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Xiao Lin, Ying Han, Lin Lu
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2017: Journal of Thoracic Disease
Mulatu Biru, Pia Lunqvist, Mitikie Molla, Degu Jerene, Inger Hallström
Family caregivers are believed to be the primary source of support for HIV-affected children. There is limited evidence about practices of support for caregivers, to strengthen them and to enhance the welfare of HIV positive children, especially in African settings. Our aim was therefore to illuminate caregivers' lived experiences of caring for a child in Ethiopia 2 years after the child was enrolled in antiretroviral therapy. Qualitative interviews with 18 family caregivers of 18 children were performed and analyzed using an inductive design with a hermeneutic phenomenological approach...
December 8, 2017: Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Nursing
José Haba-Rubio, Birgit Frauscher, Pedro Marques-Vidal, Jérôme Toriel, Nadia Tobback, Daniela Andries, Martin Preisig, Peter Vollenweider, Ronald Postuma, Raphaël Heinzer
Study Objectives: REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) is a parasomnia associated with neurodegenerative synucleinopathies. Its prevalence is largely unknown. This study determined the prevalence and characteristics of RBD in the general population using gold-standard polysomnography. Methods: Full polysomnographic data from 1997 subjects (age=59±11.1 years, 53.6% women) participating in a population-based study (HypnoLaus, Lausanne, Switzerland) were collected. Sleep-related complaints and habits were investigated using various sleep measures including the Munich Parasomnia Screening (MUPS) questionnaire, which includes two questions evaluating complex motor behaviors suggestive of RBD...
December 5, 2017: Sleep
Kristin M Galetta, Sashank Prasad
BACKGROUND: Peduncular hallucinosis (PH) describes the clinical syndrome of vivid, dream-like visual hallucinations that intrude on normal wakefulness. Additional clinical deficits, especially ophthalmoparesis, have historically been an important part of the diagnosis and localization of this syndrome. We examined how modern neuroimaging has impacted the diagnosis of PH. METHODS: We reviewed all available cases of PH, including 3 of ours and all previously reported in the literature...
December 5, 2017: Journal of Neuro-ophthalmology: the Official Journal of the North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society
Daniel E Carlin, Evan O Paull, Kiley Graim, Christopher K Wong, Adrian Bivol, Peter Ryabinin, Kyle Ellrott, Artem Sokolov, Joshua M Stuart
We introduce a novel method called Prophetic Granger Causality (PGC) for inferring gene regulatory networks (GRNs) from protein-level time series data. The method uses an L1-penalized regression adaptation of Granger Causality to model protein levels as a function of time, stimuli, and other perturbations. When combined with a data-independent network prior, the framework outperformed all other methods submitted to the HPN-DREAM 8 breast cancer network inference challenge. Our investigations reveal that PGC provides complementary information to other approaches, raising the performance of ensemble learners, while on its own achieves moderate performance...
2017: PloS One
Jana Steinig, Ariane Bazan, Svenja Happe, Sarah Antonetti, Howard Shevrin
Primary and secondary processes are the foundational axes of the Freudian mental apparatus: one horizontally as a tendency to associate, the primary process, and one vertically as the ability for perspective taking, the secondary process. Primary process mentation is not only supposed to be dominant in the unconscious but also, for example, in dreams. The present study tests the hypothesis that the mental activity during REM-sleep has more characteristics of the primary process, while during non-REM-sleep more secondary process operations take place...
2017: Frontiers in Psychology
Lan Liang, Cindy Brach
Background: Experts have recommended the adoption of health literacy universal precautions, whereby health care providers make all health information easier to understand, confirm everyone's comprehension, and reduce the difficulty of health-related tasks. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services selected three health literate practices to track progress in the adoption of health literacy universal precautions. Objectives: This study sought to examine whether there has been an increase in the delivery of health literate care and whether recommendations for health literacy universal precautions are being followed...
