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Abdominal adherences

Hiromichi Kawaida, Ayako Kimura, Mitsuaki Watanabe, Hidenori Akaike, Naohiro Hosomura, Yoshihiko Kawaguchi, Hidetake Amemiya, Makoto Sudo, Hiroshi Kono, Masanori Matsuda, Hideki Fujii, Daisuke Ichikawa, Mitsuharu Fukasawa, Ei Takahashi, Katsuhiro Sano, Tomohiro Inoue
INTRODUCTION: Gastrointestinal duplication cyst is a congenital rare disease that may occur in any region from mouth to anus. Among them, gastric duplication cysts are very rare. CASE REPORT: Here we report A 23-year-old Japanese man who visited our hospital to evaluate an abdominal tumor. Abdominal computed tomography showed a well-circumscribed homogenous low-density mass measuring 6.2 × 6.0 cm between the pancreatic tail and the upper posterior wall on the gastric greater curvature, and the mass seemed to originate from the pancreatic tail...
February 24, 2018: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
John P Kuckelman, Joseph Kononchik, Joshua Smith, Kevin R Kniery, Jeffrey T Kay, Zachary S Hoffer, Scott R Steele, Vance Sohn
BACKGROUND: Complications from adhesions after intra-abdominal surgery accounts for ~6% of hospital admissions. Currently, hyaluronate/carboxymethylcellulose represents the main option to prevent postoperative adhesion formation. Human amniotic membrane contains inherent anti-inflammatory properties that mitigate adhesion formation. OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to evaluate adhesion generation after surgical trauma with amniotic membranes compared with standard intraperitoneal adhesion barriers...
April 2018: Diseases of the Colon and Rectum
N Koyuncu, O Karcioglu, S Sener
Introduction: Little data have been published on the outcome of patients discharged from the emergency department (ED) after being diagnosed with nonspecific abdominal pain (NSAP). This study aimed to investigate short-term follow-up of patients discharged with a diagnosis of NSAP from the ED. Materials and Methods: This prospective, observational study was conducted in the University-based ED and enrolled all consecutive adult patients who were diagnosed as NSAP out of patients presented with abdominal pain (AP)...
March 2018: Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice
Kamolwan Pongparit, Leena Chularojanamontri, Pichaya Limphoka, Narumol Silpa-Archa, Chanisada Wongpraparat
Given the relative scarcity of data concerning the efficacy of methotrexate under daily life conditions in psoriasis, this study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of methotrexate in Asian psoriatic patients and to identify factors associated with clinical response. This observational retrospective cohort study included adult psoriatic patients who had been treated with or were going to start methotrexate. Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) scores at baseline and at 3, 6 and 12 months were recorded...
March 6, 2018: Journal of Dermatology
Mitsugu Ogawa, Muhammad F Masood, Gregory A Ewald, Justin M Vader, Shane J LaRue, Allen Cheng, Keki R Balsara, Akinobu Itoh
Although the incidence of driveline failure has been significantly reduced with the major modification to the driveline connection to the HeartMate II left ventricular assist device (LVAD), internal and external driveline damage continues to be a major reason for pump exchange or driveline repair. We report three cases of internal driveline damage under the costal margin and in the adjacent abdominal wall. All three cases developed occasional electrical disruptions 2-5 years after the original LVAD implant through the median sternotomy...
March 3, 2018: Journal of Artificial Organs: the Official Journal of the Japanese Society for Artificial Organs
Felix Harpain, Christoph Gasché, Gerhard Prager, Gerd R Silberhumer
INTRODUCTION: Intestinal interposition is a term that describes rare anatomic variations where parts of the colon deviate from their normal intraabdominal position, attaching between two organs. Most patients with colonic interpositions are asymptomatic and diagnosed incidentally by computed tomography or ultrasound. Here we present a case of a symptomatic restrogastric colon, interposing kinked between stomach and pancreas. PRESENTATION OF CASE: A 66-year old female patient presented with an eight-year history of intermittent spastic bowel movements, epigastralgia and nausea...
January 31, 2018: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Makoto Iijima, Ryota Azuma, Tetsuya Hieda, Yutaka Makino
We describe the surgical management of a 58-year-old man with inflammatory abdominal aortic aneurysm (IAAA) following treatment with preoperative steroids. The patient was transferred to our institution for abdominal pain and fever. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography showed juxtarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm surrounded by dense perianeurysmal fibrous tissue. Under a diagnosis of IAAA, steroid therapy with prednisolone was initiated to control the perianeurysmal inflammation. It continued for 3 weeks with a decreasing dose schedule, with remarkable decrease in the soft tissue mass...
