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L-C Pan, H-Y Xiao, W-J Yin, Z Lin
OBJECTIVE: Pathogenesis and progression of liver cancer are correlated with inflammatory response and estrogen level. 17β-estradiol dehydrogenase IV (HSD17B4) is highly expressed in human liver cancer tissues. HSD17B4 participates in liver cancer cell proliferation via suppressing estradiol (E2) activity. This study generated a rat liver cancer model, on which the correlations between HSD17B4 and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), interleukin-6 (IL-6), proliferating cell nucleus antigen (PCNA) expression were analyzed...
June 2018: European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences
X-L Yi, J-T Wang, C-Q Chu, Y-X Li, J-H Yin, S-L Liu
OBJECTIVE: To explore the cardiocerebral protective effect of dexmedetomidine as an anesthetic in colorectal cancer surgery. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A total of 246 colorectal cancer patients were enrolled in this retrospective analysis. Those patients were admitted to the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University and underwent surgery from July 2014 to July 2016. The patients were divided into observation group and control group according to the anesthetic used in surgery...
June 2018: European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences
A Atici, S Emet, R Cakmak, G Yuruyen, A Alibeyoglu, M Akarsu, Y Arman, M Kose, E Ozgun, M Ozcan, O Altun, I Onur, T Tukek
OBJECTIVE: Type 1 cardiorenal syndrome (CRS) is an acute renal failure in patients with acute decompensated heart failure with an incidence of 24% to 45%. The aim of our study was to investigate the significance of new renal biomarkers to predict type 1 CRS. PATIENTS AND METHODS: The study included 111 patients with acute decompensated heart failure diagnosed at the Istanbul Medical Faculty Emergency Department between 2014 and 2016, and 24 healthy volunteers. All urine samples were stored at -80°C after centrifugation...
June 2018: European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences
W-S Huang, L Zhu
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the expression of miR-134 and the change of inflammatory cytokines in seizure rats and to explore its relationship. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A rat model of seizures was made by an intraperitoneal injection with kainic acid. ELISA kit for detection of seizures in rats was used. The changes of inflammatory cytokines (IL-1, IL-2, IL-6, TNF-α, IFN-γ) and the hippocampal neuronal cell growth were observed. The expression of miR-134 in brain tissue and serum samples of model group and control group was determined by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) quantitative determination...
June 2018: European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences
H Xu, Y-J Ren, K Liu, X-L Min, L Yang, Y Zhou, J Zheng, C Yang
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the correlations of serum vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) levels with colorectal liver metastasis (CLM) in patients with colorectal cancer (CRC), and determine the effects of transhepatic arterial chemoembolization (TACE) on their expressions. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A total of 110 CRC patients treated in the department of interventional radiology of our hospital from May 2013 to May 2016 were randomly enrolled...
June 2018: European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences
Stefania Bellesso, Marika Salvalaio, Susanna Lualdi, Elisa Tognon, Roberto Costa, Paola Braghetta, Chiara Giraudo, Roberto Stramare, Laura Rigon, Mirella Filocamo, Rosella Tomanin, Enrico Moro
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 1, 2018: Human Molecular Genetics
Chungwon J Chung, Alfonso Clavijo, Mangkey A Bounpheng, Sabena Uddowla, Abu Sayed, Brooke Dancho, Ian C Olesen, Juan Pacheco, Barbara J Kamicker, David A Brake, Carey L Bandaranayaka-Mudiyanselage, Stephen S Lee, Devendra K Rai, Elizabeth Rieder
The highly contagious foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) afflicts cloven-hoofed animals, resulting in significant costs because of loss of trade and recovery from disease. We developed a sensitive, specific, and rapid competitive ELISA (cELISA) to detect serum antibodies to FMDV. The cELISA utilized a monoclonal blocking antibody specific for a highly conserved FMDV nonstructural 3B epitope, a recombinant mutant FMDV 3ABC coating protein, and optimized format variables including serum incubation for 90 min at 20-25°C...
