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Simo Raiskila, Anna Axelin, Liis Toome, Sylvia Caballero, Bente Silnes Tandberg, Rosario Montirosso, Erik Normann, Boubou Hallberg, Björn Westrup, Uwe Ewald, Liisa Lehtonen
AIM: Little is known about the amount of physical parent-infant closeness in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) and this study explored that issue in six European countries. METHODS: The parents of 328 preterm infants were recruited in 11 NICUs in Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Italy and Spain. They filled in daily diaries about how much time they spent in the NICU, in skin-to-skin contact (SSC) and holding their babies in the first two weeks of their hospitalisation...
February 24, 2017: Acta Paediatrica
Reinhold Feldmann, Eva Wolfgart, Josef Weglage, Frank Rutsch
AIM: Sapropterin causes reductions in blood phenylalanine concentrations in sensitive patients with phenylketonuria (PKU),. We examined whether the subsequent relaxation of dietary restrictions influenced the quality of life (QoL) of patients and parents. METHODS: The study cohort comprised 112 patients with PKU followed at the metabolic centre at Münster University Children's Hospital, Germany, from 2012 to 2015. A sapropterin response was defined as a ≥30% reduction in blood phenylalanine levels...
February 24, 2017: Acta Paediatrica
Cara Bohon
Understanding the neural response to food and food cues during early stages of weight gain in childhood may help us determine the drive processes involved in unhealthy eating behavior and risk for obesity. Healthy weight and overweight children ages 6-8 (N = 18; 10 with BMI between 5th and 85th %ile and 8 with BMI >85th %ile) underwent fMRI scans while anticipating and receiving tastes of chocolate milkshake. Parents completed a Children's Eating Behaviour Questionnaire. Results reveal greater response to milkshake taste receipt in overweight children in the right insula, operculum, precentral gyrus, and angular gyrus, and bilateral precuneus and posterior cingulate...
2017: PloS One
Anthony J Gaston, Yuriko Hashimoto, Laurie Wilson
Increased shipping in British Columbia (BC) waters poses risks for marine birds from marine oil spills. Ancient Murrelets (Synthliboramphus antiquus), small marine diving birds of which half of the world's population breeds in BC, are especially susceptible to oiling immediately after departing from their breeding colonies, as their offspring are flightless, constraining their parents to remain with them. In 2014 we deployed geolocator loggers on Ancient Murrelets at four breeding colonies, two on the east and two on the west coast of Haida Gwaii to investigate patterns of post-breeding dispersal and subsequent migratory movements...
2017: PloS One
Mayumi Watanabe, Akihito Shimazu, Arnold B Bakker, Evangelia Demerouti, Kyoko Shimada, Norito Kawakami
OBJECTIVES: This study of Japanese dual-earner couples examined the impact of family and job demands on one's own and one's partner's fatigue as well as gender differences in these effects. METHODS: A total of 2,502 parents (1,251 couples) were surveyed using a self-administered questionnaire. A crossover model was tested using structural equation modeling. RESULTS: The results of structural equation modeling analyses showed that both job and family demands independently exacerbated fatigue...
2017: PloS One
Guoyuan Wen, Lintao Li, Qingzhong Yu, Hongling Wang, Qingping Luo, Tengfei Zhang, Rongrong Zhang, Wanpo Zhang, Huabin Shao
In-ovo vaccination is an attractive immunization approach for poultry industry. However, most of the Newcastle disease virus (NDV) vaccine strains used after hatch are unsafe, as in-ovo vaccines, due to their high pathogenicity for chicken embryos. In this study, we evaluated the safety and immunogenicity of a thermostable NDV strain TS09-C, derived from V4 strain, as in-ovo vaccine. Chickens in-ovo vaccinated with the parental V4 strain displayed greatly reduced hatchability and severe histopathological lesions in both trachea and intestine tissues, while the hatchability was not affected by in-ovo vaccination withTS09-C strain...
