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Michael W Stewart
INTRODUCTION: Laser photocoagulation has been the standard treatment for diabetic macular edema (DME) and proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) for several decades. The discovery of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and the subsequent determination of its critical role in the development DME and PDR has led to the development of VEGF inhibitory drugs. Ranibizumab was the first anti-VEGF drug approved for the treatment of both DME and diabetic retinopathy in eyes with DME. METHODS: Medline searches with the keywords "ranibizumab," "diabetic macular edema," and "proliferative diabetic retinopathy" were performed to identify pertinent pre-clinical studies and clinical trials...
March 21, 2017: Ophthalmology and Therapy
Zhaolong Li, Swapna Ganapathy, Yaolin Xu, Jouke R Heringa, Quanyao Zhu, Wen Chen, Marnix Wagemaker
The lithium air, or Li-O2, battery system is a promising electrochemical energy storage system because of its very high theoretical specific energy, as required by automotive applications. Fundamental research has resulted in much progress in mitigating detrimental (electro)chemical processes; however, the detailed structural evolution of the crystalline Li2O2 and LiOH discharge products, held at least partially responsible for the limited reversibility and poor rate performance, is hard to measure operando under realistic electrochemical conditions...
February 28, 2017: Chemistry of Materials: a Publication of the American Chemical Society
V H Nissinen, I O Koshevoy, T T Pakkanen
In this study, crystalline magnesium chloride-electron donor complexes were prepared by recrystallization of δ-MgCl2 in the presence of chelating electron donors, including two diethers (1,2-dimethoxyethane; DME and 1,3-dimethoxypropane; DMP) and one diamine (N,N'-diethylethylenediamine; DEEDA). The syntheses and crystal structures of such magnesium chloride complexes with chelating ligands have been rarely reported, even though they can provide important information for the selection of electron donors for stereoselective MgCl2-supported Ziegler-Natta catalysts...
March 17, 2017: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Mohammed Ashraf, Ahmed A R Souka, Hassan ElKayal
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: To study the effect of early switching to ranibizumab (Lucentis; Genentech, South San Francisco, CA) or aflibercept (Eylea; Regeneron, Tarrytown, NY) in cases of diabetic macular edema (DME) that have shown no response to bevacizumab (Avastin; Genentech, South San Francisco, CA). PATIENTS AND METHODS: A retrospective study involving 59 eyes of 45 patients with DME previously treated with bevacizumab. Patients were switched either to ranibizumab or aflibercept...
March 1, 2017: Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers & Imaging Retina
Yoshiro Minami, Taiji Nagaoka, Akihiro Ishibazawa, Akitoshi Yoshida
BACKGROUND: The short-term effects of intravitreal ranibizumab (IVR) on diabetic macular edema (DME) remains unclear. We assessed the short-term effects of IVR on DME. METHODS: Eighteen eyes of 14 patients with DME were enrolled in this prospective interventional case series. After intravitreal ranibizumab was injected into treatment-naïve eyes with DME, we measured the foveal thickness (FT) before and 2 h, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month later and the best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) at all times except 2 h and compared the changes to baseline (ΔFT and ΔVA)...
March 14, 2017: BMC Ophthalmology
A Zh Fursova, N V Chubar', M S Tarasov, I F Saifullina, G G Pustovaya
AIM: to investigate morphological changes and visual acuity response to ranibizumab therapy in patients with different OCT-types of diabetic macular edema (DME) as well as different state of the inner and outer photoreceptor segments (IS and OS) and the outer limiting membrane (OLM); to study relationships between functional and morphological parameters before and after the treatment; to study the effect of glycated hemoglobin levels on morphological parameters and ME duration. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study included 113 patients (113 eyes) with DME, who underwent 3 once-monthly intravitreal injections of ranibizumab (the mean patient age, 63...
2017: Vestnik Oftalmologii
Michael S Ip, Jiameng Zhang, Jason S Ehrlich
PURPOSE: To investigate the clinical importance of changes in diabetic retinopathy severity score (DRSS) in patients with diabetic macular edema (DME) treated with intravitreal ranibizumab. DESIGN: Post hoc analysis of the phase III RIDE and RISE studies of ranibizumab for treatment of DME. PARTICIPANTS: Four hundred sixty-eight eyes treated with ranibizumab from randomization with gradable DRSS on baseline fundus photographs. METHODS: Visual and anatomic outcomes were examined in eyes grouped according to DRSS change from baseline to month 24...
