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Strength conditioning

Suman B Iyer, Anshuman Dube, N M Dube, Pratik Roy, R R N Sailaja
The development of a suitable polymeric bioactive composite with hydroxyapatite as a filler is one of the very actively pursued areas in bioapplications. This report concerns development of such a novel polymeric biocomposite viz. poly (aryl ether) ketone-poly (dimethylsiloxane) with a small percentage of nano carbon fibres and varying percentages of nanohydroxyapatite particulates as fillers. The earlier characterization of this material involving mechanical, thermal and bio-compatibility studies showed optimum improved behaviour at about 7% nanohydroxyapatite loading as reported elsewhere...
June 6, 2018: Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
Maithili Deshpande, S K Sathe
Surface hydrophobicity (SH) properties of the trimeric storage protein phaseolin (black gram phaseolin [BGP]) of black gram (Vigna mungo) were investigated using 8-anilinonaphthalene-1-sulfonate (ANS) as an extrinsic fluorescent probe. The emission maxima of fluorescence spectra of BGP:ANS complex were blue-shifted to 455 nm as compared to 515 nm for the free ANS. Saturation binding occurred at a dye-to-protein ratio of about 30:1. The quantum yield of the complex increased with increasing ionic strength. The Kd values were 1...
June 21, 2018: Journal of Food Science
Cheryl E Peters, Alison L Palmer, Joanne Telfer, Calvin B Ge, Amy L Hall, Hugh W Davies, Manisha Pahwa, Paul A Demers
Background: Selecting priority occupational carcinogens is important for cancer prevention efforts; however, standardized selection methods are not available. The objective of this paper was to describe the methods used by CAREX Canada in 2015 to establish priorities for preventing occupational cancer, with a focus on exposure estimation and descriptive profiles. Methods: Four criteria were used in an expert assessment process to guide carcinogen prioritization: (1) the likelihood of presence and/or use in Canadian workplaces; (2) toxicity of the substance (strength of evidence for carcinogenicity and other health effects); (3) feasibility of producing a carcinogen profile and/or an occupational estimate; and (4) special interest from the public/scientific community...
June 2018: Safety and Health At Work
Joaquim Gea, Antoni Sancho-Muñoz, Roberto Chalela
Nutritional abnormalities are frequent in different chronic respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis (CF), interstitial fibrosis and lung cancer, having important clinical consequences. However, nutritional abnormalities often remained underdiagnosed due to the relative lack of awareness of health professionals. Therefore, systematic anthropometry or even better, assessment of body composition, should be performed in all patients with chronic respiratory conditions, especially following exacerbation periods when malnutrition becomes more accentuated...
May 2018: Journal of Thoracic Disease
Mats Aasgaard, Andrew E Kilding
Aasgaard, M and Kilding, AE. Does man marking influence running outputs and intensity during small-sided soccer games? J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000-000, 2018-Small-sided games (SSGs) are considered an effective training tool for physical development in soccer. Small-sided games can be modified in several ways to manipulate the physical demands to best match the game demands, player characteristics, and session objectives. The aim of this study was to compare the physiological, perceptual, and Global Positioning System (GPS)-derived time-motion characteristics of man marking (MM) vs...
June 20, 2018: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Ricardo Schultz Martins, Patrick Girouard, Evan Elliott, Said Mekary
Martins, RS, Girouard, P, Elliott, E, and Mekary, S. Physiological responses of a jaw repositioning custom-made mouthguard on airway and their effects on athletic performance. J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000-000, 2018-Advanced dental techniques such as jaw-repositioning have shown to increase lower body muscular power such as vertical jump, but its effects on acceleration and speed have not been studied. Similarly, jaw repositioning is commonly used to increase airways volume and ventilation in a special population (i...
June 20, 2018: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
John P Wagle, Aaron J Cunanan, Kevin M Carroll, Matt L Sams, Alexander Wetmore, Garett E Bingham, Christopher B Taber, Brad H DeWeese, Kimitake Sato, Charles A Stuart, Michael H Stone
Wagle, JP, Cunanan, AJ, Carroll, KM, Sams, ML, Wetmore, A, Bingham, GE, Taber, CB, DeWeese, BH, Sato, K, Stuart, CA, and Stone, MH. Accentuated eccentric loading and cluster set configurations in the back squat: a kinetic and kinematic analysis. J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000-000, 2018-This study examined the kinetic and kinematic differences between accentuated eccentric loading (AEL) and cluster sets in trained male subjects (age = 26.1 ± 4.1 years, height = 183.5 ± 4.3 cm, body mass = 92.5 ± 10.5 kg, and back squat to body mass ratio = 1...