February 2018: Journal of Surgical Case Reports
Takayuki Ogino, Yongkook Kim, Tomoki Hata, Hiromitsu Hoshino, Miho Okano, Junji Kawada, Masaki Okuyama, Masaru Yamazaki, Toshimasa Tsujinaka
A 74-year-old femalewas admitted to our hospital dueto thebulky abdominal tumor pointed out by ultrasonography of medical screening. Abdominal CT revealed the tumor, in a diameter 20 cm, replaced the total pancreas and compressed the surrounding organs and portal vein. We diagnosed as a pancreatic serous cystic neoplasm with a possibility of malignancy. The operative findings showed the tumor tightly adhered to stomach, duodenum, liver, transverse colon mesenterium, retroperitoneum and the surrounding main vessels...
February 2018: Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & Chemotherapy
Dóra Antal-Uram, László Harsányi, Dóra Perczel-Forintos
Inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease and colitis ulcerosa) is a chronic, long-term condition that causes chronic inflammation in the digestive tract, and shows an increasing incidence and prevalence worldwide. Changes in disease activity over time affect psychological distress which increases the risk of exacerbations. Beside somatic symptoms (such as abdominal pain, diarrhoea and weight loss), psychiatric comorbidity (in particular major depression, anxiety, social phobia) is common in patients with Crohn's disease...
March 2018: Orvosi Hetilap
Giannis Arnaoutis, Michael Georgoulis, Glykeria Psarra, Anna Milkonidou, Demosthenes B Panagiotakos, Dafni Kyriakou, Elena Bellou, Konstantinos D Tambalis, Labros S Sidossis
Objective: The aim of the study was to evaluate physical fitness (PF) and identify its anthropometric and lifestyle determinants in a sample of Greek schoolchildren. Methods: The study sample consisted of 335,810 schoolchildren (♂: 51.3%, 6-18 years old). Students' anthropometric parameters and PF levels-assessed via the Eurofit test battery-were measured by trained physical education teachers and evaluated according to the available norms, while their lifestyle habits were assessed through a questionnaire...
2018: Frontiers in Nutrition
Nick Daneman, Asgar H Rishu, Ruxandra Pinto, Pierre Aslanian, Sean M Bagshaw, Alex Carignan, Emmanuel Charbonney, Bryan Coburn, Deborah J Cook, Michael E Detsky, Peter Dodek, Richard Hall, Anand Kumar, Francois Lamontagne, Francois Lauzier, John C Marshall, Claudio M Martin, Lauralyn McIntyre, John Muscedere, Steven Reynolds, Wendy Sligl, Henry T Stelfox, M Elizabeth Wilcox, Robert A Fowler
BACKGROUND: Shorter-duration antibiotic treatment is sufficient for a range of bacterial infections, but has not been adequately studied for bloodstream infections. Our systematic review, survey, and observational study indicated equipoise for a trial of 7 versus 14 days of antibiotic treatment for bloodstream infections; a pilot randomized clinical trial (RCT) was a necessary next step to assess feasibility of a larger trial. METHODS: We conducted an open, pilot RCT of antibiotic treatment duration among critically ill patients with bloodstream infection across 11 intensive care units (ICUs)...
February 17, 2018: Trials
Sheila M Gephart, Christina Wyles, Jennifer Canvasser
OBJECTIVE: Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a catastrophic abdominal complication threatening the life of premature infants, but adoption of prevention and early recognition practices differs as do NEC rates in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs). The purpose of this research was to validate and weight an evidence-based adherence score (aka NEC-Zero Adherence Score) to prevent and foster timely recognition of NEC. STUDY DESIGN: An electronic Delphi (e-Delphi) approach was used to identify consensus...
February 2018: Applied Nursing Research: ANR
Suo-Jing Yu, Cheng-Liang Wu, Hong-Ting Jin, Xue-Qin Hu, Lu-Wei Xiao, Pei-Jian Tong
OBJECTIVE: To explore the feasibility of passage, cryopreservation, and recovery of osteoclasts in order to develop new techniques facilitating osteoclast research. METHODS: Passage of osteoclasts: adult male SD rat(SPF grade, weight of 250 g) was sacrificed and the abdominal aorta was exposed for blood draw. Monocytes isolated from peripheral circulation was treated with RANKL and M-CSF for 2 weeks. After formation of osteoclasts, they were trypsinized with pipetting, centrifuged, re-suspended with α-MEM containing RANKL and M-CSF, and cultured in 6 well-plates and 35 mm culture dishes...
