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Klaus Kratochwill, Michael Boehm, Rebecca Herzog, Katharina Gruber, Anton Michael Lichtenauer, Lilian Kuster, Dagmar Csaicsich, Andreas Gleiss, Seth L Alper, Christoph Aufricht, Andreas Vychytil
BACKGROUND: Peritonitis and ultrafiltration failure remain serious complications of chronic peritoneal dialysis (PD). Dysfunctional cellular stress responses aggravate peritoneal injury associated with PD fluid exposure, potentially due to peritoneal glutamine depletion. In this randomized cross-over phase I/II trial we investigated cytoprotective effects of alanyl-glutamine (AlaGln) addition to glucose-based PDF. METHODS: In a prospective randomized cross-over design, 20 stable PD outpatients underwent paired peritoneal equilibration tests 4 weeks apart, using conventional acidic, single chamber 3...
2016: PloS One
Andreas Arendt, El-Sayed Baz, Monika Stengl
The circadian pacemaker of the Madeira cockroach Rhyparobia (Leucophaea) maderae is located in the accessory medulla (AME). Ipsi- and contralateral histaminergic compound eyes are required for photic entrainment. Light pulses delayed locomotor activity rhythms during the early night and advanced during the late night. Thus, different neuronal pathways might relay either light-dependent delays or advances to the clock. Injections of neuroactive substances combined with running-wheel assays suggested that GABA, PDF, myoinhibitory peptides (MIPs), and orcokinins (ORCs) are part of both entrainment pathways, while allatotropin (AT) only delayed locomotor rhythms at the early night...
October 20, 2016: Journal of Comparative Neurology
Sonia Fieulaine, Rodolphe Alves de Sousa, Laure Maigre, Karim Hamiche, Mickael Alimi, Jean-Michel Bolla, Abbass Taleb, Alexis Denis, Jean-Marie Pagès, Isabelle Artaud, Thierry Meinnel, Carmela Giglione
Peptide deformylase (PDF) is considered an excellent target to develop antibiotics. We have performed an extensive characterization of a new PDF from the pathogen Streptococcus agalactiae, showing properties similar to other known PDFs. S. agalactiae PDF could be used as PDF prototype as it allowed to get complete sets of 3-dimensional, biophysical and kinetic data with virtually any inhibitor compound. Structure-activity relationship analysis with this single reference system allowed us to reveal distinct binding modes for different PDF inhibitors and the key role of a hydrogen bond in potentiating the interaction between ligand and target...
October 20, 2016: Scientific Reports
Florian Kälble, Janine Damaske, Danijela Heide, Iris Arnold, Fabian Richter, Olaf Maier, Ulrich Eisel, Peter Scheurich, Klaus Pfizenmaier, Martin Zeier, Vedat Schwenger, Julia Ranzinger
Chronic inflammatory conditions during peritoneal dialysis (PD)-treatment lead to the impairment of peritoneal tissue integrity. The resulting structural and functional reorganization of the peritoneal membrane diminishes ultrafiltration rate and thereby enhances mortality by limiting dialysis effectiveness over time. Tumour necrosis factor (TNF) and its receptors TNFR1 and TNFR2 are key players during inflammatory processes. To date, the role of TNFR1 in peritoneal tissue damage during PD-treatment is completely undefined...
2016: PloS One
Jacqueline M Cole, Xie Cheng, Michael C Payne
The use of principal component analysis (PCA) to statistically infer features of local structure from experimental pair distribution function (PDF) data is assessed on a case study of rare-earth phosphate glasses (REPGs). Such glasses, codoped with two rare-earth ions (R and R') of different sizes and optical properties, are of interest to the laser industry. The determination of structure-property relationships in these materials is an important aspect of their technological development. Yet, realizing the local structure of codoped REPGs presents significant challenges relative to their singly doped counterparts; specifically, R and R' are difficult to distinguish in terms of establishing relative material compositions, identifying atomic pairwise correlation profiles in a PDF that are associated with each ion, and resolving peak overlap of such profiles in PDFs...
