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François Angoulvant, Xavier Bellêttre, Karen Milcent, Jean-Paul Teglas, Isabelle Claudet, Christèle Gras Le Guen, Loïc de Pontual, Philippe Minodier, François Dubos, Jacques Brouard, Valérie Soussan-Banini, Vanessa Degas-Bussiere, Amélie Gatin, Cyril Schweitzer, Ralph Epaud, Amélie Ryckewaert, Pierrick Cros, Yves Marot, Philippe Flahaut, Pascal Saunier, Philippe Babe, Géraldine Patteau, Mathilde Delebarre, Luigi Titomanlio, Bénédicte Vrignaud, Thanh-Van Trieu, Abdelilah Tahir, Delphine Regnard, Pascale Micheau, Oussama Charara, Simon Henry, Dominique Ploin, Henri Panjo, Astrid Vabret, Jean Bouyer, Vincent Gajdos
Importance: Acute bronchiolitis is the leading cause of hospitalization among infants. Previous studies, underpowered to examine hospital admission, have found a limited benefit of nebulized hypertonic saline (HS) treatment in the pediatric emergency department (ED). Objective: To examine whether HS nebulization treatment would decrease the hospital admission rate among infants with a first episode of acute bronchiolitis. Design, Setting, and Participants: The Efficacy of 3% Hypertonic Saline in Acute Viral Bronchiolitis (GUERANDE) study was a multicenter, double-blind randomized clinical trial on 2 parallel groups conducted during 2 bronchiolitis seasons (October through March) from October 15, 2012, through April 15, 2014, at 24 French pediatric EDs...
June 5, 2017: JAMA Pediatrics
Violeta Rus, Vinh Nguyen, Alexandru Tatomir, Jason R Lees, Armugam P Mekala, Dallas Boodhoo, Cosmin A Tegla, Irina G Luzina, Paul A Antony, Cornelia D Cudrici, Tudor C Badea, Horea G Rus
Th17 cells play a critical role in autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis and its animal model, experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Response gene to complement (RGC)-32 is a cell cycle regulator and a downstream target of TGF-β that mediates its profibrotic activity. In this study, we report that RGC-32 is preferentially upregulated during Th17 cell differentiation. RGC-32(-/-) mice have normal Th1, Th2, and regulatory T cell differentiation but show defective Th17 differentiation in vitro...
May 15, 2017: Journal of Immunology: Official Journal of the American Association of Immunologists
Dana Schneider, Virginia P Slaughter, Paul E Dux
Theory of Mind (ToM) is thought to play a key role in social information processing as it refers to the ability of individuals to represent the mental states of others (e.g., intentions, desires, beliefs). A provocative hypothesis has been put forward which espouses the existence of two ToM systems: one that is implicit and involves the automatic analysis of the belief states of others and another that is not automatic and is involved in explicitly reasoning about others' mental states. Recently, Phillips et al...
February 8, 2017: Cognition
Daniel Hewes, Alexandru Tatomir, Adam M Kruszewski, Gautam Rao, Cosmin A Tegla, Jonathan Ciriello, Vingh Nguyen, Walter Royal, Christopher Bever, Violeta Rus, Horea Rus
SIRT1, a NAD dependent histone and protein deacetylase, is a member of the histone deacetylase class III family. We previously showed that SIRT1 mRNA expression is significantly lower in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients during relapses than in stable patients. We have now investigated SIRT1 as a possible biomarker to predict relapse as well as responsiveness to glatiramer acetate (GA) treatment in relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) patients. Over the course of 2years, a cohort of 15 GA-treated RRMS patients were clinically monitored using the Expanded Disability Status Scale and assessed for MS relapses...
January 19, 2017: Experimental and Molecular Pathology
Guillaume Saliou, Irène Vraka, Jean-Paul Teglas, Marie-Victoire Senat, Philippe Durand, Claire Colmant, Augustin Ozanne, Jelena Martinovic, Pierre Tissiere, Catherine Adamsbaum
OBJECTIVE: Although vein of Galen aneurysmal malformations (VGAM) can be diagnosed in the fetus, the challenge is predicting the occurrence of its 2 major complications: cardiopulmonary failure and encephalomalacia. This study attempts to determine which fetal brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) features might be used to predict the development of these complications at birth. METHODS: The cohort was extracted from a prospectively assembled database of VGAM cases managed at a single referral center from 2000 to 2014...
