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Anna Bruk, Sabine G Scholl, Herbert Bless
Confessing romantic feelings, asking for help, or taking responsibility for a mistake constitute just a few examples of situations that require showing one's vulnerability. Out of fear, many individuals decide against it. To explore whether these fears are reflected in the evaluation of others, we investigate self-other differences in evaluation of showing vulnerability. Drawing on construal level theory, we hypothesize that the mental representations of individuals who find themselves in a vulnerable situation are rather concrete, shifting the focus on the negative aspects of making oneself vulnerable and resulting in a relatively negative evaluation of showing vulnerability...
August 2018: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Orsolya Kolacsek, Tamás I Orbán
Sleeping Beauty (SB) transposon based technology has been extensively applied in basic research and biotechnology for routine cell culture gene delivery and vertebrate transgenesis, and it is also investigated in various gene therapy applications. Cell tolerance for the transgene is a key factor during transgenesis and is modulated not only through the type but by the dose of expression. Our experimental results exemplify that transgenes regulated with high activity promoters can reduce the overall success of gene delivery...
July 15, 2018: Gene
Jie Chen, Yu-Jin Wang
In this study, Saussurea bogedaensis Yu-J. Wang & Jie Chen, a new species from Bogeda Mountain in the eastern part of the Tianshan Mountains, is described and discussed based on evidence in terms of both morphological and genetic data. S. bogedaensis is morphologically similar to S. involucrata, which is distributed in the western part of the Tianshan Mountains, and it is well known because of its beauty, rarity, and medicinal value. The new species is also similar to S. orgaadayi, which is distributed in the nearby Altai Mountains...
2018: PloS One
Michael F O'Rourke, Audrey Adji, Michel E Safar
"Structure and Function of Arteries"-is a topic of great importance to those who deal with arterial hypertension, since it links the source of flow, the left ventricle of the heart (whose output is pulsatile) to the peripheral tissues (whose flow is near continuous). The arterial tree acts passively as a conduit and cushion, and the interaction of heart, arterial tree, and organs is conventionally gauged on the basis of blood pressure measured by cuff in a conveniently located place (the brachial artery)...
July 16, 2018: American Journal of Hypertension
Cristina Cebrián, Matteo Mauro
Phosphorescent organometallic compounds based on heavy transition metal complexes (TMCs) are an appealing research topic of enormous current interest. Amongst all different fields in which they found valuable application, development of emitting materials based on TMCs have become crucial for electroluminescent devices such as phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes (PhOLEDs) and light-emitting electrochemical cells (LEECs). This interest is driven by the fact that luminescent TMCs with long-lived excited state lifetimes are able to efficiently harvest both singlet and triplet electro-generated excitons, thus opening the possibility to achieve theoretically 100% internal quantum efficiency in such devices...
2018: Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry
Gianmarco Ingrosso, Marco Abbiati, Fabio Badalamenti, Giorgio Bavestrello, Genuario Belmonte, Rita Cannas, Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi, Marco Bertolino, Stanislao Bevilacqua, Carlo Nike Bianchi, Marzia Bo, Elisa Boscari, Frine Cardone, Riccardo Cattaneo-Vietti, Alessandro Cau, Carlo Cerrano, Renato Chemello, Giovanni Chimienti, Leonardo Congiu, Giuseppe Corriero, Federica Costantini, Francesco De Leo, Luigia Donnarumma, Annalisa Falace, Simonetta Fraschetti, Adriana Giangrande, Maria Flavia Gravina, Giuseppe Guarnieri, Francesco Mastrototaro, Marco Milazzo, Carla Morri, Luigi Musco, Laura Pezzolesi, Stefano Piraino, Fiorella Prada, Massimo Ponti, Fabio Rindi, Giovanni Fulvio Russo, Roberto Sandulli, Adriana Villamor, Lorenzo Zane, Ferdinando Boero
Marine bioconstructions are biodiversity-rich, three-dimensional biogenic structures, regulating key ecological functions of benthic ecosystems worldwide. Tropical coral reefs are outstanding for their beauty, diversity and complexity, but analogous types of bioconstructions are also present in temperate seas. The main bioconstructions in the Mediterranean Sea are represented by coralligenous formations, vermetid reefs, deep-sea cold-water corals, Lithophyllum byssoides trottoirs, coral banks formed by the shallow-water corals Cladocora caespitosa or Astroides calycularis, and sabellariid or serpulid worm reefs...