June 1, 2018: Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation
Mary McEniry, Rafael Samper-Ternent, Carmen Elisa Flórez, Carlos Cano-Gutierrez
OBJECTIVE: We examine the importance of early life displacement and nutrition on hypertension (HTN) and diabetes in older Colombian adults (60+ years) exposed to rapid demographic, epidemiological, and nutritional transitions, and armed conflict. We compare early life nutritional status and adult health in other middle- and high-income countries. METHOD: In Colombia (Survey of Health, Wellbeing and Aging [SABE]-Bogotá), we estimate the effects of early life conditions (displacement due to armed conflict and violence, hunger, low height, and not born in the capital city) and obesity on adult health; we compare the effects of low height on adult health in Mexico, South Africa (Study on Global Ageing and Adult Health [SAGE]), the United States, and England (Health and Retirement Study [HRS], English Longitudinal Study of Ageing [ELSA])...
June 1, 2018: Journal of Aging and Health
Rudy Foddis, Giulia Ficini, Alfonso Cristaudo, Alessandra Pistelli, Annalaura Carducci, Elisa Caponi, Rita Biancheri, Antonella Ninci, Chiara Breschi, Andrea Cristaudo, Antonella Basso, Roberta Bonfiglioli, Francesca Larese Filon, Silvia Simonini, Giovanna Spatari, Paola Tomao, Maria Gabriella Verso, Maria Luisa Scapellato
OBJECTIVES: A thorough and fully application of the principles of gender mainstreaming, in accordance with the European Community guidelines, to the health and safety at work, implies the systematic review of the whole prevention from the gendered point of view. This means that both biology- and gender-based differences between male and female workers should be conceived not only as determinants of health but also as factors affecting either positively or negatively the health and safety risk prevention...
November 2017: Giornale Italiano di Medicina del Lavoro Ed Ergonomia
Mingliang Wang, Min Liu, Ting Ni, Qiliang Liu
The present study aimed to investigate the role of miR‑214 on inflammation and apoptosis in the vascular system and to examine its potential mechanisms. Anti‑miR‑214 mimics were used to downregulate miR‑214 expression in HUVECs. Cell viability and the apoptosis rate were measured using MTT assay and flow cytometry. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)‑α, interleukin (IL)‑1β, IL‑6 and IL‑18 levels were measured using ELISA kits. Following this, caspase‑3/9, Bax, phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN), nuclear factor (NF)‑κB and phosphorylated‑(p)‑protein kinase B (Akt) protein expression were analyzed using western blotting...
June 18, 2018: Molecular Medicine Reports
Ya-Bin Yu, Yan Song, Ya Chen, Feng Zhang, Fu-Zhen Qi
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are considered to be an ideal source for the cell therapy of end‑stage liver diseases. Umbilical cord (UC)‑MSCs can be obtained via a non‑invasive procedure and can be easily cultured, making them potentially superior candidates for cell transplantation when compared with MSCs from other sources. In the present study, UC‑MSCs were induced to differentiate into hepatocytes and were compared with bone marrow (BM)‑MSCs for their hepatic differentiation potential. UC‑MSCs showed significantly higher proliferation than BM‑MSCs...
June 18, 2018: Molecular Medicine Reports
Sarah S Premraj, K Mayilananthi, Durga Krishnan, K Padmanabhan, D Rajasekaran
Background & objectives: Scrub typhus is as an emerging infectious disease that generally causes acute febrile illness, with disease spectrum ranging from mild illness to multiorgan dysfunction. This study was aimed to report the clinical profile, complications and risk factors associated with severe illness in patients with scrub typhus, outside the intensive care setting. Methods: It was a prospective study, which involved recruitment of patients with acute febrile illness and diagnosed to have scrub typhus, who were admitted to the general medical wards of a tertiary care centre in Kanchipuram district, in semi-urban south India, over a 12 month period between June 2015 and May 2016...
January 2018: Journal of Vector Borne Diseases
Giovanna Li Petri, Stella Cascioferro, Barbara Parrino, Godefridus J Peters, Patrizia Diana, Elisa Giovannetti
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 19, 2018: Pharmacogenomics
Fengying Shao, Lianhua Zhang, Lei Jiao, Xiaoying Wang, Luyang Miao, He Li, Feimeng Zhou
An enzyme-free titer plate-based colorimetric assay utilizing functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) entrapping pH-indicator molecules has been developed. Pores in the silica nanoparticles were functionalized with phenyltrimethyloxysilane so that pH indicator molecules (thymolphthalein or TP in the present case) can be tightly entrapped through ππ conjugation. To detect prostate specific antigen (PSA), the TP-containing MSNs were coated with polyethylenimine (PEI), which favors the attachment of the positively charged secondary anti-PSA antibody...