March 8, 2017: Ophthalmology
Yahiya Y Syed
Fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant 0.19 mg (ILUVIEN(®)) is a nonbiodegradable, injectable, corticosteroid implant that is approved in several countries, including the USA, for the treatment of diabetic macular edema (DME). ILUVIEN(®) releases fluocinolone acetonide at an initial rate of 0.25 µg/day (average rate 0.2 µg/day) and lasts 36 months. In the two pooled pivotal FAME trials in patients with DME previously treated with macular laser photocoagulation, fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant 0...
March 10, 2017: Drugs
Andrea Cernuto, Paolo Tosi, Luca Matteo Martini, Fernando Pirani, Daniela Ascenzi
The fate of dimethyl ether (DME, CH3OCH3) in collisions with He(+) ions is of high relevance for astrochemical models aimed at reproducing the abundances of complex organic molecules in the interstellar medium. Here we report an investigation on the reaction of He(+) ions with DME carried out using a Guided Ion Beam Mass Spectrometer (GIB-MS), which allows the measurement of reactive cross-sections and branching ratios (BRs) as a function of the collision energy. We obtain insights into the dissociative charge (electron) exchange mechanism by investigating the nature of the non-adiabatic transitions between the relevant potential energy surfaces (PESs) in an improved Landau-Zener approach...
March 9, 2017: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Yi-Ting Hsieh, Chung-May Yang, Shu-Hui Chang
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: To analyze the prognostic factors for ocular hypertension after posterior subtenon injection of triamcinolone acetonide (PSTA) for the treatment of diabetic macular edema (DME). METHODS: Patients who received PSTA for DME from January 2006 to December 2011 were enrolled retrospectively and were followed until December 2012 in one hospital. Modified Cox regression models were used to analyze the factors associated with ocular hypertension, which was defined as an intraocular pressure>21 mmHg after PSTA...
October 27, 2016: Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, Taiwan Yi Zhi
Jan Wenz, Alexander Kochan, Hubert Wadepohl, Lutz H Gade
A new class of chiral C2-symmetric N-donor pincer ligands, 2,5-bis(2-oxazolinyldimethylmethyl)pyrroles (PdmBox)H, was synthesized starting from the readily available ethyl 2,2-dimethyl-3-oxobutanoate (1). The synthesis of the ligand backbone was achieved by oxidative enole coupling with CuC12 followed by Paal-Knorr-type pyrrole synthesis. The corresponding protioligands ((R)PdmBox)H (R = iPr: 5a; Ph: 5b) were obtained by condensation with amino alcohols and subsequent zinc-catalyzed cyclization. Reaction of the lithiated ligands with [NiCl2(dme)] yielded the corresponding square-planar nickel(II) complexes [((R)PdmBox)NiCl] (6a/b)...
March 9, 2017: Inorganic Chemistry
K Reuter, R G M Maas, A Reuter, F Kilgenstein, Y Asfaha, C von Hänisch
Heteroatomic bridged paracyclophanes were obtained by two independent synthetic approaches. The required precursors consist of para R2SiCl (R = Me, iPr) substituted aromatic rings (2 and 4). They were subsequently functionalised by using NH3, [LiPH2(dme)] or LiAl(PH2)4. In the case of the Me-substituted species 2, the reaction with NH3 directly yielded the Si2N bridged paracyclophane 5. The Si2P incorporated derivative 10 was obtained by lithiation of p-C6H4(SiiPr2PH2)2 (9) and subsequent salt metathesis with the chlorosilane 4...
March 8, 2017: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Lana Ganoci, Tamara Božina, Nikica Mirošević Skvrce, Mila Lovrić, Petar Mas, Nada Božina
BACKGROUND: Data on the frequency of pharmacogenetic polymorphisms in the Croatian population are limited. We determined and analyzed frequencies for the most important CYP2C9, CYP2C19, CYP2D6, CYP3A4, and CYP3A5 genetic variants in the Croatian population. METHODS: 2637 subjects were included. Genotyping was performed by real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using TaqMan® DME or TaqMan® SNP Genotyping Assays, and by PCR, and PCR-RFLP analysis. RESULTS: For CYP2C9, allele frequencies of *2 and *3 variant were 14...
March 1, 2017: Drug Metabolism and Personalized Therapy
Masahiko Shimura, Kanako Yasuda, Ryosuke Motohashi, Osamu Kotake, Hidetaka Noma
BACKGROUND/AIMS: To investigate the relations between aqueous humour levels of cytokines/growth factors and treatment response to intravitreal ranibizumab (IVR) for diabetic macular oedema (DME) METHODS: Sixty-eight eyes of 68 patients with treatment-naïve centre-involved DME, central macular thickness (CMT) greater than 400 μm and visual acuity (VA) worse than logMAR 0.3 were recruited. Each patient received monthly IVR injection (0.5 mg/0.05 mL) until CMT was reduced to below 300 μm...
