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Kazuhide Adachi, Mituhiro Hasegawa, Shinichiro Tateyama, Yushi Kawazoe, Yuichi Hirose
OBJECTIVE: The anterior transpetrosal (ATP) approach is the most appropriate approach for petroclival meningiomas, which are typically located from the dorsum sellae to the upper border of the internal acoustic meatus (IAM). Although neurosurgeons can resect over this area if the tumor is detached from the dura, tumors within the indication area for petroclival meningiomas is insufficient for the selection of the ATP approach because it can be difficult to evaluate whether the tumor is attached or only touching the dura...
May 16, 2018: World Neurosurgery
Elisabeth Armada, Márcio F A Leite, Almudena Medina, Rosario Azcón, Eiko E Kuramae
Inoculation of plants with beneficial plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPB) emerges a valuable strategy for ecosystem recovery. However, drought conditions might compromise plant-microbe interactions especially in semiarid regions. This study highlights the effect of native PGPB after one-year inoculation on autochthonous shrubs growth and rhizosphere microbial community composition and activity under drought stress conditions. We inoculated three plant species of semiarid Mediterranean zones, Thymus vulgaris, Santolina chamaecyparissus and Lavandula dentata with a Bacillus thuringiensis strain IAM 12077 and, evaluated the impact on plant biomass, plant nutrient contents, arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi (AMF) colonization, soil rhizosphere microbial activity, and both the bacterial and fungal communities...
May 16, 2018: FEMS Microbiology Ecology
Young Kwang Chae, Ayush Arya, Wade Iams, Marcelo R Cruz, Sunandana Chandra, Jaehyuk Choi, Francis Giles
Immunotherapy is among the most rapidly evolving treatment strategies in oncology. The therapeutic potential of immune-checkpoint inhibitors is exemplified by the recent hail of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals for their use in various malignancies. Continued efforts to enhance outcomes with immunotherapy agents have led to the formulation of advanced treatment strategies. Recent evidence from pre-clinical studies evaluating immune-checkpoint inhibitors in various cancer cell-lines has suggested that combinatorial approaches may have superior survival outcomes compared to single-agent immunotherapy regimens...
May 16, 2018: Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer
Worakitti Lapisatepun, Anon Chotirosniramit, Trichak Sandhu, Kanya Udomsin, Wasana Ko-Iam, Phuriphong Chanthima, Warangkana Lapisatepun, Settapong Boonsri, Suraphong Lorsomradee, Quanhathai Kaewpoowat, Sunhawit Junrungsee
OBJECTIVE: Hepatic artery thrombosis (HAT) is one of the most serious complications of liver transplantation that can potentially lead to loss of the allograft. Retransplantation is the only option when revascularization can't be performed but the donor may be not available in the short period of time. We report the technique of using portal vein arterialization (PVA) for bridging before retransplantation. There are few reports in living donor setting. CASE DESCRIPTION: The recipient of the liver was a 59 year old male who received an extended right lobe graft from his son...
May 2, 2018: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Daniela Torres, Iliana Benavidez, Florencia Donadio, Elias Mongiardini, Susana Rosas, Stijn Spaepen, Jozef Vanderleyden, Aleš Pěnčík, Ondřej Novák, Miroslav Strnad, Jitka Frébortová, Fabricio Cassán
Bacterial metabolism of phytohormones includes several processes such as biosynthesis, catabolism, conjugation, hydrolysis and homeostatic regulation. However, only biosynthesis and occasionally catabolism are studied in depth in microorganisms. In this work, we evaluated and reconsidered IAA metabolism in B. japonicum E109, one of the most widely used strains for soybean inoculation around the world. The genomic analysis of the strain showed the presence of several genes responsible for IAA biosynthesis, mainly via indole-3-acetonitrile (IAN), indole-3-acetamide (IAM) and tryptamine (TAM) pathways...
May 8, 2018: Research in Microbiology
Kathleen Clapham, Keziah Bennett-Brook, Kate Hunter
ISSUE ADDRESSED: Aboriginal Australian children experience higher rates of injury than other Australian children. However few culturally acceptable programs have been developed or evaluated. The Illawarra Aboriginal Medical Service (IAMS) developed the Safe Homes Safe Kids program as an injury prevention program targeting disadvantaged Aboriginal families with children aged 0-5 in an urban region of NSW. Delivered by Aboriginal Family Workers the program aims to reduce childhood injury by raising awareness of safety in the home...
May 9, 2018: Health Promotion Journal of Australia
S Junrungsee, W Lapisatepun, A Chotirosniramit, T Sandhu, K Udomsin, W Ko-Iam, P Chanthima, W Lapisatepun, S Boonsri, S Lorsomradee
OBJECTIVE: The middle hepatic vein reconstruction is one of the crucial parts in adult living donor liver transplantation. Numerous techniques had been reported by using cadaveric iliac vessel or synthetic graft. The limitations of reported techniques are availability of the vessel and complication of synthetic graft. We report the technique of using explanted portal vein and inferior mesenteric vein graft in sequential fashion. PATIENTS AND METHODS: The recipient was a 54-year-old man with chronic hepatitis B cirrhosis and multiple hepatocellular carcinomas...
