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Oluyemisi O Adebowale, Bawo O James
Objective: This study sought to determine the prevalence, patterns and feasibility of screening for psychoactive substance use among pregnant women in an antenatal clinic in Nigeria. It also aimed to determine the relationship between psychoactive substance use risk severity and psychiatric morbidity. Methods: A cross-sectional study was undertaken among 395 pregnant women previously booked for ante-natal care. A sociodemographic questionnaire, the Alcohol Smoking and Substance Involvement Test (ASSIST) and the 20-item self-reporting questionnaire-20 were interviewer administered...
January 2018: Nigerian Postgraduate Medical Journal
Azuka Ocheli, Anthony Uwaoma Okoro, Ovie Benjamin Ogbe, Godwin Okumagbe Aigbadon
Integrated granulometric and pebble morphometric study of Late Cretaceous rocks of the Benin Flank, Nigeria, were used to delineate depositional process and environment of the rocks in the study area. Granulometric analysis reveals that the sandstones of the Lokoja Bassange Formation have an average graphic mean (Mz) of 0.59Φ (coarse grains), inclusive graphic standard deviation (δi) of 1.36Φ (poorly sorted), graphic kurtosis (Ka) of 1.12Φ (leptokurtic), and inclusive graphic skewness (Ski) of - 0.14Φ (stongly coarse skewed)...
April 17, 2018: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
A Brembilla, J-F Faucher, A Garcia, K G Koura, P Deloron, A-L Parmentier, C Pierrat, G Cottrell, F Mauny
Background: Primary healthcare is a key element of management of childhood illness in Africa. The objectives were to identify primary care seeking determinants among infants and young children up to 18 mo in a birth cohort from Benin. Methods: From 2007 to 2009 in Benin, a birth cohort was followed until the age of 18 mo in three health centres. Multilevel Poisson regression models were fitted to identify the factors related to the monthly number of consultations...
April 5, 2018: International Health
Immo Kleinschmidt, John Bradley, Tessa Bellamy Knox, Abraham Peter Mnzava, Hmooda Toto Kafy, Charles Mbogo, Bashir Adam Ismail, Jude D Bigoga, Alioun Adechoubou, Kamaraju Raghavendra, Jackie Cook, Elfatih M Malik, Zinga José Nkuni, Michael Macdonald, Nabie Bayoh, Eric Ochomo, Etienne Fondjo, Herman Parfait Awono-Ambene, Josiane Etang, Martin Akogbeto, Rajendra M Bhatt, Mehul Kumar Chourasia, Dipak K Swain, Teresa Kinyari, Krishanthi Subramaniam, Achille Massougbodji, Mariam Okê-Sopoh, Aurore Ogouyemi-Hounto, Celestin Kouambeng, Mujahid Sheikhedin Abdin, Philippa West, Khalid Elmardi, Sylvie Cornelie, Vincent Corbel, Neena Valecha, Evan Mathenge, Luna Kamau, Jonathan Lines, Martin James Donnelly
BACKGROUND: Scale-up of insecticide-based interventions has averted more than 500 million malaria cases since 2000. Increasing insecticide resistance could herald a rebound in disease and mortality. We aimed to investigate whether insecticide resistance was associated with loss of effectiveness of long-lasting insecticidal nets and increased malaria disease burden. METHODS: This WHO-coordinated, prospective, observational cohort study was done at 279 clusters (villages or groups of villages in which phenotypic resistance was measurable) in Benin, Cameroon, India, Kenya, and Sudan...
April 9, 2018: Lancet Infectious Diseases
V Mongbo, J Saïzonou, G Sopoh, C Sossa-Jérôme, E M Ouendo, I Godin
To be used effectively, emergency obstetric and neonatal care must be available and accessible. This study sought to measure the accessibility of cesarean deliveries in Benin. Cross-sectional study of randomly selected women in each of the 12 obstetrics departments in Benin. Geographical accessibility was measured by estimating the distance between the parturientes residence and the hospital. Financial accessibility was the average direct cost of the cesarean delivery -the sum of medical and non-medical costs...
February 1, 2018: Médecine et Santé Tropicales
B I Abhulimhen-Iyoha, Y T Israel-Aina
BACKGROUND: Blood transfusion is a life-saving procedure in paediatric practice. It is important in replacing blood volume in cases of haemorrhage or providing specific blood components as required. However, the procedure carries some risks and complications. The decision to transfuse, frequency of transfusion and the availability of safe blood and blood products are essential determinants of the success of the procedure. Hence, knowledge of the indications and rate of transfusion is important to ensure that blood for transfusion is safe and made available as at when due...