October 2017: Health Literacy Research and Practice
Matt Ffytche, Dominic Ffytche
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 1, 2017: Brain: a Journal of Neurology
Walter Becker
Non-dividing cancer cells are relatively resistant to chemotherapeutic drugs and environmental stress factors. Promoting cell cycle re-entry of quiescent cancer cells is a potential strategy to enhance the cytotoxicity of agents that target cycling cells. It is therefore important to elucidate the mechanisms by which these cells are maintained in the quiescent state. The protein kinase DYRK1B is overexpressed in a subset of cancers and maintains cellular quiescence by counteracting G0 /G1 - S phase transition...
November 28, 2017: FEBS Journal
Laura Veneroni, Andrea Ferrari, Tullio Proserpio, Elena Pagani Bagliacca, Marta Podda, Maura Massimino, Carlo Alfredo Clerici
Being diagnosed with cancer in adolescence generally has important emotional consequences: adolescent cancer patients need to be seen as special cases with particular medical and psychosocial needs. This is especially true when a young patient is faced with a progressive, incurable disease. Herein, we report the story of a 17-year-old girl with a metastatic refractory soft tissue sarcoma who tells her dream to the psychologist of the ward. Telling this narrative is the opportunity to discuss the complex topic of how adolescent cancer patients adapt to the terminal stage of their disease; for example, the patient needs to talk to someone about their fear of dying; the healthcare operators need to be able properly listen and communicate; the patient's trust in the future despite their clinical condition; the necessity to leave space for hope; the useful role of the imagination sphere; the issue of whether and how to tell a person who is terminally ill the truth about their condition...
November 21, 2017: Tumori
Phan Nguyen, Rosemary Braun
Motivation: Inferring the structure of gene regulatory networks from high-throughput datasets remains an important and unsolved problem. Current methods are hampered by problems such as noise, low sample size, and incomplete characterizations of regulatory dynamics, leading to networks with missing and anomalous links. Integration of prior network information (e.g., from pathway databases) has the potential to improve reconstructions. Results: We developed a semi-supervised network reconstruction algorithm that enables the synthesis of information from partially known networks with time course gene expression data...
November 27, 2017: Bioinformatics
Carla T Hilario, John L Oliffe, Josephine P Wong, Annette J Browne, Joy L Johnson
In recet years, the experiences of immigrant and refugee young men have drawn attention worldwide. Human-induced environmental disasters, local and global conflicts, and increasingly inequitable distributions of wealth have shaped transnational migration patterns. Canada is home to a large immigrant and refugee population, particularly in its urban areas, and supporting the mental health and well-being of these communities is of critical importance. The aim of this article is to report findings from a qualitative study on the social context of mental health among immigrant and refugee young men, with a focus on their migration and resettlement experiences...
November 1, 2017: American Journal of Men's Health
Emanuele Lisi, Matteo Amabili, Simone Meloni, Alberto Giacomello, Carlo Massimo Casciola
Superhydrophobicity, the enhanced hydrophobicity of surfaces decorated with textures of suitable size, is associated with a layer of gas trapped within surface roughness. The reduced liquid/solid contact makes superhydrophobicity attractive for many technological applications. This gas layer, however, can break down with the liquid completely wetting the surface. Experiments have shown that the recovery of the "suspended" superhydrophobic state from the wet one is difficult. Self-recovery - the spontaneous restoring of the gas layer at ambient conditions - is one of the dreams of research in superhydrophobicity as it would allow to overcome the fragility of superhydrophobicity...
November 28, 2017: ACS Nano
M Rubiolo, D H Milone, G Stegmayer
Motivation: The reconstruction of gene regulatory networks (GRNs) from genes profiles has a growing interest in bioinformatics for understanding the complex regulatory mechanisms in cellular systems. GRNs explicitly represent the cause-effect of regulation among a group of genes and its reconstruction is today a challenging computational problem. Several methods were proposed, but most of them require different input sources to provide an acceptable prediction. Thus, it is a great challenge to reconstruct a GRN only from temporal gene-expression data...
November 22, 2017: Bioinformatics
Daniela Kern-Michler, Carsten Neumann, Nicole Mielke, Luuk J G W van Wilderen, Matiss Reinfelds, Jan von Cosel, Fabrizio Santoro, Alexander Heckel, Irene Burghardt, Jens Bredenbeck
It is a photochemist's dream to be able to photo-induce a reaction of a specific molecular species in an ensemble of similar but not identical ones. The problem is that similar molecules often exhibit it nearly identical UV-Vis absorption spectra, making them difficult or impossible to distinguish or to select spectroscopically. The ultrafast VIPER (VIbrationally Promoted Electronic Resonance) pulse sequence allows to pick a single species for electronic excitation based on its infrared spectrum. The latter usually shows more features that allow to discriminate between species than the UV-Vis spectrum...