2017: PloS One
Tsuguhiko Kato, Takashi Yorifuji, Michiyo Yamakawa, Sachiko Inoue, Hiroyuki Doi, Akira Eboshida, Ichiro Kawachi
Average maternal age at birth has been rising steadily in Western and some Asian countries. Older maternal age has been associated with adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes; however, studies on the relationship between maternal age and young children's health remain scarce. Therefore, we sought to investigate the association of maternal age with child health outcomes in the Japanese population. We analyzed data from two birth cohorts of the nationwide Japanese Longitudinal Survey of Babies in 21st Century (n2001 = 47,715 and n2010 = 38,554)...
2017: PloS One
Sophie E R Horbach, Dirk T Ubbink, Fabienne E Stubenrouch, Mark J W Koelemay, Carine J M van der Vleuten, Bas H Verhoeven, Jim A Reekers, Leo J Schultze Kool, Chantal M A M van der Horst
BACKGROUND: In shared decision-making, clinicians and patients arrive at a joint treatment decision, by incorporating best available evidence and the patients' personal values and preferences. Little is known about the role of shared decision-making in managing patients with congenital vascular malformations, for which preference-sensitive decision-making seems obvious. The authors investigated preferences regarding decision-making and current shared decision-making behavior during physician-patient encounters...
March 2017: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Jean L DesJardin, Carren J Stika, Laurie S Eisenberg, Karen C Johnson, Dianne M Hammes Ganguly, Shirley C Henning, Bethany G Colson
OBJECTIVES: The principle goal of this longitudinal study was to examine parent perceptions of home literacy environment (e.g., frequency of book reading, ease of book reading with child) and observed behaviors during shared book reading (SBR) interactions between parents and their children with hearing loss (HL) as compared with parents and their children with normal hearing (NH) across 3 time points (12, 24, and 36 months old). Relationships were also explored among home literacy environment factors and SBR behaviors and later language outcomes, across all three time points for parents of children with and without HL...
February 23, 2017: Ear and Hearing
Yen Yen Yang, Hong-Gu He, Soke Yee Lee, Eleanor Holroyd, Shefaly Shorey, Serena S L Koh
Perceptions of parents with preterm infants who were hospitalized in a Singapore-based neonatal intensive care unit were observed. Convenience sampling method was used to recruit 8 parents of preterm infants. Semistructured face-to-face in-depth interviews were used to collect data between November 2013 and February 2014. Data were analyzed using thematic analysis. Four themes were identified: "Negative emotions versus positive emotions," "finding ways forward," "nature of support received from various sources," and "need more informational and professional support...
February 23, 2017: Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing
Deborah A Raines
BACKGROUND: Simulation has become accepted as a method to increase confidence among healthcare professionals. We felt simulation might have similar benefits for parents of babies about to be discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit. PURPOSE: We developed the Neonatal Home Environment Learning Program to promote parental confidence in anticipation of their infant's discharge from the neonatal intensive care unit. METHODS: This evaluation study was conducted with 15 mother/father dyads...
March 2017: MCN. the American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing
Jun Zhang, Hadi Gholami, Xinliang Ding, Minji Chun, Chrysoula Vasileiou, Tatsuo Nehira, Babak Borhan
A simple and efficient protocol for sensing the absolute stereochemistry and enantiomeric excess of chiral monoamines is reported. Preparation of the sample requires a single-step reaction of the 1,1'-(bromomethylene)dinaphthalene (BDN) with the chiral amine. Analysis of the exciton coupled circular dichroism generated from the BDN-derivatized chiral amine sample, along with comparison to conformational analysis performed computationally, yields the absolute stereochemistry of the parent chiral monoamine.
February 24, 2017: Organic Letters
Christina K Wilson, Elena Padrón, Kristin W Samuelson
Trauma exposure is associated with various parenting difficulties, but few studies have examined relationships between trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and parenting stress. Parenting stress is an important facet of parenting and mediates the relationship between parental trauma exposure and negative child outcomes (Owen, Thompson, & Kaslow, 2006). We examined trauma type (child maltreatment, intimate partner violence, community violence, and non-interpersonal traumas) and PTSD symptoms as predictors of parenting stress in a sample of 52 trauma-exposed mothers...