January 2018: West African Journal of Medicine
Akpeedje C Wadagni, Yves T Barogui, Roch C Johnson, Ghislain E Sopoh, Dissou Affolabi, Tjip S van der Werf, Janine de Zeeuw, Johanneke Kleinnijenhuis, Ymkje Stienstra
BACKGROUND: Surgical intervention was once the mainstay of treatment for Buruli ulcer disease, a neglected tropical disease caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans. Since the introduction of streptomycin and rifampicin for 8 weeks as standard care, surgery has persisted as an adjunct therapy, but its role is uncertain. We investigated the effect of delaying the decision to operate to 14 weeks on rates of healing without surgery. METHODS: In this randomised controlled trial, we enrolled patients aged 3 years or older with confirmed disease at one hospital in Lalo, Benin...
March 28, 2018: Lancet Infectious Diseases
Hervé Lawin, Lucie Ayi Fanou, Vikkey Hinson, Brice Tollo, Benjamin Fayomi, Edgard-Marius Ouendo
INTRODUCTION: Motorcycle taxis occupy a major place in urban transport. Motorcycle taxi drivers are exposed to occupational risk factors (ORF) including air pollution. The objective of this study was to evaluate these ORF among motorcycle taxi drivers and their perceptions of air pollution. METHODS: This mixed study was conducted on motorcycle taxi drivers in Cotonou. The qualitative study was based on focus groups concerning 16 items from the Participatory Occupational Risk Screening Guide (DEPARIS) until saturation and after triangulation of data...
January 2018: Santé Publique: Revue Multidisciplinaire Pour la Recherche et L'action
Bernard Dembélé, Charles Sossa Jérôme, Jacques Saizonou, Patrick Charles Makoutodé, Virginie Mongbo Adé, Justine Guedègbé Capo-Chichi, Marius-Edgard Dona Ouendo
INTRODUCTION: To determine the prevalence and determinants of coexistence of maternal overweight or obesity and stunted children (DBM / SCOM) in south-western Benin households. METHODS: This cross-sectional study was carried out in June 2015 on 357 mother-child pairs randomly selected by a two-stage sampling technique in the city of Comè and its surroundings. Data on socio-economic factors, family, health care, dietary quality were collected by questionnaires, observation and documentary review...
January 2018: Santé Publique: Revue Multidisciplinaire Pour la Recherche et L'action
Ghislain Emmanuel Sopoh, Michael Florian Kouckodila Nzingoula, Charles Sossa Jérôme, Yolaine Hessou Ahahanzo-Glèlè, Victoire Damienne Agueh, Laurent Tinoaga Ouédraogo, Michel Makoutodé
INTRODUCTION: Organizational culture, a frequently ignored concept, affects job satisfaction and productivity in organizations. OBJECTIVE: To determine the factors associated with the strength of organizational culture (OC) in Mono / Couffo regional hospital in Lokossa in Benin. METHODS: This cross-sectional and analytical study involved 121 workers of Mono/Couffo hospital in March 2015. Data on the strength of OC was collected using a questionnaire based on the validated tool proposed by Cameron and Quinn (2006)...
January 2018: Santé Publique: Revue Multidisciplinaire Pour la Recherche et L'action
Dieudonné Gnonlonfoun, Constant Adjien, Ronald Gnimavo, Gérard Goudjinou, Corine Hotcho, Jennifer Nyangui Mapaga, Arlos Sowanou, Pupchen Gnigone, Rodrigue Domingo, Dismand Houinato
INTRODUCTION: Poor access to cardiovascular checkups is a major cause of ignorance of embolic heart diseases as the etiology for ischemic stroke. OBJECTIVE: Study ischemic strokes due to embolic heart diseases and their associated factors. METHOD: It was a cross-sectional, prospective, descriptive and analytical study conducted from November 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015 on 104 patients with ischemic stroke confirmed through brain imaging. Embolic heart diseases included arrhythmia due to atrial fibrillation (AF), atrial flutter, myocardial infarction (MI), heart valve diseases and atrial septal aneurysm (ASA)...
April 15, 2018: Journal of the Neurological Sciences
Jean-Paul Dossou, Jenny A Cresswell, Patrick Makoutodé, Vincent De Brouwere, Sophie Witter, Veronique Filippi, Lydie G Kanhonou, Sourou B Goufodji, Isabelle L Lange, Lionel Lawin, Fabien Affo, Bruno Marchal
Background: In 2009, the Benin government introduced a user fee exemption policy for caesarean sections. We analyse this policy with regard to how the existing ideas and institutions related to user fees influenced key steps of the policy cycle and draw lessons that could inform the policy dialogue for universal health coverage in the West African region. Methods: Following the policy stages model, we analyse the agenda setting, policy formulation and legitimation phase, and assess the implementation fidelity and policy results...
2018: BMJ Global Health
Michel Bergeron
Over the last decade, research ethics has developed in Benin partly through a partnership with Quebec. This partnership has evolved using TCPS2, the Canadian framework in research ethics. In doing so, three main values were put forward : respect for human dignity, respect for cultural diversity and solidarity. Over that time period, research ethics in Benin has structured through new Research Ethics Committees (REC) and though participation of those involved in research with human beings. REC members, researchers and students have acquired the needed tools to resolve most of the ethical dilemmas that could arise in the future making it one of the positive results of this partnership...
