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J J Zhao, Y L Zhang, S J Zhang, J Zhou, F K Yu, Y L Zu, H F Zhao, Z Li, Y P Song
Objective: To investigate the molecular-cytogenetic characterization and impact on tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) therapy in chronic phase of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML-CP) patients with variant Ph chromosome (vPh). Methods: The clinical data of 32 patients with vPh chromosomes were collected and compared with 703 patients with typical Ph chromosome in newly diagnosed CML-CP who were on first-line imatinib (IM) and with BCR-ABL transcript of P210. Results: There was no significant difference in demographic and hematological characteristics between vPh and classic Ph patients...
March 14, 2018: Zhonghua Xue Ye Xue za Zhi, Zhonghua Xueyexue Zazhi
Jin-Young Jung, Jin-Young Yu, Jung-Ho Lee
As a thermodynamic driving force obtained from sunlight, the open circuit potential (OCP) in photoelectrochemical cells is typically limited by the photovoltage (Vph). In this work, we establish that OCP can exceed the value of Vph when an electro-lyte-permeable NiOx thin film is employed as an electrocatalyst in a Si photocathode. The built-in potential developed at the NiOx/Si junction is adjusted in-situ according to the progress of the NiOx hydration for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). As a result of the decoupling of OCP from Vph, a high OCP value of 0...
February 7, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Eleftherios Ouzounoglou, Eleni Kolokotroni, Martin Stanulla, Georgios S Stamatakos
Efficient use of Virtual Physiological Human (VPH)-type models for personalized treatment response prediction purposes requires a precise model parameterization. In the case where the available personalized data are not sufficient to fully determine the parameter values, an appropriate prediction task may be followed. This study, a hybrid combination of computational optimization and machine learning methods with an already developed mechanistic model called the acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) Oncosimulator which simulates ALL progression and treatment response is presented...
February 6, 2018: Interface Focus
Julia E von Oettingen, Erinn T Rhodes, Joseph I Wolfsdorf
AIMS: Data are sparse concerning use of serum electrolyte parameters as compared to venous blood gas (VBG) measurements to monitor acid-base status during treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). We explored the utility of various parameters to define DKA resolution by investigating the relationship of venous pH (vpH), anion gap (AG), serum bicarbonate (HCO3 ), and glucose concentration during management of DKA in children with new onset diabetes mellitus (NODM). METHODS: We included all patients with NODM presenting with DKA to Boston Children's Hospital from 10/1/07-7/1/13...
January 2018: Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice
Khaled M Bushnaf, George Mangse, Paola Meynet, Russell J Davenport, Olaf A Cirpka, David Werner
We studied the effects of two percent by weight activated carbon versus biochar amendments in 93 cm long sand columns on the biofiltration of petroleum vapours released by a non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) source. Activated carbon greatly enhanced, whereas biochar slightly reduced, the biofiltration of volatile petroleum hydrocarbons (VPHs) over 430 days. Sorbent amendment benefitted the VPH biofiltration by retarding breakthrough during the biodegradation lag phase. Subsequently, sorbent amendment briefly reduced the mineralization of petroleum hydrocarbons by limiting their bioavailability...
October 18, 2017: Environmental Science. Processes & Impacts
Changzi Ge, Xiru Yu, Manman Kan, Chunfeng Qu
The multiple-contamination of heavy metals and nutrients worsens increasingly and Ulva sp. green tide occurs almost simultaneously. To reveal the biological mechanism for outbreak of the green tide, Ulva pertusa was exposed to seven-day-multiple-contamination. The relation between pH variation (VpH ), Chl a content, ratio of (Chl a content)/(Chl b content) (Rchla/chlb ), SOD activity of U. pertusa (ASOD ) and contamination concentration is [Formula: see text] (p<0.05), Cchla =0.88±0.09 -0.01±0.00 ×CCd (p<0...
December 15, 2017: Marine Pollution Bulletin
Sumei Li, Tao Hong, Kun Wang, Yinghong Lu, Min Zhou
Most proteins occur and function in complexes rather than as isolated entities in membranes. In most cases macromolecules with multiple subunits are purified from endogenous sources. In this study, an endogenous membrane-protein complex was obtained from Pichia pastoris, which can be grown at high densities to significantly improve the membrane protein yield. We successfully isolated the membrane-bound Vo complex of V-ATPase from P. pastoris using a fusion FLAG tag attached to the C-terminus of subunit a to generate the vph-tag strain, which was used for dissociation and purification...