February 1, 2017: Violence and Victims
S S Chiang, S Roche, C Contreras, H Del Castillo, P Canales, J Jimenez, K Tintaya, M C Becerra, L Lecca
SETTING: In 2012, Peru's National TB Program (NTP) reported approximately 2400 incident cases of tuberculosis (TB) disease in children aged <15 years. Peru's TB burden is concentrated in the Lima metropolitan area, particularly in poor districts such as El Agustino and La Victoria, where this study was conducted. OBJECTIVE: To identify barriers to the treatment of childhood tuberculous infection and TB disease in Lima from the perspective of front-line providers and patients' families...
February 1, 2017: International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
S N Parent, R Ehrlich, V Baxter, N Kannemeyer, A Yassi
SETTING: Health care workers (HCWs) in South Africa have a risk of acquiring tuberculosis (TB) that is twice that of the general population. Nonetheless, adherence to infection control and TB disclosure requirements remain problematic. OBJECTIVE: To gain insight into the feasibility of an educational participatory theatre intervention to reduce the risk of occupational TB. DESIGN: An intervention using participatory theatre was developed progressively over six consecutive sessions with different groups of HCWs, totalling 83 participants...
February 1, 2017: International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
Huong Thu Le, Ha Trong Nguyen
This paper examines the effects of parental health on cognitive and noncognitive development in Australian children. The underlying nationally representative panel data and a child fixed effects estimator are used to deal with unobserved heterogeneity. We find that only father's serious mental illness worsens selected cognitive and noncognitive skills of children. Maternal poor health also deteriorates some cognitive and noncognitive outcomes of children of lone mothers only. Our results demonstrate that either failing to account for parent-child fixed effects or using child noncognitive skills reported by parents could overestimate the harmful impact of poor parental health on child development...
February 23, 2017: Health Economics
Ting Liu, Jeffrey Fuller, Alison Hutton, Julian Grant
Chinese adolescents are increasingly engaging in romantic experiences and high-risk sexual behaviors within a rapidly-changing cultural and socio-economic context. Parental communication about sexuality has been recognized as protective for adolescents to make informed decisions about sexual practice. In this study, we explored what was discussed about adolescent romantic experience between parents and adolescents in China. Twenty-seven parents and 38 adolescents from a northern-eastern city of China were interviewed...
February 24, 2017: Nursing & Health Sciences
Mónica Hernández-Alava, Gurleen Popli
In this study, we use the UK Millennium Cohort Study to estimate a dynamic factor model of child development. Our model follows the children from birth until 7 years of age and allows for both cognitive and noncognitive abilities in children. We find a significant self-productivity effect in both cognitive and noncognitive development, as well as some evidence of dynamic dependence across different abilities. The activities that parents carry out with children at home (parental investment) have a significant effect on children's development; we find substantial evidence of two distinct latent parental investment variables with differential effects across the two abilities...
February 23, 2017: Demography
Micael F M Gonçalves, Susana I L Gomes, Amadeu M V M Soares, Janeck J Scott-Fordsmand, Mónica J B Amorim
Organisms' density can influence physiological processes related with fitness. In the present study we assessed the influence of organisms' density on the life-history parameters in two consecutive generations in Enchytraeus crypticus (Oligochaeta), a standard model in soil ecotoxicology. The densities tested were 1 (N1) and 20 (N20) organisms per replicate and 10 vs. 20 g of soil (for the 2nd generation test only). Results showed that reproductive output was affected by density, with organisms in N1 producing three times more juveniles per adult than when at N20...
February 23, 2017: Ecotoxicology
Hao Zhou, Lili Zhang, Xiaobing Zou, Xuerong Luo, Kun Xia, Lijie Wu, Yimin Wang, Xiu Xu, Xiaoling Ge, Yong-Hui Jiang, Eric Fombonne, Weili Yan, Yi Wang
This study aimed to establish norms for the modified Chinese version of the Autism Spectrum Rating Scale (ASRS). Participants were recruited from Shanghai, Harbin, Guangzhou, and Changsha, China, and their parents and teachers were invited to complete the Chinese Parent version and the Teacher version of the ASRS. In both versions, boys had significantly higher sub-scale scores and total score (T-score) by 1-3 and 4-5 points respectively, than girls (both P < 0.001). Age had weak correlations with some sub-scores and the T-score (r ranged from -0...
February 24, 2017: Neuroscience Bulletin
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