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Evan S Weitman, Jonathan S Zager
Locoregionally advanced and unresectable disease can be seen in up to 10% of melanoma patients. Treatment options for these patients have been evolving most notably over the past few decades and have demonstrated efficacy through multiple intra-arterial as well as intralesional therapies. Isolated limb perfusions and isolated limb infusions have been utilized to treat locoregionally advanced melanoma of the extremity with overall response rates up to 90% in some reports. Intralesional therapies, for in transit metastatic melanoma, such as Bacille Calmette-Guerin, talimogene laherparepvec, and PV-10 (Rose Bengal) have all demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of unresectable cutaneous melanoma...
May 8, 2018: Clinical & Experimental Metastasis
Hao Liu, Amy Weber, Jennifer Morse, Krithika Kodumudi, Ellen Scott, John Mullinax, Amod A Sarnaik, Shari Pilon-Thomas
Intralesional (IL) injection of Rose Bengal (PV-10) induces regression of injected and uninjected lesions in several murine tumor models. In this study, we investigated the anti-tumor response of combining IL PV-10 with blockade of the PD-1 / PD-L1 pathway and the role of immune cell populations in eliciting this response. To investigate the role of T cell subsets in mediating an immune response, B16 or M05 melanoma-bearing mice received combination therapy as well as CD8+, CD4+, or CD25+ depleting antibodies...
2018: PloS One
Jeffrey B Rich, Clifford E Fonner, Mohammed A Quader, Gorav Ailawadi, Alan M Speir
BACKGROUND: Prolonged ventilation and acute renal failure were identified as the biggest cost drivers following isolated CABG in a statewide database. Reducing these complications through regional collaboration should improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs. METHODS: 27,978 patients who underwent isolated CABG were divided into pre- and post-quality improvement initiative groups (early era, 2008-2011, n=15,176 and later era, 2012-2015, n=12,802). Focused learning sessions on prolonged ventilation (PV) and post-op renal failure (RF) were undertaken in the earlier era...
March 26, 2018: Annals of Thoracic Surgery
Tavis A Read, Aaron Smith, Janine Thomas, Michael David, Matthew Foote, Michael Wagels, Andrew Barbour, B Mark Smithers
BACKGROUND: Patients with in-transit melanoma metastases frequently experience high rates of recurrence, limited overall survival and reduced quality of life. After promising results within a Phase II, multi-center study, PV-10 treatment was continued at our institution for patients with in-transit disease. METHODOLOGY: An open-label, non-randomized, prospective study was performed at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland, Australia. Patients were treated with PV-10 in accordance with the treatment protocol established during a previous Phase II study...
March 2018: Journal of Surgical Oncology
Ekrem Ücer, Yvette Janeczko, Joachim Seegers, Sabine Fredersdorf, Selina Friemel, Florian Poschenrieder, Lars Siegfried Maier, Carsten Gerald Jungbauer
INTRODUCTION: Dormant conduction and acute reconnection in the pulmonary veins (PV) during a PV isolation can be detected by performing an adenosine provocation test (APT). Visually guided laser balloon ablation (VGLB) creates deep transmural lesions, thus causing less acute reconnection. This study compared the acute PV reconnection rate after isolation with VGLB or with RF using an APT. METHODS AND RESULTS: Patients with paroxysmal AF were randomized to PVI with the VGLB or RF ablation...
February 13, 2018: Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology
Ke Zhai, Liqun Du, Weitai Wang, Heqing Zhu, Wenjun Zhao, Wen Zhao
Megasonic has obvious advantages in overcoming the limitations of electroforming process based on its low cavitation effect, high sound intensity and acoustic streaming. In this paper, megasonic was employed to achieve uniform electroformed layer in electroforming process. Impedance values, resonant frequencies were measured in order to get a high-efficiency megasonic source. Considering the directions of acoustic radiation and combining with other functional modules, an integrated megasonic electroforming equipment was designed and set up...
April 2018: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry
Tetsuhiko Matsuura, Masaaki Sato, Kouhei Nagai, Toshiyuki Sato, Mitsumi Arito, Kazuki Omoteyama, Naoya Suematsu, Kazuki Okamoto, Tomohiro Kato, Yoshinao Soma, Manae S Kurokawa
BACKGROUND: Psoriasis is a refractory inflammatory disease, however, its pathophysiology is still not fully understood. OBJECTIVE: We tried to identify novel serum peptides associated with the pathophysiology of psoriasis. METHODS: Serum peptides from 24 patients with psoriasis vulgaris (PV), 10 patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA), 14 patients with atopic dermatitis (AD), and 23 healthy control (HC) subjects were analyzed by mass spectrometry...
