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Cota Francesco

Francesca Serrao, Patrizia Papacci, Simonetta Costa, Carmen Giannantonio, Francesco Cota, Giovanni Vento, Costantino Romagnoli
AIMS: Preterm breast milk contains high levels of bioactive components, including insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), that are reduced by Holder pasteurization. Animal studies have shown that milk-borne IGF-1 is likely absorbed intact in a bioactive form by the intestines. The aim of this study was to assess if early non-pasteurized expressed breast milk nutrition may affect IGF-1 plasma levels in premature infants. We also investigated the possible association between early expressed milk nutrition and short-term outcomes...
2016: PloS One
Giovanni Galati, Lorenzo Rampa, Umberto Vespasiani-Gentilucci, Mirella Marino, Francesco Pisani, Carlo Cota, Alessandro Guidi, Antonio Picardi
B cells lymphoma is one of the most challenging extra-hepatic manifestations of hepatitis C virus (HCV). Recently, a new kind of B-cell lymphoma, named double-hit B (DHL), was characterized with an aggressive clinical course whereas a potential association with HCV was not investigated. The new antiviral direct agents (DAAs) against HCV are effective and curative in the majority of HCV infections. We report the first case, to our knowledge, of DHL and HCV-infection successfully treated by new DAAs. According to our experience, a DHL must be suspected in case of HCV-related lymphoma, and an early diagnosis could direct towards a different hematological management because a worse prognosis might be expected...
October 18, 2016: World Journal of Hepatology
Giovanni Vento, Roberta Pastorino, Luca Boni, Francesco Cota, Virgilio Carnielli, Filip Cools, Carlo Dani, Fabio Mosca, Jane Pillow, Graeme Polglase, Paolo Tagliabue, Anton H van Kaam, Maria Luisa Ventura, Milena Tana, Chiara Tirone, Claudia Aurilia, Alessandra Lio, Cinzia Ricci, Alessandro Gambacorta, Chiara Consigli, Danila D'Onofrio, Camilla Gizzi, Luca Massenzi, Viviana Cardilli, Alessandra Casati, Roberto Bottino, Federica Pontiggia, Elena Ciarmoli, Stefano Martinelli, Laura Ilardi, Mariarosa Colnaghi, Piero Giuseppe Matassa, Valentina Vendettuoli, Paolo Villani, Francesca Fusco, Diego Gazzolo, Alberto Ricotti, Federica Ferrero, Ilaria Stasi, Rosario Magaldi, Gianfranco Maffei, Giuseppe Presta, Roberto Perniola, Francesco Messina, Giovanna Montesano, Chiara Poggi, Lucio Giordano, Enza Roma, Carolina Grassia, Gaetano Ausanio, Fabrizio Sandri, Giovanna Mescoli, Francesco Giura, Giampaolo Garani, Agostina Solinas, Maria Lucente, Gabriella Nigro, Antonello Del Vecchio, Flavia Petrillo, Luigi Orfeo, Lidia Grappone, Lorenzo Quartulli, Antonio Scorrano, Hubert Messner, Alex Staffler, Giancarlo Gargano, Eleonora Balestri, Stefano Nobile, Caterina Cacace, Valerio Meli, Sara Dallaglio, Betta Pasqua, Loretta Mattia, Eloisa Gitto, Marcello Vitaliti, Maria Paola Re, Stefania Vedovato, Alessandra Grison, Alberto Berardi, Francesco Torcetta, Isotta Guidotti, Sandra di Fabio, Eugenia Maranella, Isabella Mondello, Stefano Visentin, Francesca Tormena
BACKGROUND: Although beneficial in clinical practice, the INtubate-SURfactant-Extubate (IN-SUR-E) method is not successful in all preterm neonates with respiratory distress syndrome, with a reported failure rate ranging from 19 to 69 %. One of the possible mechanisms responsible for the unsuccessful IN-SUR-E method, requiring subsequent re-intubation and mechanical ventilation, is the inability of the preterm lung to achieve and maintain an "optimal" functional residual capacity. The importance of lung recruitment before surfactant administration has been demonstrated in animal studies showing that recruitment leads to a more homogeneous surfactant distribution within the lungs...