February 2017: Annals of Neurology
László Nánássy, Gyöngyvér Téglás, Marianna Csenki, Attila Vereczkey
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis for single gene defects is a well established method in assisted reproductive technologies. Karyomapping is a genome wide parental haplotyping using a high density single nucleotide polymorphism array that allows the diagnosis of any single gene defects. A couple with an affected child with primary congenital glaucoma attended at our clinic. Six oocyte-cumulus-complex was retrieved and all three mature oocytes were inseminated. One zygote showed the signs of normal fertilization and was cultured for five days...
December 2016: Orvosi Hetilap
Franziska C Sandmeier, Chava L Weitzman, K Nichole Maloney, C Richard Tracy, Nathan Nieto, Mike B Teglas, Kenneth W Hunter, Sally DuPré, C M Gienger, Michael W Tuma
Pathogens that cause subclinical diseases or exhibit low infection intensities are difficult to quantify in wild populations. Mojave desert tortoises ( Gopherus agassizii ) have been the focus of much research aimed at measuring the presence of upper respiratory disease (URTD) and URTD-associated pathogens, and techniques used to quantify disease in Gopherus species have also been used for disease surveillance in other species of turtles and tortoises of conservation concern. Published surveys of G. agassizii populations have found a relatively low prevalence of URTD, with most URTD-positive animals exhibiting moderate, intermittent signs of morbidity...
January 2017: Journal of Wildlife Diseases
Ernő Téglás, Luca L Bonatti
Infants look at physically impossible events longer than at physically possible events, and at improbable events longer than at probable events. Such behaviors are generally interpreted as showing that infants have expectations about future events and are surprised to see them violated. It is unknown, however, whether and under what conditions infants form proactive expectations about the future, as opposed to realizing post hoc that outcomes do not comply with their previous knowledge or experience. Here we investigate the relation between expectation and surprise at probabilistic or deterministic events in preverbal infants...
December 2016: Cognition
G Saliou, I Vraka, J Teglas, M Senat, P Durand, C Colmant, A Ozanne, J Martinovic, P Tissieres, C Adamsbaum
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2016: Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology
Nilesh Jeevandas Washnik, Susan L Phillips, Sandra Teglas
Previous studies have shown that collegiate level music students are exposed to potentially hazardous sound levels. Compared to professional musicians, collegiate level music students typically do not perform as frequently, but they are exposed to intense sounds during practice and rehearsal sessions. The purpose of the study was to determine the full-day exposure dose including individual practice and ensemble rehearsals for collegiate student musicians. Sixty-seven college students of classical music were recruited representing 17 primary instruments...
March 2016: Noise & Health
Thierry Prazuck, Stephen Karon, Camelia Gubavu, Jerome Andre, Jean Marie Legall, Elisabeth Bouvet, Georges Kreplak, Jean Paul Teglas, Gilles Pialoux
BACKGROUND: In 2013, the French Health Authority approved the use of HIV self-tests in pharmacies for the general public. This screening tool will allow an increase in the number of screenings and a reduction in the delay between infection and diagnosis, thus reducing the risk of further infections. We previously compared 5 HIV-self test candidates (4 oral fluid and one whole blood) and demonstrated that the whole blood HIV test exhibited the optimal level of performance (sensitivity/specificity)...
2016: PloS One
B Morel, G Antoni, J P Teglas, I Bloch, C Adamsbaum
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 2016: Neuroradiology
B Morel, G Antoni, J P Teglas, I Bloch, C Adamsbaum
INTRODUCTION: White matter (WM) analysis in neonatal brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is challenging, as demonstrated by the issue of diffuse excessive high signal intensity (DEHSI). We evaluated the reliability of the radiologist's eye in this context. METHODS: Three experienced observers graded the WM signal intensity on axial T2-weighted 1.5T images from 60 different premature newborns on 2 occasions 4 weeks apart with a semi-quantitative classification under identical viewing conditions...
February 2016: Neuroradiology
Adam M Kruszewski, Gautam Rao, Alexandru Tatomir, Daniel Hewes, Cosmin A Tegla, Cornelia D Cudrici, Vingh Nguyen, Walter Royal, Christopher T Bever, Violeta Rus, Horea Rus
Currently there is critical need for the identification of reliable biomarkers to help guide clinical management of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. We investigated the combined roles of Response Gene to Complement 32 (RGC-32), FasL, CDC2, AKT, and IL-21 as possible biomarkers of relapse and response to glatiramer acetate (GA) treatment in relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) patients. Over the course of 2 years, a cohort of 15 GA-treated RRMS patients was clinically monitored and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) were collected at 0, 3, 6, and 12 months...
