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Youssouf Keita, Hamadoun Sangho, Timothy Roberton, Emilia Vignola, Mariam Traoré, Melinda Munos
BACKGROUND: Mali is one of four countries implementing a National Evaluation Platform (NEP) to build local capacity to answer evaluation questions for maternal, newborn, child health and nutrition (MNCH&N). In 2014-15, NEP-Mali addressed questions about the potential impact of Mali's MNCH&N plans and strategies, and identified priority interventions to achieve targeted mortality reductions. METHODS: The NEP-Mali team modeled the potential impact of three intervention packages in the Lives Saved Tool (LiST) from 2014 to 2023...
November 7, 2017: BMC Public Health
Marco D DiBonaventura, Alesia Sadosky, Kristen Concialdi, Markay Hopps, Ian Kudel, Bruce Parsons, Joseph C Cappelleri, Patrick Hlavacek, Andrea H Alexander, Brett R Stacey, John D Markman, John T Farrar
Background: The prevalence of neuropathic pain (NeP) has been estimated within specific health conditions; however, there are no published data on its broad prevalence in the US. The current exploratory study addresses this gap using the validated PainDetect questionnaire as a screener for probable NeP in a general-population health survey conducted with a multimodal recruitment strategy to maximize demographic representativeness. Materials and methods: Adult respondents were recruited from a combination of Internet panels, telephone lists, address lists, mall-based interviews, and store-receipt invitations using a random stratified-sampling framework, with strata defined by age, sex, and race/ethnicity...
2017: Journal of Pain Research
Xuehai Fei, Qinghai Song, Yiping Zhang, Yuntong Liu, Liqing Sha, Guirui Yu, Leiming Zhang, Changqun Duan, Yun Deng, Chuansheng Wu, Zhiyun Lu, Kang Luo, Aiguo Chen, Kun Xu, Weiwei Liu, Hua Huang, Yanqiang Jin, Ruiwu Zhou, Jing Li, Youxing Lin, Liguo Zhou, Yane Fu, Xiaolong Bai, Xianhui Tang, Jinbo Gao, Wenjun Zhou, John Grace
Forest ecosystems play an increasingly important role in the global carbon cycle. However, knowledge on carbon exchanges, their spatio-temporal patterns, and the extent of the key controls that affect carbon fluxes is lacking. In this study, we employed 29-site-years of eddy covariance data to observe the state, spatio-temporal variations and climate sensitivity of carbon fluxes (gross primary productivity (GPP), ecosystem respiration (Reco), and net ecosystem carbon exchange (NEE)) in four representative forest ecosystems in Yunnan...
October 31, 2017: Science of the Total Environment
Sanja Zlatanović, Jenny Fabian, Katrin Premke, Michael Mutz
Perennial, temperate, low-order streams are predicted to become intermittent as a result of irregular droughts caused by global warming and increased water demand. We hypothesize that stream metabolism changes caused by irregular droughts are linked to the shading and bed sediment structure of temperate streams. We set up 16 outdoor experimental streams with low or high shade conditions and streambeds either with alternating sorted patches of gravel and sand or homogeneous gravel-sand mix sediment structures...
October 22, 2017: Science of the Total Environment
E I Nep, M H Mahdi, A O Adebisi, N C Ngwuluka, B R Conway, A M Smith, K Asare-Addo
Concomitant ingestion of alcohol and medications can greatly affect drug plasma concentrations as dose dumping or failure may occur as a result of the fact that formulation excipients may not always be resistant to alcohol. In this study, a natural polysaccharide (Sesamum radiatum gum) (SG) was extracted, characterized and used to formulate sustained release theophylline compacts to study the effect of varying alcohol concentrations (v/v) in dissolution media on drug release from these compacts. X-ray powder diffraction showed that the extracted gum was amorphous in nature with the powder having excellent compaction properties as observed with its compact being significantly harder than those prepared with pure hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) K4M...
October 23, 2017: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Michael Grassmann, Bryan McNeil, Jim Wharton
The role of public aquariums in promoting conservation has changed substantially over the decades, evolving from entertainment attractions to educational and research centres. In many facilities, larger sharks are an essential part of the collection and represent one of the biggest draws for the public. Displaying healthy elasmobranchs comes with many challenges, but improvements in husbandry techniques have enabled aquariums to have success with a variety of species. The establishment of organisations such as the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and the completion of texts like the Elasmobranch Husbandry Manual, has helped set high standards of care for sharks in captivity and promoted international conservation efforts...