2018: Advances in Marine Biology
Rami Bou Khalil
AIMS: The "concept-reality mismatch" in the globalization era is a novel conceptualization of psychosocial stress due to difficulties in experiencing five of the most important positive emotions for psychological well-being. These emotions are love, trust, faith, pleasure and self-esteem. METHODS: a narrative overview of the literature using the terms "positive emotions," "positive psychology," "globalization" and "self-discrepancy" has been done...
July 16, 2018: Early Intervention in Psychiatry
Bishara Atiye, Fadel Chahine
Breast surgery has long been viewed as an art more than a science. However, defining and objectively measuring the ideal breast morphology and aesthetic proportions are fundamental for surgical planning and to setting the goals of surgery as well as to evaluate surgical outcomes. Despite the fact that much has been written about aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery, there is still no real consensus about what the attributes are of an ideal breast. Moreover, there are in fact no objective standard measurement systems and guidelines to describe ideal or even normal breast shape...
July 13, 2018: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Rotem Tzur, Alexander Bogdanov Berezovsky, Yuval Krieger, Yaron Shoham, Eldad Silberstein
The nose is an important landmark of the face and its shape and beauty is of significant concern. The columella is the subunit between the two nostrils that provides support and projection to the nasal tip and has functional role in nostrils, as well as aesthetic. Ethiology for columellar absence or deficiency is diverse, and it is one of the most complex nasal subunits to reconstruct because of its narrow horizontal dimension, its tenuous vascularity and limited availability of adjacent tissue. We present a patient with columellar, membranous septum and upper lip defect, due to oncological resection...
June 2018: Archives of Craniofacial Surgery
Souphiyeh Samizadeh, Woffles Wu
Surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments are very popular throughout Asia and in particular in China. With the globalisation and immigration of Chinese people to other countries where many seek treatment from Western-trained doctors, it is important to understand the ideals of beauty amongst Chinese people so as to achieve optimal results. We conducted an online survey to understand the preference of Han Chinese laypersons for facial shape, profile (straight, convex, concave), jaw angle and shape, and shape of the chin, nose, and lips...
July 9, 2018: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Heather Widdows, Fiona MacCallum
This article introduces a Special Issue comprising four papers emerging from the Beauty Demands Network project, and maps key issues in the beauty debate. The introduction first discusses the purpose of the Network; to consider the changing demands of beauty across disciplines and beyond academia. It then summarises the findings of the Network workshops, emphasising the complex place of notions of normality, and the different meanings and functions attached to 'normal' in the beauty context. Concerns are raised here about the use of normal to justify and motivate engaging in beauty practices such as cosmetic surgery and 'non-invasive' procedures...
July 9, 2018: Health Care Analysis: HCA: Journal of Health Philosophy and Policy
W Peng, X W Peng, Z Li
Objective: To evaluate the feasibility and application value of transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy for benign thyroid nodule. Method: Thirty-one patients with benign thyroid tumors underwent transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy via oral vestibular approach at our hospital between July 2016 and December 2017. Forty-five patients were enrolled as control group by conventional approach.Two groups were compared with regards to tumor size,types of operation, operation time, bleeding, volume of drainage, complication and postoperative hospital stay...
July 2018: Journal of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology, Head, and Neck Surgery
Céline Albert, Gloria M Luque, Franck Courchamp
Charisma is a term commonly used in conservation biology to describe species. However, as the term "charismatic species" has never been properly defined, it needs to be better characterized to fully meet its potential in conservation biology. To provide a more complete depiction, we collected information from four different sources to define the species currently considered to be the most charismatic and to understand what they represent to the Western public. First, we asked respondents of two separate surveys to identify the 10 animal species that they considered to be the most charismatic and associate them with one to six traits: Rare, Endangered, Beautiful, Cute, Impressive, and Dangerous...