May 22, 2017: Journal International de Bioéthique et D'éthique des Sciences
V Capo-Chichi, E Ouendo, F Champagne
As part of the fight against HIV-AIDS, an effort was made at the ethical component, namely that there are legal texts, institutional and ethical. There are ethics committees (three) that give reasoned opinions on study protocols and are endeavoring to raise awareness of the actors. But we note that there is not yet a real ownership and adoption of ethical practice by them. This study targeted research projects on HIV-AIDS and centers supported PLHIV in order to analyze ethical issues : 1) the method of recruitment of participants and beneficiaries ; 2) obtaining informed consent from them ; 2) measures of confidentiality and anonymity ; 3) the integrity of staff of these projects and centers and conflicts of interest...
May 22, 2017: Journal International de Bioéthique et D'éthique des Sciences
N M Kedoté, A Salami, J P Tsala Tsala, M A Grimaud, M Bergeron, Benjamin Fayomi
This paper presents the overview of the legal and institutional frameworks of research with human beings in sub-Saharan Africa, in particular in Benin, Cameroon and Nigeria. Concerning the methodology, a literature review focused on the regulations of institutional frameworks was done. Then, 28 semi-structured interviews were conducted with members of ethics committees to assess their composition and their mode of operation. Finally, we describe the existing courses in research ethics included in programs of first, second and third cycles in major universities from concerned countries...
May 22, 2017: Journal International de Bioéthique et D'éthique des Sciences
R A Houngnihin
Over the past two decades, new challenges in public health have sparked renewed interest in health policy ethics in the world. But in Africa in general and Benin in particular, public health ethics as an approach of intervention, remains embryonic. By aiming the well-being of the population, the health policy in Benin is implicitly ethics. But it is too focused on medical logic and operates at the expense of ethics-oriented approach, clearly expressed in terms of strategies assessed by an independent body before, during and after their implementation, based on the relevance, the efficiency, the equity, the transparency, the social justice...
May 22, 2017: Journal International de Bioéthique et D'éthique des Sciences
Raquel González, Clara Pons-Duran, Mireia Piqueras, John J Aponte, Feiko O Ter Kuile, Clara Menéndez
BACKGROUND: The World Health Organization recommends intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy (IPTp) with sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine for malaria for all women who live in moderate to high malaria transmission areas in Africa. However, parasite resistance to sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine has been increasing steadily in some areas of the region. Moreover, HIV-infected women on cotrimoxazole prophylaxis cannot receive sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine because of potential drug interactions. Thus, there is an urgent need to identify alternative drugs for prevention of malaria in pregnancy...
March 21, 2018: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Fazeela Mahaboob Begum S M, Kalai Chitra, Benin Joseph, Raji Sundararajan, Hemalatha S
BACKGROUND: Lung adenocarcinoma is the most common subtype of Non small cell lung cancer in which the PI3K/Akt cascade is frequently deregulated. The ubiquitous expression of the PI3K and the frequent inactivation of PTEN accounts for the prolonged survival, evasion of apoptosis and metastasis in cancer. This has led to the development of PI3K inhibitors in the treatment of cancer. Synthetic PI3K inhibitors undergoing clinical and preclinical studies are toxic in animals. Hence, there is a critical need to identify PI3K inhibitor(s) of natural origin...
March 20, 2018: BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Pierre Onodje Agbani, Konoutan Médard Kafoutchoni, Kolawolé Valère Salako, Rodrigue Castro Gbedomon, Ahuéfa Mauricel Kégbé, Hahn Karen, Brice Sinsin
BACKGROUND: Atakora mountains in Benin are a unique but fragile ecosystem, harboring many endemic plant species. The ecosystem is undergoing degradation, and the woody vegetation is dramatically declining due to high anthropogenic actions and recurrent drought. This study aimed to (i) assess the diversity of threatened woody species and (ii) identify their potential substitutes in the three regions of the Atakora mountains namely East Atakora, Central Atakora, and West Atakora. METHODS: The data were collected during expeditions on surveyed localities through semi-structured individual interviews...
March 20, 2018: Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine
Françoise Bernaudin, Cécile Arnaud, Annie Kamdem, Isabelle Hau, Françoise Lelong, Ralph Epaud, Corinne Pondarré, Serge Pissard
Sickle cell anemia (SCA), albeit monogenic, has heterogeneous phenotypic expression, mainly related to the level of hemoglobin F (HbF). No large cohort studies have ever compared biological parameters in patients with major β-globin haplotypes; ie, Senegal (SEN), Benin (BEN), and Bantu/Central African Republic (CAR). The aim of this study was to evaluate the biological impact of α genes, β haplotypes, and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) activity at baseline and with hydroxyurea (HU). Homozygous HbS patients from the Créteil pediatric cohort with available α-gene and β-haplotype data were included (n = 580; 301 females and 279 males) in this retrospective study...
March 27, 2018: Blood Advances
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