2017: Advances in Marine Biology
Dayv Lowry
Human interactions with sharks in the Northeast Pacific Ocean (NEP) have occurred for millennia but were largely limited to nearshore encounters as target and nontarget catch in fisheries. The arrival of Spanish explorers in the mid-1500s, followed by subsequent waves of explorers and colonizers from Europe and Russia, did little to change this relationship, until the mid-1800s. As technological advances conferred the ability to exploit marine fish further offshore and in deeper water, substantial fisheries developed and many of these encountered, and sometimes directly targeted, sharks...
2017: Advances in Marine Biology
Shawn E Larson, Dayv Lowry
Sharks are iconic, sometimes apex, predators found in every ocean. Because of their ecological role as predators and concern over the stability of their populations, there has been an increasing amount of work focused on shark conservation around the world in recent decades. The populations of sharks that reside in the Northeast Pacific (NEP) Ocean bordering the west coast of the United States reside in one of the most economically and ecologically important oceanic regions in the world. Volume 78 of Advances in Marine Biology (AMB) is a companion to Volume 77, which focused primarily on NEP shark biodiversity, organismal biology, and ecology...
2017: Advances in Marine Biology
Robert A Johnson, Alexandra G Gulick, Alan B Bolten, Karen A Bjorndal
Seagrass meadows are important sites for carbon storage. Green turtles (Chelonia mydas) are marine megaherbivores that consume seagrass throughout much of their global range. With successful conservation efforts, turtle abundance will increase, leading to more meadows being returned to their natural grazed state. There is concern this may lead to a loss of carbon stored in these systems, but the effects of green turtle grazing on seagrass ecosystem carbon dynamics have not been investigated. Here we experimentally show that despite 79% lower net ecosystem production (NEP) following grazing (24...
October 19, 2017: Scientific Reports
Anne K Dettmar, Thorsten Wiech, Markus J Kemper, Armin Soave, Michael Rink, Jun Oh, Rolf A K Stahl, Elion Hoxha
BACKGROUND: Membranous nephropathy (MN) is a common cause of nephrotic syndrome in adults, but is less frequent in children. Antibodies against four antigens leading to MN have been described in children: phospholipase A2 receptor 1 (PLA2R1), thrombospondin type-1 domain-containing 7A (THSD7A), neutral endopeptidase (NEP), and cationic bovine serum albumin (BSA). METHODS: Twelve children with MN were included in this study. Sera of all patients were analyzed for antibodies against PLA2R1, THSD7A, NEP, and BSA...
October 15, 2017: Pediatric Nephrology: Journal of the International Pediatric Nephrology Association
Shohei Oishi, Naoko Suzuki, Yuri Hasui, Tsuyoshi Homma, Masanori Obana, Takahiro Nagayama, Yasushi Fujio
Heart failure often presents with prognosis-relevant impaired renal function. To investigate whether the chronic activation of guanylate cyclase-A (GC-A) protects both heart and kidney, we examined the effects of TDT, a neprilysin (NEP)-resistant natriuretic peptide (NP) derivative, on cardiac and renal dysfunction in Dahl salt-sensitive hypertensive rats (DS rats). Pretreatment with NEP or NEP inhibitor did not influence GC-A activation by TDT both in vitro and in vivo, resulting in a long-acting profile of TDT compared to native human atrial NP (hANP)...
October 11, 2017: Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Chenyin Wang, Valeria Saar, Ka Lai Leung, Liang Chen, Garry Wong
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by the presence of extracellular amyloid plaques consisting of Amyloid-β peptide (Aβ) aggregates and neurofibrillary tangles formed by aggregation of hyperphosphorylated microtubule-associated protein tau. We generated a novel invertebrate model of AD by crossing Aβ1-42 (strain CL2355) with either pro-aggregating tau (strain BR5270) or anti-aggregating tau (strain BR5271) pan-neuronal expressing transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans...
October 2, 2017: Neurobiology of Disease
Li Huang, Wee Chong Tan, Lin Wang, Bowei Dong, Chengkuo Lee, Kah-Wee Ang
The narrow band gap property of black phosphorus (BP) that bridges the energy gap between graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides holds great promise for enabling broadband optical detection from ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths. Despite its rich potential as an intriguing building block for optoelectronic applications, however, very little progress has been made in realizing BP-based infrared photodetectors. Here, we demonstrate a high sensitivity BP phototransistor that operates at a short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) of 2 μm under room temperature...
