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Gastric cancer with liver metastasis

Fu-Hai Ma, Li-Yan Xue, Ying-Tai Chen, Yi-Bin Xie, Yu-Xin Zhong, Quan Xu, Yan-Tao Tian
We herein report a case of neuroendocrine carcinoma of the gastric stump found 47 years after Billroth II gastric resection for a benign gastric ulcer. A 74-year-old man was referred to another hospital with melena. Endoscopic examination revealed a localized ulcerative lesion at the gastrojejunal anastomosis. The diagnosis by endoscopic biopsy was neuroendocrine carcinoma. A total gastrectomy of the remnant stomach with D2 lymphadenectomy was performed at our hospital. The lesion invaded the subserosa, and metastasis was found in two of nine the lymph nodes retrieved...
January 28, 2018: World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG
So Katayanagi, Yousuke Makuuchi, Hiroaki Osakabe, Masatoshi Shigoka, Tetsuo Sumi, Akihiko Tsuchida, Shigeyuki Kawachi
Case 1: A 69-year-old man underwent distal gastrectomy in September 2007 for type 2 gastric cancer with liver metastasis (S5). After the operation, we administered chemotherapy. After that, we performed partial hepatectomy in July 2008. After hepatectomy, liver metastases appeared as 2 lesions in February 2009. Thus, we administered another type of chemotherapy. The effect of the chemotherapy was not favorable. Therefore, SBRT was performed for the liver metastases in December. After SBRT, he did not present with any recurrent tumors...
November 2017: Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & Chemotherapy
Hiroaki Osakabe, So Katayanagi, Yosuke Makuuchi, Masatoshi Shigoka, Tetsuo Sumi, Kenji Katsumata, Akihiko Tsuchida, Shigeyuki Kawachi
A 79-year-old man with cStage II A(T2N1H0P0CYXM0)advanced gastric cancer in angle. Distal gastrectomy was performed and liver metastasis was recognized during the operation. The pathological diagnosis was shown as neuroendocrine carcinoma(NEC). Chemotherapy(S-1/cisplatin[CDDP]: 1 course, etoposide/CDDP: 5 courses)was administered. After chemotherapy, liver metastasis disappeared for 9months.
November 2017: Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & Chemotherapy
Yusuke Akamaru, Noriko Wada, Takafumi Hirao, Hirofumi Ota, Osakuni Morimoto, Kazuya Sakata, Daisuke Takiuchi, Kunitaka Shibata, Hirotsugu Ohashi
a-fetoprotein(AFP)-producing gastric cancer is relatively rare and tends to show a poor prognosis because of hepatic and lymph node metastasis. We experienced a case of AFP-producing gastric cancer with synchronous liver metastasis wherein the patient survived for 5 years without recurrence after undergoing surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy. A 39-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital complaining of tarry stool. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy revealed a 40mm type 2 tumor in the greater curvature of the lower gastric body, and abdominal CT indicated a 50mm liver metastasis at the S2 segment...
November 2017: Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & Chemotherapy
Hidetaka Andrew Ono, Miyuki Kaneshiro, Masayuki Nakashima, Hiroyuki Baba, Tetsuo Abe, Jiro Kumagai, Mitsutaka Sugita
Case 1: A 69-year-old man underwent chemotherapy with capecitabine plus cisplatin plus trastuzumab to treat advanced gastric cancer that was diagnosed as cStage IV adenocarcinoma(T3N2M1[P0, CYX, H1]). After 12 courses, liver metastases were absent on computed tomography images. The patient underwent total gastrectomy with D2 lymphadenectomy. It has been 22 months since the patient had gastrectomy without recurrence of the cancer. Case 2: A 70-year-old man underwent chemotherapy with capecitabine plus cisplatin plus trastuzumab for treatment of advanced gastric cancer that was diagnosed as cStage IV adenocarcinoma(T4aN1M1[P0, CY0, H1])...
November 2017: Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & Chemotherapy
Akinori Nozawa, Naoshi Kubo, Sadatoshi Shimizu, Akihiro Murata, Akishige Kanazawa, Shintaro Kodai, Yorihisa Urata, Kotaro Miura, Jun Tauchi, Katsunori Sakurai, Akiko Tachimori, Yutaka Tamamori, Toru Inoue, Yoshito Yamashita, Yukio Nishiguchi
A 58-year-old man complaining of dysphagia was admitted to our hospital and diagnosed with esophageal cancer.He underwent thoracoscopic subtotal esophagectomy with 3-field lymph node dissection and reconstruction with a gastric tube created by hand-assisted laparoscopy.The pathological diagnosis was classified as AeLtG, pT3N2M0, pStage III .He was subsequently treated with systemic chemotherapy with 5-fluorouracil and cisplatin.After 2 courses, a single liver metastatic tumor appeared at segment 5.As chemotherapy against the recurrence, weekly-paclitaxel was administered...
