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H F Pan, Y Sheng, Z H Gao, H L Chen, Y J Qi, X K Yi, G H Qin, J Y Zhang
Fruit ripening is a complex developmental process, the details of which remain largely unknown in fleshy fruits. In this paper, the fruit flesh of two peach varieties, "Zhongyou9" (a nectarine; Prunus persica L. Batsch) and its mutant "Hongyu", was analyzed by RNA-seq technology during two stages of ripening at 20-day intervals. One hundred and eighty significant upregulated and two hundred and thirty-five downregulated genes were identified in the experiment. Many of these genes were related to plant hormones, chlorophyll breakdown, accumulation of aroma and flavor volatiles, and stress...
December 23, 2016: Genetics and Molecular Research: GMR
N T Roocroft, E Mayhew, M Parkes, W A Frankland, G V Gill, D Bouhassira, A S C Rice
INTRODUCTION: 'Burning Feet Syndrome' affected up to one third of Far Eastern Prisoners of War in World War 2. Recently discovered medical records, produced by RAF Medical Officer Nowell Peach whilst in captivity, are the first to detail neurological examinations of patients with this condition. METHODS: The 54 sets of case notes produced at the time were analysed using modern diagnostic criteria to determine if the syndrome can be retrospectively classed as neuropathic pain...
November 15, 2016: QJM: Monthly Journal of the Association of Physicians
Qifu Liang, Yujie Jia, Tongxian Liu
Aphelinus asychis Walker (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) is a solitary koinobiont endoparasitoid, which parasitizes the green peach aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Hemiptera: Aphididae). Host discrimination is the ability of a parasitoid to distinguish between unparasitized and parasitized hosts, so parasitoids can avoid wasting eggs and time. We determined the influence of host density (5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 aphids per experienced parasitoid during a 24-h period) on egg distribution, and tested the effects of different time intervals (0, 24, 48, and 72 h) between successive ovipositions on host discrimination between unparasitized and self- or conspecific-parasitized aphids...
January 6, 2017: Journal of Economic Entomology
Vineeta Bilgi, John Fosu-Nyarko, Michael G K Jones
RNA interference (RNAi) is an effective tool to study gene function. For in vitro studies of RNAi in insects, microinjection of double-stranded (ds)RNA may cause stress. Non-persuasive oral delivery of dsRNA to trigger RNAi is a better mode of delivery for delicate insects such as aphids because it mimics natural feeding. However, when insects feed ad libitum, some individuals may not feed. For accurate measurement of gene knockdown, analysis should only include insects that have ingested dsRNA. The suitability of eleven dyes was assessed to trace ingestion of dsRNA in an artificial feeding system for green peach aphids (GPA, Myzus persicae)...
January 3, 2017: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Li Qian, Wenjun Wang, Jie Song, Dezhong Chen
PROBLEM: Peach gum polysaccharides (PGPs) exhibit antioxidant and antibacterial activities. Nevertheless, the effect of PGPs on the spermatogenesis of KKAy mice with impaired reproduction system remains undetermined. METHOD OF STUDY: PGPs were extracted with hot water. KKAy mice were randomly divided into two groups, namely, control and PGPs (treated with 100 mg/kg PGPs). RESULTS: Oral administration of PGPs decreased the levels of serum triglyceride, total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, fasting blood glucose, plasma insulin, and nitrate nitrogen level in the testes of KKAy mice...
January 5, 2017: American Journal of Reproductive Immunology: AJRI
George Peach, Sidhartha Sinha, Robert J Hinchliffe
Identification and treatment of arterial pathologies in athletes can present a significant challenge because symptoms may be nonspecific and standard examination is often unremarkable. Sportspeople frequently experience long delays to diagnosis, during which time their ability to exercise and their quality of life may be severely impacted. Though the conditions that affect this young patient group may not be widely seen in the general population, knowledge of their existence and recognition of the need for specialist referral can aid early identification and appropriate management...