August 18, 2016: Trials
Domenico M Romeo, Simona Lucibello, Elisa Musto, Claudia Brogna, Gloria Ferrantini, Chiara Velli, Francesco Cota, Daniela Ricci, Eugenio Mercuri
OBJECTIVE: To provide a revision of the Beighton score adapted for children younger than the age of 5 years, to apply the revised version in a cohort of preschool age children, and to verify the reliability of the revised version in a cohort of preschool children with genetic syndromes associated with hypermobility. STUDY DESIGN: The revised Beighton score was applied in a population of preschool children to evaluate joint hypermobility in 5 parts of the body, bilaterally (passive dorsiflexion of the fifth finger; passive hyperextension of the elbow; passive hyperextension of the knee; passive apposition of the thumb to the flexor side of the forearm; passive dorsiflexion of the ankle joint)...
September 2016: Journal of Pediatrics
Maria Pia De Carolis, Carmen Cocca, Francesco Cota, Giovanni Pinna, Serena Antonia Rubortone, Costantino Romagnoli, Lorenzo Mirabile, Paola Serio
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2016: Pediatrics and Neonatology
Domenico M Romeo, Claudia Brogna, Francesca Sini, Mario G Romeo, Francesco Cota, Daniela Ricci
BACKGROUND: The influence of gestational age and gender in the neurodevelopment of infants during the first year of age is not yet fully elucidated. AIMS: The purpose of this study was to identify the early occurrence of neurodevelopmental differences, between very preterm, late preterm and term born infants and the possible influence of the gender on the neurodevelopment in early infancy. METHODS: A total of 188 low-risk infants, 69 very preterms, 71 late-preterms, and 48 term infants were assessed at 3, 6, 9, 12 months corrected age using the Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination (HINE)...
July 2016: European Journal of Paediatric Neurology: EJPN
Eloisa Tiberi, Francesco Cota, Giovanni Barone, Alessandro Perri, Valerio Romano, Rossella Iannotta, Costantino Romagnoli, Enrico Zecca
BACKGROUND: Continuous glucose monitoring using subcutaneous sensors has been validated in adults and children with diabetes, and was found to be useful in the management of glucose control. We aimed to assess feasibility and reliability of a new continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) in a population of preterm neonates using a Clarke error grid (CEG) specifically modified for preterm infants. METHODS: Preterm infants were recruited within 24 h from delivery...
March 9, 2016: Italian Journal of Pediatrics
Azeem Latib, Toru Naganuma, Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, Haim Danenberg, Linda Cota, Marco Barbanti, Helmut Baumgartner, Ariel Finkelstein, Victor Legrand, José Suárez de Lezo, Joelle Kefer, David Messika-Zeitoun, Gert Richardt, Eugenio Stabile, Gerrit Kaleschke, Alec Vahanian, Jean-Claude Laborde, Martin B Leon, John G Webb, Vasileios F Panoulas, Francesco Maisano, Ottavio Alfieri, Antonio Colombo
BACKGROUND: Valve thrombosis has yet to be fully evaluated after transcatheter aortic valve implantation. This study aimed to report the prevalence, timing, and treatment of transcatheter heart valve (THV) thrombosis. METHODS AND RESULTS: THV thrombosis was defined as follows (1) THV dysfunction secondary to thrombosis diagnosed based on response to anticoagulation therapy, imaging modality or histopathology findings, or (2) mobile mass detected on THV suspicious of thrombus, irrespective of dysfunction and in absence of infection...
April 2015: Circulation. Cardiovascular Interventions
Milena Tana, Graeme R Polglase, Francesco Cota, Chiara Tirone, Claudia Aurilia, Alessandra Lio, Cinzia Ricci, Costantino Romagnoli, Giovanni Vento
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the changes in end-expiratory lung volume during an oxygenation-guided stepwise recruitment procedure in elective high-frequency ventilation. We hypothesized that high continuous distending pressure impedes pulmonary blood flow as evidenced by reduced lung volume measurements using respiratory inductive plethysmography. Changes in oxygenation, ventilation, and peripheral perfusion were evaluated as secondary outcomes. DESIGN: A prospective, single center, observational, nonrandomized study...
