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Marioara Simon, Bogdan Pop, Lacramioara Toma, Aletta Vallasek, Ioan Simon
BACKGROUND AND AIM: Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) is a recent minimally invasive, safe examination method for the mediastinum, with a good diagnostic precision. This method makes possible real time examination with transbronchial fine needle aspiration, diagnostic transbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) and staging of non-small pulmonary tumors, as well as diagnosis of mediastinal and hilar adenopathies of various causes. METHODS: We present the experience of the Bronchoscopy Department of the Pulmonology Clinic of Cluj-Napoca with EBUS-TBNA as a tool for the diagnosis and staging of tumors in contact with the bronchial wall and mediastinal and hilar adenopathies of unknown etiology...
2017: Clujul Medical (1957)
Miroslav Kojić, Darko Nozić, Olivera Tarabar, Nenad Perisić
INTRODUCTION: Extraintestinal manifestations of nontyphoidal salmonellosis are usually seen in patients with cellular immunodeficiency. Pleural empyema caused by nontyphoidal Salmonella is very rare clinical presentation of salmonellosis and there are just a few cases described in a literature. We presented a very rare case of pleural empyema caused by Salmonella enteritidis in a patient with non-Hodgkin limphoma. CASE REPORT: A 60-year-old male with low grade B-cell lymphoma, mucosa associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) type in IV clinical degree, manifested with infiltration of stomach, bronchus, pleura and peritoneum was admitted to the hospital...
March 2016: Vojnosanitetski Pregled. Military-medical and Pharmaceutical Review
Gabriela Berenice Jiménez-González, Mario Noé Martínez-Gordillo, Silvia Caballero-Salazar, Gustavo Esteban Peralta-Abarca, Rocío Cárdenas-Cardoz, Patricia Arzate-Barbosa, Martha Ponce-Macotela
INTRODUCTION: Microsporidia are intracellular micro-organisms, characterized by mature spores with chitin walls and by one extrusive polar tube through which they pour their sporoplasm to the host cells. In immunocompromised patients, Enterocytozoon bieneusi and Encephalitozoon intestinalis produce diarrhea and systemic dissemination. In Mexico there is not information about microsporidia in children with cancer. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this pilot study was to investigate the presence of microsporidia species in pediatric patients with leukemia or lymphoma...
January 2012: Revista de Investigación Clínica; Organo del Hospital de Enfermedades de la Nutrición
S G Babaeva
The target scientific research studies the results of clinicoroentgenological examination among 100 patients with mediastinal limphomas. The most typical X-ray and CT signs were demonstrated. The investigation proves CT to be highly informative method in diagnosis of mediastinal limphomas. CT provides a more complete picture, making it easier to diagnose problems, determine the extent of disease, prescribe treatment, and track progress. The mediastinal lymphomas must be diagnosed based on clinical, observation and laboratory, roentgenological, CT and morphological diagnostic testing...
October 2010: Georgian Medical News
Agnieszka Werewka-Maczuga, Robert Chrzan, Andrzej Urbanik, Dorota Krochmalczyk
PURPOSE: Aim of the study was evaluation the accuracy of routinely performed helical computed tomography (CT) compared to modern multidetector row CT (MDCT) in staging and assessing response to treatment of patients with lymphoma, especially in cranio-caudal dimention. MATERIAL AND METHODS: 60 patients with known Hodgkin's disease localised in chest were evaluated by the means of two methods: axial reconstruction of 5-6 mm thick slices--typical set for helical CT and 2-mm thin slices with coronal and sagital reconstruction--typical set for MSCT...
2010: Przegla̧d Lekarski
Bebiana Conde, Ana Fernandes, Manuel Cunha, Abel Afonso
Immunocytoma is a non-Hodgkin's indolent evolution B cell lymphoma. It accounts for approximately 1-3% of non-Hodgkin's limphomas and usually onsets in adults aged over 50 years old. It manifests as lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly and lymphcytosis in 15 -30% of cases and is rarely seen with pulmonary involvement. Monocloncal peaks of serum immunoglobulin often occur. These are IgM and rarely IgA. We present as an example a male patient aged 52 years old, with recurrent respiratory infections. Clinical work -up identified an immunocytoma IgA stage IV...
