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Masaki Odahara, Yusuke Kobayashi, Toshiharu Shikanai, Yoshiki Nishimura
The chloroplast (cp) genome is organized as nucleoids that are dispersed throughout the cp stroma. Previously, a cp homolog of bacterial recombinase RecA (cpRECA) was shown to be involved in maintenance of cp genome integrity by repairing damaged cpDNA and by suppressing aberrant recombination between short dispersed repeats (SDRs) in the moss Physcomitrella patens. Here, overexpression and knockdown analysis of cpRECA in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii revealed that cpRECA was involved in cp nucleoid dynamics as well as having a role in maintaining cp genome integrity...
October 17, 2016: Plant Physiology
Arivudainambi Kayal, Viswanathan Mohan, Belma Malanda, Ranjit Mohan Anjana, Balaji Bhavadharini, Manni Mohanraj Mahalakshmi, Kumar Maheswari, Ram Uma, Ranjit Unnikrishnan, Gunasekaran Kalaiyarasi, Lyudmil Ninov, Anne Belton
AIM: The Women In India with GDM Strategy (WINGS) project was conducted with the aim of developing a model of care (MOC) suitable for women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) in low- and middle-income countries. METHODOLOGY: The WINGS project was carried out in Chennai, Southern India, in two phases. In Phase I, a situational analysis was conducted to understand the practice patterns of health-care professionals and to determine the best screening criteria through a pilot screening study...
September 2016: Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Jerzy Moc
We present a detailed mechanistic study on the interaction and reaction of water monomer and water dimer with the smallest 3D aluminum particle (Al6) by employing density functional and explicitly correlated coupled cluster CCSD(T)-F12 theories, the latter with the cc-pVnZ-F12 (n=T,Q) basis sets. The water adsorption, dissociation and dehydrogenation is investigated. For the water monomer reaction, where core-valence correlation, Kohn-Sham reference and an extrapolation to the complete basis set limit is considered, our coupled cluster results suggest the O-H dissociation barrier of at least 2 kcal/mol...
October 7, 2016: Journal of Physical Chemistry. A
David A Cook, Morris J Blachman, Colin P West, Christopher M Wittich
OBJECTIVES: To determine physicians' perceptions of current maintenance of certification (MOC) activities and to explore how perceptions vary across specialties, practice characteristics, and physician characteristics, including burnout. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We conducted an Internet and paper survey among a national cross-specialty random sample of licensed US physicians from September 23, 2015, through April 18, 2016. The questionnaire included 13 MOC items, 2 burnout items, and demographic variables...
October 2016: Mayo Clinic Proceedings
Lisa Frappier
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 4, 2016: Rhode Island Medical Journal
J Anthony Parker
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2016: Journal of Nuclear Medicine: Official Publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine
Paul E Wallner, Anthony Gerdeman, Jennifer M Willis, Anthony L Zietman
Based on data obtained from clinical practice analysis (CPA) surveys performed in 2010 and 2013, and with input from its maintenance of certification (MOC) advisory committee, the American Board of Radiology (ABR) recognized that the changing nature of radiation oncology practice patterns warranted revisions of its MOC Part III cognitive examination. One significant revision was the introduction of a modular examination that allowed diplomates to select specific areas of clinical interest. The module-based items represented 30% (60 of 200) of total examination content...
May 7, 2016: Practical Radiation Oncology
Ekarat Phattarataratip, Marisa Masorn, Werapong Jarupoonphol, Sirinpaporn Supatthanayut, Pichanee Saeoweiang
Epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM) is the epithelial-specific molecule expressed on various epithelial cell types. The function of EpCAM involves cellular adhesion, proliferation, and signaling in both normal tissues and cancers. The purposes of this study were to investigate the EpCAM expression in salivary gland neoplasms and examine its relationship with pathologic characteristics. Forty-two cases of salivary gland neoplasms, including 20 mucoepidermoid carcinomas (MECs), 11 adenoid cystic carcinomas (ACCs), 9 pleomorphic adenomas (PAs), and 2 polymorphous low-grade adenocarcinomas (PLGAs) were enrolled...
October 2016: Annals of Diagnostic Pathology
Ikram Taam, Khouloud Boussouni, Bouchaib Redouane, Touriya Amil, Rachida Saouab
Myositis ossificans circumscripta (MOC) is a rare condition characterized by nontumoral heterotopic ossification of the soft tissues. This condition affects young subjects, occurring mainly after trauma. It is ubiquitous, predominantly located in girdles and limbs. We report the case of a young patient with paravertebral MOC without traumatic context; the aim of this study was to recall diagnostic criteria and imaging aspects.
2016: Pan African Medical Journal
Mark N Read, Kieran Alden, Louis M Rose, Jon Timmis
Computational agent-based simulation (ABS) is increasingly used to complement laboratory techniques in advancing our understanding of biological systems. Calibration, the identification of parameter values that align simulation with biological behaviours, becomes challenging as increasingly complex biological domains are simulated. Complex domains cannot be characterized by single metrics alone, rendering simulation calibration a fundamentally multi-metric optimization problem that typical calibration techniques cannot handle...
September 2016: Journal of the Royal Society, Interface
Amy Lynn Sorrel
Maintenance of certification (MOC) has long riled the nation's physicians over what doctors say are costly, burdensome, and frivolous programs. Many physicians also question the financial motives of the certifying boards and debate the impact of MOC on patient outcomes.