December 2015: Experimental and Molecular Pathology
Jonathan Phillips, Desmond C Ong, Andrew D R Surtees, Yijing Xin, Samantha Williams, Rebecca Saxe, Michael C Frank
In recent work, Kovács, Téglás, and Endress (2010) argued that human adults automatically represented other agents' beliefs even when those beliefs were completely irrelevant to the task being performed. In a series of 13 experiments, we replicated these previous findings but demonstrated that the effects found arose from artifacts in the experimental paradigm. In particular, the critical findings demonstrating automatic belief computation were driven by inconsistencies in the timing of an attention check, and thus do not provide evidence for automatic theory of mind in adults...
September 2015: Psychological Science
Susan L Phillips, Scott J Richter, Sandra L Teglas, Ishan S Bhatt, Robin C Morehouse, Elizabeth R Hauser, Vincent C Henrich
OBJECTIVE: Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a worldwide health problem and a growing concern among young people. Although some people appear to be more susceptible to NIHL, genetic association studies lack a specific phenotype. We tested the feasibility of a bilateral 4000-6000 Hz audiometric notch as a phenotype for identifying genetic contributions to hearing loss in young adults. DESIGN: A case-control-control study was conducted to examine selected SNPs in 52 genes previously associated with hearing loss and/or expressed in the cochlea...
2015: International Journal of Audiology
Cosmin A Tegla, Cornelia D Cudrici, Vinh Nguyen, Jacob Danoff, Adam M Kruszewski, Dallas Boodhoo, Armugam P Mekala, Sonia I Vlaicu, Ching Chen, Violeta Rus, Tudor C Badea, Horea Rus
We have previously shown that RGC-32 is involved in cell cycle regulation in vitro. To define the in vivo role of RGC-32, we generated RGC-32 knockout mice. These mice developed normally and did not spontaneously develop overt tumors. To assess the effect of RGC-32 deficiency on cell cycle activation in T cells, we determined the proliferative rates of CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells from the spleens of RGC-32(-/-) mice, as compared to wild-type (WT, RGC-32(+/+)) control mice. After stimulation with anti-CD3/anti-CD28, CD4(+) T cells from RGC-32(-/-) mice displayed a significant increase in [(3)H]-thymidine incorporation when compared to WT mice...
June 2015: Experimental and Molecular Pathology
Molly J Bechtel, Michael B Teglas, Peter J Murphy, Marjorie D Matocq
Patterns of host-parasite association may vary across the landscape in part because of host and parasite diversity, divergence, local ecology, or interactions among these factors. In central coastal California, we quantified parasite prevalence, infection intensity, and diversity in two sister species of woodrats (Neotoma fuscipes and Neotoma macrotis) where the species co-occur (sympatry) and where each species exists alone (allopatry). In feces from 50 adults we identified seven taxa: the protozoans Eimeria, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium, the nematodes Trichuris, Aspicularis, and Eucoleus, and a cestode in the family Anoplocephalidae...
April 2015: Journal of Wildlife Diseases
Alvaro Martin, Cosmin A Tegla, Cornelia D Cudrici, Adam M Kruszewski, Philippe Azimzadeh, Dallas Boodhoo, Armugam P Mekala, Violeta Rus, Horea Rus
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a demyelinating disease characterized by chronic inflammation of the central nervous system, in which many factors can act together to influence disease susceptibility and progression. SIRT1 is a member of the histone deacetylase class III family of proteins and is an NAD(+)-dependent histone and protein deacetylase. SIRT1 can induce chromatin silencing through the deacetylation of histones and plays an important role as a key regulator of a wide variety of cellular and physiological processes including DNA damage, cell survival, metabolism, aging, and neurodegeneration...
March 2015: Immunologic Research
Nathan C Nieto, Mike B Teglas
Wild rodent reservoir host species were surveyed prospectively for infection with Borrelia hermsii, the causative agent of tick-borne relapsing fever in the western United States. Trapping occurred during the summer of 2009-2012 at field sites surrounding Big Bear Lake, CA, a region where human infection has been reported for many years. Using quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR), we tested 207 rodents from 11 species and found chipmunks (Tamias spp.) and a woodrat (Neotoma macrotis) infected. Chipmunks represented the majority of captures at these sites...
September 2014: Journal of Medical Entomology
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