May 2018: Transplantation Proceedings
Ammara Shahid, Ambreen Aziz, Sajida Noureen, Maqsood Ahmed, Sammer Yousuf, Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary
The biologically transformed product of estradiol valerate, namely 3,7α-dihydroxyestra-1,3,5(10)-trien-17-one monohydrate, C18 H22 O3 ·H2 O, has been investigated using UV-Vis, IR, 1 H and 13 C NMR spectroscopic techniques, as well as by mass spectrometric analysis. Its crystal structure was determined using single-crystal X-ray diffraction based on data collected at 100 K. The structure was refined using the independent atom model (IAM) and the transferred electron-density parameters from the ELMAM2 database...
May 1, 2018: Acta Crystallographica. Section C, Structural Chemistry
Syang-Peng Rwei, Huynh Nguyen Anh Tuan, Whe-Yi Chiang, Tun-Fun Way
A series of semi-interpenetrating polymer network (semi-IPN) hydrogels were synthesized and investigated in this study. Linear copolymer poly( N -isopropylacrylamide-co-itaconamic acid) p(NIPAM-co-IAM), which is formed by copolymerization of N -isopropylacrylamide (NIPAM) and itaconamic acid (IAM, 4-amino-2-ethylene-4-oxobutanoic acid), was introduced into a solution of NIPAM to form a series of pH and thermo dual-responsive p(NIPAM-co-IAM)/pNIPAM semi-IPN hydrogels by free radical polymerization. The structural, morphological, chemical, and physical properties of the linear copolymer and semi-IPN hydrogels were investigated...
April 28, 2018: Materials
Meng Pu, Dean Allistair Rowe-Magnus
Vibrio vulnificus is autochthonous to estuaries and warm coastal waters. Infection occurs via open wounds or ingestion, where its asymptomatic colonization of seafood, most infamously oysters, provides a gateway into the human food chain. Colonization begins with initial surface contact, which is often mediated by bacterial surface appendages called pili. Type IV Tad pili are widely distributed in the Vibrionaceae, but evidence for a physiological role for these structures is scant. The V. vulnificus genome codes for three distinct tad loci...
2018: NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes
Jing Jie, Jie Yang, Hui He, Jianlan Zheng, Wenyan Wang, Liying Zhang, Zhiyuan Li, Jingyao Chen, M Vimalin Jeyalatha, Nuo Dong, Huping Wu, Zuguo Liu, Wei Li
Amniotic membrane (AM) has been widely used as a temporary or permanent graft in the treatment of various ocular surface diseases. In this study, we compared the epithelial wound healing and tissue remodeling after ocular surface reconstruction with intact amniotic membrane (iAM) or denuded amniotic membrane (dAM). Partial limbal and bulbar conjunctival removal was performed on New Zealand rabbits followed by transplantation of cryo-preserved human iAM or dAM. In vivo observation showed that the epithelial ingrowth was faster on dAM compared to iAM after AM transplantation...
April 23, 2018: Scientific Reports
Jun Jie Ng, Kok Ann Teo, Asim Shabbir, Tseng Tsai Yeo
Intra-abdominal metastasis (IAM) of central nervous system (CNS) tumors through ventriculoperitoneal shunt (VPS) is rare but has been previously reported (e.g., germinomas and medulloblastomas). However, there has been no previous reports in literature involving meningiomas. A case of primary rhabdoid meningioma with widespread intra-abdominal carcinomatosis after placement of a VPS in a 36-year-old man is described. The patient underwent preoperative angioembolization of the tumor, craniotomy, and surgical excision, followed by postoperative gamma knife radiosurgery...
April 2018: Asian Journal of Neurosurgery
Zhenghua Li, Dazhi Shi, Heng Li, Songhua Tan, Yikang Liu, Chenglin Qi, Anzhou Tang
OBJECTIVE: The anatomic structure of the cochlear aqueduct (CA) in human temporal bone specimens was observed using micro-computed tomography (CT). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Micro-CT scanning of 18-µm-thick slices was performed on 30 slides of human temporal bone specimens to observe the CA structure and its relationship with its surroundings. The length, internal and external apertures, and the narrowest width of the CA were measured. The differences in CAs were compared between high jugular bulb (HJB) specimens and normal specimens...
April 21, 2018: Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy: SRA
Young Kwang Chae, Ayush Arya, Wade Iams, Marcello Cruz, Nisha Mohindra, Victoria Villaflor, Francis J Giles
Immunotherapy has evolved at a phenomenal pace in cancer therapeutics. This has primarily been fueled by the much perceived necessity to procure an alternative to current standard of care chemotherapy agents, owing to several concerns such as treatment-related toxicity and poor long-term survival associated with the same. The knowledge of various mechanisms involved in regulation of immune response to cancer cells has served a fundamental role in identifying key molecules through which immune cell activity may be modulated...