October 2017: Protein Expression and Purification
Marek Kasztelnik, Ernesto Coto, Marian Bubak, Maciej Malawski, Piotr Nowakowski, Juan Arenas, Alfredo Saglimbeni, Debora Testi, Alejandro F Frangi
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: To address the increasing need for collaborative endeavours within the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) community, the VPH-Share collaborative cloud platform allows researchers to expose and share sequences of complex biomedical processing tasks in the form of computational workflows. The Taverna Workflow System is a very popular tool for orchestrating complex biomedical & bioinformatics processing tasks in the VPH community. This paper describes the VPH-Share components that support the building and execution of Taverna workflows, and explains how they interact with other VPH-Share components to improve the capabilities of the VPH-Share platform...
July 2017: Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
Margherita Cacaci, Rossella Colomba Lelli
The role of the veterinarian as a public health officer is intrinsic to the history and the culture of veterinary organization in Italy. The Veterinary service being part of the Health administration since the birth of the Italian State in the XIX Century. In the second half of the last century the birth of the Italian National Health Service confirmed that the function of the Italian veterinary service was to analyze and reduce the risks for the human population connected to the relationship man-animal-environment, animal health, food safety and security...
June 22, 2017: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Daniela León, Javier Retamal, Ramón Silva, Carmen Ili, Stephanie Mieville, Pablo Guzmán, Gastón Briceño, Priscilla Brebi
BACKGROUND: Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) affect sexual and reproductive health of millions of men. Pathogens such as human papillomavirus (HPV), herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 (HSV-1 y HSV-2), Chlamydia trachomatis,Mycoplasmagenitalium,Mycoplasma hominis and Ureaplasma urealyticum are associated with STIs. AIM: To detect pathogens associated with STIs in symptomatic men and its relationship with sexual behavior. METHODOLOGY: DNA was obtained from exfoliated cells of penis from 20 symptomatic men...
October 2016: Revista Chilena de Infectología: órgano Oficial de la Sociedad Chilena de Infectología
Jin Zhang, Yang Wei, Fengrui Yao, Dongqi Li, He Ma, Peng Lei, Hehai Fang, Xiaoyang Xiao, Zhixing Lu, Juehan Yang, Jingbo Li, Liying Jiao, Weida Hu, Kaihui Liu, Kai Liu, Peng Liu, Qunqing Li, Wei Lu, Shoushan Fan, Kaili Jiang
A vertical point heterostructure (VPH) is constructed by sandwiching a two-dimensional (2D) MoS2 flake with two cross-stacked metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes. It can be used as a field effect transistor with high on/off ratio and a light detector with high spatial resolution. Moreover, the hybrid 1D-2D-1D VPHs open up new possibilities for nanoelectronics and nanooptoelectronics.
December 6, 2016: Advanced Materials
Govind Babu Kanakasetty, Lakshmaiah Kuntejowdahalli, Aditi Harsh Thanky, Lokanatha Dasappa, Linu Abraham Jacob, Suresh Babu Mallekavu, Prasanna Kumari
INTRODUCTION: Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is a myeloproliferative disorder characterized by Philadelphia (Ph) chromosome with classical t(9;22)(q34;q11) seen in up to 90% of cases. However 5% to 10% of patients who present with variant Ph translocations (vPh) have been an area of research for their significance in predicting response to various therapies including tyrosine kinase inhibitors as well as prognosticating survival outcomes for many years involving varied patient populations, with conflicting results...
January 2017: Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia
Xiangyu Liu, Taisuke Otsuki, Akio Takahashi, Takanobu Kaido
INTRODUCTION: The authors here present a rare case of a 3-month-old infant with unilateral Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS) who had excellent seizure control and no aggravation of previous existed neurological deficits after vertical parasagittal hemispherotomy (VPH). To our knowledge, this patient with SWS was the youngest one who received VPH. CASE DESCRIPTION: The use of VPH results in a successful treatment of intractable epilepsy in a patient with seizure onset in early infancy...