November 2017: Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & Chemotherapy
Tsutomu Namikawa, Yasuhio Kawanishi, Yuki Fujieda, Kazune Fujisawa, Eri Munekage, Masaya Munekage, Hiromichi Maeda, Hiroyuki Kitagawa, Michiya Kobayashi, Kazuhiro Hanazaki
A 76-year-old man was referred to our hospital with gastric cancer.Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD)revealed an irregular, nodulated lesion with ulcers in the lower part of the stomach, for which biopsy specimens indicated poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma.Abdominal computed tomography(CT)showed a well-defined mass lesion measuring 5.3 cm in the posterior segment of the liver.Under the clinical diagnosis of advanced gastric cancer with liver metastasis, the patient received chemotherapy using S-1 and oxaliplatin...
November 2017: Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & Chemotherapy
Masayuki Shinkai, Motohiro Imano, Yoko Hiraki, Hiroaki Kato, Mitsuru Iwama, Osamu Shiraishi, Atsushi Yasuda, Yutaka Kimura, Haruhiko Imamoto, Hiroshi Furukawa, Takushi Yasuda
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: We evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of combination chemotherapy including single intraperitoneal( IP)administration of paclitaxel(PTX), followed by triplet chemotherapy(PTX, cisplatin[CDDP]and S-1: PCS)for CY1P0 gastric cancer. METHODS: First of all, we performed staging laparoscopy and confirmed CY1P0, and secondary, administrated PTX intraperitoneally. Thirdly, patients received PCS chemotherapy for 2 courses. After antitumor effect had been confirmed, we performed second look laparoscopy...
November 2017: Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & Chemotherapy
Victor Simmet, Margot Noblecourt, Thibaut Lizée, Benjamin Morvant, Sylvie Girault, Patrick Soulié, Olivier Capitain
Hepatoid adenocarcinoma (HAC) is a rare and aggressive cancer subtype with a poor prognosis under metastatic conditions. Currently, there is no specific chemotherapy treatment protocol for advanced stages of the disease. This review evaluates two cases of HAC of gastric cardia with synchronous liver metastasis, which were successfully treated by chemotherapy with cisplatin (25 mg/m2 each day) (day 1 to day 3) and etoposide (100 mg/m2) (day 1 to day 3), every three weeks. A structured literary evaluation and reviewed pertinent articles are additionally presented to analyse the different approaches for the treatment of metastatic HAC (mHAC)...
January 2018: Oncology Letters
Tomoaki Bekki, Nobuaki Fujikuni, Kazuaki Tanabe, Shuji Yonehara, Hironobu Amano, Toshio Noriyuki, Masahiro Nakahara
BACKGROUND: Gastric carcinosarcoma with severe venous invasion is extremely rare, and to the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case. CASE PRESENTATION: A 79-year-old man visited the Onomichi General Hospital following abnormal upper gastrointestinal series findings. Laboratory data demonstrated no anemia, and the serum carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and carbohydrate antigen 19-9 (CA19-9) levels were not elevated. Endoscopy identified a Borrmann type III lesion in the cardiac end of the stomach...
January 30, 2018: Surgical Case Reports
Ya-Kun Wang, Lin Shen, Xi Jiao, Xiao-Tian Zhang
AIM: To investigate predictive and prognostic value of serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) level and its dynamic changes in patients with advanced gastric cancer with elevated serum AFP (AFPAGC). METHODS: One hundred and five patients with AFPAGC were enrolled in the study, and all of them underwent at least one cycle of systemic chemotherapy at our institute and had serum AFP ≥ 20 ng/mL at diagnosis or recurrence. Clinicopathologic features, serum AFP level at diagnosis and changes during treatment, first-line chemotherapy regimens, efficacy and toxicity, and survival information were collected...
January 14, 2018: World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG
Amalia Raluca Ceausu, Alexandru Ciolofan, Anca Maria Cimpean, Adina Magheti, Ovidiu Mederle, Marius Raica
BACKGROUND: Few data are available regarding the epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) /mesenchymal to epitheilal transition (MET) in the liver metastasis of digestive cancers. The aim of this study was to establish EMT/MET metastatic tumor cell plasticity according to the histological growth pattern of liver metastases. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Biopsies from 25 patients with liver metastasis (desmoplastic, replacement and pushing type) were evaluated. Double immunostaining of E-cadherin/vimentin, keratin 8,18/vimentin and E-cadherin/ keratin 8,18 were performed...
February 2018: Anticancer Research
Ichiro Higuchi, Yosuke Akiyama, Akira Ishikawa, Sanae Hosomi, Takahiko Tanigawa, Yasunori Hasuike, Makoto Miyamoto
We treated 2 cases ofcolon metastasis ofgastric cancer considered to be caused by different pathway. Case 1 was a 55- year-old male with gastric cancer associated with metastases for lymph node, gallbladder, and liver. Curative surgical treatment of distal gastrectomy, partial hepatectomy, cholecystectomy and lymph node dissection was performed. The final find- ing was, L, Less, Type 3, pT4b(GB), tub2, pN3a(10/20), sP0, CY0, pH1, pM1, Stage IV , R0. Ten months after, ileocecal resection was performed, as a tumor was detected in the cecum...
