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Y W Ewa-Choy, B Pingguan-Murphy, N A Abdul-Ghani, J Jahendran, K H Chua
BACKGROUND: The three-dimensional (3D) system is one of the important factors to engineer a biocompatible and functional scaffold for the applications of cell-based therapies for cartilage repair. The 3D alginate hydrogels system has previously been shown to potentially promote chondrogenesis. The chondrocytic differentiation of co-cultured adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) and nasal chondrocytes (NCs) within alginate constructs are hypothesized to be influenced by concentration of alginate hydrogel...
2017: Biomaterials Research
Daniel Salleck, Stefan John
The interactions between heart and kidney are various and of clinical relevance. Worsening of one organ often influences the function of the other. With NYHA and KDIGO we have classification systems for heart and kidney failure and those should be used for cardiorenal systems as well. Furthermore there is a useful classification system for cardiorenal syndromes itself. Cardiorenal syndrome is a complex illness which should be treated by interdisciplinary medical teams. A key roll in pathophysiology is the renin-angiotensin-aldosteron-system (RAAS)...
September 2017: Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift
G Belcaro, M Dugall, R Luzzi, A Ledda, L Pellegrini, M Hosoi, B M Errichi, S Francis, U Cornelli
The aim of this registry was to evaluate the management of initial symptoms of benign prostatic hyperthrophy (BPH) in otherwise healthy subjects, using Prostaquil® (Alchem) in a 8-week registry. Prostaquil was used at the dosage of 200 mg/day. The product includes Pygeum extract (100 mg) and Saw palmetto oil (35 mg). The two resulting groups standard management and supplement) were comparable. RESULTS: No side effects or comparability problems were observed and compliance was optimal with more than 95% of the capsules correctly used...
October 22, 2015: Minerva Gastroenterologica e Dietologica
Prahara Yuri, Grace Wangge, Fatan Abshari, Adistra I T W H Satjakoesoemah, Noor R Perdana, Candra D K Wijaya, Christiano Tansol, Aaron Tigor, Ferry Safriadi, Dhiraya D Kadar, Syah M Warli, Sungsang Rochadi, Danarto, Lukman Hakim, Wahjoe Djatisoesanto, Sunaryo Hardjowijoto, Chaidir A Mochtar, Rainy Umbas, Agus Rizal A H Hamid
AIM: to develop a prediction risk model of prostate cancer based on Indonesia population. METHODS: we included all benign prostate hyperthrophy (BPH) and PCa patients who had prostate biopsy and prostatectomy between January 2009 and December 2013 from 5 urology centers in Indonesia. The relationship between the possibility of PCa with the following variables including: age; PSA level, prostate volume (by transabdominal ultrasound or transrectal ultrasound) and digital rectal examination (DRE) finding...
April 2015: Acta Medica Indonesiana
Zbigniew Żuber, Agnieszka Jurecka, Agnieszka Różdżyńska-Świątkowska, Agata Migas-Majoch, Agnieszka Lembas, Beata Kieć-Wilk, Anna Tylki-Szymańska
OBJECTIVES: The primary aim of this study was to assess the ultrasonographic features of hip joints in patients with mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) type I and II in comparison with healthy population. The secondary aims were to correlate these features with clinical measures and to evaluate the utility of ultrasound in the diagnosis of MPS disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sixteen MPS I (n = 3) and II (n = 13) patients were enrolled in the present study and underwent clinical and radiological evaluation, and bilateral high-resolution ultrasonography (US) of hip joints...
2015: PloS One
Ceren Günel, Barış Ermişler, H Sema Başak
OBJECTIVES: This study aims to investigate the effects of adenoid hypertrophy on negative middle ear pressure and diagnostic efficiency of tympanogram in the detection of otitis media with effusion in children without parental suspicion of hearing loss. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Fifty-six children (26 boys, 30 girls; mean age 5.9±2.2 years; range, 3 to 12 years) who underwent adenoidectomy were analyzed using otoscopy, nasal endoscopy, and tympanometry (before 1 week and 3 months after adenoidectomy)...