January 4, 2017: Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery
H Calvo, P Marco, D Blanco, R Oria, M E Venturini
The biocontrol potential of the Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain BUZ-14 was tested against the main postharvest diseases of orange, apple, grape and stone fruit. After characterizing the temperature and pH growth curves of strain BUZ-14, its in vitro antifungal activity was determined against Botrytis cinerea, Monilinia fructicola, M. laxa, Penicillium digitatum, P. expansum and P. italicum. Subsequently, in vivo activity was tested against these pathogens by treating fruit with cells, endospores and cell-free supernatants...
May 2017: Food Microbiology
Jessica M Guseman, Kevin Webb, Chinnathambi Srinivasan, Chris Dardick
Roots provide essential uptake of water and nutrients from the soil, as well as anchorage and stability for the whole plant. Root orientation, or angle, is an important component of the overall architecture and depth of the root system, however little is known about the genetic control of this trait. Recent reports in rice identified a role for DEEPER ROOTING 1(DRO1) in influencing the orientation of the root system, leading to positive changes in grain yields under drought conditions. Here we found that DRO1 and DRO1-related genes are present across diverse plant phyla and fall within the IGT gene family...
December 28, 2016: Plant Journal: for Cell and Molecular Biology
Shaonpius Mondal, Erik J Wenninger, Pamela J S Hutchinson, Monica A Weibe, Sanford D Eigenbrode, Nilsa A Bosque-Pérez
Potato virus Y (PVY) is a major concern for potato production in the United States given its impact on both crop quality and yield. Although green peach aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer), is the most efficient PVY vector, it may be less abundant in potato-growing areas of Idaho relative to non-potato-colonizing aphid vectors of PVY that may disperse from nearby cereal fields and other crops. A field study was conducted during 2012-2013 to examine if noncolonizing aphids disperse to nearby potato fields as cereal crops dry down before harvest...
December 2016: Environmental Entomology
K S Ingerslew, D L Finke
Natural enemies need not consume herbivores to suppress herbivore populations. Behavioral interactions can adversely impact herbivore fitness from reduced time feeding, investment in defense, or injury from failed attacks. The importance of such "nonconsumptive effects" for herbivore suppression may vary across species based on the specificity and intensity of the herbivore defensive response. In a series of manipulative studies, we quantified the nature and consequences of nonconsumptive interactions between two parasitoid wasps, Aphidius ervi Haliday and Aphidius colemani Viereck, on two aphid species, pea aphids (Acyrthosiphon pisum (Harris)) and green peach aphids (Myzus persicae (Sulzer))...
December 26, 2016: Environmental Entomology
Stefano Moscatello, Simona Proietti, Roberto Buonaurio, Franco Famiani, Vittorio Raggi, Robert P Walker, Alberto Battistelli
Peach leaf curl is a disease that affects the leaves of peach trees, and in severe cases all of the leaf can be similarly affected. This study investigated some effects of this disease on the metabolism of peach leaves in which all parts of the leaf were infected. These diseased leaves contained very little chlorophyll and performed little or no photosynthesis. Compared to uninfected leaves, diseased leaves possessed higher contents of fructose and especially glucose, but lowered contents of sucrose, sorbitol and especially starch...
December 1, 2016: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry: PPB
Matías D Hartman, Carlos M Figueroa, Diego G Arias, Alberto A Iglesias
Glucitol, also known as sorbitol, is a major photosynthetic product in plants from the Rosaceae family. This sugar alcohol is synthesized from glucose-6-phosphate by the combined activities of aldose-6-phosphate reductase (Ald6PRase) and glucitol-6-phosphatase. In this work we show the purification and characterization of recombinant Ald6PRase from peach leaves. The recombinant enzyme was inhibited by glucose-1-phosphate, fructose-6-phosphate, fructose-1,6-bisphosphate and orthophosphate. Oxidizing agents irreversibly inhibited the enzyme and produced protein precipitation...
December 22, 2016: Plant & Cell Physiology
Brian C Peach
INTRODUCTION: The Society of Critical-Care Medicine and the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine recently announced a marked change in the sepsis definition. A task force of 19 sepsis clinicians and researchers made the change based on advances in the pathobiological understanding of the septic process. SUMMARY OF CHANGE: The task force determined that there were numerous justifications for a revision of the sepsis definition, which are outlined in this article...