July 2017: Journal of Dermatological Science
Matthew Foote, Tavis Read, Janine Thomas, Michael Wagels, Bryan Burmeister, B Mark Smithers
BACKGROUND: In-transit and recurrent dermal or subcutaneous melanoma metastases represent a significant burden of advanced disease. Intralesional Rose Bengal can elicit tumor selective ablation and a T-cell mediated abscopal effect in untreated lesions. A subset of patients in a phase II trial setting received external beam radiotherapy to their recurrent lesions with complete or partial response and no significant acute radiation reaction. METHODS: An open-label, single-arm phase II study was performed to assess the efficacy and safety of PV-10 followed by hypofractionated radiotherapy...
June 2017: Journal of Surgical Oncology
Jianzhong Qin, Nicholas Kunda, Guilin Qiao, Jed F Calata, Krunal Pardiwala, Bellur S Prabhakar, Ajay V Maker
Immunotherapeutic approaches to manage patients with advanced gastrointestinal malignancies are desired; however, mechanisms to incite tumor-specific immune responses remain to be elucidated. Rose bengal (RB) is toxic at low concentrations to malignant cells and may induce damage-associated molecular patterns; therefore, we investigated its potential as an immunomodulator in colon cancer. Murine and human colon cancer lines were treated with RB (10% in saline/PV-10) for cell cycle, cell death, and apoptosis assays...
February 2, 2017: Cell Death & Disease
Mona Mahmoud AbouSamra, Alaa Hamed Salama
Tolnaftate is a thiocarbamate antifungal drug which is therapeutically active against dermatophytes that cause various forms of tinea. Due to the small amount of tolnaftate released from ordinary ointment bases and insufficient penetration through the infected skin layers the need to incorporate the drug in a more suitable pharmaceutical form has evolved. A provesicular system is one such form that can solve these problems. Once in contact with the skin, dilution with moisture occurs and the provesicular system rapidly transforms into a vesicular one...
December 2017: Journal of Liposome Research
Elizabeth S Robinson, Aimee S Payne, Lisa Pappas-Taffer, Rui Feng, Victoria P Werth
BACKGROUND: Herpes zoster is a common condition that causes significant morbidity. OBJECTIVE: This study determined the incidence of zoster in patients with cutaneous lupus erythematosus (CLE), dermatomyositis (DM), pemphigus vulgaris (PV), and bullous pemphigoid (BP). METHODS: In this retrospective cohort study the electronic medical records of 186 patients with CLE, 103 with DM, 83 with PV, 44 with BP, and 152 healthy control patients were reviewed to confirm positive diagnoses of zoster...
July 2016: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology
Liqin Zhao, Sebastian Winklhofer, Rong Jiang, Xinlian Wang, Wen He
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of the adaptive statistical iterative reconstructions (ASIR) on image quality in portal venography by dual energy CT (DECT) imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS: DECT scans of 45 cirrhotic patients obtained in the portal venous phase were analyzed. Monochromatic images at 70keV were reconstructed with the following 4 ASIR percentages: 0%, 30%, 50%, and 70%. The image noise (IN) (standard deviation, SD) of portal vein (PV), the contrast-to-noise-ratio (CNR), and the subjective score for the sharpness of PV boundaries, and the diagnostic acceptability (DA) were obtained...
2016: PloS One
Jocelyn Lippey, Rhiannon Bousounis, Cori Behrenbruch, Bartholomew McKay, John Spillane, Michael A Henderson, David Speakman, David E Gyorki
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Patients with in-transit melanoma metastasis have longer median survival than patients with distant metastatic disease. Furthermore, local disease control is an important endpoint for symptom management. The treatment of unresectable loco-regional recurrence or in-transit disease has been historically managed with a combination of treatments including surgery, radiotherapy, isolated limb infusion or perfusion as well as systemic therapies. Intralesional PV-10 has been used at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre since 2010, and the current report presents a retrospective analysis of patient outcomes, reporting the response rates, durability of responses, and observed toxicities...