June 20, 2018: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Gianluca Civenni, Giuseppina M Carbone, Carlo V Catapano
Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most common malignant visceral neoplasm in males in Western countries. Despite progress made in the early treatment of localized malignancies, there remains a need for therapies effective against advanced forms of the disease. Genetically engineered mouse (GEM) models are valuable tools for addressing this issue, particularly in defining the cellular and molecular mechanisms responsible for tumor initiation and progression. While cell and tissue culture systems are important models for this purpose as well, they cannot recapitulate the complex interactions within heterotypic cells and the tumor microenvironment that are crucial in the initiation and progression of prostate tumors...
June 7, 2018: Current Protocols in Pharmacology
Xiuyu Chen, Guoqin Huang, Yuanqiang Tan, Yiqing Yu, Hua Guo, Xipeng Xu
The percent TRS reduction, DTRS , which is the percent reduction of the transverse rupture strength of metal matrix diamond segments with or without diamonds, is a key metric for evaluating the bonding condition of diamonds in a matrix. In this work, we build, calibrate, and verify a discrete-element simulation of a metal matrix diamond segment to obtain DTRS for diamond segments with various diamond-grain sizes, concentrations, and distributions. The results indicate that DTRS increases with increasing diamond-grain concentration and decreases with increasing diamond-grain size...
June 20, 2018: Materials
E Lichar Dillon, Melinda Sheffield-Moore, William J Durham, Lori L Ploutz-Snyder, Jeffrey W Ryder, Christopher P Danesi, Kathleen M Randolph, Charles R Gilkison, Randall J Urban
INTRODUCTION: Prolonged confinement to head-down bed rest (HDBR) results in musculoskeletal losses similar to those observed during long duration space flight. Exercise countermeasures by themselves have not completely prevented the deleterious losses in muscle mass or function in HDBR or space flight. PURPOSE: The objective was to investigate the safety and efficacy of intermittent, low-dose testosterone treatment in conjunction with NASA exercise (SPRINT) countermeasures during 70 days of 6° HDBR...
March 26, 2018: Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
Guilherme Medeiros de Alvarenga, Simone Arando Charkovski, Larissa Kelin Dos Santos, Mayara Alves Barbosa da Silva, Guilherme Oliveira Tomaz, Humberto Remigio Gamba
OBJECTIVE: Aging is progressive, and its effects on the respiratory system include changes in the composition of the connective tissues of the lung that influence thoracic and lung compliance. The Powerbreathe® K5 is a device used for inspiratory muscle training with resistance adapted to the level of the inspiratory muscles to be trained. The Pilates method promotes muscle rebalancing exercises that emphasize the powerhouse. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of inspiratory muscle training combined with the Pilates method on lung function in elderly women...
2018: Clinics
Haoyun Zhang, Anna Eppes, Anne Beatty-Martínez, Christian Navarro-Torres, Michele T Diaz
Language production and cognitive control are complex processes that involve distinct yet interacting brain networks. However, the extent to which these processes interact and their neural bases have not been thoroughly examined. Here, we investigated the neural and behavioral bases of language production and cognitive control via a phonological go/no-go picture-naming task. Naming difficulty and cognitive control demands (i.e., conflict monitoring and response inhibition) were manipulated by varying the proportion of naming trials (go trials) and inhibition trials (no-go trials) across task runs...
June 19, 2018: Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience
Anni Aavikko, J Puhakka, J Haapala, J Kukkonen, K Mäkelä, J Kosola
BACKGROUND: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been used to support tendon regeneration mainly in sports medicine. PRP is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma proteins derived from whole blood by centrifugation to remove erythrocytes and leukocytes. PRP has high amounts of platelets which may promote healing tendons affected by degenerative conditions. These platelets contain growth factors and are known to facilitate the regeneration of injured tendon structures. Total hip arthroplasty (THA) through the Hardinge approach may leave the patient with impaired gait and poor regeneration of the gluteus medius tendon if the tendon is not reattached properly after closure of the surgical wound...
