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Muhan Chen, Dawid G Nowak, Navneet Narula, Brian Robinson, Kaitlin Watrud, Alexandra Ambrico, Tali M Herzka, Martha E Zeeman, Matthias Minderer, Wu Zheng, Saya H Ebbesen, Kendra S Plafker, Carlos Stahlhut, Victoria M Y Wang, Lorna Wills, Abu Nasar, Mireia Castillo-Martin, Carlos Cordon-Cardo, John E Wilkinson, Scott Powers, Raffaella Sordella, Nasser K Altorki, Vivek Mittal, Brendon M Stiles, Scott M Plafker, Lloyd C Trotman
Phosphatase and tensin homologue (PTEN) protein levels are critical for tumor suppression. However, the search for a recurrent cancer-associated gene alteration that causes PTEN degradation has remained futile. In this study, we show that Importin-11 (Ipo11) is a transport receptor for PTEN that is required to physically separate PTEN from elements of the PTEN degradation machinery. Mechanistically, we find that the E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme and IPO11 cargo, UBE2E1, are limiting factors for PTEN degradation...
February 13, 2017: Journal of Cell Biology
Marcello Scarcia, Francesco Paolo Maselli, Giuseppe Cardo, Giuseppe Mario Ludovico
OBJECTIVE: The Buccal Mucosa (BM) UrethroPlasty (UP) is one of the preferred treatments for long or compli-cated urethral strictures. We propose the use of autologous Platelet Rich Plasma gel (aPRPg) in order to enhance to vascularization of BM graft and reduce the fibrous spongy. We report the outcome of our ten cases of bulbar and penile UP and the safety of this technique. Materials and metods: Ten patients underwent to BM UP with use of aPRP gel. Median age was 46. Stricture etiology was idiopathic, failed hypospadias and flogistic...
December 30, 2016: Archivio Italiano di Urologia, Andrologia
Michael J Donovan, Carlos Cordon-Cardo
Personalized or precision medicine as a diagnostic and therapeutic paradigm was introduced some 10-15 years ago, with the advent of biomarker discovery as a mechanism for identifying prognostic and predictive attributes associated with treatment indication and outcome. While the concept is not new, the successful development and implementation of novel 'companion diagnostics', especially in oncology, continues to represent a significant challenge and is currently at the forefront of smart trial design and therapeutic choice...
December 20, 2016: Molecular Diagnosis & Therapy
Roberto Rivera-Luna, Marta Zapata-Tarres, Jaime Shalkow-Klincovstein, Liliana Velasco-Hidalgo, Alberto Olaya-Vargas, Nicole Finkelstein-Mizrahi, Rocío Cárdenas-Cardós, Marco R Aguilar-Ortiz
In Mexico, childhood cancer incidence and mortality have increased in the last decade. Through government actions since 2005, the Popular Medical Insurance (PMI) program for childhood cancer was created. The objective of PMI was to offer early cancer diagnosis, standardized treatment regimens, and numerous pediatric oncology residency programs. It has also accredited 55 national hospitals for the care of these children. Current problems still present under the PMI include shortage of pediatric oncologists and nurses and high rate of abandonment of treatment...
December 1, 2016: Pediatric Blood & Cancer
Juan C Hernandez-Prera, Ricky Kwan, Joseph Tripodi, Simion Chiosea, Carlos Cordon-Cardo, Vesna Najfeld, Elizabeth G Demicco
BACKGROUND: Hyalinizing clear cell carcinoma (HCCC) is a rare malignancy, characterized by EWSR1-ATF1 gene fusion, whose behavior is poorly understood, as it was for many years considered a diagnosis of exclusion. METHODS: All available salivary gland carcinomas (n = 594) from our institution were reviewed. Diagnosis of HCCC was confirmed by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) for EWSR1. Literature review was performed. RESULTS: We found 15 patients with HCCCs (10 women, 5 men), 13 with EWSR1 rearrangement...
November 29, 2016: Head & Neck
Veronica Rodriguez-Bravo, Marc Carceles-Cordon, Yujin Hoshida, Carlos Cordon-Cardo, Matthew D Galsky, Josep Domingo-Domenech
Advanced prostate cancer is a classic example of the intractability and consequent lethality that characterizes metastatic carcinomas. Novel treatments have improved the survival of men with prostate cancer; however, advanced prostate cancer invariably becomes resistant to these therapies and ultimately progresses to a lethal metastatic stage. Consequently, detailed knowledge of the molecular mechanisms that control prostate cancer cell survival and progression towards this lethal stage of disease will benefit the development of new therapeutics...