2016: SpringerPlus
Akshay Rao, Mohan Rajesh Elara, Karthikeyan Elangovan
This paper aims to develop a local path planning algorithm for a bio-inspired, reconfigurable crawling robot. A detailed description of the robotic platform is first provided, and the suitability for deployment of each of the current state-of-the-art local path planners is analyzed after an extensive literature review. The Enhanced Vector Polar Histogram algorithm is described and reformulated to better fit the requirements of the platform. The algorithm is deployed on the robotic platform in crawling configuration and favorably compared with other state-of-the-art local path planning algorithms...
2016: Robotics and Biomimetics
Nassir Navab, Miccai Fellow, Christoph Hennersperger, Benjamin Frisch, Bernhard Fürst
In the last decade, many researchers in medical image computing and computer assisted interventions across the world focused on the development of the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH), aiming at changing the practice of medicine from classification and treatment of diseases to that of modeling and treating patients. These projects resulted in major advancements in segmentation, registration, morphological, physiological and biomechanical modeling based on state of art medical imaging as well as other sensory data...
October 2016: Medical Image Analysis
A Gómez-Alarcon, M T Gómez-García, J P García-de la-Torre, M Del Valle-Morón, M A Arones-Collantes, G González-de Merlo
BACKGROUND: The vulvar cancer is the fourth more frequent neoplasia after the endometrial, cervix and ovarian cancer. Normally, it has been related to old women of ages from 70 to 80 years old. Rarely, it has been detected cases in adult or young women. However, its incidence has been increased in the last years and in more early years. It is for this change in the incidence and its appearance in early years why a possible etiology has been looked for, opening different hypothesis that go from that related to the HPV to those that study an inflammatory chronic process as the basis for the carcinogenesis...
March 2016: Ginecología y Obstetricia de México
William H Johnson, Tyler M M Stack, Stephanie M Taylor, Elizabeth A Burks, Christian P Whitman
A stereochemical analysis has been carried out on two vinylpyruvate hydratases (VPH), which convert 2-hydroxy-2,4-pentadienoate to 2-keto-4S-hydroxypentanoate in meta-fission pathways. Bacterial strains with this pathway can use aromatic compounds as sole sources of energy and carbon. The analysis was carried out using the 5-methyl and 5-chloro derivatives of 2-hydroxy-2,4-pentadienoate with the enzymes from Pseudomonas putida mt-2 (Pp) and Leptothrix cholodnii SP-6 (Lc). In both organisms, VPH is in a complex with the preceding enzyme in the pathway, 4-oxalocrotonate decarboxylase (4-OD)...
July 26, 2016: Biochemistry
Samuel L Guimarães, Juliana B Coitinho, Débora M A Costa, Simara S Araújo, Christian P Whitman, Ronaldo A P Nagem
The enzymes in the catechol meta-fission pathway have been studied for more than 50 years in several species of bacteria capable of degrading a number of aromatic compounds. In a related pathway, naphthalene, a toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, is fully degraded to intermediates of the tricarboxylic acid cycle by the soil bacteria Pseudomonas putida G7. In this organism, the 83 kb NAH7 plasmid carries several genes involved in this biotransformation process. One enzyme in this route, NahK, a 4-oxalocrotonate decarboxylase (4-OD), converts 2-oxo-3-hexenedioate to 2-hydroxy-2,4-pentadienoate using Mg(2+) as a cofactor...
May 10, 2016: Biochemistry
Kalyan C Vinnakota, Chae Y Cha, Patrik Rorsman, Robert S Balaban, Andre La Gerche, Richard Wade-Martins, Daniel A Beard, Jeroen A L Jeneson
The Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) project aims to develop integrative, explanatory and predictive computational models (C-Models) as numerical investigational tools to study disease, identify and design effective therapies and provide an in silico platform for drug screening. Ultimately, these models rely on the analysis and integration of experimental data. As such, the success of VPH depends on the availability of physiologically realistic experimental models (E-Models) of human organ function that can be parametrized to test the numerical models...
April 6, 2016: Interface Focus
S Ghatak, B B Singh
Veterinary public health (VPH) assumes huge significance in developing countries such as India. However, the implementation of VPH services throughout the country is still in its infancy. From 1970 onwards, many institutes, national and international organisations, professional societies, policies and personalities have contributed towards the development of VPH in India. Nevertheless, there is an urgent need to develop VPH still further as there are many issues, such as high population density, the re-emergence of zoonotic pathogens, environmental pollution and antimicrobial resistance, that require attention...
December 2015: Revue Scientifique et Technique
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