May 25, 2017: Zhongguo Gu Shang, China Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
K O Rove, M A Brockel, A F Saltzman, M I Dönmez, K E Brodie, D J Chalmers, B T Caldwell, V M Vemulakonda, D T Wilcox
BACKGROUND: Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol is a set of peri-operative strategies to increase speed of recovery. ERAS is well established in adults but has not been well studied in children. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the current study was to establish the safety and efficacy of an ERAS protocol in pediatric urology patients undergoing reconstructive operations. It was hypothesized that ERAS would reduce length of stay and decrease complications when compared with historical controls...
February 1, 2018: Journal of Pediatric Urology
V R Ravikumar, G Rajamani, Vijayakumar Raju, Rajani Sundar, Sowmya Ravikumar, Raghul Maniam
A 7-day-old neonate presented with a large intra-abdominal mass adherent to the hilum of the liver encasing the portal triad. During excision, the portal vein, hepatic artery, and common bile duct were injured. The repair was done promptly and needed massive blood transfusion. Histopathology revealed immature teratoma Grade III. Survival in neonate following total transection of portal triad is rare and has not been reported.
January 2018: Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons
Su-Ann Lui, Yoke Lin Nyo, V P Mali
Mesenteric lymphatic malformations are rare benign tumors that are most commonly found in children. The presentation of these tumors can be variable. It has been suggested that mesenteric lymphatic malformations are congenital; however, there is evidence that their size may be increased by infection. A 3-year 10-month-old boy presented with rhinorrhea and cough followed by acute abdominal pain. Ultrasonography revealed a lobulated mass in the lower abdomen. Computerized tomography scan of the abdomen diagnosed an inflamed appendix with perforation...
January 2018: Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons
Sara Nordkvist, Emily Sonestedt, Stefan Acosta
The research examining the association between quality of diet and abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is scarce. The aim of the present study was to explore the association between diet quality and development of AAA for middle-aged individuals in the Malmö Diet and Cancer Study (MDCS), a prospective cohort study with baseline data collection carried out between 1991 and 1996. At baseline, the study participants who were eligible for this study (n = 26133) documented their dietary habits in a food diary and questionnaire...
January 31, 2018: Scientific Reports
Ai-Ru Chia, Mya-Thway Tint, Chad Yixian Han, Ling-Wei Chen, Marjorelee Colega, Izzuddin M Aris, Mei-Chien Chua, Kok-Hian Tan, Fabian Yap, Lynette Pei-Chi Shek, Yap-Seng Chong, Keith M Godfrey, Marielle V Fortier, Yung Seng Lee, Mary Foong-Fong Chong
Background: Evidence linking maternal diet quality during pregnancy with infant birth outcomes is limited in Asia. Objective: We investigated the association of maternal diet quality with the risk of preterm birth, offspring birth size, and adiposity in a multiethnic Asian birth cohort. Design: Dietary intakes of 1051 pregnant women were ascertained at 26-28 wk of gestation with the use of 24-h recalls and 3-d food diaries, from which diet quality (score range: 0-100) was measured by the Healthy Eating Index for pregnant women in Singapore (HEI-SGP)...
January 1, 2018: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Thomas Ian Whitehead-Clarke, Farag Smew, Ahsan Zaidi, Dimitrios Pissas
After a positive faecal occult blood test, a 60-year-old woman underwent a screening colonoscopy which identified a malignant-looking ulcer in the ascending colon. Biopsies from the lesion were inconclusive. A subsequent CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis commented on a polypoid lesion in the ascending colon. A colorectal cancer multidisciplinary team discussion concluded that a right hemicolectomy was indicated as the lesion was suspicious for malignancy. Intraoperatively, there was a firm ascending colon mass adherent to the abdominal wall, which was resected with clear margins...
January 24, 2018: BMJ Case Reports
Akinobu Furutani, Akio Shiomi, Yusuke Kinugasa, Tomohiro Yamaguchi, Hiroyasu Kagawa, Yushi Yamakawa, Shoichi Manabe, Yusuke Yamaoka, Yusuke Ogi, Yoshinobu Nagasawa, Hitoshi Hino, Shunichiro Kato, Takuya Suzuki, Kakeru Torii, Kohei Koido
Polysplenia syndrome is a rare congenital disease characterized by variable thoracic and abdominal anomalies. A man in his 70s was diagnosed with rectal cancer by close exploration for fecal occult blood. A barium enema revealed a type 1 rectal tumor andwith non-rotation of intestine. CT revealed multiple abnormalities: a polyspleen, preduodenal portal vein, congenital absence of the pancreatic tail, bilateral superior vena cava, andbilateral bilobedlung. Basedon these findings, the patient was diagnosedas having rectal cancer with polysplenia syndrome andtreatedwith robotic assistedlaparoscopic low anterior resection...
January 2018: Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & Chemotherapy
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