March 2018: Annals of Translational Medicine
David M Haas, Derek J Marsh, Danny T Dang, Corette B Parker, Deborah A Wing, Hyagriv N Simhan, William A Grobman, Brian M Mercer, Robert M Silver, Matthew K Hoffman, Samuel Parry, Jay D Iams, Steve N Caritis, Ronald J Wapner, M Sean Esplin, Michal A Elovitz, Alan M Peaceman, Judith Chung, George R Saade, Uma M Reddy
OBJECTIVE: To characterize prescription and other medication use in a geographically and ethnically diverse cohort of women in their first pregnancy. METHODS: In a prospective, longitudinal cohort study of nulliparous women followed through pregnancy from the first trimester, medication use was chronicled longitudinally throughout pregnancy. Structured questions and aids were used to capture all medications taken as well as reasons they were taken. Total counts of all medications taken including number in each category and class were captured...
April 6, 2018: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Sonia I Seneviratne, Richard Wartenburger, Benoit P Guillod, Annette L Hirsch, Martha M Vogel, Victor Brovkin, Detlef P van Vuuren, Nathalie Schaller, Lena Boysen, Katherine V Calvin, Jonathan Doelman, Peter Greve, Petr Havlik, Florian Humpenöder, Tamas Krisztin, Daniel Mitchell, Alexander Popp, Keywan Riahi, Joeri Rogelj, Carl-Friedrich Schleussner, Jana Sillmann, Elke Stehfest
This article investigates projected changes in temperature and water cycle extremes at 1.5°C of global warming, and highlights the role of land processes and land-use changes (LUCs) for these projections. We provide new comparisons of changes in climate at 1.5°C versus 2°C based on empirical sampling analyses of transient simulations versus simulations from the 'Half a degree Additional warming, Prognosis and Projected Impacts' (HAPPI) multi-model experiment. The two approaches yield similar overall results regarding changes in climate extremes on land, and reveal a substantial difference in the occurrence of regional extremes at 1...
May 13, 2018: Philosophical Transactions. Series A, Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences
Iame A Guedes, Caio T C C Rachid, Luciana M Rangel, Lúcia H S Silva, Paulo M Bisch, Sandra M F O Azevedo, Ana B F Pacheco
Cyanobacteria tend to become the dominant phytoplankton component in eutrophic freshwater environments during warmer seasons. However, general observations of cyanobacterial adaptive advantages in these circumstances are insufficient to explain the prevalence of one species over another in a bloom period, which may be related to particular strategies and interactions with other components of the plankton community. In this study, we present an integrative view of a mixed cyanobacterial bloom occurring during a warm, rainy period in a tropical hydropower reservoir...
2018: Frontiers in Microbiology
Michael Burnam-Fink, Steven J Desch, Daniella Scalice, Hilarie Davis, Cierra J Huff, Dániel Apai
Astrobiology is an inherently interdisciplinary area of study, demanding communication across multiple fields: astronomy, geochemistry, planetary science, and so on. Successful communication requires that researchers be aware of the basic findings, open questions, and tools and techniques of allied fields and possess an appreciation and respect for what these fields consider good science. To facilitate this communication between early-career researchers, the Arizona NExSS Winter School was hosted in February 2016, bringing together graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from backgrounds spanning the field of astrobiology...
March 2018: Astrobiology
Giacomo Russo, Antonella Capuozzo, Francesco Barbato, Carlo Irace, Rita Santamaria, Lucia Grumetto
Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used in numerous industrial applications. Due to its well ascertained toxicity as endocrine disruptor, industries have started to replace it with other bisphenols whose alleged greater safety is scarcely supported by literature studies. In this study, the toxicity of seven BPA analogues was evaluated using both in silico and in vitro techniques, as compared to BPA toxicity. Furthermore, their affinity indexes for phospholipids (i.e. phospholipophilicity) were determined by immobilized artificial membrane liquid chromatography (IAM-LC) and possible relationships with in vitro toxic activity were also investigated...
June 2018: Chemosphere
Heather C Kaplan, Eileen King, Beth E White, Susan E Ford, Sandra Fuller, Michael A Krew, Michael P Marcotte, Jay D Iams, Jennifer L Bailit, Jo M Bouchard, Kelly Friar, Carole M Lannon
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the success of a quality improvement initiative to reduce early elective deliveries at less than 39 weeks of gestation and improve birth registry data accuracy rapidly and at scale in Ohio. METHODS: Between February 2013 and March 2014, participating hospitals were involved in a quality improvement initiative to reduce early elective deliveries at less than 39 weeks of gestation and improve birth registry data. This initiative was designed as a learning collaborative model (group webinars and a single face-to-face meeting) and included individual quality improvement coaching...
April 2018: Obstetrics and Gynecology
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