March 7, 2017: British Journal of Ophthalmology
Khaled Alsaih, Guillaume Lemaitre, Join Massich Vall, Mojdeh Rastgoo, Desire Sidibe, Tien Y Wong, Ecosse Lamoureux, Dan Milea, Carol Y Cheung, Fabrice Meriaudeau
This paper deals with the automated detection of Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) on Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) volumes. Our method considers a generic classification pipeline with preprocessing for noise removal and flattening of each B-Scan. Features such as Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) and Local Binary Patterns (LBP) are extracted and combined to create a set of different feature vectors which are fed to a linear-Support Vector Machines (SVM) Classifier. Experimental results show a promising sensitivity/specificity of 0...
August 2016: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Akihito Uji, Tomoaki Murakami, Kiyoshi Suzuma, Shin Yoshitake, Shigeta Arichika, Rima Ghashut, Masahiro Fujimoto, Nagahisa Yoshimura
PURPOSE: To investigate the influence of pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) on the integrity of photoreceptor layers in eyes with diabetic macular edema (DME) by using parallelism (a parameter that comprehensively reflects photoreceptor-retinal pigment epithelium [RPE] complex alterations) in spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) imaging. METHODS: A consecutive series of 64 eyes in 55 patients with diabetic macular edema who underwent pars plana vitrectomy were recruited into the study...
January 27, 2017: Retina
Usha Chakravarthy, Yit Yang, Andrew Lotery, Faruque Ghanchi, Clare Bailey, Frank G Holz, Louise Downey, Michel Weber, Nicole Eter, Pravin U Dugel
PURPOSE: To report functional and morphologic outcomes, based on diabetic macular edema (DME) chronicity and baseline best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), from a subanalysis of the fluocinolone acetonide for macular edema (FAME) trials. METHODS: Patients were categorized by DME duration (nonchronic [ncDME] or chronic [cDME] DME) and three nonexclusive baseline vision strata. Anatomic and visual acuity VA outcomes of these cohorts were compared with treatment assignment...
March 13, 2017: Retina
Mathieu Xémard, Arnaud Jaoul, Marie Cordier, Florian Molton, Olivier Cador, Boris Le Guennic, Carole Duboc, Olivier Maury, Carine Clavaguéra, Grégory Nocton
The first molecular Tm(II) luminescence measurements are reported along with rare magnetic, X and Q bands EPR studies. Access to simple and soluble molecular divalent lanthanide complexes is highly sought for small-molecule activation studies and organic transformations using single-electron transfer processes. However, owing to their low stability and propensity to disproportionate, these complexes are hard to synthetize and their electronic properties are therefore almost unexplored. Herein we present the synthesis of [Tm(μ-OTf)2 (dme)2 ]n , a rare and simple coordination compound of divalent thulium that can be seen as a promising starting material for the synthesis of more elaborated complexes...
March 1, 2017: Angewandte Chemie
Irini P Chatziralli
Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is a common microvascular complication of diabetes mellitus (DM) and is considered as the leading cause of visual impairment in working-aged adults worldwide. Dyslipidemia has been associated with DR, but not with progression to the proliferative form of DR, although the exact role in the pathogenesis of DR and diabetic macular edema (DME) remains controversial. As a result, a reasonable question arising is whether control of dyslipidemia may alter the course of DR. Statins do not appear to have an impact on DR progression...
February 28, 2017: Diabetes Therapy: Research, Treatment and Education of Diabetes and related Disorders
Wei Lei, Dan-Dan Wang, Tong-Yi Dou, Jie Hou, Liang Feng, Heng Yin, Qun Luo, Jie Sun, Guang-Bo Ge, Ling Yang
Pyrethroids are broad-spectrum insecticides that widely used in many countries, while humans may be exposed to these toxins by drinking or eating pesticide-contaminated foods. This study aimed to investigate the inhibitory effects of six commonly used pyrethroids against two major human carboxylesterases (CES) including CES1 and CES2. Three optical probe substrates for CES1 (DME, BMBT and DMCB) and a fluorescent probe substrate for CES2 (DDAB) were used to characterize the inhibitory effects of these pyrethroids...
February 24, 2017: Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology
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