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George R Saade, Elizabeth A Thom, William A Grobman, Jay D Iams, Brian M Mercer, Uma M Reddy, Alan T N Tita, Dwight J Rouse, Yoram Sorokin, Ronald J Wapner, Kenneth J Leveno, Sean C Blackwell, M Sean Esplin, Jorge E Tolosa, John M Thorp, Steve N Caritis, J Peter VanDorsten
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether the presence of cervical funneling or intra-amniotic debris identified in the second trimester is associated with higher rates of preterm birth (PTB) in asymptomatic nulliparous women with a midtrimester cervical length (CL) less than 30 mm (i.e., less than the 10(th) percentile). METHODS: A secondary cohort analysis of a multicenter trial of women between 16 and 22 weeks with a singleton gestation and a CL less than 30 mm by transvaginal ultrasound randomized to either 17-alpha hydroxyprogesterone caproate or placebo...
November 20, 2017: Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology
Frances C Moore, Uris Baldos, Thomas Hertel, Delavane Diaz
Despite substantial advances in climate change impact research in recent years, the scientific basis for damage functions in economic models used to calculate the social cost of carbon (SCC) is either undocumented, difficult to trace, or based on a small number of dated studies. Here we present new damage functions based on the current scientific literature and introduce these into an integrated assessment model (IAM) in order to estimate a new SCC. We focus on the agricultural sector, use two methods for determining the yield impacts of warming, and the GTAP CGE model to calculate the economic consequences of yield shocks...
November 20, 2017: Nature Communications
Han Lu, Yongkang Luo, Rene Lametsch
In order to investigate the effects of hydroxyl radicals on the myosin of pork, with focus on reducible and non-reducible oxidation of specific cysteine and methionine residues, extracted myofibrillar protein from longissimus dorsi of pork was incubated with H2O2 for 24, 48 and 72h, respectively. The thiol contents and crosslinking of myofibrillar protein were analyzed after oxidation of the protein. Moreover, cysteine (labeled with N-ethylmaleimide (NEM) and iodoacetamide (IAM) before and after reduction, respectively) and methionine oxidation were detected by LC/MS using label-free quantitation...
March 15, 2018: Food Chemistry
Angela Lluque, Maribel Riveros, Ana Prada, Theresa J Ochoa, Joaquim Ruiz
The presence of virulence factors (VFs) and mechanisms of quinolones and macrolide resistance was analyzed in Campylobacter spp. from a pediatric cohort study in Lima. In 149 isolates (39 Campylobacter jejuni and 24 Campylobacter coli from diarrheic cases; 57 C. jejuni and 29 C. coli from controls), the presence of the cdtABC and cadF genes and iam marker was established. Nalidixic acid, ciprofloxacin, erythromycin, and azithromycin susceptibilities were established in 115 isolates and tetracycline-susceptibility was established in 100 isolates...
2017: Scientifica
Ming Yang, Yong Zheng Luo, Ming Gang Zeng, Lei Shen, Yun Hao Lu, Jun Zhou, Shi Jie Wang, Iam Keong Sou, Yuan Ping Feng
A large bulk band gap and tunable Dirac carriers are desired for practical device applications of topological insulators. However, most known topological insulators are narrow gap materials and the manipulation of their Dirac surface states is limited by residual bulk charge carriers originating from intrinsic defects. In this study, via density functional theory based first-principles calculations, we predict that a layered hexagonal structure of Bi2S3 is stable, and it becomes a topological insulator under a moderate compressive pressure of about 5...
November 8, 2017: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Luísa Hoffmann, Ravi José Tristão Ramos, Iame Alves Guedes, Pamela Fernandes Costa, Catarina Rufino Diniz Miguel, Sandra Maria Feliciano de Oliveira E Azevedo, Rosane Silva
We report here the draft genome sequences of two Brazilian strains of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii, a saxitoxin-producer (CYRF) and a non-saxitoxin producer (CYLP), with each strain comprising one assembled scaffold. We revealed differences in the compositions of gene members coding for membrane transporters and antioxidant activities between the strains.
October 26, 2017: Genome Announcements
Fernando Alonso, Mohammad W Kassem, Joe Iwanaga, Rod J Oskouian, Marios Loukas, Amin Demerdash, R Shane Tubbs
Vascular loops in the cerebellopontine angle (CPA) and their relationship to cranial nerves have been used to explain neurological symptoms. The anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA) has variable branches producing vascular loops that can compress the facial cranial nerve (CN) VII and vestibulocochlear (CN VIII) nerves. AICA compression of the facial-vestibulocochlear nerve complex can lead to various clinical presentations, including hemifacial spasm (HFS), tinnitus, and hemiataxia. The formation of arterial loops inside or outside of the internal auditory meatus (IAM) can cause abutment or compression of CN VII and CN VIII...