October 18, 2016: Inorganic Chemistry
S McDougall, C W R Compton, N Botha
AIMS: To determine the factors associated with the selection of antimicrobials by dairy veterinarians, and the attitudes of those veterinarians and dairy farmers to antimicrobial usage and resistance. METHODS: Facilitated focus groups of dairy farmers (n=22) and an anonymous online survey of dairy cattle veterinarians (n=206 respondents) were used to determine prescribing behaviour, factors affecting prescribing of antimicrobials, and the attitudes of veterinarians and farmers to the use of antimicrobials and the risk of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)...
October 16, 2016: New Zealand Veterinary Journal
Jinhyeok Choi, Hyeonjin Kim
To improve the efficacy of undersampled MRI, a method of designing adaptive sampling functions is proposed that is simple to implement on an MR scanner and yet effectively improves the performance of the sampling functions. An approximation of the energy distribution of an image (E-map) is estimated from highly undersampled k-space data acquired in a prescan and efficiently recycled in the main scan. An adaptive probability density function (PDF) is generated by combining the E-map with a modeled PDF. A set of candidate sampling functions are then prepared from the adaptive PDF, among which the one with maximum energy is selected as the final sampling function...
October 10, 2016: Journal of Magnetic Resonance
I A Zaluzhnyy, R P Kurta, A P Menushenkov, B I Ostrovskii, I A Vartanyants
An x-ray scattering approach to determine the two-dimensional (2D) pair distribution function (PDF) in partially ordered 2D systems is proposed. We derive relations between the structure factor and PDF that enable quantitative studies of positional and bond-orientational (BO) order in real space. We apply this approach in the x-ray study of a liquid crystal (LC) film undergoing the smectic-A-hexatic-B phase transition, to analyze the interplay between the positional and BO order during the temperature evolution of the LC film...
September 2016: Physical Review. E
Stephanie Velázquez-Pérez, Gabriel Pérez-Ángel, Yuri Nahmad-Molinari
We present a numerical study of the spatial correlations of a quasi-two-dimensional granular fluid kept in a nonstatic steady state via vertical shaking. The simulations explore a wide range of vertical accelerations, restitution coefficients, and packing fractions, always staying below the crystallization limit. From the simulations we obtain the relevant pair distribution functions (PDFs), and effective potentials for the interparticle interaction are extracted from these PDFs via the Ornstein-Zernike equation with the Percus-Yevick closure...
September 2016: Physical Review. E
Shaul Mezan, Jean Daniel Feuz, Bart Deplancke, Sebastian Kadener
Circadian clocks generate 24-hr rhythms in physiology and behavior. Despite numerous studies, it is still uncertain how circadian rhythms emerge from their molecular and neural constituents. Here, we demonstrate a tight connection between the molecular and neuronal circadian networks. Using fluorescent transcriptional reporters in a Drosophila ex vivo brain culture system, we identified a reciprocal negative regulation between the master circadian regulator CLK and expression of pdf, the main circadian neuropeptide...
October 11, 2016: Cell Reports
Himmatrao Saluba Bawaskar
Daily, I receive 3-4 social media messages regarding the diagnosis, management or clinical dilemmas of acute timelimiting medical emergencies due to snake bite and scorpion sting poisoning. I respond to the caller who has shared clinical signs and symptoms. I also follow up on the progress of the victim. I send pdf files of my publications on scorpion and snake bite.
October 2016: Indian Journal of Medical Ethics
Pierre Kopp, Marysia Ogrodnik
The social cost of drugs is the monetary cost of both the consequences of their trade and their consumption. In this paper, drugs considered are tobacco and alcohol, which are legal, plus those that are illegal. The social cost is the sum of the external cost: value of loss in quality of life, value of years of life lost and value of loss in productivity, plus public expenditure. Public expenditure consists of public spending on medical care, prevention, and law enforcement, minus savings from unpaid pensions and taxes levied on tobacco and alcohol...
October 8, 2016: European Journal of Health Economics: HEPAC: Health Economics in Prevention and Care
Maryam Jahan, Satoshi Tominaka, Joel Henzie
Synthesizing manganese oxide materials with exact control of the nanoparticle shape and phase is difficult, making it challenging to understand the influence of the surface structure on electrocatalysis. Here we describe an inexpensive, low-temperature method to synthesize single-crystal orthorhombic phase α-Mn2O3 prisms bound by the {100} facets. The synthesis is the first method to use the cation bridging effect to assist in the creation of α-Mn2O3 prisms. According to structural analysis using X-ray diffraction, X-ray pair-distribution function (PDF) measurements and high resolution transmission electron microscopy, the material is composed exclusively of α-Mn2O3 prisms, and no additional amorphous or nanocrystalline phases are present...