2018: PloS One
Egharid El-Gammal, Veronica Di Nardo, Farah Daaboul, Georgi Tchernev, Uwe Wollina, Jacopo Lotti, Torello Lotti
BACKGROUND: Apitherapy is the medical use of honey bee products, "honey, propolis, royal jelly, bee wax, and bee venom to relieve human ailments. Propolis is one of the most well-documented products derived from the honeybee and has always played an important role in traditional folk medicine. AIM: The aim was to justify the consideration of Aloe Vera as an effective remedy for the treatment of psoriasis. METHODS: The study follows (857) patients (354 females, 503 males) with a mean age range from (9 - 62) years, affected with moderate to severe psoriasis in palms and foot soles treated by a combination mixture of propolis and Aloe in the form of an ointment (Aloreed) and Beauty reed cream...
June 20, 2018: Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences
Charlene Elliott
This commentary examines the recent Disney-Dole "There's Beauty in Healthy Living" initiative and the implications of using character licensing to market produce to children. While the idea of promoting healthy foods to children is appealing, it is critical to consider the ethics of marketing to children-and whether, in fact, these commercial promotions deliver when it comes to improving public health.
April 16, 2018: Canadian Journal of Public Health. Revue Canadienne de Santé Publique
David M Sidhu, Katrina H McDougall, Shaela T Jalava, Glen E Bodner
Recent research on aesthetics has challenged the adage that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" by identifying several factors that predict ratings of beauty. However, this research has emerged in a piecemeal fashion. Most studies have examined only a few predictors of beauty, and measured either subjective or objective predictors, but not both. Whether the predictors of ratings of beauty versus liking differ has not been tested, nor has whether predictors differ for major distinctions in art, such as abstract vs...
2018: PloS One
Rodrigo G Rosique, Marina J F Rosique
According to recent data, augmentation gluteoplasty continues to gain popularity in the US and globally, especially in procedures involving fat grafts. However, serious concerns about its safety have been raised over the last two years. Will this trend continue or has it already reached its peak? The answer depends on how the technique is going to be performed hereafter. In this paper, the following seven learning objectives are covered to perform gluteal augmentation safely and effectively: 1. the concept of what is a beautiful buttock and how to select the patients who will have better outcomes; 2...
July 2, 2018: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Anderson Schwanke, Jhonny Villarroel-Rocha, Karim Sapag, Urbano Díaz, Avelino Corma, Sibele Pergher
The chemistry between layered MWW zeolite and carbon black pearls (BP 2000) as an inexpensive hard template was investigated to develop a rational one-pot synthesis of MCM-22 microspheres. The characterization results showed that the insertion of BP 2000 in the gel synthesis did not substantially compromise the crystallinity and microporosity, and the microscopic analyses showed that BP 2000 played a key role in controlling the final morphology of the MCM-22 zeolite, creating beautiful dandelion-like microspherical particles...
June 30, 2018: ACS Omega
Jinxiang Zhu, Ruiqing Gong, Qiaoyun Zhu, Qiulin He, Ning Xu, Yichun Xu, Menghao Cai, Xiangshan Zhou, Yuanxing Zhang, Mian Zhou
In many prokaryotes but limited eukaryotic species, the combination of transposon mutagenesis and high-throughput sequencing has greatly accelerated the identification of essential genes. Here we successfully applied this technique to the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris and classified its conditionally essential/non-essential gene sets. Firstly, we showed that two DNA transposons, TcBuster and Sleeping beauty, had high transposition activities in P. pastoris. By merging their insertion libraries and performing Tn-seq, we identified a total of 202,858 unique insertions under glucose supported growth condition...
July 5, 2018: Scientific Reports
Lara Maestripieri, Roberta Cucca
The traditional debate about professional groups has mainly focused on conflicts between professions and organizations, reinforcing dualisms and dichotomies. Few scholars have investigated the extent to which professionalism and organizations are intertwined while focusing on the case of professionals integrated into large organizations, and even less attention has been paid to emerging forms of organization among self-employed professionals. Taking as an example organizational trends among architects (liberal professionals) and management consultants (emerging professionals) in Italy, this article investigates how small, flexible, and (often) interprofessional organizations promoted by self-employed professionals are increasingly instrumental in overcoming market pressures and responding to emerging social needs in times of crisis and austerity...
July 5, 2018: Canadian Review of Sociology, Revue Canadienne de Sociologie
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