January 2009: Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia
Dragan Krasić, Predrag Radović, Nikola Burić, Andrija Cosić, Vuka Katić
BACKGROUND: Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma was described for the first time in 1983 by Isaacson and Wright. It was classified into extranodal non-Hodkin's lymphomas of B-cell lymphocytes of the marginal zone of reactive lymphe follicles. It is characterized by both hyperplasia and colonization of plasmocytic, centrocytoid and monocytoid cells, by the infiltration of interfollicular and parafollicular parts of interstitium, as well as by the invasion of clusters of neoplastic lymphoid cells of the glandular epithelium, forming the pathognomic lymphoepithelial MALT limphoma lesions...
January 2007: Vojnosanitetski Pregled. Military-medical and Pharmaceutical Review
F Ciprani, M Moroni
Depleted uranium (DU), a waste product of uranium enrichment, has several civilian and military applications. It was used as armor-piercing ammunition in international conflicts and was claimed to contribute to health problems, known as the Gulf War Syndrome and recently as the Balkan Syndrome. Leukaemia/Limphoma cases among UN soldiers in the Balkans have been related hypothetically to exposure to DU. The investigations published in the scientific literature give no support for this hypothesis. However future follow-up is necessary for evaluation of long-term risk...
January 2006: Giornale Italiano di Medicina del Lavoro Ed Ergonomia
Javier Gallego, J Cruz, S Mendes, J Caldeira, A Nobre, J Cravino
Between January 1993 and December 2004, 68 patients with mediastinal pathology were submitted to diagnosis surgery. All the pathological process were located in the anterior mediastinum, and most of them were malignant (64.1%). The most common pathology was limphoma (26.5%), sarcoidosis (23.5%) and thymomas (23.5%). Seven cases consisted in ganglionar tuberculosis (10.3%), six cases were ganglionar metastases of lung adenocarcinoma (8.8%), and three cases were thymic carcinoma (4.4%). One patient had no definite diagnosis (1...
October 2005: Revista Portuguesa de Cirurgia Cardio-torácica e Vascular
Biljana Mihaljević, Ruzica Nedeljkov-Jancić, Vesna Cemerikić-Martinović
BACKGROUND/AIM: Fine-needle aspiration biopsy is a quick, economical, and safe initial method in managing a patient with suspected lymphoma. According to a few reports on this preoblem, the aim of this study was to compare histological findings to cytomorphological ones in needle aspirates. We also compared these findings to the overal survival (OS) time. METHODS: We analyzed the fine-needle aspiration biopsies of peripheral lymph nodes, and the International Prognostic Index (IPI) in 81 patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL)...
January 2006: Vojnosanitetski Pregled. Military-medical and Pharmaceutical Review
Giuseppe Daidone, Benedetta Maggio, Demetrio Raffa, Salvatore Plescia, Domenico Schillaci, Maria Valeria Raimondi
Several new 4-(3,3-dimethyltriazeno)-5-benzamidopyrazole derivatives were prepared by reacting 4-diazo-5-benzamidopyrazole derivatives with dimethylamine. The compounds were tested at 10 microM for their vitro antileukemic activity against K562 (Human chronic myelogenous leukemia) and Raji (human Burkitt limphoma ) cell lines. Dacarbazine and methotrexate were used for comparative purpose. The 3-methyl-4-(3,3-dimethyltriazeno)-5-(substituted benzamido)pyrazoles, bearing the pyrazole nucleus free at 1 position, resulted more active than the 1-(substituted phenyl)-3-methyl-4-(3,3-dimethyltriazeno)-5-benzamidopyrazoles...