November 2014: Kulak Burun Boğaz Ihtisas Dergisi: KBB, Journal of Ear, Nose, and Throat
Carlos Kusano Bucalen Ferrari
The hormonal abuse in physical exercise practioners is very common. Many pleople believe these substances can promote skeletal muscle hyperthrophy and improve physical fitness without health damaging effects. However, this is another myth that science unmasked. This article updates information regarding abuse of insulin, growth hormone, thyroid hormones, and erythropoitin. The peptide hormone abuse can cause motor paralysis, skeletal muscle damage and loss, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, arterial hypertension, sweating, headaches, vomiting and enhances the risk for atherosclerosis, thrombosis, osteoporosis, and cancer...
2013: Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Médicas
Biljana Lazović, Zoran Stajić, Biljana Putniković
INTRODUCTION: Rapidly vanishing lung pseudotumor (phantom tumor) refers to the transient well-demarcated accumulation of pleural fluid in the interlobar pulmonary fissures. Most frequently their appearance is associated with congestive heart failure, but also other disorders like hypoalbuminemia, renal insufficiency or pleuritis. Its rapid disappearance in response to the treatment of the underlying disorder is a classical feature of this clinical entity. CASE REPORT: A 47-year-old woman, chronic smoker with symptoms of shortness of breath, orthopnea, chills, cough, weakness and the temperature of 39...
September 2013: Vojnosanitetski Pregled. Military-medical and Pharmaceutical Review
Orhan Ozturan, Remzi Dogan, Sabri Baki Eren, Fadlullah Aksoy, Bayram Veyseller
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to follow longitudinally the prominent ears treated by percutaneous adjustable closed otoplasty (PACO) and evaluate this procedure in terms of technical efficiency, recurrence, complications, and patient satisfaction. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Percutaneous adjustable closed otoplasty was used to treat 28 ears in 15 patients presenting with prominent ear deformities. To determine the success of each operation, distances between the helical rim and scalp were measured at 4 levels preoperatively, at the end of the surgery and again postoperatively at the first week and the first, third, and sixth months...
March 2013: Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
Beata Naumnik, Michał Myśliwiec
The worldwide prevalence of obesity and its associated metabolic and cardiovascular disorders has risen dramatically within the past 2 decades. Our objective is to review the mechanisms that link obesity with altered kidney function. Current evidence suggests that excess weight gain may be responsible for 65-75% of the risk for arterial hypertension. Impaired renal pressure natriuresis, initially due to increased renal tubular sodium reabsorption, is a key factor linking obesity with hypertension. Obesity increases renal sodium reabsorption by activating the renin-angiotensin and sympathetic nervous systems, and by altering intrarenal physical forces...
August 2010: Medical Science Monitor: International Medical Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 14, 1947: Harefuah
Peter Lange, Rasmus Mogelvang, Jacob Louis Marott, Jørgen Vestbo, Jan Skov Jensen
Although there are a number of studies on the coexistence of heart disease and COPD among patients acutely admitted to hospital, this relationship has not been accurately described in the general population. Especially data on the prevalence of both reduced lung function and impaired left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) are sparse. We used data from the 4th examination of The Copenhagen City Heart Study, which comprises 5,890 individuals with data on pulmonary and cardiac symptoms, risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary function tests, ECG and relevant medical history...
February 2010: COPD
Thomas Schneider, Dirk Cremer, Cordelia Becker, Ebbe S Hansen, Cody Bünger, Wolf Drescher
An episode of ischemia followed by reperfusion of the femoral head (FH) is thought to be a common pathway in the pathogenesis of femoral head necrosis (FHN). Femoral head histology was investigated after short-term high-dose steroid treatment and femoral head ischemia and reperfusion in a large animal model. Twenty-two pigs were randomized to receive methylprednisolone 20mg/day/kg bodyweight intamuscularly for 3 days followed by methylprednisolone 10mg/day/kg bodyweight for 11 days (n=11), whereas the control group (n=11) received no treatment...
November 2009: Annals of Anatomy, Anatomischer Anzeiger: Official Organ of the Anatomische Gesellschaft
Stefanie Slezak, Ping Jin, Lorraine Caruccio, Jiaqiang Ren, Michael Bennett, Nausheen Zia, Sharon Adams, Ena Wang, Joao Ascensao, Geraldine Schechter, David Stroncek
BACKGROUND: Since the V617F mutation in JAK2 may not be the initiating event in myeloprofilerative disorders (MPDs) we compared molecular changes in neutrophils from patients with polycythemia vera (PV) and essential thrombocythosis (ET), to neutrophils stimulated by G-CSF administration and to normal unstimulated neutrophils METHODS: A gene expression oligonucleotide microarray with more than 35,000 probes and a microRNA (miR) expression array with 827 probes were used to assess neutrophils from 6 MPD patients; 4 with PV and 2 with ET, 5 healthy subjects and 6 healthy subjects given G-CSF...