November 24, 2016: Journal of Critical Care
Chris Peach
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 19, 2016: Clinical Orthopaedics and related Research
P Drogoudi, D Gerasopoulos, M Kafkaletou, E Tsantili
BACKGROUND: Sugars and antioxidants in peaches contribute to fresh fruit quality and nutrition; however information on widely grown cultivars and changes induced after peach jam preparation is limited. In the present study colour, sugars and antioxidant parameters were determined in fruit and jam from 45 peach and nectarine cultivars. RESULTS: Pronounced varietal differences were found in sorbitol (42-fold range), total phenolics (TPs) and antioxidant capacities (10- to 19-fold range)...
December 18, 2016: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Mahfuj A Begum, Xiao-Xiao Shi, Ye Tan, Wen-Wu Zhou, Yusuf Hannun, Lina Obeid, Cungui Mao, Zeng-Rong Zhu
In plants, sphingolipids, such as long-chain bases (LCBs), act as bioactive molecules in stress responses. Until now, it is still not clear if these lipids are involved in biotic stress responses to herbivore. Herein we report that a rice LCB gene, OsLCB2a1 encoding a subunit of serine palmitoyltransferase (SPT), a key enzyme responsible for the de novo biosynthesis of sphingolipids, plays a critical role in plant defense response to the brown planthopper (BPH) attack and that its up-regulation protects plants from herbivore infestation...
2016: Frontiers in Plant Science
Woon Jeong Lee, Dae Hee Kim, Seon Hee Woo, Seung Hwan Seol, Seung Pill Choi
Fatal anaphylaxis is uncommon but not rare. Extrapolated mortality rates are 0.52% of total anaphylaxis patients Bock et al. (Jan. 2001) [1]. Nevertheless, compared with the incidence of the other cardiac arrest events, the incidence of cardiac arrest due to anaphylaxis is relatively small. As a result, the effect using targeted temperature management after anaphylaxis is not clearly understood. We report the case of a 63-year-old man who developed cardiac arrest after ingestion of two pieces of peach. He was resuscitated and his circulation returned spontaneously after approximately 11min of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but he was unresponsive and had fixed dilated pupils...
December 12, 2016: American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Stefanie Schelm, Ilka Haase, Christin Fischer, Markus Fischer
Marzipan is a confectionary which is mostly offered in form of filled chocolate, pralines or pure. According to the German guidelines for oil seeds only almonds, sugar and water are admitted ingredients of marzipan. A product very similar in taste is persipan which is used in the confectionary industry because of its stronger flavor. For persipan production almonds are replaced by debittered apricot or peach kernels. To guarantee high quality products for consumers, German raw paste producers have agreed a limit of apricot kernels in marzipan raw paste of 0...
December 12, 2016: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Chris J Stevens, Charlene Murphy, Rebecca Roberts, Leilani Lucas, Fabio Silva, Dorian Q Fuller
The period from the late third millennium BC to the start of the first millennium AD witnesses the first steps towards food globalization in which a significant number of important crops and animals, independently domesticated within China, India, Africa and West Asia, traversed Central Asia greatly increasing Eurasian agricultural diversity. This paper utilizes an archaeobotanical database (AsCAD), to explore evidence for these crop translocations along southern and northern routes of interaction between east and west...
October 2016: Holocene
Khaleel Ahamed Thaha, R Luxmi Varma, Mali G Nair, V G Sam Joseph, Unni Krishnan
INTRODUCTION: Octenisept (OCT; Schülke & Mayr, Nordersdedt, Germany), an antimicrobial, antibiofilm agent and a promising root canal irrigant, can be potentially combined with sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) during endodontic treatment. The aim of this study was first to identify the precipitate formed on the interaction between OCT and NaOCl and secondly to compare its effect on dentinal tubules with that of precipitate formed on combining chlorhexidine (CHX) and NaOCl. METHODS: This observational study was conducted in 3 stages...
January 2017: Journal of Endodontics
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