October 18, 2017: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Aki Takazaki, Kazuo Eda, Toshiyuki Osakai, Takahito Nakajima
The answer to the question "Can electron-rich oxygen (O(2-)) withdraw electrons from metal centers?" is seemingly simple, but how the electron population on the M atom behaves when the O-M distance changes is a matter of controversy. A case study has been conducted for Keggin-type polyoxometalate (POM) complexes, and the first-principles electronic structure calculations were carried out not only for real POM species but also for "hypothetical" ones whose heteroatom was replaced with a point charge. From the results of natural population analysis, it was proven that even an electron-rich O(2-), owing to its larger electronegativity as a neutral atom, withdraws electrons when electron redistribution occurs by the change of the bond length...
September 29, 2017: Journal of Physical Chemistry. A
Longhui Li, Ying-Ping Wang, Jason Beringer, Hao Shi, James Cleverly, Lei Cheng, Derek Eamus, Alfredo Huete, Lindsay Hutley, Xingjie Lu, Shilong Piao, Lu Zhang, Yongqiang Zhang, Qiang Yu
Non-forest ecosystems (predominant in semi-arid and arid regions) contribute significantly to the increasing trend and interannual variation of land carbon uptake over the last three decades, yet the mechanisms are poorly understood. By analysing the flux measurements from 23 ecosystems in Australia, we found the the correlation between gross primary production (GPP) and ecosystem respiration (Re) was significant for non-forest ecosystems, but was not for forests. In non-forest ecosystems, both GPP and Re increased with rainfall, and, consequently net ecosystem production (NEP) increased with rainfall...
September 15, 2017: Scientific Reports
E I Nep, M H Mahdi, A O Adebisi, C Dawson, K Walton, P J Bills, B R Conway, A M Smith, K Asare-Addo
Co-administration of drugs with alcohol can affect the plasma concentration of drugs in patients. It is also known that the excipients used in the formulation of drugs may not always be resistant to alcohol. This study evaluates effect of varying alcohol concentrations on theophylline release from two grades of Grewia mollis polysaccharides. X-ray microtomography showed that native polysaccharide formulation compacts were not homogenous after the mixing process resulting in its failure in swelling studies. Removal of starch from the native polysaccharide resulted in homogenous formulation compacts resistant to damage in high alcoholic media in pH 6...
September 10, 2017: International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Yan Chen, Maryam Pourabdollah, Eshetu G Atenafu, Anne Tierens, Aaron Schimmer, Hong Chang
In the recent update of WHO classification, the definition of myeloid neoplasms with erythroid predominance has been modified shifting the main criteria for calculating blast percentage from non-erythroid cells (NEC) to all nucleated marrow cells (ANC). Thus, the cases previously classified as erythroid/myeloid subtype of acute erythroid leukemia (AEL) based on the 2008 WHO will now be categorized either as myelodysplastic syndrome with excess blasts (MDS-EB) or acute myeloid leukemia, not otherwise specified (AML-NOS)...
October 2017: Leukemia Research
Shawn E Larson, Toby S Daly-Engel, Nicole M Phillips
Conservation genetics is an applied science that utilizes molecular tools to help solve problems in species conservation and management. It is an interdisciplinary specialty in which scientists apply the study of genetics in conjunction with traditional ecological fieldwork and other techniques to explore molecular variation, population boundaries, and evolutionary relationships with the goal of enabling resource managers to better protect biodiversity and identify unique populations. Several shark species in the northeast Pacific (NEP) have been studied using conservation genetics techniques, which are discussed here...
2017: Advances in Marine Biology
Mary E Matta, Cindy A Tribuzio, David A Ebert, Kenneth J Goldman, Christopher M Gburski
In addition to being an academic endeavour, the practical purpose of conducting age and growth studies on fishes is to provide biological data to stock assessment scientists and fisheries managers so they may better understand population demographics and manage exploitation rates. Age and size data are used to build growth models, which are a critical component of stock assessments. Though age determination of elasmobranchs in the northeast Pacific Ocean (NEP) began in the 1930s, the field has evolved substantially in recent years, allowing scientists to incorporate age data into assessments for more species than ever before...
2017: Advances in Marine Biology
Jonathan C P Reum, Gregory D Williams, Chris J Harvey
Stable isotopes are used to address a wide range of ecological questions and can help researchers and managers better understand the movement and trophic ecology of sharks. Here, we review how shark studies from the Northeast Pacific Ocean (NEP) have employed stable isotopes to estimate trophic level and diet composition and infer movement and habitat-use patterns. To date, the number of NEP shark studies that have used stable isotopes is limited, suggesting that the approach is underutilized. To aid shark researchers in understanding the strengths and limitations of the approach, we provide a brief overview of carbon and nitrogen stable isotope trophic discrimination properties (e...
2017: Advances in Marine Biology
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