June 19, 2018: Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics
Alexander Seal, Milan Stevanovic
Traumatic injuries and other conditions resulting in thenar loss and loss of opposition function can cause significant functional limitations. There are limited options available to restore function and bulk to the thenar musculature. A 26-year-old man had an unfortunate accident at work with a machine mixer creating a crush injury to his left hand. This required several debridements due to the tissue injury and resulted in loss of the thenar muscles and ability to oppose the thumb. He recovered well from the initial injury, however, was left with difficulty with grasp and holding objects due to the loss of thenar motion and strength...
May 2018: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Global Open
Lin Chen, Gaopeng Wang, Pengfei Chen, Honglei Zhu, Shaohua Wang, Yanfeng Ding
Iron (Fe) is an essential mineral element required for plant growth, and when soil availability of Fe is low, plants show symptoms of severe deficiency. Under conditions of Fe deficiency, plants alter several processes to acquire Fe from soil. In this study, we used rice cultivars H 9405 with high Fe accumulation in seeds and Yang 6 with low Fe accumulation in seeds to study their physiological responses to different conditions of Fe availability. In both shoots and roots, the responses of ROS enzymes, leaf and root ultrastructure and photosynthetic system to iron deficiency in Yang 6 were much sensitive than those in H 9405...
2018: Frontiers in Plant Science
Mauricio Romero-Torres, Eric A Treml, Alberto Acosta, David A Paz-García
Long-distance dispersal is believed to strongly influence coral reef population dynamics across the Tropical Pacific. However, the spatial scale and strength at which populations are potentially connected by dispersal remains uncertain. To determine the patterns in connectivity between the Eastern (ETP) and Central Tropical Pacific (CTP) ecoregions, we used a biophysical model incorporating ocean currents and larval biology to quantify the seascape-wide dispersal potential among all population. We quantified the likelihood and determined the oceanographic conditions that enable the dispersal of coral larvae across the Eastern Pacific Barrier (EP-Barrier) and identified the main connectivity pathways and their conservation value for dominant reef-building corals...
June 19, 2018: Scientific Reports
Pedro Pereira, João Pereira, Nádia T Paiva, João M Ferra, Jorge M Martins, Luísa H Carvalho, Fernão D Magalhães
Urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins are the most used resins in the wood industry due to high reactivity and low price. However, their reduced stability during storage is a drawback, imposing strict limits in terms of allowable shipping distances and storage times. This instability, manifested by viscosity increase that renders the resin unusable, occurs due to the progress of condensation reactions between the polymeric species present in the liquid medium. In order to achieve a stable resin formulation, dimethylurea (DMeU) was selected for being less reactive than urea...
June 19, 2018: Materials
Louis-Solal Giboin, Markus Gruber, Andreas Kramer
OBJECTIVES: We wanted to verify if the "learning to learn" effect observed in the learning of visuomotor tasks is also present when learning a balance task, i.e., whether the learning rate of a balance task is improved by prior practice of similar balance tasks. DESIGN: Single centre, parallel group, controlled training study. METHODS: 32 young healthy participants were divided into a control and a training group. The training group's practice consisted of 90 trials of three balance tasks...
June 7, 2018: Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport
Lijun Bai, Xuan Niu, Zhenyu Liu, Zhen Chen, Xiaocui Wang, Chuanzhu Sun, Zhuonan Wang, Shan Wang, Jieli Cao, Shuoqiu Gan, Geng Fan, Wenmin Huang, Hui Xu, Shangjie Chen, Jie Tian, Lixing Lao, Ming Zhang
Acupuncture at PC6 shows a consistently positive efficacy in nausea response suggested by consensus expert guidelines. Nausea encompasses aversive symptom, as well as strong emotional components. Disgust is a subjective emotion of uneasy commonly accompanying with a physiological response that is accompanied by strong visceral sensations (e.g., nausea). Understanding the brain circuitry by which acupuncture influences the disgust emotion may further elucidate the modulation effect of acupuncture on aversive experience...
January 1, 2018: Molecular Pain
Bonnie A Lyon-Marion, Anjuliee M Mittelman, Justine Rayner, Daniele S Lantagne, Kurt D Pennell
Applying silver nanoparticles (nAg) or silver nitrate (AgNO3 ) to ceramic water filters improves microbiological efficacy, reduces biofilm formation, and protects stored water from recontamination. A challenge in ceramic filter production is adding sufficient silver to achieve these goals without exceeding the maximum recommended silver concentration in drinking water. Silver release is affected by silver type, application method, and influent water chemistry. Despite a lack of data, there is an assumption that chlorinated water should not be used as influent water because it may increase silver elution...
June 5, 2018: Water Research
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