September 2016: Journal of Surgical Oncology
Sanjiv S Agarwala
The US Food and Drug Administration has been rapidly approving new checkpoint inhibitors and targeted therapies for melanoma and other tumors. Recently, it approved the first intralesional therapy, talimogene laherparepvec (T-VEC), for the treatment of metastatic melanoma lesions in the skin and lymph nodes. Several other intralesional therapies (PV-10, interleukin-12 electroporation, coxsackievirus A21 [CVA21]) are entering later-stage testing. Locally injected agents have clearly shown their ability to produce local responses that can be durable...
May 2016: Oncology (Williston Park, NY)
Kohki Nakamura, Shigeto Naito, Takehito Sasaki, Masahiro Nakano, Kentaro Minami, Yosuke Nakatani, Kentaro Ikeda, Eiji Yamashita, Koji Kumagai, Nobusada Funabashi, Shigeru Oshima
PURPOSE: We prospectively investigated the differences in pulmonary vein reconnections (PVRs) and clinical outcomes between contact force (CF)-guided and conventional circumferential PV isolation (CPVI) of atrial fibrillation (AF). METHODS: One hundred twenty consecutive AF patients (63 ± 10 years; 88 males) undergoing an initial CPVI were randomized to ablation with a target CF of 20 g (CF group; n = 60) or that with operators blinded to the CF information (blind group; n = 60)...
December 2015: Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology: An International Journal of Arrhythmias and Pacing
Zhe Chen, Li Miao, Xia Gao, Guang Wang, Yuan Xu
PURPOSE: To investigate the relationship between blood glucose levels, age, body mass index (BMI), and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes. METHODS: A total of 141 BPH patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes participated in this study. Their glucose level, international prostate symptom score (IPSS), prostate volume (PV), and maximum urinary flow rate (Qmax) were determined and analyzed. RESULTS: Compared to patients in 60-69 years of age, those in 70-79 years of age had higher IPSS and PV values (11...
2015: International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Jie Bai, Limei Ai, Lei Zhang, Feng-Chun Yang, Yuan Zhou, Yanping Xue
Post-polycythemia vera myelofibrosis (post-PV MF) is a critical hematologic evolution of polycythemia vera (PV). The main purpose of the present study was to identify the possible risk factors for the occurrence and prognosis of post-PV MF in Chinese patients with PV. A cohort of 272 Chinese PV patients with JAK2(V617F) or exon12 mutation was retrospectively analyzed. Of the 272 patients with PV, 63 developed post-PV MF. Platelet count >550 × 10(9) /L and splenomegaly were identified as independent risk factors for post-PV MF...
December 2015: American Journal of Hematology
Xin Zhang, Xiao Luo, Haixiang Hu, Xuejun Zhang
In order to process large-aperture aspherical mirrors, we designed and constructed a tri-station machine processing center with a three station device, which bears vectored feed motion of up to 10 axes. Based on this processing center, an aspherical mirror-processing model is proposed, in which each station implements traversal processing of large-aperture aspherical mirrors using only two axes, while the stations are switchable, thus lowering cost and enhancing processing efficiency. The applicability of the tri-station machine is also analyzed...
September 1, 2015: Applied Optics
Sara N Stahley, Maxine F Warren, Ron J Feldman, Robert A Swerlick, Alexa L Mattheyses, Andrew P Kowalczyk
Pemphigus vulgaris (PV) is an autoimmune epidermal blistering disease in which autoantibodies (IgG) are directed against the desmosomal cadherin desmoglein 3 (Dsg3). In order to better understand how PV IgG alters desmosome morphology and function in vivo, PV patient biopsies were analyzed by structured illumination microscopy (SIM), a form of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. In patient tissue, desmosomal proteins were aberrantly clustered and localized to PV IgG-containing endocytic linear arrays...
September 9, 2015: Journal of Investigative Dermatology
Natalie L Cápiro, Frank E Löffler, Kurt D Pennell
Effective treatment of sites contaminated with dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs) requires detailed understanding of the microbial community responses to changes in source zone strength and architecture. Changes in the spatial and temporal distributions of the organohalide-respiring Dehalococcoides mccartyi (Dhc) strains and Geobacter lovleyi strain SZ (GeoSZ) were examined in a heterogeneous tetrachloroethene- (PCE-) DNAPL source zone within a two-dimensional laboratory-scale aquifer flow cell. As part of a combined remedy approach, flushing with 2...
November 2015: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology
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