August 16, 2017: Curēus
Jordi Bañeras, Ignacio Ferreira-González, Josep Ramon Marsal, José A Barrabés, Aida Ribera, Rosa Maria Lidón, Enric Domingo, Gerard Martí, David García-Dorado
BACKGROUND: The relation between STEMI and air pollution (AP) is scant. We aimed to investigate the short term association between AP and the incidence of STEMI, and STEMI-related ventricular arrhythmias (VA) and mortality. METHODS: The study was carried out in the area of Barcelona from January 2010 to December 2011. Daily STEMI rates and incidence of STEMI-related VA and mortality were obtained prospectively. The corresponding daily levels of the main pollutants were recorded as well as the atmospheric variables...
October 5, 2017: International Journal of Cardiology
Eugene Hung Chih Wong, Daniel Bodmer, Nora Tetter, Yves Brand
Metastasis to the cerebellopontine angle (CPA) or internal auditory meatus (IAM) is rare.We report a rare case of a 69-year-old woman with metastatic lung adenocarcinoma, who presented with 2 weeks history of left-sided hearing loss and progressively worsening vertigo. Examination revealed a left-sided facial nerve palsy while pure tone audiometry (PTA) showed a new left-sided deafness. MRI showed a new enhancing soft tissue lesion in the left IAM, highly suspicious of new metastases from her progressive lung cancer, which contributed to her neuro-otological symptoms...
October 20, 2017: BMJ Case Reports
M Bujold, R El Sherif, P L Bush, J Johnson-Lafleur, G Doray, P Pluye
This mixed methods study content validated the Information Assessment Method for parents (IAM-parent) that allows users to systematically rate and comment on online parenting information. Quantitative data and results: 22,407 IAM ratings were collected; of the initial 32 items, descriptive statistics showed that 10 had low relevance. Qualitative data and results: IAM-based comments were collected, and 20 IAM users were interviewed (maximum variation sample); the qualitative data analysis assessed the representativeness of IAM items, and identified items with problematic wording...
October 4, 2017: Evaluation and Program Planning
Anna W Sobańska, Elżbieta Brzezińska
A review of applications of the Immobilized Artificial Membrane (IAM) chromatography in drug discovery is given. IAM chromatography is presented as a tool to predict the interactions of solutes with biomembranes, blood-brain barrier permeability, volume of distribution, oral and skin absorption of drugs and compared to other in vitro techniques used to study drug bioavailability (caco-2 cells, liposome partition). Unbound phosphatidylcholine based stationary phases are also discussed. Some new trends and ideas in the IAM chromatography are presented...
October 18, 2017: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Fotios Tsopelas, Maria Tsagkrasouli, Pavlos Poursanidis, Maria Pitsaki, George Vasios, Panagiotis Danias, Irene Panderi, Anna Tsantili-Kakoulidou, Constantinos Giaginis
The aim of the study was to investigate IAM retention mechanism for a set of flavonoids and to evaluate the potential of IAM chromatography to model Caco-2 permeability. For this purpose, the retention behavior of 41 flavonoid analogues on two immobilized artificial membrane (IAM) stationary phases, IAM.PC.MG and IAM.PC.DD2, was investigated. Correlations between retention factors, logkw(IAM) and octanol- water partitioning (logP) were established and the role of hydroxyl groups of flavonoids to the underlying retention mechanism was explored...
October 18, 2017: Biomedical Chromatography: BMC
Xiaosheng He, Weiping Liu, Yangang Wang, Jun Zhang, Buqing Liang, Jason H Huang
Background Meningiomas follow schwannomas as the second most common cerebellopontine angle (CPA) tumors. We investigate the diagnosis, management, and prognosis of this disease. Methods We reviewed the cases with the CPA meningiomas in our institution in Shaanxi, China from January 2012 to December 2015. Charts were retrospectively examined and patients were divided into two groups: 1) surgical treatment with a retrosigmoid approach for tumor resection and 2) stereotactic radiosurgery treatment only. Patients were followed up and outpatient records were also reviewed...
August 3, 2017: Curēus
Titaree Phanwichatkul, Elaine Burns, Pranee Liamputtong, Virginia Schmied
BACKGROUND: Interpreters (lam in Thai) have been employed in maternity services in Thailand due to increasing numbers of Burmese women migrating to Thailand. Access to healthcare interpreters is crucial for health professionals and Burmese migrant women using Thai maternity services but no studies have examined the role of the lam. AIM: This paper explores the role and experiences of healthcare interpreters (lam) working in Thailand. The perspectives of nurse-midwives and migrant Burmese women regarding the role of the lam are also included...