June 19, 2018: Analytical Chemistry
Ronnie O Pedersen, William L Nowatzke, Chung Y Cho, Kerry G Oliver, Eric A E Garber
Food allergies affect some 15 million Americans. The only treatment for food allergies is a strict avoidance diet. To help ensure the reliability of food labels, analytical methods are employed; the most common being enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs). However, the commonly employed ELISAs are single analyte-specific and cannot distinguish between false positives due to cross-reactive homologous proteins; making the method of questionable utility for regulatory purposes when analyzing for unknown or multiple food allergens...
June 18, 2018: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
Zhi Miao, Qian Li, Jian Zhao, Peng Wang, Lei Wang, Hong-Peng He, Nan Wang, Hao Zhou, Tong-Cun Zhang, Xue-Gang Luo
OBJECTIVES: To establish stable infliximab-expressing Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells with high tolerance to serum-free culture. RESULTS: Bcl-2 antagonist/killer 1 (BAK1), which is a key mediator of the apoptosis pathway, was disrupted, and infliximab, which is a broadly used monoclonal antibody for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, was incorporated into the BAK1 locus of the CHO chromosome using the clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)/Cas genome-editing technique...
June 18, 2018: Biotechnology Letters
Christoffer Soendergaard, Jakob Benedict Seidelin, Casper Steenholdt, Ole Haagen Nielsen
Objectives: Characterise the circulating inflammatory cytokine pattern among patients failing consecutive anti-tumour necrosis factor (anti-TNF) and anti-integrin treatments to identify predictors of response. Methods: A retrospective single-centre cohort study of 28 patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) receiving anti-integrin therapy (vedolizumab) subsequent to the failure of anti-TNF treatment was conducted. Blood samples were obtained immediately prior to initiation of vedolizumab therapy, and the response to treatment was evaluated after completion of the 14-week induction regimen...
2018: BMJ Open Gastroenterology
Ryan D Heimroth, Elisa Casadei, Irene Salinas
Animal mucosal barriers constantly interact with the external environment, and this interaction is markedly different in aquatic and terrestrial environments. Transitioning from water to land was a critical step in vertebrate evolution, but the immune adaptations that mucosal barriers such as the skin underwent during that process are essentially unknown. Vertebrate animals such as the African lungfish have a bimodal life, switching from freshwater to terrestrial habitats when environmental conditions are not favorable...
2018: Frontiers in Immunology
Jacob Lahr, Lora Minkova, Sarah J Tabrizi, Julie C Stout, Stefan Klöppel, Elisa Scheller
Huntington's disease (HD) is a genetically caused neurodegenerative disorder characterized by heterogeneous motor, psychiatric, and cognitive symptoms. Although motor symptoms may be the most prominent presentation, cognitive symptoms such as memory deficits and executive dysfunction typically co-occur. We used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and task fMRI-based dynamic causal modeling (DCM) to evaluate HD-related changes in the neural network underlying working memory (WM). Sixty-four pre-symptomatic HD mutation carriers (preHD), 20 patients with early manifest HD symptoms (earlyHD), and 83 healthy control subjects performed an n -back fMRI task with two levels of WM load...
2018: Frontiers in Neurology
K T Biobaku, T O Omobowale, Ahmed O Akeem, A Aremu, N Okwelum, A S Adah
Aim: The study determined the effect of ascorbic acid (administered orally and intramuscularly) in short-term transportation stress. Materials and Methods: Twenty-four apparently healthy Kalahari goats were grouped into four groups (A, B, C, and D) of 6 animals each: Group A - untreated and unexposed to stress; Group B - treated with 200 mg/kg Vitamin C orally and exposed to 2 h transportation stress; Group C - treated with Vitamin C 200 mg/kg intramuscularly and exposed to 2 h transportation stress; and Group D - untreated and exposed to 2 h transportation stress...
May 2018: Veterinary World
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