutrophils within acne lesion. The aims of this study were to evaluate the biological activities of Mangifera indica kernel extracts grown in Northern Thailand (Kaew-Moragot cultivar), related to anti-acne properties including antimicrobial effect against acne-inducing bacteria together with the first elucidation of the mechanism of action against Propionibacterium acnes, anti-oxidation, and anti-inflammation...
May 17, 2018: Anaerobe
Naghmeh Gheidi, Thomas W Kernozek, John D Willson, Andrew Revak, Keith Diers
OBJECTIVE: Compare the estimated Achilles tendon (AT) loading using a musculoskeletal model during commonly performed weight bearing therapeutic exercises. DESIGN: Controlled laboratory study. SETTING: University biomechanics laboratory. PARTICIPANTS: Eighteen healthy males (Age:22.1 ± 1.8 years, height:177.7 ± 8.4 cm, weight = 74.29 ± 11.3 kg). MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): AT loading was estimated during eleven exercises: tandem, Romberg, and unilateral standing, unilateral and bilateral heel raising, unilateral and bilateral jump landing, squat, lunge, walking, and running...
May 10, 2018: Physical Therapy in Sport
Yuanguo Wang, Chichao Zheng, Hu Peng, Qiang Chen
The beamforming performance has a large impact on image quality in ultrasound imaging. Previously, several adaptive weighting factors including coherence factor (CF) and generalized coherence factor (GCF) have been proposed to improved image resolution and contrast. In this paper, we propose a new adaptive weighting factor for ultrasound imaging, which is called signal mean-to-standard-deviation factor (SMSF). SMSF is defined as the mean-to-standard-deviation of the aperture data and is used to weight the output of delay-and-sum (DAS) beamformer before image formation...
June 12, 2018: Ultrasonics
Yan Zhang, Chang Wei, Feng Lv, Tianjun Liu
Elucidation of the pathway of drug delivery and carrier degradation in vivo is essential for the fabrication of a feasible drug delivery system. Multispectral fluorescence imaging can track a drug delivery system simultaneously based on the separation of fluorescence at multiple wavelengths without interference. In this study, the Doxorubicin loaded genipin-crosslinked globin and PEI nanoparticles (Gb-G-PEI/Dox NPs) were designed as a dual fluorescent drug delivery system to track the drug release and carrier degradation process...
June 6, 2018: Colloids and Surfaces. B, Biointerfaces
Lisa Bittner, Elisabet Teixido, Bettina Seiwert, Beate I Escher, Nils Klüver
ß-Blockers are weak bases with acidity constants related to their secondary amine group. At environmental pH they are protonated with the tendency to shift to their neutral species at more alkaline pH. Here we studied the influence of pH from 5.5 to 8.6 on the toxicity of the four ß-blockers atenolol, metoprolol, labetalol and propranolol in zebrafish embryos, relating toxicity not only in a conventional way to external aqueous concentrations but also to measured internal concentrations. Besides lethality, we evaluated changes in swimming activity and heartbeat, using the Locomotor Response (LMR) method and the Vertebrate Automated Screening Technology (VAST) for high throughput imaging...
May 28, 2018: Aquatic Toxicology
Firas Chakroun, Vera Colombo, Dave Lie Sam Foek, Luigi Maria Gallo, Albert Feilzer, Mutlu Özcan
PURPOSE: The objective of this study was to evaluate the anterior tooth movement without and with bonded fixed orthodontic retainers under incremental loading conditions. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Six extracted mandibular anterior human teeth were embedded in acrylic resin in True Form I Arch type and 3D reconstruction of Digital Volume Tomography (DVT) images (0.4 mm3 voxels) were obtained. The anatomy of each tooth was segmented and digitally reconstructed using 3D visualization software for medical images (AMIRA, FEI SVG)...
June 6, 2018: Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
S Benacchio, O Doutres, A Le Troter, A Varoquaux, E Wagnac, V Callot, F Sgard
Passive and active in-ear devices (IED) occluding the ear canal are commonly used to (i) protect people from high noise levels (earplugs), (ii) assist people suffering from hearing impairment (hearing aids) or (iii) help people in listening from their sound systems (earbuds). However, the usability and/or efficiency of IEDs can be greatly affected by several discomfort components (physical, acoustical and functional). The mechanical pressure exerted by the IED onto the ear canal walls is greatly suspected to affect the aforementioned comfort components...
June 2, 2018: Hearing Research
Helen Rodger, Junpeng Lao, Roberto Caldara
Behavioral studies investigating facial expression recognition during development have applied various methods to establish by which age emotional expressions can be recognized. Most commonly, these methods employ static images of expressions at their highest intensity (apex) or morphed expressions of different intensities, but they have not previously been compared. Our aim was to (a) quantify the intensity and signal use for recognition of six emotional expressions from early childhood to adulthood and (b) compare both measures and assess their functional relationship to better understand the use of different measures across development...
June 12, 2018: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
Clive R Rosenthal, Indira Mallik, Cesar Caballero-Gaudes, Martin I Sereno, David Soto
Learning and memory are supported by a network involving the medial temporal lobe and linked neocortical regions. Emerging evidence indicates that primary visual cortex (i.e., V1) may contribute to recognition memory, but this has been tested only with a single visuospatial sequence as the target memorandum. The present study used functional magnetic resonance imaging to investigate whether human V1 can support the learning of multiple, concurrent, and complex visual sequences involving discontinous (second-order) associations...