August 2015: Critical Care Medicine
Antonio Alberto Zuppa, Giovanni Alighieri, Riccardo Riccardi, Maria Cavani, Alma Iafisco, Francesco Cota, Costantino Romagnoli
The objective of our study is to evaluate the correlation between epidural analgesia during labor, start of breastfeeding and type of maternal-neonatal care.Two different assistance models were considered: Partial and Full Rooming-in.In this cohort study, 2480 healthy infants were enrolled, 1519 in the Partial Rooming-in group and 1321 in the Full Rooming-in group; 1223 were born to women subjected to epidural analgesia in labor.In case of Partial Rooming-in the rate of exclusive or prevailing breastfeeding is significant more frequent in newborns born to mothers who didn't receive analgesia...
2014: Italian Journal of Pediatrics
Domenico M Romeo, Claudia Brogna, Elisa Musto, Giovanni Baranello, Emanuela Pagliano, Tiziana Casalino, Daniela Ricci, Maria Mallardi, Serena Sivo, Francesco Cota, Domenica Battaglia, Oliviero Bruni, Eugenio Mercuri
OBJECTIVES: The study aimed to analyze (i) the prevalence of sleep disorders in pre-school children with cerebral palsy (CP) using the Sleep Disturbance Scale for Children (SDSC), (ii) the possible association with motor, cognitive and behavioral problems, and (iii) the possible differences with typically developing children matched for age and gender. METHODS: One-hundred children with CP (age range: 3-5 years, mean: 3.8 years) were assessed using the SDSC, the Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS), the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence, and the Child Behaviour Check List (CBCL) to assess sleep, motor, cognitive, and behavioral problems, respectively...
September 2014: Sleep Medicine
Maurizio Taramasso, Francesco Maisano, Azeem Latib, Paolo Denti, Andrea Guidotti, Alessandro Sticchi, Vasileios Panoulas, Gennaro Giustino, Alberto Pozzoli, Nicola Buzzatti, Linda Cota, Michele De Bonis, Matteo Montorfano, Alessandro Castiglioni, Andrea Blasio, Giovanni La Canna, Antonio Colombo, Ottavio Alfieri
OBJECTIVES: Paravalvular leaks (PVL) occur in up to 17% of all surgically implanted prosthetic valves. Re-operation is associated with high morbidity and mortality. Transcatheter closure via a surgical transapical approach (TAp) is an emerging alternative for selected high-risk patients with PVL. The aim of this study was to compare the in-hospital outcomes of patients who underwent surgery and TA-closure for PVL in our single-centre experience. METHODS: From October 2000 to June 2013, 139 patients with PVL were treated in our Institution...
October 2014: European Heart Journal Cardiovascular Imaging
Jo Linda M Sinagra, Elisabeth E Kanitz, Carlo Cerocchi, Carlo Cota, Ottavia Fantetti, Grazia Prignano, Pietro Donati, Enrico M Tortoli, Francesco P D'Ancona, Bruno Capitanio
Mycobacterium abscessus is emerging as an important cause of cutaneous infections in sporadic cases and outbreak settings. Although immunosuppressed or elderly patients are most commonly affected, in 2006 an outbreak of clinically distinct cutaneous lesions on the hands and feet caused by M. abscessus in a population of healthy children using a public swimming pool was reported. This article describes an outbreak of skin infection in a population of healthy Italian children attending the same school and using the same swimming pool...
May 2014: Pediatric Dermatology
Domenico M Romeo, Claudia Brogna, Michela Quintiliani, Giovanni Baranello, Emanuela Pagliano, Tiziana Casalino, Annalisa Sacco, Daniela Ricci, Maria Mallardi, Elisa Musto, Serena Sivo, Francesco Cota, Domenica Battaglia, Oliviero Bruni, Eugenio Mercuri
OBJECTIVES: We aimed to estimate the frequency of sleep disorders in children with cerebral palsy (CP) using the Sleep Disturbance Scale for Children (SDSC) and to evaluate the relations between sleep disorders and motor, cognitive, and behavioral problems. METHODS: One hundred and sixty-five children with CP ages 6-16 years (mean age, 11years) were assessed using the SDSC, the Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS), the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children and the Child Behavior Check List (CBCL) to assess sleep, motor, cognitive, and behavioral problems, respectively...