January 2017: Nature Reviews. Urology
Juan Manuel Mejía-Aranguré, Juan Carlos Núñez-Enríquez, Arturo Fajardo-Gutiérrez, María Del Carmen Rodríguez-Zepeda, Jorge Alfonso Martín-Trejo, David Aldebarán Duarte-Rodríguez, Aurora Medina-Sansón, Janet Flores-Lujano, Elva Jiménez-Hernández, Nora Nancy Núñez-Villegas, María Luisa Pérez-Saldívar, Rogelio Paredes-Aguilera, Rocío Cárdenas-Cardós, José de Diego Flores-Chapa, Nancy Carolina Reyes-Zepeda, Luz Victoria Flores-Villegas, Raquel Amador-Sánchez, José Refugio Torres-Nava, Victoria Bolea-Murga, Rosa Martha Espinosa-Elizondo, José Gabriel Peñaloza-González, Martha Margarita Velázquez-Aviña, César González-Bonilla, Vilma Carolina Békker-Méndez, Silvia Jiménez-Morales, Gabriela Bibiana Martínez-Morales, Haydeé Rosas Vargas, Angélica Rangel-López
INTRODUCTION: Acute myeloid leukemias represent the second most common childhood leukemia subtype. In Mexico, there are few studies on descriptive epidemiology for this disease. AIMS: To report acute myeloid leukemia incidence for children less than 15 years of age in the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico for a period of five years (2010-2014) and to analyze whether there are differences in the incidence of acute myeloid leukemia by regions. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A descriptive study was conducted in nine public hospitals in Mexico City...
October 2016: Gaceta Médica de México
Fortunato Ferrara, Daniela I Staquicini, Wouter H P Driessen, Sara D'Angelo, Andrey S Dobroff, Marc Barry, Lesley C Lomo, Fernanda I Staquicini, Marina Cardó-Vila, Suren Soghomonyan, Mian M Alauddin, Leo G Flores, Marco A Arap, Richard C Lauer, Paul Mathew, Eleni Efstathiou, Ana M Aparicio, Patricia Troncoso, Nora M Navone, Christopher J Logothetis, Serena Marchiò, Juri G Gelovani, Richard L Sidman, Renata Pasqualini, Wadih Arap
Aggressive variant prostate cancers (AVPC) are a clinically defined group of tumors of heterogeneous morphologies, characterized by poor patient survival and for which limited diagnostic and treatment options are currently available. We show that the cell surface 78-kDa glucose-regulated protein (GRP78), a receptor that binds to phage-display-selected ligands, such as the SNTRVAP motif, is a candidate target in AVPC. We report the presence and accessibility of this receptor in clinical specimens from index patients...
October 24, 2016: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Andrey S Dobroff, Sara D'Angelo, Bedrich L Eckhardt, Fortunato Ferrara, Daniela I Staquicini, Marina Cardó-Vila, Fernanda I Staquicini, Diana N Nunes, Kisu Kim, Wouter H P Driessen, Amin Hajitou, Lesley C Lomo, Marc Barry, Savitri Krishnamurthy, Aysegul Sahin, Wendy A Woodward, Eric R Prossnitz, Robin L Anderson, Emmanuel Dias-Neto, Ursa A Brown-Glaberman, Melanie E Royce, Naoto T Ueno, Massimo Cristofanilli, Gabriel N Hortobagyi, Serena Marchiò, Juri G Gelovani, Richard L Sidman, Wadih Arap, Renata Pasqualini
Inflammatory breast carcinoma (IBC) is one of the most lethal forms of human breast cancer, and effective treatment for IBC is an unmet clinical need in contemporary oncology. Tumor-targeted theranostic approaches are emerging in precision medicine, but only a few specific biomarkers are available. Here we report up-regulation of the 78-kDa glucose-regulated protein (GRP78) in two independent discovery and validation sets of specimens derived from IBC patients, suggesting translational promise for clinical applications...
October 24, 2016: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
María V Cardo, Alejandra Rubio, Melania Junges, Darío Vezzani, Aníbal E Carbajo
Given their medical and veterinary relevance, the members of the Pipiens Assemblage are a worldwide target of ecological research. The distribution of Culex pipiens s.s. and Cx. quinquefasciatus converge in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where hybrids have been detected. Each member of the assemblage exhibits a distinct eco-physiological behaviour that can affect its efficiency in pathogen transmission. Our aim was to identify the environmental drivers for the spatio-temporal distribution of each member, focusing on latitudinal and urbanisation gradients...