2009: Journal of Translational Medicine
Sema Koc, Kayhan Ozturk, Sadik Buyukbas, Volkan Kocabas, Bedri Ozer, Medine Kara
OBJECTIVE: We aimed to evaluate the ghrelin levels in the children with adenoid or tonsil hyperthrophies. METHODS: The study included 27 children (17 boys and 10 girls). Mean age was 6.9+/-3.5 years, ranging from 3 to 16. Ghrelin levels in the patients and their weight and height measurements were evaluated before surgery and after 3 months later of the operation. RESULTS: While 18 (67%) children were operated for adenoid hypertrophy, 9 (33%) children were operated for adenoid and tonsil hypertrophy...
May 2009: International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology
S V Shevchuk
SLE patients with identified and probable APS compared with those having no APS have been found to have more significant endothelial function disorders, carotid artery intima-media thickness (IMT) and intensity of atherosclerotic vascular impairment. At the same time antibody level to beta-2-glycoprotein 1 reliably correlates (r= 0.39, 0.38, 0.33) with endothelial dysfunction specificity and carotic artery atherosclerotic impairment. The development of structural and functional myocardial defect in SLE patients less depends on APS presence...
October 2007: Likars'ka Sprava
Daniel Paczesny, Piotr Rapiejko, Jerzy Weremczuk, Ryszard Jachowicz, Dariusz Jurkiewicz
AIM: Aim of this study was to check at the hospital the electronic thermometer for fast measurement of air temperature in upper airways. The nose ability of heating of inspired air and heat recovering from expired air was evaluated. Measurements from respiration through the oral cavity were compared. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study was carried out in a group of 30 people (6 female and 24 male), age group 18 to 62 (mean age: 33.5 years old). Almost the half of participants had no deviation from normal state in laryngologic examination...
2007: Otolaryngologia Polska
Daniel Paczesny, Piotr Rapiejko, Jerzy Weremczuk, Ryszard Jachowicz, Dariusz Jurkiewicz
AIM: Aim of this study was to check at the hospital the dew point hygrometer for fast measurement of air humidity in upper airways. The nose ability to humidification of inspired air and partially recover moisture from expired air was evaluated. Measurements from respiration through the nose and oral cavity were compared. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study was carried out in a group of 30 people (8 female and 22 male), age group 18 to 70 (mean age: 37 years old). In 22 of the participants there were no deviation from normal state in laryngologic examination, while in 4 participants nasal septum deviation without imaired nasal; oatency was found, in other 3--nasal vonchae hyperthrophy and in 1--nasal polips (grade I)...
2007: Otolaryngologia Polska
Natasa Jovanović, Mirjana Lausević, Vidosava Nesić, Gordana Grujić-Adanja, Biljana Stojimirović
INTRODUCTION: Normocytic, normochromic anemia is one of the first signs of chronic renal failure and it is common in patients on chronic dialysis treatment. It causes decrease in oxygen supply to tissues, increases cardiac minute volume, causes left ventricular hyperthrophy, cardiac insufficiency, disorders related to cognitive functions and immune response, and increases morbidity and mortality rates. The leading cause of anemia in patients on chronic peritoneal dialysis (PD) is iron depletion and most patients on PD need oral or parenteral iron supplementation...
January 2005: Medicinski Pregled
Carlos Yañez, Nallely Mora
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the efficacy and long-term outcomes (10 years) of the submucous stroma debriding technique (SSD) in nonallergic chronic hyperthrophy of the inferior turbinates (N/A-ChITOHD). STUDY DESIGN: Prospective cohort study. METHODS: From June 1994 to October 1996, a group of 350 nonallergic patients with chronic obstructive hypertrophy of the inferior turbinates were followed-up after SSD and compared with a group of 323 normal patients...
February 2008: Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery
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