February 2014: Sleep Medicine
Federica Occhipinti, Maria Pia De Carolis, Gabriella De Rosa, Iliana Bersani, Serafina Lacerenza, Francesco Cota, Serena Antonia Rubortone, Costantino Romagnoli
OBJECTIVE: Echocardiographic flow patterns of patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) are useful to predict the development of hemodynamically significant ductus in premature infants. N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) concentrations seem to be useful to detect PDA. We investigated how NT-proBNP levels change on the basis of different flow patterns during the first day of life, and whether NT-proBNP might represent a reliable decision tool in PDA management. METHODS: Neonates with gestational age <32 weeks were assessed prospectively, using paired Doppler-echocardiographic evaluation and NT-proBNP values, at T0 (6-24 h of life), and daily until ductal closure...
November 2014: Journal of Maternal-fetal & Neonatal Medicine
Maria Pia De Carolis, Serena Antonia Rubortone, Iliana Bersani, Serafina Lacerenza, Francesco Cota, Cristina Garufi, Costantino Romagnoli
This study was conducted to determine whether or not simultaneous use of additional measures to prevent heat loss and efficient training of caregivers influenced the incidence of hypothermia at birth. Two cohorts of term/late-preterm and preterm infants were compared before (Group IA and IB) and after (Group IIA and IIB) the introduction of additional measures and a specific training of caregivers. In term/late-preterm neonates of Group IIA, admission temperature was higher (36.3°C vs 36°C; p<0.001) and incidence of hypothermia lower (61...
January 2013: Turkish Journal of Pediatrics
Simonetta Costa, Carmen Giannantonio, Costantino Romagnoli, Giovanni Vento, Jacopo Gervasoni, Silvia Persichilli, Cecilia Zuppi, Francesco Cota
OBJECTIVE: To test the hypothesis that lutein, compared to the placebo, would enhance the total antioxidant status (TAS) in the preterm infants. METHODS: Infants with gestational age (GA) ≤34 weeks were randomly assigned to receive a daily dose of lutein and zeaxanthin (0.5 mg + 0.02 mg/kg/d) or placebo from the 7th day of life until 40th week of postmenstrual age or until discharge. RESULTS: Seventy-seven preterm infants were randomized (38 in the Lutein group and 39 in the Placebo group) with mean GA of 30...
September 2013: Journal of Maternal-fetal & Neonatal Medicine
Simonetta Costa, Costantino Romagnoli, Antonio Alberto Zuppa, Francesco Cota, Antonio Scorrano, Francesca Gallini, Luca Maggio
AIM: To determine whether adding recombinant erythropoietin to the intravenous (IV) solution and administering it as a 24-h continuous infusion would result in an erythropoietic effect not inferior to that seen with subcutaneous (SC) administration. METHODS: Infants weighing ≤1500 grams and ≤32 weeks of gestational age were randomly assigned at 72 h of life to receive erythropoietin (300 units/kg, 3 times a week until 36 complete weeks of postmenstrual age or discharge), either subcutaneously [erythropoietin subcutaneous (ESC) group] or added to IV fluids [erythropoietin intravenous (EIV) group]...
June 2013: Acta Paediatrica
Antonio A Zuppa, Valentina Cardiello, Giovanni Alighieri, Francesco Cota, Annamaria D'Antuono, Riccardo Riccardi, Piero Catenazzi, Costantino Romagnoli
The overall prevalence of non-Rh-D isoimmunization seems to lie between 0.15% and 1.1%. Anti-Rh(c) alloimmunization, "little c," occurs in 0.07% of pregnancies and shows a quite broad clinical presentation. Late anemia is a frequent problem occurring in the setting of isoimmunization. It occurs more frequently after intrauterine blood transfusions or exsanguinotransfusion, and it can be thought as a hyporegenerative anemia. The authors describe the use of human recombinant erythropoietin in preventing late anemia in a case of anti-Rh(c) isoimmunization...
August 2013: Journal of Pediatric Hematology/oncology
Simonetta Costa, Francesco Cota, Costantino Romagnoli, Caterina Latella, Luca Maggio, Mikael Ghennet Tesfagabir, Francesca Gallini
UNLABELLED: HYPOTHESIS/ INTRODUCTION: In the neonatal period, many factors may interfere with aldosterone production but data currently available are few and controversial. In this study we aim to assess the early urinary aldosterone excretion (UAE) in very low birth weight (VLBW) infants and to identify some possible clinical and biochemical variables that may influence this excretion. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We conducted a prospective study in 30 VLBW infants. Aldosterone was measured in the first 72 hours of life in the urine and plasma and urinary electrolytes were determined...
June 2012: Journal of the Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone System: JRAAS
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