June 12, 2018: NeuroImage
Hongfu Sun, Yuhan Ma, M Ethan MacDonald, G Bruce Pike
A new dipole field inversion method for whole head quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) is proposed. Instead of performing background field removal and local field inversion sequentially, the proposed method performs dipole field inversion directly on the total field map in a single step. To aid this under-determined and ill-posed inversion process and obtain robust QSM images, Tikhonov regularization is implemented to seek the local susceptibility solution with the least-norm (LN) using the L-curve criterion...
June 12, 2018: NeuroImage
Viren Swami, Mark Pickering, David Barron, Shreepali Patel
Previous work has shown that exposure to images of nature results in elevated state body appreciation, but static images may lack ecological validity. Here, we examined the impact of exposure to short films of simulated, first-person walks in natural or built environments. Thirty-six university students completed a measure of state body appreciation before and after watching films of either a walk in a natural or a built environment created specifically for the present study. Two weeks later, they completed the same task but watched the other film type...
June 12, 2018: Body Image
Yeo Eun Han, Beom Jin Park, Deuk Jae Sung, Min Ju Kim, Na Yeon Han, Ki Choon Sim, Sung Bum Cho, Joo Young Kim
Pancreatic hamartoma is a rare benign malformation that resembles a neoplasm and may be mistaken for a malignancy. The imaging findings of pancreatic hamartoma are not well established, as only one radiological case report has been described since 1983. Herein, we discussed a case of pancreatic hamartoma in a 35-year-old woman and conducted a literature review focused on imaging findings and differential diagnosis of pancreatic hamartoma. Increased late enhancement on post-contrast dynamic study and absence of diffusion restriction may be characteristic MR imaging findings of pancreatic hamartoma that may narrow the differential diagnosis of hypervascular pancreatic lesions...
June 6, 2018: Clinical Imaging
Sung Hyun Noh, Kyung Hyun Kim, Dong Ah Shin, Jeong Yoon Park, Seong Yi, Sung Uk Kuh, Keung Nyun Kim, Dong Kyu Chin, Keun Su Kim, Do Heum Yoon, Yong Eun Cho
BACKGROUND CONTEXT: Because of the scarcity of atypical spinal meningioma, there is a lack of research on this type of tumor or its associated metastases. PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to investigate the biological behavior of atypical spinal meningioma and identify its prognostic factors by reviewing surgical and clinical outcomes of patients with these tumors. STUDY DESIGN/SETTING: A retrospective chart review was performed. PATIENT SAMPLE: We retrospectively reviewed the data from all patients who underwent spinal cord tumor excision between 1994 and 2017...
June 12, 2018: Spine Journal: Official Journal of the North American Spine Society
H Saari, E Lisitsyna, K Rautaniemi, T Rojalin, L Niemi, O Nivaro, T Laaksonen, M Yliperttula, E Vuorimaa-Laukkanen
In response to physiological and artificial stimuli, cells generate nano-scale extracellular vesicles (EVs) by encapsulating biomolecules in plasma membrane-derived phospholipid envelopes. These vesicles are released to bodily fluids, hence acting as powerful endogenous mediators in intercellular signaling. EVs provide a compelling alternative for biomarker discovery and targeted drug delivery, but their kinetics and dynamics while interacting with living cells are poorly understood. Here we introduce a novel method, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) to investigate these interaction attributes...
June 12, 2018: Journal of Controlled Release: Official Journal of the Controlled Release Society
Qianping Luo, Yong Fan, Lili Lin, Jingjing Wei, Zuanfang Li, Yongkun Li, Susumu Nakae, Wei Lin, Qi Chen
Interleukin-33 (IL-33), a novel member of the IL-1 family, expressed in many tissue and cell types, and is involved in inflammation and immune functions. Previous studies suggest that IL-33 may play a role in ischemic stroke. We tried to investigate the role of IL-33 in cerebral ischemia-reperfusion-induced injury and its underlying mechanism. Our data indicated that IL-33 deficiency exacerbated the neurological dysfunction caused by cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in mice and led to the formation of larger cerebral infarct volume as shown by 2,3,5-triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC) staining and magnetic resonance imaging...
June 12, 2018: Neuroscience
Yuanyuan Zhu, Colin Ophus, Mychailo B Toloczko, Danny J Edwards
Dislocation imaging using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) has been an invaluable tool for characterizing crystallographic defects in metals. Compared to conventional TEM imaging, diffraction contrast imaging scanning transmission electron microscopy (DCI STEM) with appropriate setting can provide better defect contrast with almost negligible bend contour artifacts, enabling more effective analysis of dislocation structures. Here, we investigated why STEM can suppresses bend contour, and how dislocation contrast behaves along with different STEM imaging parameters...
June 7, 2018: Ultramicroscopy
J Barthel
The Dr. Probe software for multislice simulations of STEM images is introduced, and reference is given of the applied methods. Major program features available with the graphical user interface version are demonstrated by means of a few examples for bright-field and dark-field STEM imaging as well as simulations of diffraction patterns. The numerical procedure applied for the simulation of thermal-diffuse scattering by the frozen-lattice approach is described in detail. Intensity variations occurring in simulations with atomic-column resolution due to frozen-lattice variations are discussed in the context of atom counting...
June 4, 2018: Ultramicroscopy
Frédéric Basso, Olivia Petit, Sophie Le Bellu, Saadi Lahlou, Aïda Cancel, Jean-Luc Anton
Every day, people are exposed to images of appetizing foods that can lead to high-calorie intake and contribute to overweight and obesity. Research has documented that manipulating the visual perspective from which eating is viewed helps resist temptation by altering the appraisal of unhealthy foods. However, the neural basis of this effect has not yet been examined using neuroimaging methods. Moreover, it is not known whether the benefits of this strategy can be observed when people, especially overweight, are not explicitly asked to imagine themselves eating...
June 12, 2018: Appetite
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