May 2004: Il Farmaco
D Raffa, G Daidone, D Schillaci, B Maggio, F Plescia
A novel series of 3-(3-phenyl-isoxazol-5-yl) or 3-[(3-phenyl-isoxazol-5-yl)amino] substituted 4(3H)-quinazolinone derivatives was synthesized. The compounds were tested for their antineoplastic activity in vitro against Raji (human Burkitt limphoma). K-562 (human chronic myelogeneous leukemia) and U937 (human histiocytic limphoma) cell lines. The most active quinazolinones showed IC50 values in the range 16-30 microM.
April 1999: Die Pharmazie
G F Gualdi, C Di Biasi, A D'Agostino, G Trasimeni, A Melone
Fifty-eight patients with AIDS disease were studied with MR imaging in the aim of detecting the grade of brain involvement. The examinations were performed with a 1.5 Tesla magnet. Thirty-seven showed white matter lesion (63.5%), twenty-five patients showed cerebral atrophy (43%), in eight patients the MR appearance was consistent with toxoplasmosis infection (13.5%), two patients showed a linfoma (3.4%) and two patients micrococcosis (3.4%). Seventeen out of the thirty-seven patients with white matter disease showed focal well circumscribed lesion (46%), while twenty showed diffuse involvement...
December 1995: La Clinica Terapeutica
N Kobayashi, K Naitoh, H Kudo, I Matsui, H Hayakawa, J Yada
Among 727 patients registered to the Japan Immunodeficiency Registry up to December 6, 1986 from 1975, 25 patients were reported to have developed malignant neoplasms. The incidence of malignant neoplasms in 649 childhood patients was 3.2%, which was approximately 400 times higher than general childhood populations. More than half of these patients were complicated with malignant limphomas. The patients with Chediak-Higashi syndrome and ataxia-telangiectasia showed the highest incidence of developing malignant neoplasms...
April 1987: Gan No Rinsho. Japan Journal of Cancer Clinics
A Scarpa, L Borgato, M Chilosi, P Capelli, F Menestrina, F Bonetti, G Zamboni, G Pizzolo, S Hirohashi, L Fiore-Donati
Six cases of mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma (MLCL) with sclerosis were analyzed for the presence and patterns of c-myc and bcl-2 loci rearrangements, and for the presence of Epstein-Barr virus DNA sequences by Southern blot hybridization, c-myc gene alterations were found in three of six cases. Two cases showed the presence of mutations or small rearrangements at the 3' end of the first exon. The c-myc gene abnormalities found in these two cases are similar to those observed in the translocation 8;14 of the endemic Burkitt's lymphomas or in its variants t(2;8) and t(8;22)...
August 1, 1991: Blood
S D Kaz'min, E A Bagleĭ
Hydrocortisone acetate caused the inhibition of the limphoma cells growing. In the process the aerobic glycolysis was increased, the respiratory activity was altered slightly but the magnitude of Crebtry effect was distinctly decreased. Under effect of the hormone the activity of pentose pathway was drastically increased: oxidation via 6-phosphogluconate and the synthesis of phosphorylated carbohydrates by "non-oxidative" pathway were increased 1.7- and 7.4-fold, respectively. Thus, the stopping of the tumor cells development occurred with simultaneous activation of the pentose-phosphate pathway and energy metabolism as a whole...
January 1976: Voprosy Medit︠s︡inskoĭ Khimii
M Martinazzi, G Zappalà, M Cavalleri, A Consolaro
One hundred-ninety nine cases of testicular tumours, of which 189 (94,9%) germ cell tumours, have been studied by histological methods. Seminoma with its two subtypes (anaplastic and spermatocytic) is the most frequent tumour (110 cases i.e. 55,2%), followed by embryonal carcinoma (30 cases: 15,3%), teratocarcinoma (25 cases: 13,2%), teratoma (12 cases: 6,3%) and choriocarcinoma (5 cases: 2,6%). Tumours showing more than one histologic pattern are frequent. The distinctive histologic features have studied, with emphasis of those useful for diagnostic and prognostic purposes...
March 30, 1979: Minerva Medica
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