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High blood presure

Yook Chin Chia
: Hypertension is the leading cause of mortality worldwide. It is highly prevalent throughout the world. Even in regions liike South-East Asia (SEA) which has been perceived to be less prone to cardiovascular diseases, the prevalence of hypertension has been reported to be around 35% (1). Awareness and control of hypertension in SEA is also low, both being less than 50% each (2).Control of hypertension is an interplay between patients, doctors and system factors. One of the reasons for poor control of hypertension is resistant hypertension...
September 2016: Journal of Hypertension
Yook Chin Chia
: Hypertension is the leading cause of mortality worldwide. It is highly prevalent throughout the world. Even in regions liike South-East Asia (SEA) which has been perceived to be less prone to cardiovascular diseases, the prevalence of hypertension has been reported to be around 35% (1). Awareness and control of hypertension in SEA is also low, both being less than 50% each (2).Control of hypertension is an interplay between patients, doctors and system factors. One of the reasons for poor control of hypertension is resistant hypertension...
September 2016: Journal of Hypertension
Fatemeh Yaghoubi, Farrokhleghah Ahmadi, Mahboub Lesanpezeshki, Mitra Mahdavi Mazde
INTRODUCTION: Fibroblast growth factor-23 (FGF23) is found as a bone derived hormone which can influence the serum levels of parathormone, phosphorous and 1, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D. FGF23 may be a cardiovascular biomarker in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). While, FGF23 is inversely correlated with serum adiponectin level, thus it is possible that FGF23 is correlated to fat mass and related to dyslipidemia in CKD. OBJECTIVES: In this investigation, we studied the association of serum levels of FGF23 with serum lipid profile, body mass index (BMI), and various cardiovascular risk factors in patients with CKD...
2016: Journal of Renal Injury Prevention
Hui-cheng Wang, Zi-long Lu, Xiao-lei Guo, Xiao-ning Cai, Ji-yu Zhang, Zhen-qiang Bi, Yi-chong Li, Jie Chu, Xiao-fei Zhang
OBJECTIVE: To identify the status of awareness, treatment and control of hypertension in adult population in Shandong province in China. METHODS: A total of 15 350 representative subjects aged 18 to 69 in Shandong province were selected with multistage stratified and clustered sampling design. Questionnaire investigation and physical examination including measurement of blood pressure, height and weight, were taken for all of them. The prevalence was estimated by weighted SURVEYFREQ model...
November 2013: Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue za Zhi, Zhonghua Liuxingbingxue Zazhi
J M Krzesinski
Therapeutic inertia, i.e. the absence of introduction of an antihypertensive treatment or on adjustment of its intensity by the medical doctor if the blood pressure is elevated or the goal not reached, is frequent and does play a role in the insufficient control of blood presure in the hypertensive population. The responsibility of the medical doctor is high in this respect. A strict medical approach is required, step by step, to correct this lack of reaction.
May 2010: Revue Médicale de Liège
Mona A Salem, Mohammed A AboElAsrar, Nancy S Elbarbary, Rana A ElHilaly, Yara M Refaat
BACKGROUND: Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) is associated with a high risk for early atherosclerotic complications especially risk of coronary heart disease. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the impact of six months exercise prgram on glycemic control, plasma lipids values, blood pressure, severity and frequency of hypoglycemia, anthropometric measurements and insulin dose in a sample of adolescents with T1DM. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: A total of 196 type 1 diabetic patients participated in the study...
July 11, 2010: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome
Héctor Vélez, Alejandra Santiago, Rafael Bredy, Miguel Magraner, Pedro Benítez
INTRODUCTION: The south area of Puerto Rico has a high density of a college student population. This population is exposed to a series of hypertension risk factors, for instance: they are exposed to the stress associated with their studies, they are the target of publicitary promotion of fast foods, alcoholic drinks, smoking, and they share with the rest of the Puertorican population predisposition to diabetes mellitus. We collected data about the risk factors for High Blood Pressure (HBP) to which this specific population was exposed...
October 2006: Boletín de la Asociación Médica de Puerto Rico
Mahira Jahić, Elmir Jahić, Midhat Nurkić, Jasmina Nurkić
UNLABELLED: About 50,000 women dead due to result hypertension in pregnancy every year worldwide. Frequency of hypertension in pregnancy is 5-10% and complicate pregnancy. Control of high blood presure in pregnancy and therapy of hypertension are elements that prevent complication as a praeclampsia, eclampsia, abruption of placenta and operation end pregnancy. Aim of work is to establishing frequency of hypertension of controlled group of pregnen women and determinate results of pregnancy in pregnant women with high blood presure...
2008: Medicinski Arhiv
J L Ducla-Soares, M Santos-Bento, S Laranjo, A Andrade, E Ducla-Soares, J P Boto, L Silva-Carvalho, I Rocha
Non-invasive autonomic evaluation has used fast Fourier transform (FFT) to assign a range of low (LF) and high frequencies (HF) as markers of sympathetic and parasympathetic influences, respectively. However, FFT cannot be applied to brief transient phenomena, such as those observed on performing autonomic tests where the acute changes of cardiovascular signals (blood pressure and heart rate) that represent the first and most important stage of the autonomic performance towards a new state of equilibrium occur...