January 2018: Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & Chemotherapy
Ying Lin, Xiaoxiao Ge, Xiaofei Zhang, Zheng Wu, Kaiyi Liu, Fengjuan Lin, Congqi Dai, Weijian Guo, Jin Li
Growing evidence suggests that protocadherins (PCDHs) play crucial roles in pathogenesis and progression of cancers including gastric cancer (GC). Protocadherin8 (PCDH8) was previously reported to be involved in metastasis of GC, but functional studies yielded inconsistent results and the molecular mechanism remained unknown. This study aimed to explore the clinical relevance, function and molecular mechanism of PCDH8 in GC. Data from the GEPIA and Kaplan-Meier plotter databases showed that high expression of PCDH8 was significantly correlated with poorer prognosis in GC...
January 11, 2018: Cancer Science
Kelei Hua, Yong Li, Qun Zhao, Liqiao Fan, Bibo Tan, Jianbin Gu
BACKGROUND Gastric cancer (GC) is one of the most common malignant tumors in the world and in China the incidence and mortality rates of gastric cancer are the second highest among all forms of cancer. Annexin A11 (ANXA11) is a member of the annexins family. Previous studies have shown that ANXA11 participates in many cellular functions and has significant influence on ovarian, breast, liver, and colorectal cancer. However, the expression and biological functions of ANXA11 in GC are still unknown. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 63 paired gastric cancer tissues and matched adjacent mucosa were used to measure the ANXA11 levels and its correlation with clinical characteristics...
January 7, 2018: Medical Science Monitor: International Medical Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research
Jingjing Jiao, Álvaro González, Heather L Stevenson, Mihai Gagea, Hikaru Sugimoto, Raghu Kalluri, Laura Beretta
There is a pressing need for the development of novel approaches to treat and prevent hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The S100 calcium-binding protein S100A4 is associated with poor prognosis and metastasis in several human cancers. In addition, a role for S100A4 in modulating cancer-initiating cells stemness properties was recently proposed in head and neck and gastric cancers. Whether S100A4+ stromal cells contribute to tumor onset remains, however, an unanswered question. To address that question, we generated a new mouse model allowing for the depletion of S100A4+ cells in a mouse model of HCC with stemness properties, by crossing mice with hepatic deletion of phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) with mice expressing viral thymidine kinase under the control of S100A4 promoter...
January 5, 2018: Experimental & Molecular Medicine
Masayuki Urabe, Hiroharu Yamashita, Nobuhisa Akamatsu, Yasuyuki Seto
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 11, 2017: ANZ Journal of Surgery
G Jin, K L Zheng, S W Guo, Z Shao, C Liu, X H Shi, R D Liu, S J Bai, H Jiang, Y Bian, X G Hu
Objective: To compare the clinical therapeutic effects of arterial first approach pancreaticoduodenectomy(AFA-PD) with standard approach pancreaticoduodenectomy(SPD) in the treatment of borderline resectable pancreatic cancer (BRPC). Methods: A retrospective analysis of the clinical data of 113 cases of pancreatic cancer patients from January 2014 to August 2015 at Department of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery, Changhai Hospital, the Second Military Medical University, including 43 cases in AFA-PD group and 70 cases in SPD group...
December 1, 2017: Zhonghua Wai Ke za Zhi [Chinese Journal of Surgery]
Audrius Dulskas, Mahdi Al Bandar, Yoon Young Choi, Su-Jin Shin, Seung-Hoon Beom, Taeil Son, Hyung-Il Kim, Jae-Ho Cheong, Woo Jin Hyung, Sung Hoon Noh
INTRODUCTION: Gastric cancer is a deadly disease. Common sites of distant metastasis of gastric cancer are the peritoneum, liver, lymph nodes, and lung. The breast is a rare site of metastasis in gastric cancer which occurs in males dominantly. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Here, we report the first case of metastatic gastric cancer to the breast in a patient with the breast cancer 2 (BRCA2) germline mutation. A 34-year-old female was admitted to the hospital with dyspepsia and a palpable mass in the left breast...
December 5, 2017: Acta Chirurgica Belgica
Youmao Tao, Songbai Yang, Yuanyu Wu, Xuedong Fang, Yannan Wang, Yan Song, Tao Han
MicroRNAs (miRNAs), a group of small, non-protein coding, endogenous RNAs, play critical roles in the tumorigenesis and progression of human cancer. miR-216a has recently been reported to play an oncogenic role in human cancer. While, the expression of miR-216a, its biological function and underlying molecular mechanisms in gastric cancer (GC) are largely unknown. In this study, we revealed that miR-216a was underexpressed in GC tissues compared to matched noncancerous tissues. Decreased levels of miR-216a were confirmed in GC cell lines compared with a normal gastric epithelium cell line...
October 24, 2017: Oncotarget
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