September 29, 2017: Women and Birth: Journal of the Australian College of Midwives
Chun-Wei Chen, Chien-Tsung Hou, Cheng-Chang Li, Hung-Chang Jau, Chun-Ta Wang, Ching-Lang Hong, Duan-Yi Guo, Cheng-Yu Wang, Sheng-Ping Chiang, Timothy J Bunning, Iam-Choon Khoo, Tsung-Hsien Lin
Although there have been intense efforts to fabricate large three-dimensional photonic crystals in order to realize their full potential, the technologies developed so far are still beset with various material processing and cost issues. Conventional top-down fabrications are costly and time-consuming, whereas natural self-assembly and bottom-up fabrications often result in high defect density and limited dimensions. Here we report the fabrication of extraordinarily large monocrystalline photonic crystals by controlling the self-assembly processes which occur in unique phases of liquid crystals that exhibit three-dimensional photonic-crystalline properties called liquid-crystal blue phases...
September 28, 2017: Nature Communications
Karinna Almodovar, Wade T Iams, Catherine B Meador, Zhiguo Zhao, Sally York, Leora Horn, Yingjun Yan, Jennifer Hernandez, Heidi Chen, Yu Shyr, Lee P Lim, Christopher K Raymond, Christine M Lovly
INTRODUCTION: Patients with small cell lung cancer (SCLC) have a poor prognosis and limited treatment options. Since access to longitudinal tumor samples is very limited in patients with this disease, we chose to focus our studies on the characterization of plasma cell-free DNA (cfDNA) for rapid, noninvasive monitoring of disease burden. METHODS: We developed a liquid biopsy assay that quantifies somatic variants in cfDNA. The assay detects single nucleotide variants, copy number alterations, and insertions or deletions in 14 genes that are frequently mutated in SCLC, including TP53, RB1, BRAF, KIT, NOTCH1-4, PIK3CA, PTEN, FGFR1, MYC, MYCL1, and MYCN...
September 22, 2017: Journal of Thoracic Oncology
Tamás Felföldi, Róbert Dezső Fikó, Anikó Mentes, Erika Kovács, István Máthé, Peter Schumann, Erika Tóth
A new betaproteobacterium, CGI-09(T), was isolated from an activated sludge bioreactor which treated landfill leachate. Based on 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis, the new strain shared the highest pairwise similarity values with members of the order Burkholderiales: Derxia gummosa IAM 13946(T) (family Alcaligenaceae), 93.7 % and Lautropia mirabilis DSM 11362(T) (family Burkholderiaceae), 93.6 %. Cells of strain CGI-09(T) were rod-shaped and non-motile. The new strain was oxidase and catalase positive and capable of reducing nitrate to nitrite...
September 27, 2017: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
J M Liu, D D Zhu, G H Jin, X W Zhu, L Li, G W Liu, K L Cheng, Y Q Li
Objective: This study aimed to measure the morphological parameters of the internal acoustic meatus(IAM) and its adjacent structures using temporal-bone thin-section CT(computed tomography). Methods: CT images were obtained from 50 Chinese adult patients (25 males and 25 females, 100 sides) which had no visible lesion in the petrous part of the temporal bone and inner ear, the morphological parameters of all inner ear parts were sectionally measured on the specified plane using SPSS 22.0 software for statistical analysis...
September 7, 2017: Zhonghua Er Bi Yan Hou Tou Jing Wai Ke za Zhi, Chinese Journal of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
Hela Jribi, Hanen Sellami, Amal Ben Hassena, Radhouane Gdoura
Campylobacter and Arcobacter spp. are common causes of gastroenteritis in humans; these infections are commonly due to undercooked poultry. However, their virulence mechanism is still poorly understood. The aim of this study was to evaluate the presence of genotypic virulence markers in Campylobacter and Arcobacter species using PCR. The prevalence of virulence and cytolethal distending toxin (CDT) genes was estimated in 71 Campylobacteraceae isolates. PCR was used to detect the presence of virulence genes (iam, cadF, virB1, flaA, cdtA, cdtB, and cdtC) using specific primers for a total of 45 Campylobacter isolates, including 37 C...
October 2017: Journal of Food Protection
Man Kit Cheng, Jing Liang, Ying Hoi Lai, Liang Xi Pang, Yi Liu, Jun Ying Shen, Jian Qiang Hou, Qing Lin He, Bo Chao Xu, Jun Shu Chen, Gan Wang, Chang Liu, Rolf Lortz, Iam Keong Sou
We have developed an incandescent Mo source to fabricate large-area single-crystalline MoSe2 thin films. The as-grown MoSe2 thin films were characterized using transmission electron microscopy, energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, photoluminescence (PL), reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED) and angular resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES). A new Raman characteristic peak at 1591 cm(-1) was identified. Results from Raman spectroscopy, PL, RHEED and ARPES studies consistently reveal that large-area single crystalline mono-layer of MoSe2 could be achieved by this technique...
November 10, 2017: Nanotechnology
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