July 2007: Experimental Physiology
Wei-Li Yan, Shu-Feng Chen, Jian-Feng Huang, Yan Shen, Bo-Qin Qiang, Dong-Hai Liu, Dong-Feng Gu
OBJECTIVE: To investigate whether the common variants 45T/G and 276G/T in APM1 gene were associated with hypertension combined with obesity (HO) and related clinical features in Chinese Han population. METHODS: A case-control study design was applied. Common polymorphisms of 45T/G and 276G/T were genotyped by PCR product sequencing in 484 cases with HO and 502 controls with normal blood presure and BMI < 25. RESULTS: The genotype and allele frequencies of 45T/G, 276G/T, and haplotype defined by the two variants in cases did not differ from those in controls...
June 2006: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Kensaku Shibazaki, Katsumi Kurokawa, Tatsufumi Murakami, Yoshihide Sunada
A 61-year-old female, having intractable hiccups, nausea, and syncope. Her systolic blood presure decreased by 30 mmHg on sitting position from supine position. Sinus arrest lasting more than three seconds were detected 52 times per day by 24 hour Holter electrocardiography. Brain MRI disclosed a small hyperintense lesion in the medullary tegmentum on T2-weighted images. She was diagnosed as having a relapse of multiple screlosis and her symptoms were improved by administration of high dose methylprednisolone (1,000 mg per day x 3 days) intravenously...
May 2006: Rinshō Shinkeigaku, Clinical Neurology
Chadia Laouani Kechrid, Hassen Hmouda, Mohamed Haykel Ben Naceur, Hassen Ghannem, Sarra Toumi, Fradj Ajmi
High blood pressure (HBP) is one of the most important cardiovascular risk factors all over the world. We conducted a prospective study including 600 elderly people aged more than 60 years in the district of Sousse. The mean age of our patients was 69 +/- 7.1 years with a ratio of 1.3 (340 females and 260 males). The prevalence of HBP was at 69.3%, diabetes 23% and obesity 24.2%. It is important to note that in 31% of cases HBP was newly diagnosed during our investigation. In 51.7% of patients with known hypertension there was evidence of non compliance to treatment and uncontrolled PB...
November 2004: La Tunisie Médicale
P Sharma, A Hingorani, H Jia, R Hopper, M J Brown
BACKGROUND: Essential hypertension is a multifactorial disease in which the genetic contribution is probably the result of a number of genes acting in combination. Recent work has incriminated endothelin-2 (ET2) as a candidate gene for human essential hypertension. This study sought to (i) determine the existence of any molecular variants in the ET2 gene; (ii) undertake an allelic-association study of any such variants found in a large group of well characterized hypertensive and control populations; and (iii) assess any quantitative relationship between the molecular variant and pretreatment blood presure...
September 1999: Journal of Hypertension
S Koyama, W S Ammons, J W Manning
The effects of stimulating the cerebellar fastigial nucleus in altering renal vascular resistance were assessed at three levels of carotid sinus pressure (CSP). In alpha-chloralose-anesthetized, vagotomized, and salt-depleted cats, renal vascular resistance changes were established by perfusing the isolated carotid sinus at high (197 +/- 17 mmHg), medium (117 +/- 8 mmHg), and low (60 +/- 7 mmHg) pressure. The hemodynamic state of the perfused kidney was determined from flow-pressure curves. In relative units, the flow resistance in the renal bed was for low CSP, 2...
August 1980: American Journal of Physiology
S R Jolly, G J Gross
The effect of FR 7534, a new dihydropyridine CA2+ antagonist, nitroglycerin, and dipyridamole have been compared on coronary collateral function in pentobarbital-anesthetized open-chest dogs following acute ligation of the left anterior descending coronary artery. Measurements of tissue blood flow using radioactive microspheres were made 60 min postligation after low and high doses of each drug and at the higher dose with methoxamine added to to return mean aortic pressure. FR 7534 treatment increased subepicardial, subendocardial, and transmural tissue flow by 100% in the central ischemic zone when perfusion pressure was controlled by methoxamine...
August 1980: American Journal of Physiology
I W Franz
The blood presure abilities of the beta receptor antagonist acebutolol and the fixed diuretic combination of hydrochlorothiazide/amiloride hydrochloride to reduce exercise-induced increases in blood presure durng and after standardized ergometric work were compared in a within-patient study of patients with uncomplicated essential hypertension. Both drugs results in a significant (p < 0.01) and almost identical reduction in blood pressure at rest. However, blood pressure during exercise was significantly lower (p < 0...
August 1980: American Journal of Cardiology
J N Cohn, J A Franciosa
Vasodilator and inotropic drugs work through independent mechanisms in augmenting left ventricular pump function in patients with heart failure. The selection between these two classes of pharmacologic agents for an individual patient may be based on the control blood pressure as well as the underlying disease. Although vasodilator drugs are easiest and safest to employ in patients with normal or high arterial presure levels, even in relatively hypotensive subjects (systolic arterial pressure less than 105 mm Hg), a salutary hemodynamic effect can be achieved without an undue decrease in pressure...
July 1978: American Journal of Medicine
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