November 2016: Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
Amita Shukla-Dave, Mireia Castillo-Martin, Ming Chen, Jose Lobo, Nataliya Gladoun, Ana Collazo-Lorduy, Faisal M Khan, Vladimir Ponomarev, Zhengzi Yi, Weijia Zhang, Pier P Pandolfi, Hedvig Hricak, Carlos Cordon-Cardo
Increased polyamine synthesis is known to play an important role in prostate cancer. We aimed to explore its functional significance in prostate tumor initiation and its link to androgen receptor (AR) signaling. For this purpose, we generated a new cell line derived from normal epithelial prostate cells (RWPE-1) with overexpression of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) and used it for in vitro and in vivo experiments. We then comprehensively analyzed the expression of the main metabolic enzymes of the polyamine pathway and spermine abundance in 120 well-characterized cases of human prostate cancer and high-grade prostate intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN)...
December 2016: American Journal of Pathology
Allison Gilbert, Benoit Cardos
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 2017: Journal of Emergency Medicine
A Batalla, E Coto, J Gómez, N Eirís, D González-Fernández, C Gómez-De Castro, E Daudén, M Llamas-Velasco, R Prieto-Perez, F Abad-Santos, G Carretero, F S García, Y B Godoy, L F Cardo, B Alonso, S Iglesias, P Coto-Segura
Polymorphisms at genes encoding proteins involved in the pathogenesis of psoriasis (Psor) or in the mechanism of action of biological drugs could influence the treatment response. Because the interleukin (IL)-17 family has a central role in the pathogenesis of Psor, we hypothesized that IL17RA variants could influence the response to anti-TNF drugs among Psor patients. To address this issue we performed a cross-sectional study of Psor patients who received the biological treatments for the first time, with a follow-up of at least 6 months...
September 27, 2016: Pharmacogenomics Journal
Jinghai Hu, Fei Ye, Miao Cui, Peng Lee, Chengguo Wei, Yuanyuan Hao, Xiaoqing Wang, Yanbo Wang, Zhihua Lu, Matthew Galsky, Russell McBride, Li Wang, Dongwen Wang, Carlos Cordon-Cardo, Chunxi Wang, David Y Zhang
This study aimed to detect protein changes that can assist to understand the underlying biology of bladder cancer. The data showed forty five proteins were found to be differentially expressed comparing tumors vs non-tumor tissues, of which EGFR and cdc2p34 were correlated with muscle invasion and histological grade. Ten proteins (ß-catenin, HSP70, autotaxin, Notch4, PSTPIP1, DPYD, ODC, cyclinB1, calretinin and EPO) were able to classify muscle invasive BCa (MIBC) into 2 distinct groups, with group 2 associated with poorer survival...
2016: PloS One
Guille Peguero, Helene C Muller-Landau, Patrick A Jansen, S Joseph Wright
: Identification of the mechanisms enabling stable coexistence of species with similar resource requirements is a central challenge in ecology. Such coexistence can be facilitated by species at higher trophic levels through complex multi-trophic interactions, a mechanism that could be compromised by ongoing defaunation. We investigated cascading effects of defaunation on Pachymerus cardo and Speciomerus giganteus, the specialized insect seed predators of the Neotropical palm Attalea butyracea, testing the hypothesis that vertebrate frugivores and granivores facilitate their coexistence...
January 2017: Journal of Animal Ecology
Jorge Alfonso Martín-Trejo, Juan Carlos Núñez-Enríquez, Arturo Fajardo-Gutiérrez, Aurora Medina-Sansón, Janet Flores-Lujano, Elva Jiménez-Hernández, Raquel Amador-Sanchez, José Gabriel Peñaloza-Gonzalez, Francisco Javier Alvarez-Rodriguez, Victoria Bolea-Murga, Rosa Martha Espinosa-Elizondo, José de Diego Flores-Chapa, Maria Luisa Pérez-Saldivar, María Del Carmen Rodriguez-Zepeda, Elisa María Dorantes-Acosta, Nora Nancy Núñez-Villegas, Martha Margarita Velazquez-Aviña, José Refugio Torres-Nava, Nancy Carolina Reyes-Zepeda, César Raúl González-Bonilla, Luz Victoria Flores-Villegas, Angélica Rangel-López, Roberto Rivera-Luna, Rogelio Paredes-Aguilera, Rocío Cárdenas-Cardós, Armando Martínez-Avalos, Ana Elena Gil-Hernández, David Aldebarán Duarte-Rodríguez, Juan Manuel Mejía-Aranguré
The role of malnutrition at diagnosis as a predictor of early mortality in Mexican leukemia children remains controversial. The objective of present study was to investigate whether malnutrition was a predictor of early mortality during the first year of treatment in Mexican acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) children through the first population-based study. A total of 794 newly diagnosed ALL pediatric patients from public hospitals of Mexico City were enrolled. A multivariate Cox proportional hazards regression model was constructed and adjusted by patient's age at diagnosis, gender, hospital of treatment, and socioeconomic status...