2016: Texas Medicine
Christian Simon Gloor, Fabrice Dénès, Philippe Renaud
The effects of memory of chirality (MoC) in reactions involving monoradical species are reviewed here. Reactions involving a non-racemic chiral starting material bearing a single stereogenic element such as a chiral center or chiral axis directly involved in the new bond formation are discussed. These reactions lead to a non-racemic product via an intermediate susceptible to rapid racemization. Memory of chirality has been observed in cyclic radicals, aryl, ester/amide substituted acyclic radicals, and benzylic radicals at temperatures up to 130°C...
September 6, 2016: Free Radical Research
Tanya Horsley, Katherine Moreau, Jocelyn Lockyer, Jeanie Zeiter, Lara Varpio, Craig Campbell
INTRODUCTION: Maintenance of Certification (MOC) programs are facing competing pressures from physicians and regulators to design and deliver systems that ensure physicians sustain or maintain competence postcertification. Adding to these pressures is an emerging discourse of dissatisfaction by physicians participating in MOC programs suggesting physicians themselves are seeking programs that are relevant to their scope of practice. The object was to determine Canadian specialists' views of a redesigned Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Canada's MOC program in five priority areas: complexity, motivation, impact, credit sufficiency, and enhancement...
2016: Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions
Tae Hwan Noh, Ok-Sang Jung
Tailor-made molecular channel architectures are a hot issue in the fields of nanotechnology, molecular sieves, ion sensors, recognition, confined space reactors, and fluidic transport systems. Carbon nanotubes have been a particular focus, though they cannot easily be synthesized to predefined structures and sizes. Rational design and construction of molecular channel structures based on coordination chemistry has been recognized as a useful approach. Metal-organic channel (MOC) structures can be generated by utilizing, at least in principle, molecular self-assembly of metal ions as angular units with designed ligands as spacers...
September 20, 2016: Accounts of Chemical Research
Hyuna Lee, Dae Shik Kim, Sang Geun Ha, Inwook Choi, Jong Min Lee, Jong Hwan Sung
A multi-organ-on-a-chip (MOC), also known as a human-on-a-chip, aims to simulate whole body response to drugs by connecting microscale cell cultures of multiple tissue types via fluidic channels and reproducing the interaction between them. While several studies have demonstrated the usefulness of MOC at a proof-of-concept level, improvements are needed to enable wider acceptance of such systems; ease of use for general biological researchers, and a mathematical framework to design and interpret the MOC systems...
August 29, 2016: Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Susana Flores, Iván Montenegro, Joan Villena, Mauricio Cuellar, Enrique Werner, Patricio Godoy, Alejandro Madrid
A series of novel oxyalkylchalcones substituted with alkyl groups were designed and synthesized, and the antioomycete activity of the series was evaluated in vitro against Saprolegnia strains. All tested O-alkylchalcones were synthesized by means of nucleophilic substitution from the natural compound 2',4'-dihydroxychalcone (1) and the respective alkyl bromide. The natural chalcone (1) and 10 synthetic oxyalkylchalcones (2-11) were tested against Saprolegnia parasitica and Saprolegnia australis. Among synthetic analogs, 2-hydroxy,4-farnesyloxychalcone (11) showed the most potent activity against Saprolegnia sp...
2016: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Mark D Fletcher, Katrin Krumbholz, Jessica de Boer
The active cochlear mechanism amplifies responses to low-intensity sounds, compresses the range of input sound intensities to a smaller output range, and increases cochlear frequency selectivity. The gain of the active mechanism can be modulated by the medial olivocochlear (MOC) efferent system, creating the possibility of top-down control at the earliest level of auditory processing. In humans, MOC function has mostly been measured by the suppression of otoacoustic emissions (OAEs), typically as a result of MOC activation by a contralateral elicitor sound...
August 22, 2016: Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology: JARO
Margaret Riley, Sana Ahmed, Jennifer Lane, Barbara D Reed, Amy Locke
STUDY OBJECTIVE: Providing adolescents with confidential health care results in better social and health outcomes. We sought to assess if a medical board Maintenance of Certification Part IV (MOC IV) project could improve the delivery of confidential care to minor adolescent patients seen in outpatient primary care practices. DESIGN: Participating physicians reviewed three months of charts for patients ages 12 through 17 seen for well visits during a baseline time period, and after two Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) intervention cycles to assess if they had met confidentiality standards...
August 16, 2016: Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology
Tomer Fekete, Cees van Leeuwen, Shimon Edelman
A computational theory of consciousness should include a quantitative measure of consciousness, or MoC, that (i) would reveal to what extent a given system is conscious, (ii) would make it possible to compare not only different systems, but also the same system at different times, and (iii) would be graded, because so is consciousness. However, unless its design is properly constrained, such an MoC gives rise to what we call the boundary problem: an MoC that labels a system as conscious will do so for some-perhaps most-of its subsystems, as well as for irrelevantly extended systems (e...
2016: Frontiers in Psychology
Emerson Alves Dos Santos, Alex-Alan Furtado de Almeida, Dario Ahnert, Marcia Christina da Silva Branco, Raúl René Valle, Virupax C Baligar
This study aimed to estimate the combining ability, of T. cacao genotypes preselected for drought tolerance through diallel crosses. The experiment was conducted under greenhouse conditions at the Cacao Research Center (CEPEC), Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil, in a completely randomized block design, in an experimental arrangement 21 x 2 [21 complete diallel crosses and two water regimes (control and stressed)]. In the control, soil moisture was kept close to field capacity, with predawn leaf water potential (ΨWL) ranging from -0...
2016: PloS One
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