October 3, 2016: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Qian Song, Ge Feng, Zehua Huang, Xiaoman Chen, Zhaohuan Chen, Yong Ping
Impaired sleep patterns are common symptoms of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Cellular mechanisms underlying sleep disturbance in AD remain largely unknown. Here, using a Drosophila Aβ42 AD model, we show that Aβ42 markedly decreases sleep in a large population, which is accompanied with postdevelopmental axonal arborization of wake-promoting pigment-dispersing factor (PDF) neurons. The arborization is mediated in part via JNK activation and can be reversed by decreasing JNK signaling activity. Axonal arborization and impaired sleep are correlated in Aβ42 and JNK kinase hemipterous mutant flies...
October 7, 2016: Molecular Neurobiology
Amelia Barwise, Lisbeth Garcia-Arguello, Yue Dong, Manasi Hulyalkar, Marija Vukoja, Marcus J Schultz, Neill K J Adhikari, Benjamin Bonneton, Oguz Kilickaya, Rahul Kashyap, Ognjen Gajic, Christopher N Schmickl
BACKGROUND: The Checklist for Early Recognition and Treatment of Acute Illness (CERTAIN) is an international collaborative project with the overall objective of standardizing the approach to the evaluation and treatment of critically ill patients world-wide, in accordance with best-practice principles. One of CERTAIN's key features is clinical decision support providing point-of-care information about common acute illness syndromes, procedures, and medications in an index card format...
October 3, 2016: BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
Alexander Bogdanov, Andrey Mysovsky, Chris J Pickard, Anna V Kimmel
Solid solution perovskite Pb(Zr1-xTix)O3 (PZT) is an industrially important material. Despite the long history of experimental and theoretical studies, the structure of this material is still under intensive discussion. In this work, we have applied structure searching coupled with density functional theory methods to provide a multiphase description of this material at x = 0.4. We demonstrate that the permutational freedom of B-site cations leads to the stabilisation of a variety of local phases reflecting a relatively flat energy landscape of PZT...
October 12, 2016: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Iñigo Molina, Estibaliz Martinez, Carmen Morillo, Jesus Velasco, Alvaro Jara
In this work a parametric multi-sensor Bayesian data fusion approach and a Support Vector Machine (SVM) are used for a Change Detection problem. For this purpose two sets of SPOT5-PAN images have been used, which are in turn used for Change Detection Indices (CDIs) calculation. For minimizing radiometric differences, a methodology based on zonal "invariant features" is suggested. The choice of one or the other CDI for a change detection process is a subjective task as each CDI is probably more or less sensitive to certain types of changes...
September 30, 2016: Sensors
Cristina Whalen Klafehn
As part of the US Food and Drug Administration's MedWatch program, safety labeling changes are reviewed and compiled monthly for drugs and therapeutic biologics where important changes have been made to the safety information. Boxed warnings ( are ordinarily used to highlight either adverse reactions so serious in proportion to the potential benefit from the drug that it is essential that it be considered in assessing the risks and benefits of using the drugs or serious adverse reactions that can be prevented/reduced in frequency or severity by appropriate use of the drug; or FDA approved the drug with restrictions to ensure safe use because FDA concluded that the drug can be safely used only if distribution or use is restricted...
September 2016: Hospital Pharmacy
Matthew P Hoffman, Erik N Taylor, George E Aninwene, Sakthivel Sadayappan, Richard J Gilbert
Contraction of muscular tissue requires the synchronized shortening of myofibers arrayed in complex geometrical patterns. Imaging such myofiber patterns with diffusion-weighted MRI reveals architectural ensembles that underlie force generation at the organ scale. Restricted proton diffusion is a stochastic process resulting from random translational motion that may be used to probe the directionality of myofibers in whole tissue. During diffusion-weighted MRI, magnetic field gradients are applied to determine the directional dependence of proton diffusion through the analysis of a diffusional probability distribution function (PDF)...
October 2, 2016: Microscopy Research and Technique
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September 2016: Operative Dentistry
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