November 28, 2017: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Hedwig Suzanne Kruitwagen, Bart Westendorp, Cornelia S Viebahn, Krista Post, Monique E van Wolferen, Loes A Oosterhoff, David A Egan, Jean-Maurice Delabar, Mathilda Jm Toussaint, Baukje A Schotanus, Alain de Bruin, Jan Rothuizen, Louis C Penning, Bart Spee
Hepatic progenitor cells (HPCs) are adult liver stem cells that act as second line of defense in liver regeneration. They are normally quiescent, but in case of severe liver damage HPC proliferation is triggered by external activation mechanisms from their niche. Although several important pro-proliferative mechanisms have been described, it is not known which key intracellular regulators govern the switch between HPC quiescence and active cell cycle. We performed a high throughput kinome siRNA screen in HepaRG cells, a HPC-like cell line, and evaluated the effect on proliferation with a 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine (EdU) incorporation assay...
November 28, 2017: Stem Cells and Development
Kimberly Mutcherson
The U.S. Supreme Court declared procreation to be a fundamental right in the early twentieth century in a case involving Oklahoma's Habitual Criminal Sterilization Act, an act that permitted unconsented sterilization of individuals convicted of certain crimes. The right that the Court articulated in that case is a negative right: it requires that the government not place unjustified roadblocks in the way of people seeking to procreate, but it does not require the government to take positive steps to help people procreate if they wish to...
December 2017: Hastings Center Report
Michelle Carr, Kadia Saint-Onge, Cloé Blanchette-Carrière, Tyna Paquette, Tore Nielsen
A recent study reported that individuals recalling frequent idiopathic nightmares (NM) produced more perseveration errors on a verbal fluency task than did control participants (CTL), while not differing in overall verbal fluency. Elevated scores on perseveration errors, an index of executive dysfunction, suggest a cognitive inhibitory control deficit in NM participants. The present study sought to replicate these results using a French-speaking cohort and French language verbal fluency tasks. A phonetic verbal fluency task using three stimulus letters (P, R, V) and a semantic verbal fluency task using two stimulus categories (female and male French first names) were administered to 23 participants with frequent recall of NM (≥2 NM per week, mean age = 24...
November 24, 2017: Journal of Sleep Research
Stephanie S Faubion, Ekta Kapoor, Juliana M Kling, Carol L Kuhle, Richa Sood, Jordan E Rullo, Jacqueline M Thielen, Lynne T Shuster, Walter A Rocca, Karla S Frohmader Hilsaca, Kristin C Mara, Darrell R Schroeder, Virginia M Miller
The Women's Health Clinic (WHC) at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has provided consultative care to women with menopausal and sexual health concerns since 2005. Clinical information on the 8688 women seen in the WHC through May 2017 who gave consent for the use of their medical records in research is contained in the Data Registry on Experiences of Aging, Menopause, and Sexuality (DREAMS). Initially, DREAMS was created to improve the clinical care of women, but it has become a valuable research tool. About 25% of the DREAMS women have been seen in the WHC 2 or more times, allowing for passive longitudinal follow-up...
January 2018: Maturitas
Rainer Kraehenmann, Dan Pokorny, Helena Aicher, Katrin H Preller, Thomas Pokorny, Oliver G Bosch, Erich Seifritz, Franz X Vollenweider
Rationale: Stimulation of serotonin 2A (5-HT2A) receptors by lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and related compounds such as psilocybin has previously been shown to increase primary process thinking - an ontologically and evolutionary early, implicit, associative, and automatic mode of thinking which is typically occurring during altered states of consciousness such as dreaming. However, it is still largely unknown whether LSD induces primary process thinking under placebo-controlled, standardized experimental conditions and whether these effects are related to subjective experience and 5-HT2A receptor activation...
2017: Frontiers in Pharmacology
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