August 26, 2016: Leukemia & Lymphoma
Marcelo L Berthier, Núria Roé-Vellvé, Ignacio Moreno-Torres, Carles Falcon, Karl Thurnhofer-Hemsi, José Paredes-Pacheco, María J Torres-Prioris, Irene De-Torres, Francisco Alfaro, Antonio L Gutiérrez-Cardo, Miquel Baquero, Rafael Ruiz-Cruces, Guadalupe Dávila
Foreign accent syndrome (FAS) is a speech disorder that is defined by the emergence of a peculiar manner of articulation and intonation which is perceived as foreign. In most cases of acquired FAS (AFAS) the new accent is secondary to small focal lesions involving components of the bilaterally distributed neural network for speech production. In the past few years FAS has also been described in different psychiatric conditions (conversion disorder, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia) as well as in developmental disorders (specific language impairment, apraxia of speech)...
2016: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
María L Buil, Juan J F Cardo, Miguel A Esteruelas, Enrique Oñate
Square-planar alkylidyne and five-coordinate alkylidene mixed (i)Pr3P-Os-IPr (IPr = 1,3-bis(diisopropylphenyl)imidazolylidene) complexes have been discovered and characterized, and their formation has been rationalized. The cationic five-coordinate hydride-alkylidyne compounds [OsHX(≡CPh)(IPr)(P(i)Pr3)]OTf (X = Cl (1), F (4); OTf = CF3SO3) undergo deprotonation with KO(t)Bu to afford the trans-halide-alkylidyne square-planar derivatives OsX(≡CPh)(IPr)(P(i)Pr3) (X = Cl (2), F (5)). Oxidative addition of the C(sp)-H bond of phenylacetylene and methyl propiolate along the Cl-Os-CPh axis of 2 with the hydrogen atom directed to the alkylidyne leads to alkynyl-cis-hydride-alkylidyne intermediates, which rapidly evolve into the five-coordinate alkylidene complexes Os(C≡CR)Cl(═CHPh)(IPr)(P(i)Pr3) (R = Ph (6), CO2Me (7)) as a consequence of the migration of the hydride from the metal center to the Cα atom of the alkylidyne...
August 3, 2016: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Charles D Larsen, Michael D Larsen, Terri Ambrose, Robert Degano, Leonard Gallo, Vito A Cardo
Brookdale Hospital and Medical Center's Prenatal Care Assistance Program (PCAP) provides oral health education and treatment to expectant mothers from a minority, impoverished, high-risk population. A chart review examined dental records for 42 children of mothers who took PCAP training versus 49 children of mothers who did not. At age 2, the children of PCAP mothers had fewer dental caries, less severe dental caries and fewer extractions. When combining children at ages 2 and 3, results were statistically significant and clinically important...
April 2016: New York State Dental Journal
Marina Cardó-Vila, Serena Marchiò, Masanori Sato, Fernanda I Staquicini, Tracey L Smith, Julianna K Bronk, Guosheng Yin, Amado J Zurita, Menghong Sun, Carmen Behrens, Richard L Sidman, J Jack Lee, Waun K Hong, Ignacio I Wistuba, Wadih Arap, Renata Pasqualini
We previously isolated an IL-11-mimic motif (CGRRAGGSC) that binds to IL-11 receptor (IL-11R) in vitro and accumulates in IL-11R-expressing tumors in vivo. This synthetic peptide ligand was used as a tumor-targeting moiety in the rational design of BMTP-11, which is a drug candidate in clinical trials. Here, we investigated the specificity and accessibility of IL-11R as a target and the efficacy of BMTP-11 as a ligand-targeted drug in lung cancer. We observed high IL-11R expression levels in a large cohort of patients (n = 368)...
August 2016: American Journal of Pathology
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